Chapter 75: Escape

Wei Chi Li awakened due to the freezing temperature. She shivered and only then did she open her eyes.

She was lying on hard tiles, the surrounding was damp and cold. There was some moss in the crevices, as well as dried bloodstains, which makes it very slippery.

Wei Chi Li moved but was forced to lie down again due to the pain in her back. She looked around and her heart sank. It appears that she was in prison.

After resting for a while, only then was she able to slowly sit up. The wound on her body was bandaged, seems like the dog emperor still takes it that she was still useful, so did not kill her, but it was difficult to escape now.

Wei Chi Li kicked at the thick wooden door and the iron chain hanging on it clanked loudly. Someone shouted at her: “Imperial prison is an important place, do not presumptuous!”

Well, rescued Liu Ru out, yet she herself came into this legendary imperial prison.

Wei Chi Li staggered to find the haystack in the corner and leaning against the wall, she fell to the ground. She raised her head to look, there was only hard stone walls, narrow space, and the strong thick smell of blood in the air brings a strong sense of oppression and despair.

Wei Chi Li must admit that at this moment, her heart was tangled with many emotions. The joy of escaping death, and the despair of not being able to escape.

She reached out to touch the jade pendant hanging on her neck. A time limit of 3 days and now there were only 2 days left. Can she really keep her promise?

“Time to eat, time to eat.” A guard walked over. Holding a bunch of keys, he opened the door and threw a bowl in. Inside was some black and unknown thing. We Chi Li glanced at it but does not have any desire to eat it.

She snorted, leaned against the wall, closed her eyes, and pretended to be exhausted. That guard glanced at her, turned, and went out. The door was locked tightly again.

Wei Chi Li opened her eyes, and it were full of clarity. She has to conserve her strength and store up energy, thinking about the chances of escaping from here.

Time passed by, and occasionally there were painful screams from interrogated prisoners and when Wei Chi Li heard it, she shudders. She felt that she has regain a little bit of strength, so she slowly got up again and moved to the door, then leaned on the pillars to looked out. The passage outside was awfully long and dark. Judging from the screams, this place was exceptionally large but not spacious.

“Newcomer, right? Do not waste your energy. This is the imperial prison and unless you are an immortal, otherwise just wait for death.” An old man’s voice came from opposite her. Wei Chi Li raised her eyes to see a vague dark shadow.

Wei Chi Li did not say anything. She knew in her heart that there was almost no hope of her escaping. She sighed. Her mind was in a mess.

“No one has escaped from here before. There is a garrison outside, guards on the inside and it is surrounded by high walls. Difficult to escape even with the aid of wings, difficult to escape with the aid of wings ah.” That man sighed again, and there was no more sound.

Wei Chi Li squeezed the jade pendant in her hand. She suddenly picked up the bowl on the ground and smashed it against the wall. The sound of porcelain breaking was obvious in the quiet prison, and then, her eyes widened and fell to the ground, convulsing.

“What’s the matter, what’s the matter?” Someone was annoyed as he walked over. When he saw Wei Chi Li looking half-dead, he began to panic and tremble as he took out the keys, wanting to open the door to check.

This was a prisoner who the emperor had personally instructed to not let her die. If something went wrong under his watch, he cannot escape from punishment.

As soon as the door opened, Wei Chi Li bounced up from the ground and with a knife gesture, she hit the guard’s neck and put him down, then flashed out of the door. The wound on her back was torn again and the pain made her sucked in a breath of cold air.

Unexpectedly, as soon as she went out, there was a person standing in front of her and has grabbed her arm. Wei Chi Li was startled and was about attack when she heard a familiar voice.

“Princess Wei Chi, it is me.”

Wei Chi Li was stunned. She could not believe her ears. This voice was, Chen Chu?

“I have sent away the nearby guards, let’s go in and talk.” Chen Chu reached out and dragged Wei Chi Li back in again. There were 2 people following him, 1 in palace guard clothes, another in a skirt.

Wait, skirt? Wei Chi Li could not even believe her own eyes. Qiu Wu Jin. Why did she come to the Imperial prison with Chen Chu?

Qiu Wu Jin did not even look at Wei Chi Li. With light blush, she stepped forward and said to Chen Chu: “4th prince, we need to be quicker. If this were found out by my father, it will be troublesome.”

“Why are you all here?” Wei Chi Li asked.

“Miss Qiu came to me and plead with me to save you. This prince has thought about it. After all, you are my saviour and half-a-friend, so I took some trouble coming here.” Chen Chu raised his neck and said, “The Court of Judicature and Revision garrison is under GuanNan Maquis. This time, Miss Qiu stole her father’s token and official seal, and in the name of GuanNan Maquis, only then did we convinced them to let us in.”

“Alright, let’s go.” Qiu Wu Jin said uncomfortably. She pushed Wei Chi Li violently, and pushed the guard forward, “Hurry up and change clothes. Later, I will take him out too.”

Wei Chi Li wanted to say something, when Qiu Wu Jin placed her hands on her hips and said: “Why are you still in a daze, change!”

Wei Chi Li had no choice but to act according to her arrangement as she quickly changed into the guard’s clothes. She was tall and when she stood there, they could not tell the difference.

“Follow me later, don’t look up and don’t say a word.” Chen Chu said quickly. He turned around and whispered, “I heard Lord Liu said that you took Miss Liu away.”

“En.” Wei Chi Li nodded.

“Take good care of her. After this farewell, we may be enemies.” Chen Chu smiled and lowered his head. There seem to be thousands of emotions in his eyes. In the end, he did not say anymore as he strode out.

Wei Chi Li also lowered her eyes. If the 2 countries do not go to war, it was fine. If they really do go to war, they will be enemies. To be honest, she would never have thought that Chen Chu would come to rescue her.

With such action, he has taken a huge risk as he has betrayed his imperial father. Wei Chi Li’s nose suddenly became sour.

She does not know why Chen Chu made this decision. Was it because of gratitude for saving him or because of his kindness and stupidity or because of Liu Luo Yi? No matter what the reason was, Wei Chi Li appreciates it.

“I will persuade royal father. But if someone came attacking my home, I will not be merciful.” Wei Chi Li whispered.

Chen Chu’s figure paused for a moment, and then continued to walk forward.

The group of people passed through the long passage smoothly. Seeing a gleam of light and at the moment when she breathed in the fresh air again, Wei Chi Li’s heart jumped for joy, like an eagle that had been imprisoned all night and finally saw the blue sky.

“Hey.” Qiu Wu Jin pulled her and raised her head to look at Wei Chi Li’s side profile, then put her hand down again.

Wei Chi Li turned around to look at her and said in an extremely low voice: “Many thanks to Miss Qiu. But when you go back, how should you explain to the emperor and GuanNan Maquis?”

“It’s nothing. In recent years. There have been many wars in the southern side of the country. I have convinced my father to send me to NanXiang border to join the army and will leave tomorrow. By the time he found out, I am afraid I would have already left the capital. Moreover, because father has many impressive battle feats, he was bestowed with a death-immunity token. I can just take it and use it to exonerate myself.” Qiu Wu Jin’s tone was still a little arrogant, but her eyes were not.

“Join the army? Have you thought about it carefully?” Wei Chi Li has just relaxed, then raised her eyebrows in surprise. The northern Territory was still fine, but in a country like Yan Country, women’s participation in the army will have a lot of difficulties and censures.

“You can do it, why can’t I?” Qiu Wu Jin said as she reached out to hit Wei Chi Li. “Just like you have never seen me, you have never looked down on me. Then I want you to take a good look. The day I, Qiu Wu Jin becomes a general.”

“Why would I?” Wei Chi Li smiled and did a palm-fist salute, “General Qiu, we’ll meet again someday.”

“Hurry up, someone will find out that you have escaped and the whole city will hunt and arrest you. I can only help you up to here.” Qiu Wu Jin’s eyes flashed with a faint emotion that Wei Chi Li could not understand, and then pushed Wei Chi Li. The group walked out of The Court of Judicature and Revision garrison door.

Wei Chi Li turn to look. Chen Chu still has his head lowered, and Qiu Wu Jin stood there, looking as the same as when they had met for the first time, reckless and flaunting.

She waved to Wei Chi Li.

Wei Chi Li nodded slightly, turned, and then ran towards the direction that leads out of the city.

It was just that she has injury on her body and could not run fast. She took a lot of effort to run into a crowded place and could not move anymore. She could only hide in the alley on the side to rest. Sure enough, there was a commotion on the street. Groups of people from the palace inspecting the streets with the portraits. In an instant, almost all the streets were full of palace guards wearing blue robes.

Seeing that they were getting closer, Wei Chi Li leaned against the wall and pants, then gritted her teeth and moved towards the alley.

After passing through the alley was a tavern. Wei Chi Li stumbled and sat inside, raised her hand for a pot of wine then gulped it down. The stimulation from the alcohol made the pain on her back feels a little better. Only then did she stood up, wanting to go out. Who knew that at that moment, a group of palace guards came in with swords in their hands and shouted: “Wanted fugitives, all stop moving!”

Wei Chi Li’s heart tensed abruptly, she slowly turned around and sat down pretending to be nonchalant as she raised her head and took another gulp of the wine.

The footsteps behind got closer and closer. Finally, someone has reached her location and began inspecting.

“Why are you wearing palace clothes? Raise your head!” That person scolded.

“This little one came out of the palace to do errands but was lazy and decided to have a drink.” Wei Chi Li said with an apologetic smile, then slowly raised her head. That person looked intently, then his expression changed. Just as he was about to shout, Wei Chi Li smashed the wine pot on him, and he fainted.

Wei Chi Li jumped up on the spot, took the bench she was sitting on, swung it left and right, then ran away.

As she ran, she complained in her heart. She has never been so desolated before. She did not dare to fight back even if she was hurt and was forced by a few guards to run around the capital. Too Desolated. 

This scene must not be seen by Liu Luo Yi.

More and more soldiers were chasing behind her. Wei Chi Li learned from the historical drama series she has watched occasionally in the past. Running and grabbing the roadside vendors’ things and throws them behind. She did not expect that this method that look stupid was quite useful, especially if there were people selling beans. The beans will scatters and covered the ground, very interesting.

But after a few throws, she could not handle it anymore. The wound was torn bigger and bigger, she could already feel the blood flowing down her back.

While running, Wei Chi Li raised her head to look around and then rushed into a door. She did not see the 2 women at the door who were so scared that their face paled.

As soon as she entered, she sneezed due to a strong rouge smell. She stretched her long legs and rushed up the stairs with a few steps. Those guards followed her and rushed in but was tripped by the women downstairs and in that instant, there were screams. This has brought some time for Wei Chi Li.

She ran to the end of the corridor, found a room at random, went in and closed the door tightly. Only then did she breathe a sigh of relief. She turned her head to look intently, and the breath that she breathed out was breathed in again and she almost suffocated.

2 people in the room, a man and woman. The woman was wrapped in some fabrics while the man’s bulging fats was clearly visible.

The woman opened her mouth wanting to scream, Wei Chi Li stepped forward like a lightning, covered her mouth and then raised her arm to knock the man out, then whispered to the woman: “Don’t shout, or I will kill you.”

The woman struggled at first. But after seeing Wei Chi Li’s face clearly, she suddenly stopped moving and reached out to pat the back of Wei Chi Li’s hand.

Wei Chi Li knows that she has something to say, hence, she spread her fingers, showing her mouth.

“Princess?” That woman said.

Wei Chi Li frowned, put her hand down, examined her carefully and said, “Lou Yue?”

It was the woman who got a bag of money from her after being driven out by Lu Yun Kui.

Now she has completely changed back to a woman in a brothel, with thick cosmetics, and only a layer of tulle over her shoulders. She looks charming and seductive but gives people a sense of desolated depression.

That is what her eyes shows.

There was another messy footstep at the door. Lou Yue was startled, then pulled Wei Chi Li, pressed her on the ground and pushed her under the bed. Wei Chi Li’s wound hit the wall directly and she was in so much pain that she teared up.

That grievance in her heart.

Soon someone opened the door and came in. Wei Chi Li did not dare to move. She could only hear Lou Yue jumping onto the bed then put the fat man’s arm on her shoulder coquettishly and said: “Eiya, dear gentlemen, did you all come to the wrong place. Today, this girl is obviously ordered by Mr Chang.”

That voice made ordinary men feel weak.

Sure enough, the guards immediately kept their ferocious aura and imposing manner, saying: “Did you see a woman with an injured back?”

“How could this girl bother to pay attention to any woman? This door was only opened once, and all the mood was disrupted by you gentlemen. Don’t you think so, Mr Chang?” As Lou Yue said, she lay down on the bed and giggled, “Mr Chang, don’t. There are still people here.”

Wei Chi Li listening under the bed, felt like wanting to make a hole in the ground on the spot.

Those guards could not stand it either. They cursed on sly, then closed the door and left.

After there was no more sound outside, Lou Yu stopped shaking, jumped off the bed, and draped a piece of clothing and said: “Come out.”

Wei Chi Li slowly crawled out; her face was red like blood.

Looking at her appearance, Lou Yue sneered: “Princess thinks that this girl is very slutty.”

Wei Chi Li shook her head.

“Well true. Princess is such a high-class person and will not understand the joys and sorrows of people like us. This girl was born in this kind of place and when reaches an appropriate age, begins to work in this industry. It was not easy to become a concubine, and finally has a chance to escape here, but was kicked out again.” As she said that, she poured herself a cup of tea, leaned back on the chaise lounge and raised her head to drink.

Wei Chi Li listened quietly. For some reason, she felt a little terrible. She said: “I thought, you would leave here.”

“Leave?” Even if princess gave this girl some silver, this girl is a woman and have no one to depend on, where could I go? For a person who has been lowly before, wherever I go, I cannot escape. What they do have is people watching and, in their eyes, as long as a person has fallen into the mud, they will not be clean in this life.”

Wei Chi Li was speechless.

These words were actually right. No matter where they were, it was all the same.

“Princess will leave now, or sit for a while?” Lou Yue said, while walking towards Wei Chi Li barefooted.

Just as Wei Chi Li wanted to speak, her eyes suddenly went dark, her legs softened and fell to her knees, quickly losing consciousness. 

When she woke up again, there was a glimmer of light outside the window. Wei Chi Li moved and found out that the wound on her body has been bandaged again and this time it was bandaged a lot more carefully and even good medicine was applied on it, so it did not hurt that much anymore.

She sat up from the bed and someone handed her a glass of water: “Drink.”

Just nice, Wei Chi Li was thirsty. So, she took it and drank it all.

In the hazy light, she could not see Lou Yue’s face clearly and could only hear her voice: “The wound has been bandaged. The emperor has issued a secret order to seal the city gate. Transferred the army into the capital and there is door to door investigation. Princess cannot escape anymore.”

The hand that was holding the cup paused and Wei Chi Li said, “It’s already 3rd day.”

“What?” Lou Yu could not understand.

“I have an agreement with someone; to go back and find her within 3 days.” Wei Chi Li said softly.

“It is already very lucky to have someone to make an agreement with.” Lou Yue suddenly said. Hearing it in the dark, her voice was somewhat ethereal.

“Alright. Princess, leave. This girl does not want to get into trouble because of this.” Lou Yu finished saying, then stood up and opened the window. The cold wind blew in, raising the hair on Wei Chi Li’s temple.

Wei Chi Li walked to the window and suddenly said: “Then, how about as a passing-by guest, I make an agreement with you?”

“What?” Lou Yue was a little surprised.

“Agreed to live well according to your own wishes.” Wei Chi Li said.

Lou Yue snorted and said nothing.

Wei Chi Li said thank you, then stepped across the window and reached her head out when Lou Yue’s voice suddenly came from behind her: “After passing through the alley downstairs is the city gate. But there must be an ambush at the city gate.”

Wei Chi Li turned her head and smiled at her, then jumped forward and fell on the street that has gradually brightened. She has disappeared.

On the other side, Liu Luo Yi and the group were standing in a hidden place outside the city gate. Everyone’s expression was extremely nervous.

“Today is the 3rd day. If Wei Chi Li still does not appear, we will charge into the city directly.” Wei Chi Die’s face was still pale, but her complexion has improved a lot. The flexible sword in her hand was already tightly gripped and her eyes sharp.

“Princess, look. The walls are full of guards with bows and arrows. They have been standing here since midnight, seeming to be waiting for someone. I think, 2nd princess should have escaped. It is just that she is still in the city.” An Ge suddenly said as she raised her head.

“They are lying ambush, preventing princess from leaving the city? Then, what should we do?” Xin Ran said anxiously.

“Break through their ambush.” This time, it was Liu Luo Yi who said it. Her eyes were red and swollen but still stood upright on the spot. It was just that her hand was still on her chest, gripping that jade pendant.

“I believe in princess. She definitely can come out.” Liu Luo Yi said.

“Okay. Get ready. When the people above make any movement, An Ge and I will rush up so they will not be able to block Wei Chi Li’s path. Xin Ran, stay down here to protect Miss Liu.” Wei Chi Die said.

“Don’t need to protect me. I’m fine.” Liu Luo Yi said as she raised her head to look at the sky that was gradually turning red, and her eyes gradually brightened.

If one day she left, she would stand on the wall and wait for her to come back. It was originally a joke, who would have known that it would be realised so soon.

Wei Chi Li, this time, I want to be with you. She said silently in her heart.

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