Chapter 76: I Am Back

Wei Chi Li walked through the alley, and as soon as she poked her head out, she was so frightened by the sight that she retracted her head again. Lou Yue’s words were true. Wei Chi Li had reason to believe that Chen Hao mobilised all the nearby troops in order to catch her.

On the city wall, there were dense rows of people standing there with bows and arrows, aiming at the street. If Wei Chi Li showed herself, she would be shot into like a hedgehog.

She pressed her back against the cold wall, gasping for air as her heart pounds.

Perhaps it was a psychological effect as she felt that her back was beginning to ache again.

Wei Chi Li leaned towards the cracks in the wall, only showing her eyes to look around. The sky was already bright, but most of the shops on the streets had yet to open. There were occasionally people passing by on the streets and they were scared by this imposing strict defence manner that they ran and hid back in their home.

In 1 of the tallest buildings, there was half of the window open and with sharp eyes, Wei Chi Li seemed to see the corner of a bright yellow clothes flashing past. She looked downstairs again and saw a few people in casual clothes with their backs straightened and did not seemed to dare to neglect their duties.

Wei Chi Li guessed that the person inside must be an important person, official or even the emperor.

Wei Chi Li felt that Chen Hao must be so furious because he had locked them in the Imperial palace and Imperial prison, yet they have all escaped. Thinking about this, she grinned.

But now how should she escape, rush directly at hundreds of archers, or hold the important person as a hostage? Wei Chi Li was lost in thought, a little undecided.

At this moment, there was a shout from behind: “The fugitive is there!” Wei Chi Li’s heart jolted. She looked back and saw a guard at the end of the alley as he reached out and pointed at her.

There was no choice now. Wei Chi Li picked up a stone from the ground and flung it at the guard, only to hear a scream, after which that man fell silent. Wei Chi Li did not have the time to look back as she turned directly into an afterimage and rushed into the tavern.

But what she did not expect was that there were even more people laying ambush here than she had imagined. The surrounding rooms opened, and countless people jumped out from the doors and windows. Wei Chi Li blurted out a curse and turned around in a circle on the spot, avoiding a person’s howl and sword.

She was unarmed and wounded, yet she must deal with wave after wave of people, so she lost energy very soon. She snatches a sword from a person’s hand and barely hold them off. The sword in her hand was almost dancing into an afterimage and there were more and more bodies piled under her feet, but she still could not finish cutting them down. 

It was unknown where she had slips up, Wei Chi Li’s arm hurts and blood spurted out. She backhanded and swung her sword and that person’s head was divided from its body.

For a time, the smell of blood filled the air as Wei Chi Li almost became frenzied, dealing all the fatal slash. The compassion when she first came to this world has long been replaced by a heart full of hostility.

In this less peaceful world, sometimes you must die, so I can live.

Wei Chi Li began to feel despair. When she saw the street further away was filled with enemies running towards her, she suddenly realized that even her martial art was the best in the world, she could not face the world alone.

After all, she was a human being, not a god.

There was another pain and finally she was unable to hold them back anymore. She knelt on one knee on the mountain-like corpses. Someone kicked her back and she slammed forward, and the taste of fishy sweetness filled her throat and nose.

Amid the chaotic footsteps, with her stomach on the ground, she was dragged by her hands and feet into the tavern.

Her brain was in a chaos, the feeling of dizziness surrounded her, she could not distinguish between the sky and the ground. Wei Chi Li twisted her neck with difficulty to look at the city gate. Blood flowed into her eyes and everything turned into the colour of blood.

“Little Liu’er…” She murmured.

“They have moved, they have moved!” Xin Ran suddenly shouted. Wei Chi Die raised her eyes to look and shook the flexible sword in her hand and said: “I will count 1, 2, 3, we will rush up and attack the City wall directly.”

“1, 2, up!” After Wei Chi Die said that, she took the lead and uses her QingGong. Her body turned into an afterimage and in the mid-air, she aimed and throw the flying claw at the city wall and it hooked firmly on the protruding brick.

The guards stationed on the city wall were all facing the city, and no one was looking back, so no one discovers them.

Wei Chi Die was the first to land on the city wall but did not move until Xin Ran was the last one to stand on the city wall. Only then did she move and kicked the person directly in front of her. The person screams, fell to the ground and stopped moving.

In that instant, the guards’ formation was disrupted as they rushed towards Wei Chi Die and the group. The flexible sword in Wei Chi Die’s hand sometimes becomes a sword, sometimes a whip and no one could approach her for a while. An Ge’s heavy sword in her hand was even more redoubled and with a swath, she could sweep off a large group.

“Princess, we won’t last long. Can you see where 2nd princess is?” An Ge said solemnly.

“Can’t see. Fight first then talk about it!” Wei Chi Die’s sword send someone flying.”

Compared to them, Xin Ran was much more relaxed, as she carried a sword in her hand but did not use it. She was only evasive and whenever she saw someone raising a bow, she would kick them down. Just like that, she walks as she kicks all the way, simply enjoying it.

“How dare you bully my princess!” She muttered, kicked the guard’s butt, causing that guard to fall head down first.

At the same time, Wei Chi Li gritted her teeth as she was thrown onto the ground. The wounds on her body kept bleeding and she could not get up, so she could only lie on her back, breathing tiredly.

Since coming to this ancient time, she has tasted all kinds of pain and has not enjoyed the pleasure of being a princess at all. Wei Chi Li smiled bitterly and gasped lightly.

“Why did a dignified Northern Territory princess, who can break into my palace and imperial prison, become so weak? Bringing shame to the Northern Territory.” A voice came from a high place. Wei Chi Li snorted with a smile, without replying.

“My Yan Country is also a place where you can come and leave as you wish? A chit of a girl who was willing to surrender to my Yan country and is also a crown princess. From now, even the Northern Territory will be mine. Wei Chi Li, are you worthy?” Chen Hao slowly walked to Wei Chi Li’s side. His voice has no undulation, but makes people feel oppressed.

Wei Chi Li laughed then ‘peh’ as she spit out a mouthful of blood then said: “Your Majesty does things like this. As the monarch, doing things without righteousness, fairness, and does not have a manly attitude. Are you worthy?”

“Heh, sharp-tongue. Since I sat on this throne, I have been guarding day and night, being cautious and meticulous, There is no need for righteousness and fairness. What is more, is that the Northern Territory was the first to incite the dispute. If you say it, it is you all who are not fair and righteous. But this is what I desire. I want you to watch how your country enters my territory. Someone come. To prevent her from escaping again, break her legs and throw her into the imperial prison.” When Chen Hao spoke, there was a slight smile and a hint of madness in his eyes.

“Your Majesty is not afraid that you, yourself become a pawn for others?” Wei Chi Li swallowed a mouthful of blood, and said with a smile, “Now, I finally know why Cheng QiQi didn’t want to give you another look.”

She was already prepared to die. After all, 18years later, she was still a beautiful woman. She just wants to provoke him, so as to vent her anger.

Sure enough, the expression in Chen Hao’s eyes changed. In that instant, emotions such as anger, sadness, and unwillingness to resign overlapped in his eyes, and in the end it all became madness. He strode towards Wei Chi Li and kicked her waist. Wei Chi Li could not help but scream as she slams into the wall.

The huge pain almost made her faint again.

“I heard that you took Liu Luo Yi away? Don’t worry, I have already given orders to the people below that no matter how far, I will catch her back.” Chen Hao suddenly laughed and tottered back to his seat, “Someone come, hurry up and do what I said! Now, let me see how you escape this time!”

Wei Chi Li’s heart tensed up, probably because she was worried about Liu Luo Yi. Her eyes suddenly became clear and has recovered some strength.

It was not a terminal lucidity. She said in her heart.

Someone carried a rod and swung it towards her. Wei Chi Li suddenly rolled away on the spot to avoid it and quickly supported herself up against the wall.

She leaned close to the wall to prevent herself from collasping at this time, then took the opportunity to look out of the window. From her angle, it was just nice for her to see those small figures fighting on the wall.

In 1 glance, Wei Chi Li could recognise that the one in red who was fighting to her heart’s content, was Wei Chi Die. She suddenly laughed and the despair in her heart was all wiped out.

She was not alone; someone was helping her. She cannot let them down.

“By the way, I forgot to tell your Majesty that we, the Northern Territory have an ancestral tactic which is specially used to escape from death.” Wei Chi Li said with a grin. She put her hand into the purse on her waist and grabbed something out.

When Chen Hao saw this, he hurried back in fright.

Wei Chi Li suddenly flung her hand, scattering the white powder like a goddess throwing flowers. In that instance, a strong fragrance filled the whole room. Someone hurriedly guarded Chen Hao and covered his nose and mouth.

Taking advantage of this effort, Wei Chi Li kicked open the window, jumped out and fell vertically down and into the group of people downstairs. Those guards was unable to react in time as they did not expect Wei Chi Li would still fall from the sky they were all in a chaos.

Wei Chi Li snatched 2 swords from their hands, used Qing Gong and leaped onto the opposite roof, then flung the swords out. There was a scream from the house. Those swords were thrown very accurately as 1 was stuck on the shoulder of the guard protecting Chen Hao, and the other was inserted into the hair bun of the monarch.

Chen Hao rolled his eyes and fainted.

Wei Chi Li swung her hands with regret.

At this time, An Ge who was fighting hard on the wall, also saw Wei Chi Li, and she yelled: “Princess, 2nd princess is out!”

Wei Chi Die’s eyes lit up and with a swing, she cut one person off the city wall and shouted: “We will spread out and guard here, don’t let them have a chance to shoot those arrows.”

There was a large number of people following behind and has surrounded her. In a short while, Wei Chi Li’s figure was drowned in the crowd, lost in the sound. Seeing this, Xin Ran shouted for Princess, and then stepped on the air, falling directly, and disappeared on the wall.

Fortunately, her QingGong was not bad. So, when she fell, she caught the rope of the flying claw, then rolled on the ground, and did not suffer any injuries.

Seeing this, Liu Luo Yi who had been waiting anxiously, ran over and help Xin Ran up. She asked tremblingly: “Are you alright? Where is princess?”

Xin Ran pursed her lips: “Princess, princess was surrounded by them and disappeared. I want to go down and find her.”

“Disappeared, what do you mean by disappeared?” Liu Luo Yi’s eyes went dark, and she used all her strength to stabilise her footing, to not let herself faint on the spot.

“Bring me up, bring me up, okay? I want to take a look at her again. If she must die, I want to be with her.” Liu Luo Yi did not shed tears, she choked and raised her head hastily to look at the city wall, and grabbed Xin Ran’s hand tightly: “I beg you, Xin Ran, please.”

“But….” Xin Ran was in a little quandary.

“This is an agreement between me and her.” Liu Luo Yi said.

Xin Ran was stunned for a moment, then sighed. She put her hand on Liu Luo Yi’s shoulder and said: “Miss Liu, hold onto me tightly.” Then flew towards the city wall, borrowing the strength of the flying claw in mid-way, and then lands firmly on the city wall.

“You don’t need to protect me, go deal with them.” Liu Luo Yi said, and then gave a Xin Ran a push

Although Xin Ran does not want to leave, there were more and more people on the city wall. She stomps her foot and then raised her sword again to join the battle.

Liu Luo Yi stood alone on the tall city wall, overlooking the entire capital city. She had never noticed that the city where she had lived since she was young was so magnificent.

The wind blew her hair and her clothes fluttered behind her, as if she could fly with the wind. She began to wonder if she falls from here, will she be able to stay with Wei Chi Li forever and then walked across the Lethe river while holding hands.

There was blood flowing constantly towards her feet, dyeing the corners of her clothes red, and people screaming as they fell down the city wall. But all this seemed to have nothing to do with Liu Luo Yi. She just looked down from the city wall, carefully searching for Wei Chi Li’s figure.

Inch by inch of search, inch by inch of despair.

Suddenly, a place below exploded. Many people swirled into the air and then fell abruptly. At the centre of the explosion, 1 person crawled up from the ground.

“Princess, it’s princess.” Liu Luo Yi muttered, her eyes suddenly became lively, and then she looked around as if she were waking up from a dream.

Someone took advantage of the chaos to raised a bow and arrow towards Wei Chi Li. Liu Luo Yi picked up a fallen arrow from the ground and stabbed it straight into the man’s back. The blood flowed onto her hand, but she did not feel anything.

There was chaos on the wall. Liu Luo Yi walks through it, doing things she had never done before. Constantly picking up arrows from the ground and then pushing those who tried to hurt Wei Chi Li down the wall.

She has been protecting her. Since she promised to protect her, she has never let her get hurt anymore.

This time, it was finally her turn.

She also does not want her to die.

Someone raised a sword towards Liu Luo Yi, and An Ge who happened to pass by, kicked the man away. An Ge glanced at Liu Luo yet in surprise without saying a word and then silently handed Liu Luo yet a very light weighted sword.

“Thank you.” Liu Luo Yi suddenly smiled, and then waved the sword, injuring someone who was rushing towards them.

Unknown amount of time has passed, but it seems that it has been a long time. Liu Luo Yi was stopped by a vicious person and was forced to retreat to the side of the city wall. She raised her head to look and saw that everyone was far away from her.

“Little Liu’er, run to the right!” A familiar voice sounded from nowhere. Liu Luo Yi did not hesitate and pounced towards the right side. An arrow broke through the wind and pierced directly into that person’s heart. He took a few steps back and fell backwards.

Liu Luo Yi turned her head in pleasant surprise and just happened to see Wei Chi Li who was approaching her in mid-air.

Wei Chi Li was wounded all over, and the blood almost soaked through her clothes, but it did not affect her speed in the slightest. She threw down the bow she had snatched, and then uses QingGong again.

Her QingGong was really good and seemed almost desperate, so from a distance she looks like she was flying in the air with her arms open and countless arrows flew past her. But because of Wei Chi Die and others, the momentum was not so ferocious.

Liu Luo Yi stood on the wall in a daze, letting the wind blow her. She finally shed tears and opened her arms. The snow-white slender figure standing upright, her dress whipping behind her.

Wei Chi Li was getting closer and closer to her. Finally, the grass fragrance mixed with the blood smell embraced her. Wei Chi Li’s arm wrapped around her waist and hugged her tightly.

“I’m back.” Wei Chi Li said in her ears.

Only then did Liu Luo Yi closed her eyes in relief as she felt the sensation of her body rising into the air, letting Wei Chi Li take her as they flew over the city wall together.

Such a scene, in the eyes of outsiders was as beautiful as a painting with rich colours, making others want to let time freeze.

Liu Luo Yi put her arms on Wei Chi Li’s shoulders, and then buried her face in the crook of her shoulders. She was no longer afraid of feeling the sensation of weightlessness.

Because she was here. Because she was holding her tightly now.

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  1. God! I felt such relief reading that last scene!
    And I don’t know why, but I found the scene of the FL making her bloody way toward the MC, so beautiful. Even though it’s violent and probably kind of bad for her. I guess I have no sympathy for assholes (and well, it didn’t seem to affect her very much).
    I could be wrong, but it feels like this is approaching it’s conclusion. And I’m gonna be very sad (and pretty happy for the girls), when that happens.
    Thank you so much for the chapter!

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  2. Damn that was fucking intense but she did it, against all odds she fucking did it.

    Its a very nice friendship moment too with all the best girls helping out haha how wholesome.

    Big props to Luo Yi too, many times people don’t put into action what they say but Luo Yi has been very consistent in her character, thank God, there’s nothing I hate more then authors messing with characters to make cheap drama but not here, she’s always been straightforward, decisive and headstrong and she maintained that all throughout, Luo Yi said she’ll help Wei Chi Li and that she did.

    Mc is such a fucking badass lol, too bad she didn’t kill emperor ….

    Hopefully some fluffy chaps ahead cuz things have been too brutal lately.


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