Chapter 72: I Love Her Too

Wei Chi Li wanted to dodge subconsciously, but currently, Liu Luo Yi was completely leaning on her and if she avoided her, Liu Luo Yi will fall to the ground.

As if facing death unflinchingly, Wei Chi Li closed her eyes.

After Liu Luo Yi vomited cleanly and swayed away from Wei Chi Li, only then did Wei Chi Li moved her legs, took off the horrifying coat, raised her hand and pinch it in disgust.

“Come here, hold me tightly.” Wei Chi Li said fiercely in a commanding tone.

Liu Luo Yi was very obedient at this time and hugged her. Wei Chi Li looked at her with a bit of enjoyment in her heart. After all, such an obedient Liu Luo Yi was rare.

Wei Chi Li carried the package on her back, another hand holding her and then using Qing Gong, she speeds up and soon the 2 came to the river. Wei Chi Li found the most remote place, with no one around, only then did she heaved a sigh of relief and throw the coat into the water.

The night breeze in autumn was a bit cold and Wei Chi Li shivered. She sat cross-legged on the lawn, open the package, and assembled them.

The river lantern flower petals were made of crimson oil paper and needed to fold them one by one using hands, then put a candle in it. Wei Chi Li lowered her head and concentrated doing it. After completing half of the river lanterns, she raised her head, only to see that Liu Luo Y’s eyes were closed, lying on her knees, and sleeping soundly.

Wei Chi Li put down the river lantern, lit a candle and placed it aside. She tilted her head to look at her.

The firelight accompanied by the bright moonlight made her face looks hazy, her skin was even more snow-like, a pair of eyebrows furrowed slightly, seemingly unable to sleep peacefully.

Wei Chi Li looked at herself, took off another piece of clothing and draped it lightly on Liu Luo Yi’s shoulder. Without the influence of the cold wind, Liu Luo Yi’s eyebrows eased and were murmuring something.

Just like this, Wei Chi Li fold the river lanterns while looking at Liu Luo Yi’s sleeping face. After an unknown period, near her feet were full of the river lanterns.

She walked to Liu Luo Yi and said gently near her ear: “Little Liu’er, I’m going to release the river lanterns.”

Liu Luo Yi opened a pair of hazy sleepy eyes but refused to move. Wei Chi Li knows that she was tired after drinking so much wine, so did not call her to wake up anymore and walked to the riverside quietly. She lit each candle and placed the lanterns on the water.

With more and more river lanterns, the originally dark water surface was illuminated. In the middle of the petal-shaped lantern, there was flame shining through the crimson oil paper. If one does not look at it closely, will feel that the flower was vibrant and bright, like it was alive.

A river full of lights, rotating along with the current, drifting slowly into the dark night and into the distance of the mountains.

Wei Chi Li was entranced by it so she did not notice Liu Luo Yi who has approached her. She suddenly noticed a movement, turn around and just nice, Liu Luo Yi pounced into her arms.

But because she has been squatting and releasing the lanterns, her legs and feet were numb and could not handle it. One leg straightened and 1 leg held on, she lay down directly on her back on the grass. Liu Luo Yi sprawled on her body and said in a daze: “Princess, the river lanterns are so beautiful.”

After finished speaking, she buried her head into Wei Chi Li’s arms and fell asleep.

Wei Chi Li could neither laugh nor cry. She let out a long breath, relaxing her body and looked at the sky filled with shining stars above her head.

“Silly girl, where did you put your hands?” Wei Chi Li’s cheeks were slightly red and took down Liu Luo Yi’s hands.

By the time Wei Chi Li sends Liu Luo Yi back to Liu Mansion, it was midnight, so the mansion was quiet. Wei Chi Li walked through the courtyard and saw Liu Ru with his coat draped over, leaning on his arm, dozing.

Wei Chi Li coughed lightly, and Liu Ru suddenly woke up. He stood up and hurried over, wanting to carry Liu Luo Yi.

“Lord Liu, she is asleep, I will take her back to the room.” Wei Chi Li whispered, then carried Liu Luo Yi back into the room and placed her carefully on the bed.

“Really have trouble princess.” Liu Ru said with a fist and palm salute.

Wei Chi Li did not say anything, just carefully covered Liu Luo Yi with a quilt, then tidied up her hair and fed a few sips of water, only then was she relieved.

Watching Wei Chi Li’s movements, Liu Ru’s suspicion grew stronger and stronger. He hesitated for a while and said: “Princess Wei Chi, it is cold at night, be careful and don’t catch a cold.”

Wei Chi Li turned her head and glanced at him with a forced smile, then simply open the cabinet door, took out Liu Luo Yi’s clothes and held it in her hands.

“Lord Liu, how long are you going to stay here? It is already midnight and you are not in good health, please go back and rest.” Wei Chi Li said. Her tone was gentle, but her eyes were not, sending chills up Liu Ru’s back.

As if she has seen through everything.

“Don’t worry, when I finish changing my clothes, I will leave. I will bid farewell to the emperor tomorrow and leave the capital.” Wei Chi Li said.

Hearing this, Liu Ru heaved a sigh of relief, only to hear Wei Chi Li adding another sentence: “Tomorrow morning, I will pick her up.”

“What?” Liu Ru frowned. He took 2 steps forward, wanting to say something only to see Wei Chi Li unfold the clothes and doing the action of draping it over herself.

“Why, is Lord Liu not going to leave?” Wei Chi Li smile slightly.

After all, Liu Ru was an uncorrupted civil official, so being told off by Wei Chi Li, it was difficult for him to say anything else. He sighed heavily then turned, and walked out, closing the door.

Wei Chi Li put on Liu Luo Yi’s dress at once and before opening the door, she suddenly has a mischievous idea. She searched around and found a box of lipsticks which Liu Luo Yi had never used before. She opened it and applied on her mouth excitedly.

Then she tiptoed to Liu Luo Yi’s side and printed a kiss on her forehead. She looked at her masterpiece and nodded in satisfaction.

Only then did she leave.

Early next morning, the early morning sunlight shines into the house through the window, adding a touch of warmth and gentleness to the quiet room. Liu Luo Yi hummed and opened her eyes.

She rolled a pair of hazy eyeballs as if she had not figured out where she was now.

“Hiss, headache.” Liu Luo Yi sat on the edge of the bed and rubbed her head gently. She touched the messy hair on her head and grabbed a handful of it in confusion, placing it in front of her eyes.

Since when would her hair scatter when she sleeps?

And this body was like falling apart. She only remembered that she had hidden and drunk a lot of wine yesterday and could not remember anything after that.

At this moment, the door was suddenly knocked on. Liu Luo Yi stood up, opened the door feebly and saw Liu Wen Chang at the door: “Ah Jie, you did not have breakfast with us, so I asked the servants to heat up one separately and bring it to you.”

Liu Wen Chang said happily. As soon as he raised his head, his expression changed and almost the threw the meal box out. He pointed at Liu Luo Yi’s forehead and stammered: “Ah Ah Ah Jie, what happened to your forehead? “

“What?” Liu Luo Yi rubbed it suspiciously and strode to the bronze mirror to have a look. She was surprised to see a patch of redness on her forehead and moved closer to have a better look. She almost yelled out.

“Chang’er, what happened last night?” Liu Luo Yi opened her eyes wide and quickly wiped the mark with her handkerchief.

“Last night, sister drank too much, turned the mansion upside down and hugged the pillar, refusing to come down. Everyone persuaded but it was fruitless. In the end, princess came and took you away. Why? You do not remember it? I also asked someone to simmer a sobering soup. Ah Jie, come and drink a little bit, will make you feel better.” Liu Wen Chang walked in and placed the meal box on the table.

“Princess?” Liu Luo Yi knocked on her head hard but could not remember anything. There was only 1 image lingering, that was, a river full of brilliant river lanterns, like a wonderland, making it unforgettable.

“I only remembered that I had a dream, and, in that dream, there were many river lanterns.” She was in a quandary but felt that she has forgotten something especially important and was very anxious.

“Eat first, it is never too late to think about it after eating.” Liu Wen Chang said.

Liu Luo Yi was absent-minded as she washed up and ate. She decided to go out and ask Wei Chi Li clearly. Who knows that as soon as she steps out, she heard a servant rushing to announce: “Miss, Princess Wei Chi L is here!”

Hearing this, Liu Luo Yi hurried out, Liu Wen Chang was not able to catch up. As soon as she crossed the threshold, she almost collided with Wei Chi Li.

“Little Liu’er, you are awake. I thought you will sleep till noon since you drank so much.” Wei Chi Li smiled so happily, that a row of teeth was revealed. She took the lead and walked in front as she said: “Go and prepare, take everything that you need to take. We will set off for the Northern Territory today.”

“Really?” Liu Luo Yi’s eyes lit up and she hurried to the front of Wei Chi Li. But the expression in her eyes were a little worried again: “But, what should I do if my father does not agree…”

“You really want to go with me?” Wei Chi Li swept her hair and blinked at her.

Liu Luo Yi nodded vigorously.

“Then that’s settled. Don’t worry, I will not leave you behind.” Wei Chi Li reached out her hand and skim the tip of her nose before walking into the house with a smile.

Liu Luo froze in place. She lowered her head and smile.

Wei Chi Li stepped over 2 thresholds, Liu Ru has also come and greet her. His eyes held vigilance and were even more vigilant when he saw Liu Luo Yi following behind her.

“Luo Yi, come here.” He said solemnly.

Liu Luo Yi subconsiously wanted to move, but when she looked at Wei Chi Li, she said softly: “Father, I want to go and see the Northern Territory.”

“Liu Luo Yi!” Liu Ru raised his voice.

“Lord Liu.” Wei Chi Li open her mouth, her voice was not loud but was able to suppress Liu Ru’s words: “You heard it. She wants to go see the Northern Territory.”

“Princess Wei Chi, I now put down this old man’s dignity to beg you! Luo Yi is my life, if anything happens to her, even if I die, I will be too shameful to meet her mother in the underworld. You are the saviour of our family, but regarding Luo Yi’s matter, I cannot agree with you! I am her father, Luo Yi has been filial since young, she will not go with you!” Liu Ru’s eyes widened, and his beard was trembling.

Liu Luo Yi trembled in fear by his actions.

Wei Chi Li reached out her hand and held her behind. She took 2 steps forward. Although she was tall, Liu Ru was also tall and so she needed to look up, but her imposing manner was unabated.

“Lord Liu, the purpose of this sentence was really for the good of Liu Luo YI?” She asked calmly.

“Of course.” Liu Ru said.

“Then why, what’s more, worrying for you was you, yourself after losing Liu Luo Yi and were too shameful to face your wife?” Wei Chi Li even smiled.

Liu Ru’s lips moved slightly but could not refute instantly.

“Of course, I believe that you raised 2 children alone, you really love them. Especially Liu Luo Yi, who looks so much like your wife, so to protect her, you did not let her go out since young. At the same time, because of your wife, you also wanted her to learn everything, be proficient in Qin, chess, and calligraphy. Liu Luo Yi has done all the things you have arranged since young. Have you not thought that, does she wants your so-called protection?”

“I am her father. Since ancient times….”

“I know you are her father, I am not blind.” Wei Chi Li sighed. She should have thought that since Liu Ru was a thoroughly ancient person in the book, it was difficult to communicate with him.

“But you want her to be a talented person like your wife and at the same time wants her to subserviently listen to your arrangement. But to put it unpleasantly, if your wife were so obedient, why would she marry you?”

“You, sharp-tongued, unreasonable.” Liu Ru became a little exasperated and reached out his hand, wanting to pull Liu Luo Yi. Liu Luo Yi subconsciously took a step back.

“She is filial, don’t make things difficult for her.” Wei Chi Li gently shielded Liu Luo Yi and said: “Even if we don’t talk about this, just talk about the pro and cons. 1st, she has appeared in front of the emperor. The emperor loves your wife, so was willing to endure the pain and part with her. But the emperor does not love Little Liu’er, so whatever a son of heaven does, Lord Liu, could not stop even using your life, let alone allow her marry someone arbitrarily.”

“2nd, you know that Zhou Qing is here, so, you know that the capital will not be quiet for long. If you forcibly marry Liu Luo Yi off, and even if she married to a high-ranking official, she will not be able to escape as long as she is in the capital. And if due to bad luck and stands with the wrong team, it will be a disaster.”

Liu Ru was already trembling with anger and his fist were clenched till it was bruised.

“And 3rd, you are not the only 1 in the world who loves her. And me, I love her too. I do not know if you, as a father will risk life for her, but I, Wei Chi Li, will.” When Wei Chi Li said the last sentence, her expression suddenly became profoundly serious and her tone was clear.

Liu Luo Yi was stunned. She opened her eyes wide and look at Wei Chi Li’s back. She suspects that she was not sober and had heard it wrongly.

Liu Wen Chang who was walking over was also stunned.

“Wh, what? Ridiculous, ridiculous! You!” Liu Ru rolled his eyes, stumbled to support against the wall, looking as though he was about to faint. Liu Wen Chang hurried forward to support him.

Before Liu Luo Yi recovered from the shock, she was taken aback. She shouted ‘father’ hoarsely and was about to rush up but was stopped by Wei Chi Li, then gave a meaningful look behind her.

An Ge dressed in black appeared from nowhere. Expressionless, she walked to Liu Ru, pulled him up and then glanced back at Wei Chi Li, and walked back expressionless.

Wei Chi Li coughed and curled the corner of her lips, saying: “Lord Liu, let me introduce to you. This is our treasure guard from the Northern Territory. Not only her martial arts are first-class, but she also has good medical skills, pretty handy.”

Liu Ru’s movements paused and after a while, he stood up staggeringly, showing no sign of sickness.

Just that the look in his eyes was very appalling.

“You, you are joking.” He said.

“No. I love her, so I will protect her with my life. If you do not understand my feelings for her, just think of the feeling you have for your wife.” As Wei Chi Li said, her eyes gradually softened, “She is the only one in this life and will not marry again.”

Liu Ru slumped onto the ground and lowered his eyes. That was the sentence he had written in the letter for Cheng Qi Qi.

“Therefore, it is useless for you to object. The reason why I say so much is only because you are Liu Luo Yi’s father. She, I will take away.” Wei Chi Li turned around and took Liu Luo Yi’s hand.

Tears already filled Liu Luo Yi’s eyes, she said softly: “I am the only one in this life?”

“En, you are the only one in this life.” Wei Chi Li smiled.

Liu Luo Yi looked at her shoes. She suddenly knelt before Liu Ru and kowtow, saying softly: “Father, take care of your health and stay away from those trivial matters. When you miss me, I will come back to see you. Chang’er, take good care of father.”

Liu Ru looked at her, sighed and said nothing.

Liu Luo Yi stood up determinedly, turned around and while wiping tears, she followed Wei Chi Li out the door.

“Princess, am I very, unfilial?” Liu Luo Yi said softly.

“No, you are very brave.” Wei Chi Li said softly and gently wiped the crystal tears from Liu Luo Yi’s chin, “Even braver than when you hugged and wanted to kiss me last night.”

“Ah?” Liu Luo Yi raised her head, stunned. The memories from yesterday suddenly flooded into her mind.

“AhAhhhhh……” Liu Luo Yi suddenly covered her face and squat down.

Did she really do those things? Lie on Wei Chi Li’s body and wanted to hug, acting coquettishly and even lose her temper.

And she vaguely remembered the last embrace last night. She was sprawling, incredibly soft……

Liu Luo Yi really wants to never get up.

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