Chapter 77: Restless and Whimsical

But because of multiple injuries on her body, lack of physical strength and even jumped across the city wall, Wei Chi Li was like an arrow at the end of its flight. She exhausted her last bit of strength to land on the ground, let go of Liu Luo Yi tiredly and rolled on the grass with her.

“Princess!” Liu Luo Yi hurriedly got up and checked Wei Chi Li’s injuries. The savage injuries and the blood all over her body made her feel the heebie-jeebies.

“Why are there so many injuries…” Liu Luo Yi murmured. She raised her head to see the city gate slowly opening. She quickly dragged Wei Chi Li up, put her arm on her shoulder, gritted her teeth and walk towards the horses that was tied at the corner.

Wei Chi Li looked at Liu Luo Yi’s strenuous appearance and smiled weakly. She reached out to grab the reins and endured the pain as she flew onto the horse. Then she grabbed Liu Luo Yi’s hand and tugged, pulling Liu Luo Yi onto the horse and protecting her in front of her chest.

Behind her was Wei Chi Li’s warmth and the fragrance surrounding Wei Chi Li. This riding horse action was like being embraced in her arms. Liu Luo Yi slowly closed her eyes, feeling every touch of Wei Chi Li’s body.

“Sit tight.” Wei Chi Li said softly. The hot air she exhaled sprayed behind Liu Luo Yi’s ear, making her tremble.

Wei Chi Li rushed on the horseback with guards chasing behind, billowing dust rose from under the horse’s hooves, covering the main road in haze. Behind, there were hundreds of fast horse chasing, while the road ahead was winding and endless.

Someone shot an arrow from behind and the arrow whizzed towards them. Wei Chi Li pressed Liu Luo Yi down and they sprawled on the horseback to avoid it. Her wound was torn open again and the pain almost made her fall directly into a coma.

No. It was not safe yet. She cannot just leave Little Liu’er alone.

“Princess, your wounds….” Liu Luo Yi suddenly turned her head. She heard Wei Chi Li suppressed gasp and was very worried.

“It is all surface injuries, nothing serious. Don’t look back and hold onto the reins tightly.” Wei Chi Li said in her ears, while controlling the horse skilfully to run wildly on the flat road.

But the soldiers were getting closer, and Wei Chi Li knew that this would not work. She simply decided to be audacious and suddenly turned a corner, heading towards the mountainous forest not far away. Gradually, the road was no longer flat, as there were many rocks obstructing and the branches blocking the way.

On such a rugged mountain road, only then they did widened gap with the soldiers behind.

Liu Luo Yi was worried about Wei Chi Li’s injuries and was also afraid that she would distracts Wei Chi Li if she speaks out, hence, she did not dare to say a word and decides to believe in Wei Chi Li wholeheartedly.

“Let go.” Wei Chi Li suddenly said.

Liu Luo Yi subconsciously let go of her hand, and Wei Chi Li who was behind her suddenly hugged her waist and the 2 fell to the side of the road together. The mountains were dense with weeds and trees. Wei Chi Li hugged her tightly, and the 2 rolled along the half-person-tall grass to the bottom of the slope, leaving the horse alone as it ran forward like a happy child.

In what seemed like a short period when they finally stopped. Liu Luo Yi was so frightened that her heart was pounding. As soon as she moved, her body was pressed tightly. Wei Chi Li was lying on her body, hugging her waist with 1 hand, holding her hand with the other and pressing it tightly.

At such a close distance, she was able to feel the breath of Wei Chi Li face to face and smell the blood on her body. Liu Luo Yi could not tell for a moment whether her extremely fast heartbeat was because of vaulting from the horse or because of Wei Chi Li.

The chaotic sound of horse hooves came from the top of their head. The soldiers had already caught up, skipped over this hillside that was covered with tall grass and kept chasing after the horse.

Wei Chi Li was obviously nervous. She held Liu Luo Yi’s hand tighter and tighter, almost making Liu Luo Yi feel suffocated. This feeling of suffocation spread all the way to the waist that was being touched by Wei Chi Li and Liu Luo Yi trembled unknowingly.

Wei Chi Li clenched her hands again, she did not seem to realize that they were interlocking their fingers now and the 2 were stuck closely together. Liu Luo Yi felt her softness, then closed her eyes and opened again.

Today the sky was blue, clear, and beautiful.

After an unknown period, the chaotic sound of the horse hooves on the hillside had disappeared. Only then did Liu Luo Yi relaxed a little. She wanted to call out for Wei Chi Li, but was suddenly horrified to find out that Wei Chi Li has been motionless for a while.

Liu Luo Yi hurriedly turned Wei Chi Li over gently, got up and sat on her knees to feel for her breathing.

That breathing was very weak, and it seemed to be getting weaker and weaker. Liu Luo Yi suddenly panicked and did not care to wipe off the dirt on her face. She reached out to carry Wei Chi Li on her shoulder, wanting to bring her out. But as soon as took a step, she did not dare to go any further. What happens if they came across the soldiers again?

For a moment, she could neither advance nor retreat and was worried about Wei Chi Li. Hence, she struggled to turn around and slowly placed Wei Chi Li on the grass.

“What should I do, princess.” She choked and reached out to touch Wei Chi Li’s face. She felt that her thoughts become a mess with Wei Chi Li’s coma and the huge panic and powerlessness surrounds her.

Wei Chi Li’s usual smiling face was now calm, with her eyes closed tightly, and was nestled in Liu Luo Yi’s arms. Her hair was messy, lips were pale, looking very fragile.

Liu Luo Yi wiped her tears and tore off her clothes to make cloth strips to wrapped up the wounds on Wei Chi Li’s body one by one. After she done all this, she stood up again, pulled Wei Chi Li’s arm, and put it on her shoulder and walked towards the deeper-end of the forest.

If anyone were here, they could carry Wei Chi Li with ease, only she could not. She was powerless, Liu Luo Yi blamed herself for the very first time and even hated herself.

Liu Luo Yi straightened her back and dragged her for a while, then simply squatted down and got Wei Chi Li onto her back and stood up again. This process was exceptionally long, but Liu Luo Yi gritted her teeth and said nothing.

She carried Wei Chi Li on her back, bent over and tottered her way in the mountainous forest. She does not know what was ahead or how far it was. She just wants to stay a little further from those soldiers.

She did not dare to engrave marks because she was afraid of being found by the emperor’s subordinates.

The road became harder and harder to walk, and Liu Luo Yi fell down several times, but she tried to adjust her body when she fell, so as to be able to let Wei Chi Li use her as a padding, not letting Wei Chi Li getting anymore injuries.

 “Princess bear with it a bit more, we will be there soon.” 

“Princess, you have promised me. You can’t break it.” She murmured continuously and kept walking even though she does not know where the destination was, and although Wei Chi Li could not hear it.

In this dense mountainous forest, there was a thin woman carrying someone on her back as she walks step by step slowly. Where she walked, there would occasionally be bloodstains.

The sharp branch slid her skin and the glaring blood flowed from her leg. Yet, as someone who was very afraid of pain, she does not feel it.

Perhaps because situations were not bad enough that trouble kept coming one after another, the rain came unexpectedly. The sky that seemed to be clear just now, has unknowingly been covered by dark clouds and within half an hour, big raindrops started to fall. Liu Luo Yi’s body felt cold and hurriedly hid in a nearby cave, for fear that Wei Chi Li would be caught in the rain and her wounds worsened.

She put Wei Chi Li down carefully and let her lean against the rock wall. This was actually not considered a cave; it was just a sunken part of a rock wall. It was not deep, but just enough to keep the rain out.

She does not have a firefold and could not start a fire. She could only use her body to hug Wei Chi Li tightly. She was afraid, afraid that Wei Chi Li would become colder and colder.

It has rained for a long, long time. It seems that because rain has not arrived in the capital for a long while, it took advantage of this day to empty it out. Liu Luo Yi raised her head to look at the rain splashing and dripping. Heaven and earth seemed to fall into a kind of unrealistic scene.

Wei Chi Li’s body did not get colder, but instead was hotter and hotter. She began to tremble, and her lips turning purplish.

“Princess, princess.” Liu Luo Yi called out twice. She was feeling anxious, and without thinking, she took off her thin clothes and wrapped all around Wei Chi Li.

Wei Chi Li was still shivering.

Liu Luo Yi simply steel her heart, removed her inner clothing, and wrapped it around Wei Chi Li as well. Because the smooth lotus-like arm and back came into contact with the air that had cooled down due to the rain, the hairs suddenly stood up.

She did not care about anything anymore, as long as Wei Chi Li could wake up.

Liu Luo Yi knelt and sat in front of Wei Chi Li. Her gaze rested on Wei Chi Li’s lips.

It was too dry; she must really need water.

Liu Luo Yi stood up, walked to the edge of the cave, and reached out to collect the water. It was just that the rainwater was blown by wind into the cave, making her feel cold.  But Liu Luo Yi did not move. Instead, she stood there, and when her palm was filled with water, she held it to Wei Chi Li with joy.

The water flowed over Wei Chi Li’s lips and moistened her throat. Wei Chi Li moved slightly.

Liu Luo Yi looked at Wei Chi Li’s brows, then reached out to touch it, sliding down her forehead to the bridge of her nose, then paused on her lips. There was a sense of coolness due to the rainwater on her lips.

She slowly moved over, placed herself closely towards Wei Chi Li and then leaned on her shoulder. There was peace in her dream, with no soldiers chasing them, and no chaotic battles.

The dream suddenly shattered, and Liu Luo Yi’s face fell downwards. She suddenly woke up, but at this moment, 1 hand was holding her face.

“Little Liu’er.” A hoarse but seductive voice rang above her head. Liu Luo Yi raised her head in astonishment, facing the smiling eyes of Wei Chi Li who was still weak, but her eyes were clear.

“Princess.” Liu Luo Yi wanted to smile too but cried out for some reason. Her tears were like the embankment was broken. She simply did not conceal anymore as she sat on the ground and covered her eyes with the back of her hand and started crying.

Wei Chi Li was taken aback by her sudden emotion. She had no choice but to sit up, reaching out to caress Liu Luo Yi’s head: “Silly girl, why are you crying? I’m not dead.”

Liu Luo Yi could not control her tears. Sobbing, she suddenly slipped into Wei Chi Li’s arms, wrapped her arms around her waist and continued to cry.

“Why are you only wearing such little clothes. It is such a cold day, be careful of catching a cold.” Wei Chi Li was anxious as soon as she saw her outlook clearly. She wanted to drape a coat on Liu Luo Yi, but Liu Luo Yi was hugging her tightly, refusing to let go.

After struggling for a long time, the wounds on Wei Chi Li’s body still hurt. She finally gave up and leaned back on the wall. She could neither laugh nor cry as she said: “let me drape a coat around you, then hug again, okay?”

Liu Luo Yi finally nodded. She blushed and moved away, as if she suddenly realised how she looks like now. She did not dare to raise her head and shield herself with her arms.

Wei Chi Li shook Liu Luo Yi’s clothes aside, and then looked at Liu Luo Yi up and down. She was currently wrapped in a white tube top, with her arms exposed. Her skin was icy snow white, and in this grey cave, it was even whiter and softer. Her back was straight, figure was slender and gentle, long hair has been scattered for some time, cascading on the shoulders and down to the waist, body was partly visible, partly hidden. Obscure and charming.

Wei Chi Li could not help swallowing saliva.

Especially at this moment when Liu Luo Yi lowered her eyes and a drop of tears just happened to fall, dripping onto her slender fingertips. It was crystal clear and it reminded Wei Chi Li of the tender and delicate flower with dew hanging on it in the morning.

“Princess, I’m not cold.” Liu Luo Yi blushed. She had not noticed it yet, but under Wei Chi Li’s gaze, only then did she feel uneasy.

“But I’m so cold.” Wei Chi Li said seriously.

Only then did Liu Luo Yi hesitate for a while and then shuffled towards Wei Chi Li’s side.

“The clothes are too small to cover the 2 of us.” Wei chi Li said again.

Liu Luo Yi had not stopped sobbing. She murmured, then leaned towards her obediently and opened her arms and hugged Wei Chi Li. Although Wei Chi Li appeared to look normal, her heart was pounding like a drum.

The beauty’s soft and warm body was nestled in arms without anything. This feeling made her even forget the pain.

Liu Luo Yi’s body was so soft that she does not seemed to not dare to hug her tightly, so she could only put her hands on her waist to hug it gently. It was like every part of her body that was next to her seem to have no more feelings.

Wei Chi Li was restless and whimsical for a moment and could not help but use a little bit of strength so that Liu Luo Yi would leaned closer to her. Maybe because Wei Chi Li was dressed thickly, Liu Luo Yi did not realize it as she just concentrates on hugging Wei Chi Li, using her body to warm her up.

Sobbing and groaned. But when Wei Chi Li hear it, it was a different kind of feeling.

“Princess, I’m afraid.” Liu Luo Yi suddenly said.

Wei Chi Li who was still indulged in fantasy, lowered her head, and asked: “Oh, what are you afraid of?”

“Afraid of losing you.” Liu Luo Yi said softly.

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