Chapter 82: Want to Sleep in the Same Room

The grey cliff rises from the ground, up to the sky and down to the ground, the texture of it was like it has been cut by a knife, giving people a sense of oppression. Although the gap in the middle was large, inside was pitch black and one could not see the end.

Liu Luo Yi raised her head to look, after which, she could not help taking a step back. Upon seeing this, Wei Chi Li stood behind her, put her hands on her shoulders and looked inward over the top of her head.

“Princess, do we really have to go through from here?” Liu Luo Yi asked softly.

“If the main road can be used, naturally, it is better to use the main road.” Wei Chi Li replied.

At this time, the chaotic sound of horseshoes travelled through the wind and into her ears. Wei Chi Li pulled the horse over quickly and turned around to see Xin Ran and her group approaching as if they were wind walking. All 3 were harried, their hair and clothes were messy, like they were fleeing.

Xin Ran screeched to a stop in front of Wei Chi Li, panting: “Princess, they are catching up and there are more and more people, we can’t hold them off.”

Wei Chi Li did not hesitate anymore. She pulled Xin Ran’s arm and pushed her directly into the crevice of the cliff, and then pointed at An Ge who was behind, then also held Liu Luo Yi’s hand and went in.

She seemed to remember something again, ran out in a few steps and slapped the horse’s butt. The horse neighed and ran away along the main road.

Wei Chi Li glanced at the horse’s butt regretfully and shook her head.

Yi Xian Tian was indeed worthy of being called Yi Xian Tian. Few people have passed through here and there were cliffs on both sides. Wei Chi Li has been in the modern times for so long and although she has seen many similar landforms, she has never seen such a long one. It was impossible to judge how far the end was, especially in the dark,.

The crevice became narrower and narrower, and soon it changed from a few arms wide to 2 people wide, allowing only 2 people to walk side by side.

Wei Chi Li glanced backwards. They had only walked for a short while and she could no longer see the entrance, but she did not hear any other sounds. Only then did Wei Chi Li breathe a sigh of relief. It seems that those soldiers did not catch up.

Wei Chi Li had originally thought that in such a narrow space, their martial arts would have the advantage and even if the enemies have a lot of people, it was no problem.

In the darkness, Liu Luo Yi, who was walking alone, shuddered. She subconsciously turned her head to look for Wei Chi Li, but before she could really feel scared, her fingertip touched a warm palm. Wei Chi Li held her hand tightly and pulled her to her side.

“Don’t be afraid.” Wei Chi Li said her ear. Liu Luo Yi did not answer but curled her lips in the dark. She looked up at the night sky. The dark night sky was cut into a strip and floating above her head.

The group walked quickly in silence as everyone knew that this place was dangerous and does not want to stay here any longer. They could only try their best to hurry forward. They have been walking for a long time, so long that even Wei Chi Li felt her legs were sore.

Wei Chi Die who was following behind had been spoiled since she was young, so has never walked so much with her legs before. She became irritated as she staggered step after step and cursed at those stones from time to time that was blocking the path.

An Ge glanced at her, then walked from the back to the front, silently kicking away those things that were blocking the way, so that Wei Chi Die could walk more comfortably.

“Wei Chi Li, how much longer?” Wei Chi Die asked grimly while massaging her own legs.

Wei Chi Li raised her head to looked. There was still a patch of darkness in front of her. She shook her head and said: “I do not know, but we will be able to reach the end. Just hold on a little more.”

Wei Chi Die snorted, then carefully raised her skirt and rubbed her sore calf with her hands.

An Ge felt a little heartache when she saw her like this. She turned around and wanted to give her a hand. Who knows that Wei Chi Die did not look at the road and bump straight onto her body. Wei Chi Die yelped and then covered her forehead.

Wei Chi Die pushed An Ge away unhappily, and went straight forward on her own.

In the quietness, a weird sound suddenly came from the top of their head. Several people raised their heads at the same time. With a quick of an eye and deft of hands, Wei Chi Li pressed Liu Luo Yi’s head and took her aside. Amid the lightning speed, An Ge had no time to dodge, so she simply pounced on Wei Chi Die and slammed closely towards the rock wall.

A few neither big nor small pieces of stones seemingly fell from different heights. Some were falling extremely fast, leaving a deep pit in the ground and some were slightly slower.

After a rain of gravel has passed, they all seemed to be buried in the soil. Wei Chi Li shook her head to get rid of the soil around her neck and quickly lowered her head to ask Liu Luo Yi: “Are you okay?”

Liu Luo Yi shook her head. She suddenly opened her eyes wide and got out of Wei Chi Li’s arms and ran towards An Ge. A bad premonition suddenly surged in Wei Chi Li’s heart. She turned around and borrowing the moonlight that came out of nowhere, she saw blood on An Ge’s body.

“An Ge!” This trembling callout came from Wei Chi Die. Wei Chi Die raised her head tremblingly, looking at mud mixed with blood on her fingertips.

An Ge’s body became soft at the right time and slid down Wei Chi Die’s body. Wei Chi Die quickly hugged her and said sternly: “It is not that I cannot avoid it. Why do you have to block it?”

Although she scolded her fiercely, Wei Chi Li had already seen the obvious bewilderment in her eyes. This kind of fragile expression would never appear on Wei Chi Die’s face.

Wei Chi Li help took over An Ge and then reached out to feel for her breathing, but An Ge pat her hand away.

An Ge held her head, sat up in pain and looked at the blood on her hand. Her eyes were a little relaxed: “I’m okay. It is just a surface injury and as long as princess is fine, this subordinate will feel at ease.”

Looking at Wei Chi Die’s appearance, she seemed to be terribly angry with her. Her phoenix eyes were full of anger at this time, and she raised her hands as if she wanted to hit An Ge, but did not move for a long time.

An Ge seemed to be a little dizzy. She swayed a little and suddenly smiled. Usually, a cold face with no expression but now when she smiled, she looks a little fragile and beautiful.

“Are you crazy, still smiling at this time?” Xin Ran said while removing the larger stones. She was angry yet surprised at the same time.

Seeing that An Ge was fine, Wei Chi Li was relieved for the moment: “Don’t delay anymore. Let us go out first. This place has gone through wind and sun for a long time and the rock formations above are not sturdy. I am afraid there will be more rocks falling. Let us leave quickly.”

Hearing this, An Ge supported herself against the wall and swayed as she got up. Wei Chi Die suddenly pushed her down. An Ge held her head and sucked in a breath of cold air, but her body suddenly lightened and was princess-carried up.

She was so anxious that she stuttered: “Princess, what are you doing? Why…”

“Shut up.” Wei Chi Die glared at her, “Only know how to eat all day long, why you are so heavy.”

An Ge closed her mouth and dared not speak anymore.

With Wei Chi Die’s charming appearance, and carrying a taller than her, wearing black clothes, reticent An Ge in her arms looks really weird. Wei Chi Li’s eyes twitched and did not say anything as she pulled Liu Luo Yi away and led the way.

“Princess, why do I feel that….” Before Liu Luo Yi finished speaking, Wei Chi Li covered her mouth.

“Shh, be quiet. My sister is angry, and she is often angry for no reason. It is better to say less.” Wei Chi Li whispered.

“Orh….” Liu Luo Yi nodded slowly.

“Princess, but the way eldest princess is carrying An Ge, An Ge will bump her head easily again.” Liu Luo Yi was kind, so in the end, she could not hold back and said it.

Wei Chi Li turned and glanced at them. An Ge was stiff because she was panicking. Wei Chi Die carrying her was like carrying a rigid board. If she were not careful, the top of the board would bump into the rock wall.

“Forget it, let’s not care about it.” Wei Chi Li turned her head and did not look back anymore. After all, she thinks that even if An Ge knocked her head on the way and died, she must have felt blissful in her heart.

Fortunately, the path forwards gradually widen and the cliff above their head becomes shorter and shorter. No more accidents happened along the way, and they quickly walked out. The moment they saw the vast sky again, Wei Chi Li felt relieved both physically and mentally.

In front of them was a field with some crop. It was so dark that she could not see what it was. There seemed to be some lights on the far side and Wei Chi Li judged that it should be a small town.

Although the wound on An Ge’s head had soon stopped bleeding, Wei Chi Die still did not put her down. She did not say a word as she used QingGong and walked quickly. Wei Chi Li did not want to appear to be incredibly happy as she pulled Liu Luo Yi and rushed forward.

The group finally arrived at the town before dawn. Although it looks near, it was actually very far away. Sometimes, Wei Chi Li uses Qing Gong, sometimes fast pacing all the way,. She felt that her legs were going to become useless that the moment she saw ‘An Ning Town’ plaque at the entrance of the town, she almost knelt down.

The people in the small town were extremely hardworking. There were already people setting up stalls early in the morning, shouting to sell Shao Bing(!). Liu Luo Yi who had been accustomed to the capital’s streets, felt that it was all very new when she suddenly saw the small and narrow streets of the small town, hence, she kept looking around.

“Sister, let’s stay here and call the doctor to come here directly.” Wei Chi Li walked a few steps quickly to stop Wei Chi Die and suggested it carefully.

Wei Chi Die gave an ‘en’ response reluctantly. She let go of her hand and An Ge fell down. Fortunately, Wei Chi Li helped her.

An Ge held her head and stood behind Wei Chi Die, looking at loss. Seeing at her like this, Wei Chi Li poked her on a sly and pointed at Wei Chi Die.

An Ge was in a quandary.

Wei Chi Li looking serious, poked her hard.

An Ge finally compromised and suddenly fell forward. Wei Chi Die quickly turned around and with a quick of an eye, deft of hand, she held her. She opened her mouth, wanting to say something but her gaze stayed on the bloodstains on An Ge’s head for a while. In the end, she did not say anything as she reached out and supported An Ge and walked slowly into the inn.

Wei Chi Li breathed a sigh of relief, walked into the inn and asked the innkeeper who was lying lazily on the counter: “We will be staying here. How many rooms are there?”

The innkeeper was a middle-aged man. He did not even lift his eyes as he stretch out 2 fingers.

“2 rooms?” Wei Chi Li frowned, “There are not many outsiders here, so why are there only 2 rooms left?”

“There are only 2 rooms.” The innkeeper finally looked at Wei Chi Li. “There is a room in the backyard that can be used for sleeping. You all looked like outsiders. This town is small and there have always been not many people.”

Wei Chi Li glanced at Xin Ran with quandary. Xin Ran pouted in grievance and walked to the backyard with her luggage.

“Then open 2 rooms and add in the backyard.” Wei Chi Li said with a smile.

Liu Luo Yi pulled Wei Chi Li secretly. While Wei Chi Li was taking out money, she leaned towards her ear and whispered; “why, you don’t want to sleep with me? Afraid?”

Upon hearing this, Liu Luo Yi’s ears quickly became red. She pushed Wei Chi Li away, ignored her, strode upstairs and soon disappeared.

The corner of Wei Chi Li’s mouth could not stop rising. She even rewarded the innkeeper another tael of silver. 

[T/L Note:]

Also called huoshao, is a type of baked, unleavened, layered flatbread in Northern Chinese cuisine. Shaobing can be made with or without stuffing, and with or without sesame on top. Shaobing contains a variety of stuffing that can be grouped into two main flavors: savory or sweet. Some common stuffing include red bean paste, black sesame paste, stir-fried mung beans with egg and tofu, braised beef, smoked meat, or beef or pork with spices.

Plain/sweet stuffing shao Bing
Meat ShaoBing

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