Chapter 8: Is this a dream

Wei Chi Li tiptoed and jumped down, barely making any sound. She bent her waist like a cat and came to Lu Yun Kui’s door and flashes in.

The room was dark, and as Wei Chi Li walked in cautiously, she took out a bundle of rope from her clothes. The snoring was at times loud and soft, it seems like Lu Yun Kui was deep in slumber.

There was a naked woman beside him, but Wei Chi Li did not see who it was and as she stepped forward, she hit her with a knife gesture. The woman fainted before she could wake up.

Wei Chi Li exerted some force to pat Lu Yun Kui’s face. He only mumbled a few times before turning over

Wei Chi Li covered her mouth to chuckled. The medicine Xin Ran had found was indeed efficient.

She pulled Lu Yun Kui down from the bed and dragged him roughly to the Bed leg and unrolled the bundle of ropes, tying him securely to the bed leg.

At the end, she even tied a beautiful bowknot on his face.

Perfect, Wei Chi Li clapped her hands. With this, she does not have to worry about him waking up halfway through.

Under the sky dim light, Lu Yun Kui looked like a big, topless toad lying down. Wei Chi Li held back her laugh till her stomach hurt. Finally, after admiring her ‘masterpiece’, she tiptoed out of the room and went up the rooftop in 2 to 3 steps.

It was like she had never visited here.

When Wei Chi Li flipped over the wall to reach the small courtyard where Liu Luo Yi was locked up, she frowned. That courtyard was originally used to keep sundries, so it was very dirty and messy.

The ground was filled with miscellaneous items, and with a slight movement, one could step on firewoods and water puddles.

How could anyone live in this kind of place?

Wei Chi Li dodged the “trap” lightly and moved to the door. As she looked inside, she could hardly see anything because there was no window, and was too dark

Presumably, Lu Yun Kui was not worried that Liu Luo Yi could escape, so there was not a single person guarding the courtyard.

Wei Chi Li looked around for a long time and could not find anything. She scratched her head and decided to burst in.

Unexpectedly, when she stepped in with 1 foot, there was a sudden gust of wind from above her head. Wei Chi Li opened her eyes wide to see and it turned out to be a large vase. She quickly tilted her head back, and with a quick of eye and deft of hand, she hugged the vase.

At the same time, she was harshly kicked on her thigh and Wei Chi Li nearly screamed out But because she was worried it might attract attentions, she endured the pain. She grimaced as she pushed the person into the room forcefully and backhand to close the door.

The world was suddenly pitch-black.

“I want to kill you!” a sudden feeble shout. The person releases the vase.

Not knowing what they would do next, Wei Chi Li subconsciously bent over and held her wrist. Because it was too dark to see anything, she felt that her lips have touched something soft.

Her heart skipped a beat.

The body near her was warm and trembling.

But before Wei Chi Li could think about it, that person fell straight down. Wei Chi Li quickly reached out to catch her. She felt that the girl in her arms was too soft as though as it was a lifeless body.

“Liu Luo Yi, Liu Luo Yi!” she whispers-shouted, no one answered.

Wei Chi Li said ‘not good’ in her heart as she got up and fumbled, almost tripping onto the floor a few times. Only then did she found a fire fold and candlestick. With this, she got some light source.

A bean-like fire illuminates this small room. There were sundries all over floor like discarded vases, stools, chairs, and some cloth were piled up in the corner. Almost all of the items were not leftover bits and pieces.

When Liu Luo Yi was curled up in these sundries, she looks extremely petite.

Wei Chi Li sighed as she strode forward, half-dragging and half-carrying her from the floor to the bed.

The so-called bed looks like a small pile of sundries. There were fabrics piled on it and were presumably used by Liu Luo Yi as a blanket these days.

Wei Chi Li felt uncomfortable in her heart. She reached out to plane a flat area and then placed Liu Luo Yi down.

Under the light, Liu Luo Yi’s face looks paler. The original rosy lips were bloodless, almost transparent like a porcelain doll.

Lu Yun Kui was a bastard, not giving this person anything to eat. Wei Chi Li cursed in her heart.

She sneaked out again and stole a bowl of congee and some snacks from the kitchen. She carried it within her arms all the way back to the room and by the time she came back, Liu Luo Yi was already awake.

The 2 happened to look at each other. As Wei Chi Li was carrying a portion of the foods, she felt a little embarrassed and scratched her head.

Liu Luo Yi stared at her with a pair of misty eyes for a while and said softly: “You are……”

Only then did Wei Chi Li breathed a sigh of relief. She had almost forgotten that her face was covered with black cloth and as she feared of being exposed, she wrapped a turban around her head.

It was guaranteed that even her own mother would not recognise her.

Wei Chi Li coughed twice to conceal her embarrassment and closed the door and walked in.

She does not dare to speak because she was certain that she might revealed something when she opened her mouth.

From the pile of sundries, she dug out a small wooden table, placing it in front of the bed and brushed off dust with her sleeves.

Liu Luo Yi did not say anything too as she watches her sweating profusely while working around and arranged the food properly.

The aroma of the food permeated into her nose. Liu Luo Yi only felt that she was about to lose consciousness from hunger. At this time, due to the sudden appearance of foods, she could no longer tolerate it.

“I must be dreaming.” Liu Luo Yi’s eyelashes fluttered and curled the corner of her lips.

This was the first time Wei Chi Li saw her smiling and could not help feeling a little dazed.

When she smiled, it was exceptionally beautiful. It was like the morning light shining on the snow-covered hillside. Clean, white, and shiny.

It was completely different from the usual times. Perhaps, this was her original appearance. The appearance of an innocent, pretty young lady from the aristocrat family.

Only then did Wei Chi Li realized that her gaze was a little sluggish. She quickly lowered her head and handed her the bowl of congee.

“You have to help me up.” Liu Luo Yi said it softly. She looked at Wei Chi Li with a pair of eyes that were clear, lovely and a bit coquettish.

Wei Chi Li felt that she had never been so frantic in her life. She put down the bowl of congee and then gently lifted Liu Luo Yi before giving her the bowl of congee.

Liu Luo Yi was famished. After a short while, she finishes the bowl of congee, snacks and water given by Wei Chi Li till nothing was left.

“I must be hallucinating, otherwise it is a dream.” Liu Luo Yi said.

She smiled, tears streaming down from the corner of her eyes.

“This is the best meal I’ve eaten ever since my father and brother had been taken away by him. Thank you.”

Liu Luo Yi looked at Wei Chi Li. In an instant, her eyes were filled with timidness and in the next second, she suddenly reached out to grabbed Wei Chi Li’s hand. Her hand was cold like a piece of jade that has been placed outside during the winter.

Liu Luo Yi closed her eyes in peace. After all, this was her own dream, so there was nothing to be afraid of.

The one who was in panic was in fact, Wei Chi Li. She sat at the head of the bed with a stiffened body, and do not dared to move. The place where Liu Luo Yi kicked just now was probably bruised and was swollen and painful.

However, facing Liu Luo Yi in front of her, she did not break away from her hand.

Weak and delicate, shallot roots-like fingers, yet covered with small scars.

Liu Luo Yi had not eaten for several days and was on guard the whole day. Now that she was relaxed, she fell asleep soon after.

Feeling that she was no longer moving, Wei Chi Li then stretches her stiff muscles and tiptoed out.

Early next morning when Liu Luo Yi opened her eyes. The first thing she sees was the roof covered with dust and cobwebs. She sighed lightly and smiled bitterly. She knew that it was a dream. It was just that the feel on her hand was so real that she wants to indulge in the fantasy.

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