Chapter 79: Affectionate Person

Wei Chi Li exhaled and when she calmed down a little, only then did she say: “It’s nothing. My wounds are not deep. What about sister, how is she?”

Wei Chi Li looked at Wei Chi Die worriedly. She was lying weakly on An Ge’s back. At this time, she was more conscious as she sneezed and jumped off from An Ge’s shoulder.

An Ge hurriedly held her arm and said softly: “Princess, be careful.”

Wei Chi Die shook off An Ge’s hand and walked to Wei Chi Li’s side step by step: “You still have the gall to ask. We almost searched this entire mountain but could not find you and Liu Luo Yi. We encountered the soldiers halfway and almost died. And the 2 of you are carefree here.”

Wei Chi Li smiled bashfully as she pulled Wei Chi Die’s sleeves and said: “Sister, many thanks.”

What Wei Chi Die wanted to say was all stuck in her throat. She pulled her sleeves back from Wei Chi Li’s hand and snorted: “Thank for what. If I did not promise Royal father, I would have returned to the Northern Territory by myself a long time ago.”

Again. Wei Chi Li shook her head and gritted her teeth as she supported herself against the wall, wanting to stand up. Who knows that as soon as she tried to put some strength into her legs, there was a moment of blackness, her knees softened and she fell forward.

Fortunately, with a quick of an eye, deft of hand, An Ge rushed up to help her, only then did she not fall flat on her face. Wei Chi Die also wanted to help her, but she herself could not even stand properly and was almost pulled down by Wei Chi Li. Still, it was An Ge who used the other hand to prop her up.

“Princess!” Liu Luo Yi was so frightened that her face pale. She pounced to Wei Chi Li’s side and grabbed her hands tightly.

“I’m okay.” Wei Chi Li comforted her softly, then fell to the ground feebly.

“Princess, don’t pretend to be strong. With so many injuries on your body, how can you stand up? I see that the rain is getting a little smaller. Let us wait a little bit more, and we will be able to leave.” Xin Ran frowned as she held Wei Chi Li too.

Wei Chi Li only felt that her eyes darkened again and again. She lowered her head silently, waved her hand, closed her eyes, and began to rest.

Maybe heaven has heard their words, the rain was really getting smaller, and the originally miserable fog has also dispersed. They could vaguely see the dark clouds in the distance crack open a gap, revealing a brilliant skylight.

After another stick of incense, the last few drops of rain ended abruptly, the sun shone into the cave and there was a scent of after rain everywhere. The grasses in the mountain looked new, like emerald. The mud mixed with water flowed out, washing out into many rills.

“Look, the rain has stopped, let’s go out!” Xin Ran yelled happily. She was the first 1 to run out of the cave and almost slipped and fell on the muddy mountain road.

Liu Luo Yi was still holding Wei Chi Li’s hand and smiled as she looked back. The light illuminates the edge of her profile face to almost transparent, which made people hold their breath.

Just as Wei Chi Li was about to touch her face, she was caught off guard and carried by Xin Ran who unexpectedly returned. Before she could say a word, she was forced to go out of the cave with her, leaving Liu Luo Yi alone to follow.

“Princess, Xin Ran will carry you when we go out. Do not be afraid. Miss Liu knows a divine doctor; he was the one who saved princess’s life the last time. With him, Princess’s injuries would heal very quickly.” Xin Ran totter while comforting Wei Chi Li.

There were thousand kinds of emotion stuck in Wei Chi Li’s heart. Was gloomy and moved and in the end, she said nothing as she simply closed her eyes to rest.

“Princess, this subordinate will carry you.” An Ge said to Wei Chi Die with a cautious tone as she looked at Wei Chi Die’s face.

“No need.” Wei Chi Die shook her head, pushed An Ge’s hand away and walked out of the cave by herself.

The light in An Ge’s eyes dimmed. She picked up the sword that was leaning against the wall and silently followed Wei Chi Die.

However, Wei Chi Die was feeble as her body has only just gotten better but suffered the wind and cold. She felt exhausted after taking 2 steps, but because she has a proud nature and was inexplicably in conflict with An Ge, she did not want to speak at all, so could only endure it as she walked forward staggeringly.

When An Ge sees this, she was feeling terribly heartache, but did not dare to defy her.

As soon as she walked a few steps out, there was a slope in front of her and because it had just rained, it was slippery and extremely difficult to walk. Wei Chi Die persisted for a while and then fell backwards inadvertently. She screamed as the world in front spin, and she was embraced by An Ge who somehow kept up.

Wei Chi Die bit her lip, feeling that even the sky seems a little blurred. She was unsure whose heart was beating like drums, sounding all around.

It must be An Ge’s. She thought then glared and said: “Many thanks. Let go.”

An Ge hesitated for a moment and then was pushed away by Wei Chi Die. Wei Chi Die rubbed her chest with a pair of immortal-like hands, lowered her eyes and did not bother looking at her as she turned around and walked off quickly.

An Ge slowly clenched the hand that had just embraced Wei Chi Die and followed her.

“Sister, why are you walking so fast? Beware of slipping and falling.” Wei Chi Li who was lying on Xin Ran’s back, turned her head leisurely and looked at Wei Chi Die who had already caught up with them.

“None of your business.” Wei Chi Die said grimly.

Wei Chi Li closed her mouth then looked back at An Ge who has her head lowered while following. Then, in her heart, she knew what was going on. Hence, she reached out and pretended to unintentionally grab Wei Chi Die’s back collar.

Because Wei Chi Die’s mind was in a mess, she did not notice it.

Wei Chi Li took this opportunity to tug. Wei Chi Die screamed again and fell backwards. An Ge behind almost did not move and hugged her in her arms effortlessly.

Wei Chi Die was so furious with herself for unable to even walk properly today. She reached out to push An Ge away, but this time she did not manage to push her away.

“Princess, this subordinate will carry you.” An Ge said.

“No need.” Wei Chi Die said viciously.

An Ge was a little sad. She chuckled and said in a quiet voice: “Does princess hate me so much because of that night and would rather suffer than touch me?”

“If you mention it again, I will never see you again.” Wei Chi Die hurriedly reached out and covered An Ge’s mouth.

An Ge did not compromise this time. She held Wei Chi Die’s hands in her own hands and took them away from her, saying: “But because of that night, I would rather endure it by myself than leave princess again.”

Wei Chi Die was stunned. She looked at An Ge’s eyes. That pair of eyes were clear and was always calm. It was so calm that they were almost emotionless, just like her, always obedient and listened to orders, uninteresting.

But today was quite different. The warmth in her eyes made Wei Chi Die’s heart palpitate.

“Princess fell a few times today and must be unable to walk by yourself.” An Ge looked away and before Wei Chi Die could reply, she turned around and carried her on her back. Walking easily in the rugged mountain forest.

The group walked for somewhat a long time and finally returned to the small wooden house before sunset. As soon as Xin Ran entered the door, she shouted: “Divine doctor, divine doctor, help!”

The old man walked out of the door on a cane with a gloomy expression and looked at Wei Chi Li. After seeing her face clearly, the expression in his eyes changed a little, then signalled Xin Ran to put Wei Chi Li down.

“Princess, don’t be afraid of the pain. Divine doctor’s medical skill is excellent.” Xin Ran happily put Wei Chi Li down. But Wei Chi Li fell softly onto the ground, her eyes tightly closed and there was no trace of blood on her face.

Seeing this, Liu Luo Yi, who has just entered through the door while panting, staggered to the Wei Chi Li’s, knelt down and felt for her breath then said loudly: “Princess, princess! Divine doctor, divine doctor, come quickly!”

That old man took a few steps with the cane, squeezed Xin Ran away and glanced at Wei Chi Li’s injuries, then put his thick black fingers on her wrist. He closed his eyes for a while then said: “Wounds are inflamed and have lost too much blood. If it is any later, her life will not be guaranteed.”

Liu Luo Yi placed her hand on Wei Chi Li’s forehead and froze in fright by the hot temperature, and tears burst out from her eyes: “How did this happened? Just now, she was still okay. she talks, laughs, and her body is not hot…”

“This lady’s internal strength is not bad.” The old man said nonchalantly, stood up and walked towards the house slowly then beckoned to Xin Ran. Only then did Xin Ran seemed to wake up from a big dream, carried Wei Chi Li and followed in.

Liu Luo Yi stumbled up. Just nice, Wei Chi Die has come back and seeing her like this, she quickly asked: “What’s wrong, where is Wei Chi Li?”

“She, she is inside. The divine doctor said that her wounds were inflamed, and her condition was not good.” Liu Luo Yi said and was about to walk into the house but was stopped by Wei Chi Die: “How come, just now she was still….”

“She pretended. She has been forcing herself to hold on this entire time. She was afraid that I would be left alone in the forest.” Liu Luo Yi cried till she almost fainted. She broke away from Wei Chi Die and ran into the house.

Wei Chi Die looked at her back in a daze, shook her head and sighed. She thought that Liu Luo Yi was an affectionate person but did not expect that the 2 of them were the same.

Maybe because they were like this, they were lucky.

In the room, Wei Chi Li’s clothes have been taken off, and because her most serious injury was on her back, she must sprawl on the bed. Her upright and slender back was exposed to the air. It was covered with dried and wet bloodstains, there were also hideous wounds, some of which have turned outwards with strange colours.

Xin Ran with teary eyes turned her head away as she could not bear to look again.

“This old man will not care about the difference between men and women.” The old man said in another room. Liu Luo Yi choked and answered, only then did he walk out with a basket of things. When he saw Wei Chi Li, his wrinkles trembled.

“Saw her twice and both times, her life was hanging by a thread. This old man has never seen a girl who can endure to this extent. Ai.” The old man sighed, skilfully roasted the knife on the fire and began to cut off the flesh that was of abnormal colour.

Wei Chi Li was unconscious when she groaned.

“Use a cloth to put it in her mouth.” The old man said again.

Liu Luo Yi knelt. Sobbing as she stroked Wei Chi Li’s hair, then did as she was told to and leaned down to kiss the corner of Wei Chi Li’s eyes.

There were tears flowing out there. She thought. she must be in pain.

She desperately wants to take over and endure the pain for her.

The old man glanced at Liu Luo Yi in surprise, and then at Wei Chi Li. He looked a little confused, but Liu Luo Yi completely ignored the presence of others as she boldly stroked Wei Chi Li’s face again and again. The tears of the 2 were almost mixed together.

She muttered in an extremely quiet voice time and time again: “Princess, I will wait for you.”

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  1. AAAAAAH, why am i always late? Anyway i apologize for screaming and also being late, wei chi li, we hope that you will get better after this hideous experience that you’ve gone through and thank’s for the chapter!!


  2. Second time? Mistaking for Chi Die? Unlikely…. Did she meet her before?

    No, no wait now I remember it’s when the original body was still giving her problems and she fainted for 3 days when she prevented the promotion.

    Well finally things take a turn for the better.

    With An Ge and Chi Die too, An Ge finally shows some guts and Chi Die finally stops being an asshole lol.


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