Chapter 78: It Would Be Nice To Get Married

Wei Chi Li wanted to laugh, but when she pulled the wound on her back, she could only grin and chuckle. She tighten the clothes around her then raised her eyes to look outside. Rain was dense like mist in the forest, and it flowed down the rocks like a curtain. Seeing this, they do not know how long till it stops.

Fortunately, Liu Luo Yi was by her side, so she was not so lonely.

“Don’t move.” Wei Chi Li said helplessly. Liu Luo Yi kept fidgeting beside her, making her feel a little itchy in the heart.

“Princess’s body is so cold.” Liu Luo Yi said seriously, then moved her hand to Wei Chi Li’s abdomen, helping her warm-up dutifully.

Wei Chi Li trembled then quickly grabbed her hands. But after meeting Liu Luo Yi’s calm eyes, she does not know what to say, feeling that if she were to think about something indecent at this time, it was all profane.

Wei Chi Li closed her eyes and began to channel her energy and her internal strength in her dantian(!). Her body gradually warmed up. Liu Luo Yi could not help but placed her head on Wei Chi Li’s shoulders, leaning gently.

(!)Dantian are the “qi focus flow centres”, important focal points for meditative and exercise techniques such as qigong, martial arts such as Tai Chi, and in traditional Chinese medicine.

“Princess, can you talk to me?” Liu Luo Yi said softly. After the fright just now, she was still panicking a little, always afraid that if she closed her eyes and opened it, Wei Chi Li would disappear.

“Okay, what do you want to talk about?” Wei Chi Li lowered her head and said. She held Liu Luo Yi’s hand in her palm and rubbed it gently. It was smooth like a piece of jade.

“I often felt that princess is very far away from me, like will disappear at any time.” Liu Luo Yi said. Her voice was very delicate and accompanied by the sound of running water, it made it almost unclear.

Wei Chi Li was stunned for a moment, only then did she understood the meaning of her words. She bit her lips and said nothing.

“Princess rarely talks to me about the Northern Territory. I always feel that I do not know anything about princess.” Princess said. She was still looking at Wei Chi Li, her gaze was brilliant.

“Sometimes, even when I wake up early in the morning, I will be terrified for no reason. In my dream, I can’t find you.”

Wei Chi Li looked at her feet, her heart aches slightly.

She hugged Liu Luo Yi tighter, her thoughts went through innumerable twists and turns. After a while, she said: “What if I said, I am not princess?”

Liu Luo Yi’s eyes widened, she let go of Wei Chi Li and sat up.

Wei Chi Li draped her clothes on her shoulders and then massaged her own temples, feeling remorse. How should she explain such outrageous matters?

“En…. that is, I don’t have the Northern Territory princess’s memory. In other words, there is only a small part and sometimes, I can’t even tell who I am.” Wei Chi Li said with difficulty.

“Amnesia?” Liu Luo Yi asked.

“No, I’m completely another person and grew up in a completely different world. But now I am occupying the Northern Territory princess’s body, assuming her family background and her responsibilities.” Wei Chi Li said while scratching her head. She was a little nervous, looking at Liu Luo Yi’s eyes from time to time, and lowering her head from time to time, “So it was not because I did not want to tell you about the past, it was because I do not dare.”

Liu Luo Yi was so surprised that she was stunned. What Wei Chi Li said was clearly beyond what she could accept immediately.

But in retrospect, Wei Chi Li’s changes before and after was really like 2 different people.

There was silence in the cave. This time it was Wei Chi Li’s turn to panic. She shuffled forward and gently tugged Liu Luo Yi’s sleeves, pretending to probe.

But Liu Luo Yi was indeed Liu Luo Yi. The surprise did not last long, so, after a short while, she was calm, as she simply pulled her sleeves out and said: “Then why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“Isn’t it because I’m scared of you being afraid? After all, stories about ghosts and gods are so unreliable. If you mistakenly think that I am a vicious ghost and fear me, what should I do?” Wei Chi Li smiled apologetically, then shuffled forward again, grabbed Liu Luo Yi’s sleeves with both hands, and shook it.

Seeing that Liu Luo Yi was unmoved, Wei Chi Li suddenly leaned against the wall, began to frown and gasped. Liu Luo Yi’s expression changed in an instant. She pounced forward, wanting to take off Wei Chi Li’s clothes as she said anxiously: “Just now you were caught in the rain, and your wounds must be inflamed, let me see.”

Wei Chi Li did not react in time and her top was torn off; her shoulders were exposed to the air. Wei Chi Li suddenly got goosebumps and was pushed down by Liu Luo Yi.

“Little Liu’er, be gentle!” Wei Chi Li cried out in pain.

“It seems that it is really inflamed. Wait here, I’ll go down the mountain to find a doctor.” Liu Luo Yi was so anxious that her voice began to tremble. She stood up and casually wore her clothes, wanting to rush out in the rain.

Wei Chi Li knew that she had overplayed it, so she quickly reached out to stop her. As a result, she pulled her wound again and her body leaned back uncontrollably. Liu Luo Yi turned her head when she heard the movement but was dragged down by Wei Chi Li and sprawled directly on Wei Chi Li’s body.

A soft object pressed against her lips unexpectedly mixed with the taste of Wei Chi Li. Liu Luo Yi never thought that this kind of slightly longer touch would bring such a wonderful reaction, and the sensation of electric shock immediately ran through her whole body.

Liu Luo Yi quickly raised her head, her face was completely red.

Wei Chi Li was even more miserable. The wound on her back happened to hit the ground, and because it was so painful that tears flowed out. But Liu Luo Yi’s kiss, which was not considered a kiss, made her somewhat satisfied.

It was just that the price for it was a bit too big.

“The mountain roads on rainy days are exceedingly difficult to walk, and there are dangers everywhere. My wounds have stopped bleeding; besides, it is not deep. Wait for the rain to stop, then we will go out together, be good.” Wei Chi Li pants. She supported herself against the ground and slowly sat up, while Liu Luo Yi was already stunned and was still lying on her.

Wei Chi Li’s plackets were spread out, revealing well-defined shoulders and neck. Because of the long-term martial arts training, Wei Chi Li’s shoulder was not clean-cut like an ordinary woman’s shoulders, it was a little broad, but in Liu Luo Yi’s eyes, it was like a fatal attraction.

The kiss just now coupled with this scene, made Liu Luo Yi’s heart begin to beat wildly. There was a strange feeling in the haziness. She bit her lip in a hurry, rolled off Wei Chi Li, and then reached out to help Wei Chi Li up.

She also did not dare to raise her head to look, for fear that the electric feeling would come back again.

Wei Chi Li pulled her placket, only then did she notice Liu Luo Yi’s red face. She blinked and then suddenly understood the reason. Hence, she pulled her clothes down amusedly and leaned towards Liu Luo Yi.

Liu Luo Yi was red all the way to the root of her ear. She just lowered her head, not daring to look.

Wei Chi Li was so amused by her appearance that she had forgotten the pain. She deliberately exposed her shoulders and leaned towards Liu Luo Yi. She kept leaning forward while Liu Luo Yi kept backing away. It was so interesting.

Wei Chi Li was much more satisfied now. She has finally made this girl feel the pain of being teased but unable to eat.

“Okay, I won’t tease you anymore.” Wei Chi Li smiled and put on her clothes properly, then leaned back on the rock wall and reached out her arms, “Little Liu’er, come here to warm up.”

Liu Luo Yi shuffled over obediently and shrunk into her arms, but no matter what, she would not show her face.

“That’s why I refuse to tell you. As for others, I will tell you in detail when we are safe.” Wei Chi Li said.

Liu Luo Yi nodded.

“But, I still like princess.” Liu Luo Yi said.

“What if I’m not princess?” Wei Chi Li asked.

“Then I like you.” Liu Luo Yi said softly.

Such a straightforward and innocent confession was more touching than any sweet talks. Wei Chi Li felt light and fluttering. She could not help blurting out: “When we return to the Northern Territory, how about we get married?”

Liu Luo Yi was too shocked when she heard this. She did not care about being shy anymore as she raised her head abruptly and asked tremblingly: “What did princess say, married?”

Wei Chi Li suddenly felt that she was a little sloppy. It seemed that she should have proposed first. How could she be so direct? After all, Liu Luo Yi was also a woman from ancient times, was she too disrespectful being like this?

She hurriedly changed her words: “No, I’ll come and proposed. When the situation is stable, I will personally go to the Liu Mansion to propose, then use the sedan to carry you back to the Northern Territory. How is it?”

Liu Luo Yi burst into tears and then she wiped them away with her arms, but the tears flowed more fiercely. She cried so much that it was like pear blossom bathed in the rain and there were crystals on her eyelashes.

When Wei Chi Li saw her crying like this, she was panicking even more: “If you really miss home, I will marry into, peh, I can also enter Liu Mansion. It is just that it will be a little difficult to deal with the court’s matter. But I will eventually sort things out, and there is always a way with it.”

For a moment, Liu Luo Yi does not know whether to cry or laugh. She grabbed Wei Chi Li, choked and said: “Really? I thought that princess would not want to marry me….”

She never dared to think about the future, never dared. The only best ending she could think about was to be able to stay with Wei Chi Li more often. Longer, and longer a bit more. She thought to herself that Wei Chi Li would become the king in the future and will have to continue the family line.

She could not hold her up.

Wei Chi Li looked at her, and her heart softened into a puddle of paste. She wrapped her arms around Liu Luo Yi’s shoulders and hugged her, gently caressing her head and softening her voice: “Naturally it is true, more real than silver or gold. I want everyone in the world to see with their own eyes how Little Liu’er and I, in red clothes, perform the formal marriage ceremony.”

Although it must be very difficult, since she has promised her, she must do it.

From the moment she spent time alone in the prison, she realised that it was not just Liu Luo Yi who could not do without her, she too, could not leave Liu Luo Yi.

Her smile, her indifference, her gentleness, her unabashedly show of love. It was a blessing for 3 lives for her to be able to have it.

It was the first and most profound comfort in this strange and lonely world.

Liu Luo Yi suddenly raised her head. Her face was wet and just like this, she nuzzled Wei Chi Li’s face. Liu Luo Yi hugged Wei Chi Li. The 2 were stuck closely together and Wei Chi Li could clearly feel Liu Luo Yi trembling.

Her lips lightly touched Wei Chi Li’s cheek, nose and then slowly moved down.

Liu Luo Yi’s soft sniffs made Wei Chi Li hold her breath.

Suddenly, someone ran in with her head covered, then turned to the distance and shouted with excitement: “Eldest princess, Little An’zi, we can hide from the rain here!”

Liu Luo Yi was startled as she quickly jumped from Wei Chi Li’s body, pressing her body against the rock wall. She was so ashamed that she did not know where to look.

Wei Chi Li really wanted to wail. She reached out her fist and smashed the wall next to her. Just like that, the charming atmosphere of the cave was ruined.

As soon as that was said, a soaked An Ge ran in while carrying a pale face Wei Chi Die. Just as she was about to squat down and put Wei Chi Die down, she met Wei Chi Li’s eyes.

She was taken aback and blurted out: “2nd princess?”

Only then did Xin Ran look back. She became even more excited as she ran over with a smile, slapped Wei Chi Li’s shoulders and then in a blink of an eye, she cried: “Princess! Xin Ran has finally found you. We followed the horseshoe prints but met heavy rain and feared that because you are wounded, you would have died on the mountain. So, we have been searching in the rain till now. Princess, let me see, how is your wound?”

Xin Ran came up and wanted to take off Wei Chi Li’s clothes but retracted her hand due to the fright when she saw Wei Chi Li gritting her teeth and smiling.

“What’s wrong….” Xin Ran felt a little aggrieved.

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  1. Dang it lol. An Ge and Xin Ran really just ruined their moment! Guys I thought you were wingwomen haha.

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  2. Hahaha moment ruined but since it’s Xin Ran it’s no problem I love her.

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