Chapter 80: Wounds has Healed

Wei Chi Li has suffered for almost a day and a night. She felt that she was constantly experiencing the process of being roasted by the fire and the tongue of fire incites every nerve in her body and in the end reaches the brain, making her delirious and chaotic. Occasionally when she opened her eyes, she could vaguely see something. It seems that someone was wiping her body repeatedly, and sometimes water was fed into her mouth, bringing a rare gentle warmth.

In the dream, she kept repeating the sensation of weightlessness from falling into the abyss over and over again. It was painful and difficult to endure.

It was already the next evening when her fever subsided, and only then did Wei Chi Li woke up slightly. The bedsheet under her body had already been soaked with sweat, yet her body was still dry. A person holding a damp towel was tirelessly wiping her forehead.

Wei Chi Li did not even have the strength to open her eyes completely. She could only see that person’s hand was slender and pale, with some small wounds on it. The door opened with a creak and someone tiptoed in, saying: “Miss Liu, you have been watching over her for day and night. Go and rest, I will look after princess.”

There was no response to Xin Ran’s words. The room was silent. Xin Ran sighed and stride closer, seeming to want to forcibly drag Liu Luo Yi away, but Liu Luo Yi suddenly squatted down, leaned on the side of the bed, and shrank into a ball.

From Wei Chi Li’s angle, she could only see the top of her head, shaking stubbornly.

“Miss Liu, you can’t stay here all the time. Princess cannot eat anything, and you refused to eat or drink too. When the princess wakes up, but you collapse, princess will only be sadder.” Xin Ran persuaded painstakingly, but Liu Luo Yi remained unmoved. She reached out her hand on a sly from behind and held Wei Chi Li’s pinkie hanging from the bed.

Seeing that she could not persuade her, Xin Ran put aside the supper, opened the door and left. There were only 2 of them left in the room now. Liu Luo Yi moved slightly, leaned on the side of the bed, rested her chin on the edge of it and nuzzled Wei Chi Li’s motionless hand with her face.

“You said you are not princess, will you still leave?” Liu Luo Yi whispered, like she was asking Wei Chi Li, yet it was like she was talking to herself.

Wei Chi Li strain herself to hear this 1 sentence and then could no longer control her consciousness as she fell into the darkness again. But this time, there was no longer a burning feeling, but a gentle and cool feeling.

Early next morning, the sunlight shone on Wei Chi Li’s face through the cracks in the broken wooden house, there were sounds of birds and cicadas surrounding the room. Wei Chi Li opened her eyes and stared at the cobweb on the roof and after relaxing for a moment, only then did she turned her head to look at Liu Luo Yi who had fallen asleep at some point.

She looked very haggard, her lips were bloodless, and her hair was messy, like she was seriously ill.

As soon as Wei Chi Li moved, Liu Luo Yi awakened from her sleep and raised her head abruptly. When she saw Wei Chi Li eyes were opened, she was first taken aback and then smiled. Smiled till her eyes were red.

“Princess!” She said and hurriedly stood up to pour water for Wei Chi Li. Her hands were trembling so much that she had to pour it twice before she was able to aim at the cup properly.

Watching her busy, Wei Chi Li twist her neck, trying to free her left cheek that has been pressed for so long that it was swollen.

“Help me up.” Wei Chi Li coughed and said in a voice that it was almost inaudible. Upon hearing this, Liu Luo Yi hurriedly supported Wei Chi Li’s shoulders and help her up.

Wei Chi Li knelt on the bed and said in her heart that the doctor was indeed divine as the wound on her back no longer hurts as much as last night and her body was feeling much more refreshed.

“Drink some water.” Liu Luo Yi placed the bamboo cup to Wei Chi Li’s mouth and gently fed it to her.

“Princess! You have finally woken up!” Xin Ran jumped out from nowhere and pounced onto the bed happily. The tremor caused Wei Chi Li to twitch the corners of her mouth and leaned into Liu Luo Yi’s arms in pain.

“It hurts…” Wei Chi Li said.

Seeing her appearance, Liu Luo Yi quickly pulled Xin Ran away and said: “Xin Ran, princess is weak, you should be gentler.”

Xin Ran scratched her head and got up embarrassingly. She lowered her head to look at Wei Chi Li’s complexion but took a step back in fear by her princess’s constant blinking of her right eye.

“Uh, since princess is awake, I will decoct the medicine and bring it in later.” Xin Ran said while looking at Wei Chi Li’s expression, then turned and fled quickly.

“Princess, do your wounds still hurt? I will call for the divine doctor.” Liu Luo Yi said and was about to stand up, but Wei Chi Li grabbed her and pulled her back.

Wei Chi Li frowned and leaned on Liu Luo Yi’s shoulder, groaning constantly, then touched her bare arms and whispered: “It hurts to death. Help me see if the medicine needs to be changed.”

“But I just changed it. Could it be that the medicine was not right? I’ll go and ask.” Liu Luo Yi was anxious when she heard it and wanted to leave again. Wei Chi Li has no choice but to support herself on the edge of the bed and stop her.

“Little Liu’er, come back!”

Liu Luo Yi turned around, looking a little at loss, but still walked back slowly and sat on the bed.

That was right. Wei Chi Li was very satisfied as she shuffled forward. Liu Luo Yi went along with her and leaned backward. She was unable to advance or retreat as there was a bedpost behind her.

Her originally paled face slowly filled with some colour and even her lips became rosier. Perhaps because of nervousness, Liu Luo Yi even bit her lower lip. This scene causes Wei Chi Li’s mind to be in a mess.

“Princess, you are still injured.” Liu Luo Yi suddenly said. She turned her head, clutching her sleeves tightly and kneading it slowly.

“It does not matter even if I have injuries. I want you to hug me so I can lean on you for a while. I have been lying down for the whole day and has almost become useless.” Wei Chi Li said, feeling amused. Without waiting for her to speak, she leaned her head on her with her eyes closed and hugging the soft Liu Luo Yi.

Liu Luo Yi breathed a sigh of relief but was a little disappointed. She looked at Wei Chi Li’s shoulder helplessly then hugged her in her arms willingly, becoming a human cushion for her.

The 2 rested for a while, then Wei Chi Li walked out of the door limply. Everyone was already sitting at the bamboo table in the courtyard, having breakfast.

“Why didn’t you all wait for us?” Wei Chi Li jokingly blamed them and sat down.

“Xin Ran told us that you have woken up, so naturally we do not have to look for you, so as to not affect any good moments between you 2.” Wei Chi Die curled her red lips, her eyes curled into crescent with a smile.

The scars on Wei Chi Die’s face have faded a lot, although it was still obvious, it does not affect her amorous aura. An Ge leaned over and looked at her profile and helped her pour tea.

“These 2 days, did anyone come here to search?” Wei Chi Li whispered.

“No. The divine doctor does not like to be disturbed, so he usually does not allow anyone to enter this mountain. But when I went out to draw water yesterday, I saw a few groups of people wandering around. I think we must leave in advance. They will search here sooner or later.” An Ge said.

“Where are our things?” Wei Chi Li asked Xin Ran.

“The carriage is still here, there is only 1 horse left and everything is still there. If we are to leave, we can set off at any time. It is just that princess’s injuries…”

“It’s okay. I am getting better pretty fast. Besides, I have the divine doctor’s medicine. We will rest for another 2 days and set off at night.” Wei Chi Li said.

At the same time, the palace.

Chen Hao sat in front of the table, squeezing the booklet in his hands, and played with it repeatedly. He looked forward without any expression, making others unable to understand what he was thinking. Several ministers were standing opposite him, all bending over, with their heads hanging down and blood has rushed into their head, but still did not dare to look up.

“Your Majesty, there are many doubts in this matter, so please think twice. Although the Northern Territory has very few produces, it has a vast territory and strong military strength. The road to the north is mostly mountains and ravines with countless dangerous terrains. It is the last resort to send troops to attack and incite a dispute between the 2 countries, I fear it will hurt our country!” A minister with a beard said tremblingly.

Chen Hao was still playing with the booklet without saying a word.

“Your Majesty, this minister thinks so too. Now that the southern border is not too peaceful, it is not wise to attack the Northern Territory at this time.” said, DingBei Marquis on side.

“Zhou Qing, what do you think?” Chen Hao put down the booklet and looked at Zhou Qing.

“The southern forces are weak, and there have been more floods this year. I think that they will not be a major issue. It is just that the Northern Territory has repeatedly provoked us and has deployed troops secretly around the capital in advance which is really menacing and well-prepared. This minister suggests your majesty to wait and see, and secretly transfer troops to the north, just in case.” Zhou Qing was still calm as he said slowly.

“In your opinion, does the Northern Territory have the thought of sending out troops?”

“This minister dares not tell lies.” Zhou Qing bent over and spoke.

“Do not dare to tell lies, do not tell lies!” Chen Hao suddenly stood up and flung everything off the table. The ink in the inkstones splattered all over the floor, dyeing the yellow carpet, black.

“A savage land the size of a bullet yet, dare to think about my country! Do I have to tolerate its repeated provocations like this and wait for someone to snatch my throne!” Chen Hao suddenly raised his voice. The emperor’s wrath came furiously. Everyone at presence held their breath, not daring to say anymore.

“DingBei Marquis, from now onwards, you will be the one leading the army to the Northern frontier and the rest will stay in the capital and guard strictly. Do not let go of anyone from the Northern Territory. Dispatch troops to look for those Northern Territory fugitives. If you cannot find them nearby, chase them along the main road and once you catch them, kill them!” Chen Hao said and waved his hand, “Go out, I want to be alone for a while.”

Several ministers lowered their heads and left as if fleeing and no one dared to say another word. They knew the emperor’s temperament and those who had provoked him when he was furious, they will not have a good ending.

“Zhou Qing, stay and discuss with me.” Chen Hao exhaled and said in a quiet voice. He fell onto the chair and looked out the window.

Zhou Qing replied and then looked towards the emperor emotionlessly. A hint of other emotions flashed in his eyes.

As expected, there was not only anger in the emperor’s eyes, but also fear. The fear of loss.

“Your Majesty, don’t be anxious. Let this minister say it in detail.” Zhou Qing curls his lips slightly and says calmly.

Two days passed and the wounds on Wei Chi Li’s body healed as she wanted, and almost at an unbelievable speed. It was said that the divine doctor has used the best ointments and decoctions, but the blood loss cannot be replenished immediately, so her body was still a little weak.

While Wei Chi Die was almost back to her original state. After the group has rested and organised, their spirits have improved a lot and there was no more news from the capital. There was no wind, and it was calm, but Wei Chi Li felt that the storms were brewing under the calmness.

 At night, Wei Chi Li got dressed and waited for others at the door, but suddenly saw a few fire lights in the distance. She was shocked, ran into the house quickly. She then pulled Liu Luo Yi over and said loudly to the group: “Someone is coming, hurry let’s go.”

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