Chapter 9: A Moment of Tenderness

Liu Luo Yi was stunned for a moment, she raised her hand in front of her eyes and looked at it closely.

Life was often changing rapidly. All the people and things that she had relied on, collapsed overnight and was all alone now. And now, she had not slept peacefully for many days.

Yet, last night, she had the illusion that she would get better.

Liu Luo Yi slowly got up and the exquisite, silky black cloak fell from her body and onto the bed. Beside her were some leftover snacks and a bowl of water that had become lukewarm.

Liu Luo Yi’s original gloomy eyes suddenly filled with vigour. She picked up the cloak with a trembling hand.

There seems to be a trace of that person’s warmth.

Suddenly, she could hear footsteps outside the door. Liu Luo Yi’s eyes widened and subconsciously thought of hiding. However, when her feet touch the floor, she hesitated.

Could it be that person from last night?

The door was pushed open with a creak and a long leg reached in. The person dressed in black was tall, slender and his face was covered thoroughly too.

Only a pair of eyes were exposed. It looked familiar, yet it gives off a sense of coldness.

The person in black was visibly taken aback when he saw Liu Luo Yi sitting there in a prim and proper manner. Then he turned his view to the food on the table and frowned. Someone had come here earlier?

This was the first time he felt a crisis looming. Before this, he had only thought that Liu Luo Yi was all alone and could no longer escape from him.

Liu Luo Yi who was sitting on the bed felt a moment of oppression, she clenched the cloak in her hand and swept it back vigilantly.

However, she held a trace of hope. This was probably due to the warmth last night and because the person was dressed in black too.

“Is it you?” Liu Luo Yi asked softly.

There was indeed an adultery! Lu Yun Kui thought.

He could not tolerate his woman thinking about the other person. His anger was fighting against his reasoning and the noise in his head rose to a clamour.

Step forward! Make her, his woman completely! And let her submit herself willingly so that she would never run away anymore.

Liu Luo Yi felt that something was not right and subconsciously hugged the black cloak tightly and stiffened her body.

At the same time, Wei Chi Li stretched out her pair of legs as she grimaced and yelped.

“Xin Ran, can you be gentler, I’ve asked you to find cold water, so where did you get that ice from, it is going to chilled me to death!”

Xin Ran glanced at Wei Chi Li reproachfully and advised in good manner: “Princess, Ice was stored in the ice cellar during the winter. Only the royal family and their relatives can get some. When you were just married, and to allow you to adapt to the central plain’s hot summer, the emperor had given you a special approval to retrieve ice every month. Did you forget?”

Wei Chi Li snorted and continued her yelping. Thinking that when she had read the book, who would remember the minor details?

In the previous life, she was a well-known explorer, and so it was common for her to get injured. But now, she had changed a body, the perception of pain was much stronger.

She was not sure when the original owner was injured, was it as painful?

However, Liu Luo Yi also have half of the responsibility. She looked delicate but who knew she was a despot flower and was so violent. With just 1 kick, it had landed her in this state.

Wei Chi Li pursed her lips and rolled up her skirt to her thigh. She looked aggrieved when she saw that large red swelling on her tender white legs.

In the beginning, Wei Chi Li was already quite tall. Her leg was slender, and well-proportioned without a trace of fat. Now, when she sat on the chair with ease and her dress rolled up, honestly, it was sultry.

She was able to combine ‘charming’ and ‘valiant’ perfectly without any conflict.

 But Wei Chi Li did not notice it at all as she fiddled her hair up casually.

Xin Ran raised her head and at that instant, her face was flushed like a cooked prawn and quickly lowered her head, feeling shy.

“Princess, although there is only you and I in this room, you should still pay attention to your appearance……” Xin Ran mumbled.

Although she admitted in her heart that her princess’s legs were more beautiful than any other women.

“Oh?” Wei Chi Li slanted her eyes as she looked at Xin Ran. Then she lifted the other side of the skirt and rolled up the pants to her thigh.

Xin Ran: …………

How could she let her princess give up stroking one’s hair coquettishly(!)?

(!)搔首弄姿 Shao Shou Nong Zi: stroking one’s hair coquettishly(An idiom) meaning to flirt or act flirtatiously

“But princess, the young master hasn’t appeared for a few days, why are you not anxious?” Xin Ran probed.

“He had better not show up again.” Wei Chi Li said as she raised her eyes suddenly, “Today is a holiday, right?”

Xin Ran nodded.

Wei Chi Li smacked her forehead. She had nearly forgotten that when she had instructed Xin Ran to drugged Lu Yun Kui’s food these few days, it would allow him to sleep like a dead pig at night. But had forgotten that there was a holiday during the daytime.

She could not let these few days hard work goes to waste.

Her heart stopped for a beat. Then she bounced up from the chair, picked up her black clothes and ran out of the room within a few steps, leaving Xin Ran alone, dumbfounded and holding onto the ice.

By the time she reaches outside Liu Luo Yi’s courtyard, she was already dressed properly and although it was conspicuous to cover her face in broad daylight, there was no other way.

There were 2 pageboys guarding the door, staring at the sky idly.

Wei Chi Li concealed her breathing and felt along the wall over to them. With 1 fist landing on the back of the neck of one of them. The person groaned and fell onto the ground, it causes the plume of sand and dust to rose around.

Before the other person could yelled, Wei Chi Li’s leg flew up from the original spot and kicked him out. He rolled on the ground twice and fainted.

Wei Chi Li caressed her fist and said ‘sorry’ in her heart and then flashes into the room.

Because she was covered completely, Wei Chi Li was not afraid of being exposed and when she swaggered in, she happens to meet Lu Yun Kui’s eyes. 2 people wearing similar black clothes looking at one another, making the atmosphere a little awkward for a while.

“You had the gall to break into my Lu Mansion’s backyard, who are you?” Lu Yun Kui looked at Wei Chi Li up and down ruthlessly.

Wei Chi Li did not talk to him and simply shook her head, then turned her body naturally to look at Liu Luo Yi.  Upon seeing that she was still dressed properly, she knew that Lu Yun Kui did not have the time to do anything. Only then did she relax.

When Liu Luo Yi heard that voice, she knew that it was Lu Yun Kui. There was a few traces of disgust in her expression and even her gaze upon him turned colder.

Knowing that his identity has been exposed, Lu Yun Kui was shamed into anger and said: “Someone come, take this thief out to the official!”

There was silence, no one paid attention to him.

Wei Chi Li snickered in her heart but do not show it on her face. She looked around and pulled out a broom from the corner, dragging behind her as she walked slowly towards Lu Yun Kui.

Lu Yun Kui was a weak scholar and had never practised martial arts. And now, because he was not able to summon anyone, he panicked and moved back hurriedly.

“What are you going to do? I am the court’s official and if you do anything detrimental to me. I will make sure you will be in serious trouble in the future!”

The moment the words landed, Lu Yun Kui tripped over the table beside the bed and his buttock landed on the bed. Liu Luo Yi screamed and struggled to get out of the bed.

She stood between the 2 of them with lingering fears in her heart and met Wei Chi Li’s eyes.

“Liu Luo Yi, come to my side quickly. Careful, he might hurt you!” Lu Yun Kui excoriated in low voice.

Liu Luo Yi stopped swiftly and turned around to look at Lu Yun Kui and then looked at Wei Chi Li. Both her legs refused to move.

“Luo Yi, come back.” Lu Yun Kui could see Liu Luo Yi’s hesitation. Feeling even more crisis looming in his heart, Lu Yun Kui could not help but soften his tone and reached out his hand to Liu Luo Yi.

Should have done this earlier, only learned how to speak humanely now? Wei Chi Li feeling disdain as she rolled her eyes up the sky.

At this moment, Liu Luo Yi’s heart was in total disorder. Although the man in black stood there with a little domineering aura, she could never forget that moment of tenderness last night.

It was like after a long drought, comes a good rain(!)

(!)久旱才逢甘雨 Jiu Feng Cai Feng Gan Yu: describing the joy that has been long-awaited had finally arrived. 

She once again met Wei Chi Li’s gaze.

Wei Chi Li reached out her hand to her. Liu Luo Yi does not know what was wrong with her as both her legs refused to listen to her and moved towards Wei Chi Li.

Seeing this, Lu Yun Kui was anxious as he stepped forward to grab Liu Luo Yi.

Unexpectedly, before he could reach the corner of Liu Luo Yi’s clothes, Wei Chi Li stepped forward and kicked him and he fell back onto the bed again. His hair and clothes were tangled in one place, looking very embarrassing.

At the same time, Wei Chi Li held Liu Luo Yi’s arm and kept her protected behind her.

Wei Chi Li did not see Liu Luo Yi letting her hold onto her arm while she stood behind, biting her lips.

Liu Luo Yi lowered her eyes and looked at that hand. A red glow rose on her cheeks. Those fingers were white and slender yet strong making its owner almost indistinguishable between male and female.

Seeing that he could not get Liu Luo Yi back, Lu Yun Kui rolled his eyes. He thought that the since the situation was unfavourable to him, he should retreat. He stood up and ran towards the door.

Wei Chi Li was amused by his behaviour. She snorted and suddenly flashes forward and closed the door fiercely. With a knife gesture, she hit the back of his neck.

Lu Yun Kui groaned and fell to the ground with a ‘bang’

Liu Luo Yi trembled slightly as she raised her eyes to looked at the person in black. That person was calm as they stepped forward to grab Lu Yun Kui’s back collar and dragged him towards Liu Luo Yi.

Liu Luo Yi took a step back and raised her eyes up in confusion and whispered: “What are you doing?”

Wei Chi Li made a slapping gesture.

She could no longer stand this scumbag. Although she could not deal with him for a while, it was good to let Liu Luo Yi vent her anger.

Lu Yun Kui did not faint completely and as he wanted to raise his head to say something, a broomstick landed on the crown of his head. Only a muffled sound could be heard, and his eyes darkened. He was completely unconscious now

Even Wei Chi Li was stupefied on the spot

What to do, she seems to have turned a weak and abused female lead into more and more violent……

Liu Luo Yi looked at Wei Chi Li with dodging eyes, after which, she thew the broom aside.

For some unknown reason, Liu Luo Yi was a little upset.

Seeing through her thoughts, Wei Chi Li could not help but laugh. At this moment, the Liu Luo Yi who was feeling a little upset secretly compared to the cold female lead was vastly different and was even a touch, cute.

She deepened her voice and said with a smile: “Well done.”

Liu Luo Yi’s eyes lit up in an instant, and a little more charm in an instant as she said softly: “Thank you.”

There was another ‘who are you’ stuck in her throat, she could never asked.

Simply treating it as a dream that would disappear anytime. No matter the identity, no matter the motive, she wants to covet this moment of tenderness.

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