Chapter 81: Feels Good

The group rushed out of the back door. Wei Chi Li hurriedly saluted to the old man who was standing at the door: “Many thanks to divine doctor for taking us in.”

The old man holding his cane, waved his hand silently then glanced at Liu Luo Yi, turned, and walked back into the house.

Wei Chi Li supported Liu Luo Yi and sat in the carriage with Wei Chi Die, while An Ge stayed outside and drove the carriage with Xin Ran. Following the mountain path, their speed was extremely fast and after a short while, they descended the mountain and embarked on the flat main road.

The carriage was bumping on the rough road. Outside the window was the dark forest with leaves rustling around and occasionally there were a few fires light in the distance. It was unclear whether it was the people searching for them or it was a farmhouse. Wei Chi Li has never relaxed her vigilance as she raised the curtain to observe the surroundings.

Liu Luo Yi also leaned towards her.

“Princess, someone is blocking the road ahead.” Xin Ran suddenly probed her head in and said with a serious tone.

Hearing this, Wei Chi Li stuck her head out of the window. Indeed, there were a few people not far away with torches in their hands, seeming to be searching the people passing by. Borrowing the dim firelight, Wei Chi Li could vaguely see that they all seemed to be holding portraits in their hands.

“Why don’t we take a detour?” Wei Chi Die has also looked out and then turned to suggest.

“Not wise. The surrounding mountainous forests are rough and difficult to pass through. Besides, there may be an ambush.” Wei Chi Li glanced at the woods.

“Don’t stop, just rush through.” Wei Chi Li said and took out a short sword from her waist and hold it in her hand.

“Yes.” Xin Ran retracted her head, the carriage speed increased significantly, and the bumps has also increased. Wei Chi Li hold onto the sword in 1 hand, and quietly reached out the other hand to the side to embrace Liu Luo Yi’s waist.

Liu Luo Yi’s face has reddened but did not break free.

The carriage passed through the defence easily and shouts raised from the surrounding area. Sure enough, with the clamour, the firelight behind them suddenly increased and countless spots of light converged on the road from the surrounding mountainous forests. Accompanied by the sound of horseshoes, they chase closely behind Wei Chi Li and the group.

“Wei Chi Li, your guess is quite accurate.” Wei Chi Die looked at the soldiers suddenly chasing behind them in surprise and praised her.

Wei Chi Li smiled and said seriously: “We have to be careful. If there is any danger, we will disperse and converge at Yi Xian Tian.”

“You are not planning to go through that crevice, are you?” Wei Chi Die grabbed Wei Chi Li’s shoulder.

“If we can only get rid of the soldiers there, then we can only take that risk.” Wei Chi Li said, then suddenly reached her hand out of the window frame. Before Wei Chi Die and the others could see clearly what was going on, she sat back with some blood on the shiny silver sword.

“Just now there was a man with good QingGong hanging on the back of the carriage.” Wei Chi Li turned to look at Liu Luo Yi with a smile, “But has fallen off now.”

“Are you afraid?” Wei Chi Li asked Liu Luo Yi.

Liu Luo Yi shook her head. With Wei Chi Li here, she felt at ease. As if she does not have to worry about anything.

“I promise to let you sit in the carriage safely all the way to the Northern Territory. And it is of no issue even if you close your eyes to sleep for a while.” Wei Chi Li smiled so brightly that one could not see her eyes.

Wei Chi Die placed her hand on her chest, retching.

Suddenly a gust of wind passed by outside. Just as Wei Chi Die was about to draw her sword, she saw a dark figure rushing by in front of the carriage, kicking a person out with 1 leg and the sound of heavy objects crashing on the ground drifted away.

An Ge’s voice travelled from outside the carriage: “Princess, don’t be afraid. This subordinate will protect you.”

Wei Chi Die rolled her eyes and leaned on the carriage with her arms folded, pretending not to hear it.

There were more and more soldiers chasing them. With 1 horse to each soldier, their speed was faster. After all, the carriage was heavy, and it quickly shortened the distance. Wei Chi Li got up and bent over to raise the curtain.

“Princess, where are you going!” Liu Luo Yi asked nervously.

“I’m block them. Don’t worry.” Wei Chi Li turned her head.

“Princess, your wounds have not healed completely yet and have lost a lot of blood, let me go instead. An Ge is highly-skilled in martial arts, how about you go with me?” When Xin Ran heard Wei Chi Li’s words she blocked her path.

An Ge holding the rein, looked at Xin Ran and then turned to glanced at Wei Chi Die. Wei Chi Die looked a little uncomfortable and did not look at her.

“Okay.” An Ge retracted her gaze and said softly.

Wei Chi Li knew her own physical condition and so did not insist on it. She nodded and took the rein from An Ge to drive the carriage.

An Ge and Xin Ran jumped off from both sides and fell straight into the group that was chasing them. They immediately disrupted their formations and blocked the path of those behind. Wei Chi Li looked back and saw those firelight instantly became a mess and soon widened the distance.

Wei Chi Li turned her head back and tightened her grip on the reins and waved it to make the horse run faster. There was no moon today and the thick darkness all around makes one barely able to see their fingers and could only borrow little bit of the skylight to see the road under their feet.

She has passed by this road when she went to find Yang Zheng in the past, so she was still a little familiar with it. Hence, it did not take much effort to find it.

In the carriage, Wei Chi Die was feeling a little uneasy. She raised the curtain from time to time to look back. But because they have went too far, she could not see the situation behind them at all.

“Wei Chi Li, nothing will happen to them, right?” Wei Chi Die asked Wei Chi Li while looking out.

“An Ge’s is highly skilled in martial arts and Xin Ran is not bad either, so nothing will happen to them. Sister asked about this, is it because you are worried about An Ge?” Wei Chi Li did not forget to tease her while driving.

“Why would I be worried about her? But she has been busy checking the surroundings for the past few days without much rest. I’m afraid that the 2 of them cannot stop so many soldiers.” Wei Chi Die bit her red lips but did not retract her gaze.

“There is no need to stop the soldiers, just need to buy some time. It will definitely be enough once we reached the crossroad at the ray of sunlight. And these soldiers can’t do anything to us.” Wei Chi Li said loudly.

Wei Chi Die nodded but was still worried. She simply got out of the carriage and patted Wei Chi Li’s shoulder: “Then we will meet at Yi Xian Tian, I am still a little worried. Take care of Little Liu’er.”

As soon as she said that, Wei Chi Die jumped out of the car, her red dress fluttered like a butterfly and disappeared into the night.

“Sister!” Wei Chi Li did not stop her and smacked the horse’s butt fiercely: “Why did everyone ran away!”

She sighed and simply chose to stop thinking about it and concentrate on driving.

The outline of the Guo Long Mountain ahead was getting clearer and clearer. It really looks like a crouching dragon and if one does not look closely, they could almost see its undulating abdomen. But Wei Chi Li knows that it was actually the trees swaying due to the wind.

At this moment, an arrow wheezed out from the rear and Wei Chi Li raised her sword to knock the arrow down. She looked back and saw that there were still some people who had avoided Xin Ran and the others blockage and was chasing closely behind her.

Wei Chi Li did not hesitate. She put down the rein and jumped onto the roof of the carriage. She stomped on 1 person’s head and kicked him from the back of the carriage.

Liu Luo Yi heard the movement on the carriage roof and shrank slightly, squeezing her sleeves tightly.

An arm came in through the window. There was no sword in his hand as he grabbed Liu Luo Yi’s arm directly and pulled her out with force. Liu Luo Yi struggled and subconsciously called out for Wei Chi Li.

In the next instant, the man disappeared at the window. Liu Luo Yi moved back desperately, watching her surroundings vigilantly.

“Dare to touch her, die.” Wei Chi Li gritted her teeth and shouted. She raised the sword in her hand and blood was splattered all over. That man screamed while clutching his arm, then fell off the carriage and rolled into the dark mountainous forest.

Standing on the roof of the carriage, Wei Chi Li saw that there were more and more soldiers, and arrows came like the rain. She cursed in her heart, flipped down the carriage nimbly, carried some important things on her back and raised the sword in her hand to cut off the rope that was tied to the horse.

The horse neighed and ran forward alone.

The carriage drove forward uncontrollably due to the inertia and was bumping up several times on the road filled with rocks. Inside, Liu Luo Yi closed her eyes tightly, holding the seat with both hands and although she was afraid, she still gritted her teeth and said nothing.

Until someone hugged her waist and gently pulled her outside. Wei Chi Li whispered gently in her ear: “Close your eyes, don’t be afraid.”

Liu Luo Yi felt relieved instantly and wrapped her arms around Wei Chi Li’s neck obediently and hung herself like a collar on her body. Wei Chi Li gently curled her lips and used QingGong on the spot and kicked hard on the carriage.

Using internal force, the air flow bursts from her toes and causes the leaves around to swirl up and spiral in the air. At the same time, the carriage fell backwards and because many people had no time to dodge, they were knocked to the ground.

Wei Chi Li flew backwards and landed on the horseback accurately. She took the rein and guarded Liu Luo Yi in front of her. She smiled and said: “Open your eyes.”

Liu Luo Yi opened her eyes and leaned back suddenly in fright. Just nice, she leans into Wei Chi Li’s arms. Wei Chi Li’s hair cascaded on her neck, making her feel itchy and at loss.

What made her feel even more at loss was the horse. She has never ridden this kind of thing before, and her thigh hurt due to the bumps. She could only hold onto Wei Chi Li’s arm while trying to keep herself from being thrown off.

Looking at her clumsy action, Wei Chi Li smiled happily: “Let your body move according to the horse’s movement and slowly find a rhythm, so you would not feel uncomfortable.”

Liu Luo Yi did as she was told. After a while, she really felt more comfortable and began to have the mood to look around. The night breeze blew on her face, making her hair very messy. The wind was mixed with the smell of plants and trees, the vast sky and land was just in front and one could see that it was much taller and majestic than seen in the city when they raised their head.

She kept looking around, seemingly to have forgotten that she was being chased.

Looking at her being like this, Wei Chi Li could not help feeling a little sad. If she did not show up, Liu Luo Yi’s life would probably be like a young lady from a major family, imprisoned in one place for the rest of her life.

And she obviously loves this vastness.

Wei Chi Li moved her face to Liu Luo Yi’s neck on a sly, sniffing the fragrance of her body. Liu Luo Yi turned her head to look at Wei Chi Li, with a smile in her eyes, her lips curled up. That kind of happiness seemed to seep out of her body, making her look like a different person that has been reborn.

Wei Chi Li also smiled, as she handed the rein into Liu Luo Yi’s hands and said softly: “There are no soldiers chasing us now, do you want to try it?”

Liu Luo Yi took the reins curiously, and Wei Chi Li has also let go the hands that were protecting her by the side and placed it behind her and smiled as she looks at Liu Luo Yi’s reaction. Sure enough, Liu Luo Yi was so frightened that her body was stiff. She held the reins in her hand, pulling left and right from time to time and she herself, swayed from side to side.

A moment of carelessness and she fell to one side. Liu Luo Yi finally yelled out and was so frightened that her soul nearly flew out. Seeing this, Wei Chi Li hugged her, took the rein, as she laughs out loud.

“Princess!” Liu Luo Yi rebuked. She looked down and her face flushed abruptly. She hurriedly pries off Wei Chi Li’s hand without saying a word.

Only then did Wei Chi Li realised that something was wrong. The area where she had placed her hand does not seem right. It was soft and feels extremely good. 

Wei Chi Li’s face was red too. She coughed and retracted her hand, clutching the rein honestly and did not do any weird movement anymore. It was just that she was obviously in the cool night breeze, but she felt hot all over her body.

Fortunately, they soon reached Yi Xian Tian and the soldiers did not catch up. Wei Chi Li tied the horse to one side and waits quietly for Wei Chi Die and the others.

[T/L Note]: Yi Xian Tian refers to the crevice in the Guo Long mountain that WCD/WCL has came across when they went to find Yang Zheng who was locked in the prison back in chapter 56. Yi Xian Tian is how the chinese name this kind of landforms.

Looks something like this.

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