Chapter 10: Regardless of one’s Safety

It has been 2 full days since the person in black had left. After that, no one else had come.

Not even Lu Yun Kui

Liu Luo Yi lied on the hard bed, staring at the ceiling, feeling her strength leaving her body little by little.

She no longer expects anything. Whether it was to save her father and brother or to lead a stable life like before. She had once thought about committing herself to Lu Yun Kui to begged for her family’s safety.

But she could not do it. Although she was weak, she was still a proud person.

Although this proudness was worthless. Liu Luo Yi closed her eyes. The rim of her eyes was hot and wet.

The door opened and someone walked in. Liu Luo Yi turned her head abruptly, but her eyes suddenly dimmed.

The one who walked in was a woman. She has plump skin with soft-like bones appearance, her pupils were clear, translucent, and dark. She was wearing a light green dress and her jet-black, smooth hair spread behind her back with 2 locks of hair resting in front of her chest.

She was a beauty but with a hint of hardship. With a look, one could see that she has long changed to a seductive person, even the corner of the eyes and the tip of her brow was amorous.

“Oh, you are still alive?” The woman covered her mouth with a handkerchief and chuckled.

Liu Luo Yi turned her head and said nothing.

The visitor was Lou Yue. She was not annoyed when she saw Liu Luo Yi ignoring her,. She avoids the sundries on the floor in disgust and continued talking.

“A few days ago, Lu Lang was so angry. I have never seen him so angry like that before. The furnishings in the room was smashed. I guess it must be because of you again.”

“You are half-dead-like and do not have the slightest softness of a woman. So, why does he only have deep affections for you? I have been with him for so long, yet he had only been gentle towards me on bed.”

“This is really hard to understand.” Lou Yue approached Liu Luo Yi and used some force to pat her face, “Or, you ladies from the major families believes that you were born great and noble?”

Liu Luo Yi tilted her head to avoid her hand and said coldly: “I’ve never thought so and would rather not have his affection.”

Lou Yue laughed out loud: “So noble and unsullied. Unfortunately, in the end, you will still beg Lu Lang to bring you into his room.”

Hearing this, Liu Lou Yi’s heart chilled and raised her eyes to looked at Lou Yue and said decisively: “Never!”

“Really?” Lou Yue looked at her with mockery in her eyes.

Liu Lou Yi was extremely angry but do not know what to say, so, she could only suppress the anger as she closed her eyes and decides to ignore her.

“You do not have to hate me; it was Lu Lang who had asked me to pass a message. He said that since you have betrayed him first, do not blame him for not being polite.”

“Do you still remember Liu Wen Chang? All these come from you, so, will you pay a price for his pain? This time, it is useless even if you beg him like a dog to accept you as a concubine.”

As soon she said that, sweetness surged in Liu Luo Yi’s throat, her blood boils, her eyes darkened and almost fainted again.

Liu Luo Yi exhausted all her strength to get up, and she supports herself on the wall. She stumbled towards Lou Yue: “What is he going to do, what is he going to do to Chang’er?

“I’ve just said it, I’m just a messenger. This matter has nothing to do with me, but seeing you like this makes me incredibly happy.” Lou Yue dodged Liu Luo Yi’s hand dexterously, letting her staggered and fell to her knees.

Liu Luo Yi wanted to question Lu Yun Kui, but she was too weak to even get up.

She struggled hard for a while. In the end, she slides down the wall to her knees as she covered her face and cry hard.

No one can save her. She could not do anything; she could only watch her family members suffers brutally because of her.

Sorrow surrounds her whole body. The boundless feeling of powerlessness almost crushed her.

Seeing her like this, Lou Yue wanted to say something but, in the end, she did not. As she turned around to leave, Liu Luo Yi grabbed the corner of her clothes.

Lou Yue snorted mockingly as she kicked her hand away and strode out of the room, locking the door tightly. Liu Luo Yi was in a daze due to the pain but said nothing.

As the sky is getting darker, the sun sets in the west. The last ray had also disappeared from the door gap as though everything had fallen into darkness.

2 shadows lying on the tree branches outside this courtyard 

“Pri…pri…princess…. This servant is afraid of heights……” Xin Ran hugged the tree trunk tightly, crying without tears and do not even dare to open her eyes.

Wei Chi Li stood boldly on the highest branch as she leaned forward to looked at the courtyard as if she were walking easily on the ground.

“Do you think that young master will be exasperated and choke her to death? Otherwise, it has been so long, how come there hasn’t been any movement?” Xin Ran asked trembling with her eyes closed.

“What kind of nonsense is this? Shut up.” Wei Chi Li looked around and said angrily: “If she had died, are those people at the standing at the door to mourn?”

Since that day, her heart was a little unsteady. Although she had wanted to prevent them from falling in love at first, and Liu Luo Yi’s condition was not within her consideration.

As time passed, she could not be cruel and would at least sneaked in to take a look to see if she was fine.

Knowing a man like Lu Yun Kui, even if Liu Lou Yi had always been rejecting him, he would still think that Liu Lou Yi was his possession. Now that Liu Luo Yi’s ‘betrayal’ had shattered his ludicrous dignity completely.

If he were not in the state of great fury, she, Wei Chi Li would have the same surname as Liu Luo Yi!

Still too impulsive, Wei Chi Li blamed herself.

Xin Ran endured her fear as she opened her eyes and looked at Wei Chi Li: “Princess, when did you start caring about her so much? If Liu Lou Yi had lost her life, you should have been excited about it.”

Again, using idioms anyhow. Wei Chi Li could not be bothered about her.

Since that day, Lu Yun Kui had hired a lot of guards at a high price. They have covered 3 layers outside and 3 layers inside tightly. And all these guards know martial arts, so she could not handle them alone.

Needs to outsmart.

“Hey, I’ve told you to drug them, have you done it?” Wei Chi Li turned her head and asked.

Xin Ran nodded honestly. These few days she had not done anything else but thinking about ways to drug the other parties, not leaving a moment to idle.

“Then let’s wait.” Wei Chi Li said as she looked at the door of Liu Luo Yi’s room. She clenched her fists and her eyes gradually sharpened.

The passage of time became slow, Wei Chi Li felt that she had almost waited for a century for the guards to fell asleep one by one.

Seeing that it was about time, Wei Chi Li jumped down from the tree and as she fell silently, she supported herself on the ground with one hand.

The guard nearby seem to have awakened and had moved a little. 

With a quick of eye and deft of hand, Wei Chi Li hit him with a knife gesture and his head dropped again.

Seeing that the surrounding area was safe, Wei Chi Li then pushed the door in. The room was still dark, exuding an aura of demoralisation.

Wei Chi Li fumbled around for a candlestick according to her memory and lit it with a fire fold. Then she looked at the bed but was surprised that there was no one on it.

She frowned, her heart saying that this was not good, and have been deceived?

But the next second, she saw her body lying nearby her feet. She quickly squats down and turned the person over carefully. Her heart thumped a little.

Liu Lou Yi lied there with messy and dirty white clothes. Her body was limp, her face was so pale, almost translucent, and bloodless. Seems like she probably would break with one touch.

She cursed in a low voice and quickly held her hand out to feel for her breath. After feeling the weak airflow, only then did she feel relieved.  

If Liu Lou Yi had died, she would be condemned by her conscience.

“Princess, someone is here again!” Xin Ran said after running in and gathered beside Wei Chi Li.

“Take her away.” Wei Chi Li said decisively.

“Ah? Take her to where?” Xin Ran was surprised.

“Don’t bother about this first, cure her first, if she continues to burn, she might die tomorrow! That bastard, how can he treat this weak lady like this. When this old mother(!) starts, I will twist his neck off!” Wei Chi Li spat out.

(!)老娘 Lao Niang: Old mother. a vulgar way of addressing oneself.

Wei Chi Li could not bear to looked at Liu Lou Yi’s tear-streaked face, and her fragile and weak body.

Xin Ran said yes hurriedly and knelt to carry Liu Lou Yi but was stopped by Wei Chi li.

“Let me.” She said.

With 1 hand, Wei Chi Li wrapped around Liu Lou Yi’s delicate shoulder carefully, and another hand wrapped under her knees then carried her up gently.

The body hidden by the wide robe was as thin as a firewood stick.

The moment they stepped out, they heard messy footsteps rushing over, after which, the courtyard door was slammed open and several people rushed in with torches. The person-in-charge shouted: “How dare you, thief! Why don’t you stop quickly!”

“Your father is a thief!” Wei Chi Li spat out at them and rushed towards the corner of the yard. Using QingGong, she jumped up the wall easily and disappeared soon.

“Hurry up and chase! Catch this bold fanatic back to the official!” Lu Yun Kui pointed at the starry night as he gritted his teeth and almost fainted from anger, “Dare to steal my woman, I will tear you to pieces!”

Wei Chi Li ignored him. At this moment, her mind was tense as Liu Lou Yi’s body was terribly hot as though it will burn up at any time.

She had only just familiarised her body’s QingGong and to carry a person over the tile-covered roof was a bit dangerous. It just happened that a few arrows were shot from behind and Wei Chi Li could not avoid, so, she had to let it scrape her calf.

The hot pain spread across and Wei Chi Li sucked in a cold breath, almost falling to the ground. Fortunately, Xin Ran supported her from the back, which prevented a disaster.

Soon, they had flipped over Lu Mansion. As now, it was late at night, there were only some beggars lingering around the streets.

Only then did Wei Chi Li stopped and turned into a corner.

“Princess, are you okay?” Xin Ran rushed forward as she bends down to checked Wei Chi Li’s injury worriedly.

Wei Chi Li lifted the hem of her clothes and saw that the fabric over her calf had been torn. Borrowing the moonlight to see the unpleasant blood stain.

“Princess, you are a member of the royal family, you suffered such a serious injury to save her, what are you thinking! Xin Ran looked at Wei Chi Li with a heartache.

Wei Chi Li endured the pain and put down her clothes. Feeling a little confused. She had almost given up her life to save Liu Lou Yi, what happened to her?

Liu Luo Yi let out quiet babbles and Wei Chi Li was taken aback as she sighed: “Are there any clinics nearby?”

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I believe this is what Wei Chi Li is wearing.

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