Chapter 73: Incident

Seeing her like this, Wei Chi Li was overwhelmed with joy. She squats down and leans closer: “What’s the matter. You did things so boldly last night, but will not admit it when you are sober?”

“What else did I do?” Liu Luo Yi raised her head abruptly; her face was red like it was bleeding. She glanced at Wei Chi Li then averted her eyes, not daring to look again.

Wei Chi Li held back from laughing and said seriously: “You have done a lot. Since you have forgotten, I will not tell you so as to prevent you from being shy after listening.”

Wei Chi Li stood up and strode towards the door: “Alright last night we have prepared everything we needed for the journey. You just have to bring the necessary things. We are setting off today.”

Liu Luo Yi stood up, feeling embarrassed and angry in her heart. While cooling her face with her hand, she trotted behind: “I remembered a lot of things about last night. Could it be that there are still things I have forgotten? Princess, tell me.”

“I will not.” Wei Chi Li smiles and shook her head.

The 2 of them chased each other all the way back to the mansion. As soon as they entered through the gate, Xin Ran was already there. She was carrying a pile of big and small baggage like a colourful turtle.

“Princess, why are we leaving in such a hurry? The Northern Territory king said in the letter that there are still 12days left.” Xin Ran bent over and panted. She has been busy all morning and was extremely exhausted.

“Nevertheless, I am still very worried. So, it is better to leave early. “Wei Chi Li said.

According to the book, there was a still a clash left between Yan Country and the Northern Territory. Although it will not affect her as of now, a long night was fraught with dreams, so it was better to go back earlier to avoid unnecessary trouble.

“Oh…” Xin Ran nodded, then moved with difficult, trying to put the baggage on her shoulders onto the carriage.

Wei Chi Li reached out to help take a few for her and then threw them into the carriage. Then she looked at the mansion and asked: “Sister took the envoy and went to bid farewell to the emperor and has not come back yet?”

“Not yet. Seems like she should be back now. Eldest princess asked us to go out of the City gate first and wait for her outside the city.” Xin Ran replied.

Wei Chi Li nodded and was about to enter the room again to see if there was anything left behind. Liu Luo Yi followed her and the 2 of them walked across the veranda. But a person suddenly appeared in front of them, Wei Chi Li quickly pulled Liu Luo Yi and the 2 backed away a few steps.

“Wan Ji?” Wei Chi Li took a closer look and heaved a sigh of relief. Since she decided to leave, her heart was like a taut bowstring, always on alert.

Wan Ji still looks charming. She looked at Wei Chi Li with a pair of autumn crystal-water like eyes that held a trace of misery and things that Wei Chi Li could never understand.

“Princess is leaving Yan Country.” Wan Ji said and gently took a few steps forwards, keeping her eyes fixed on Wei Chi Li, never averting.

Wei Chi Li felt a little bit inexplicable in her heart. She gave an ‘en’ response and said: “You don’t have to worry; I am still keeping all the people in the mansion. As long as this place is being taken care of, someone will send money every month.”

Wan Ji shook her head. She suddenly softened and knelt softly in front of Wei Chi Li. She raised her eyes and sobbed: “Princess, can you take Wan Ji? Wan Ji came thousands of miles just to follow princess. Ever since princess rescued me in the Northern Territory, I belong to princess, I beg you.”

Wei Chi Li glanced at Liu Luo Yi subconsciously, then picked up that slender woman and said helplessly: “It’s not that I will not be coming back here, why do you have to be like this. This journey requires us to travel through mountains and rivers, so it is more dangerous to bring one more person. Be good and stay here. If you really miss the Northern Territory, after I go back, I will send someone to pick you up.”

Wan Ji shook her head with tears in her eyes. She approached Wei Chi Li as if wanting to get closer. Wei Chi Li furrowed her brows and stepped back abruptly.

At this moment, a figure suddenly stood in front of her, looking at Wan Ji coldly. That look in her eyes seems to be like frozen, making anyone who was looking at it, feels cold. Wan Ji has no alternative but force to stop by Liu Luo Yi.

Wei Chi Li was taken aback for a moment and then laughed in her heart. Liu Luo Yi’s manner reminded her of an animal protecting its food.

Liu Luo Yi did not say anything and simply just look. The 3 of them stood motionless for a while, making this scene looks weird.

 In the end, it was Wei Chi Li who coughed. She wrapped her hand around Liu Luo Yi’s waist and pulled her back, then turned her head and smiled at her: “Turns out that Little Liu’er gets jealous easily?”

Liu Luo Yi was still glaring at Wan Ji and snorted.

“Wan Ji, you also saw it. It is indeed inconvenient to take you along.” Wei Chi Li said softly, “What if there is any danger? With my strength, I can only protect Liu Luo Yi.”

Wan Ji looked at Wei Chi Li’s eyes in shock and then at Liu Luo Yi. After a while, she lowered her eyes, tears flow down and dripped onto the ground.

Looking at her like this, Wei Chi Li wanted to comfort her, but a chill went up her back, hence, she closed her mouth again.

Afterwards, they walked around her stiffly and then the 2 of them walked a long distance, only then did the discomfort on her back disappeared. So, she turned around and smiled at Liu Luo Yi.

Liu Luo Yi’s face was red again, she rubbed her sleeves uncomfortably and then strode ahead.

The 2 packed up some more miscellaneous items, brought enough money etc and then got onto the carriage. They went out of the City gate and travelled along the main road for a while and waiting for Wei Chi Die to catch up at the intersection.

An Ge ran up to a tree and stare at the direction of the capital, standing there motionless. For some reason, she was a little anxious. Time slowly passed and the sun has risen above their heads, but Wei Chi Die still did not appear.

Wei Chi Li also began to pace, looking at the road from time to time, her brows furrowed tighter and tighter.

“Sister has been gone for so long, why hasn’t she come out yet? Xin Ran, how many people did she have beside her?” Wei Chi Li asked.

“All the people brought by eldest princess, as well as the envoy sent by the Northern Territory. There shouldn’t be any problem.” Xin Ran was also anxious and kept rubbing the back of her hand.

An Ge could not wait any longer. She jumped down from the tree and started leading a horse, wanting to enter the city again. Wei Chi Li stopped her: “An Ge, what are you doing?”

“Go find princess.” An Ge said lightly.

“You can’t even enter the palace gate. I will go with you.” Wei Chi Li said quickly and threw the baggage on her back to Xin Ran, then mount a horse. At this moment, she suddenly heard a birdsong, she quickly raised her head to look.

A colourful bird hovers in the air, then aimed at Wei Chi Li and fell, pecking and scratching her head. Wei chi Li waved to drive it away, but it approached again desperately.

Wei Chi Li suddenly reacted, saying ‘this was bad’ in her heart. She said sternly: “Something happened to sister. An Ge, follow me into the city. Xin Ran follow along the main road, there is an inn in front. Protect Little Liu’er and wait there for me.”

An Ge did not wait for Wei Chi Li to speak again and has disappeared, leaving only a cloud of dust behind her. Wei Chi Li pulled up the reins and went to see Liu Luo Yi.

Liu Luo Yi’s eyelashes trembled slightly. She wanted to reach out to pull Wei Chi Li, but after hesitating, she put her hand down and squeezed out a smile: “Princess, be careful. I will wait for you to come back.”

Wei Chi Li looked at her deeply, then turned around.

Wei Chi Die came here for her, so they must go back together.

She looked at the direction where Wei Chi Li has left. Liu Luo Yi stayed on the spot, not moving at all. She did not shed tears and did not appear to be very anxious.

“Wei Chi Li, you said you will come back and take me home.” She muttered to herself.

Xin Ran on one side walked over and said cautiously: “Miss Liu, let us go first. Princess is so formidable, so, nothing will happen to her.”

Liu Luo Yi glanced in the direction of the capital for the last time, then nodded and strode resolutely towards the carriage.

Xin Ran glanced at Liu Luo Yi’s back with a complicated look in her eyes, then looked back at the long main road. She clenched her fists and crumpled the letter in her hand.

That was what Wei Chi Li stuffed it to her before going out this morning.

“Princess, you must come back.” She said softly.

Wei Chi Li did not ride the horse, she simply uses Qing Gong, hurrying like the wind. After a short while, she returned to the city gate, she landed on the ground and saw disorder in front. There were many people constantly going in and out, looking very flustered and hurried.

As soon as Wei Chi Li wanted to step forward, 1 person grabbed her arm and dragged her behind a tree on the roadside.

“Something happened in the palace. Someone assassinated the emperor. They are now blockading the city gate and even have 2nd princess portrait in their hands. Anyone who enters the gate needs to be inspected.” An Ge said quickly.

“Why did it happen so suddenly? My portrait, could it be that the assassin is from the Northern Territory? There is no portrait of sister, so, sister should have been captured by them.” Wei Chi Li said as she clenched her fists, with a murderous look in her eyes.

Was this really done by the Northern Territory? But the message from the Northern territory king to her showed that he would never act so much earlier, so what was going on? Wei Chi Li’s mind was a little messed up for a moment. She leaned against the tree trunk, panting lightly.

Zhou Qing. She had long felt that something was not right with Zhou Qing. If it were just a spy from the Northern territory, why would he want to kill her? He must be the one who has acted unexpectedly now.

She has passed all these to the Northern Territory king, but the Northern Territory king did not say anything, so she did not think about it for the time being, now it was a big trouble. She guessed that even the Northern Territory King was still kept in the dark.

Wei Chi Li raised her head and as expected, the highly intelligent bird was still circling above her. Wei Chi Li waved her hand, and it fluttered down. Wei Chi Li tore off a piece of cloth, bit her finger and wrote on it “Zhou Qing has changed”, then tied the cloth on the bird’s leg.

“Go back to the Northern Territory and give it to my royal father. Zhou Qing cannot be trusted. Father’s plan has been brought forward.” After Wei Chi Li said that, she threw the bird back into the air. The bird circled twice before spreading its wings and fly towards the north.

“Princess, what do we do now?” An Ge said quietly. She has bitten her lips till it was bleeding.

“How long till the gate was completely blockaded?”

“2 hours later.” An Ge said.

That means that after going in, it will be difficult to get out.

An Ge looked at Wei Chi Li with some inquiries in her eyes. She hesitated and said: “How about, princess go back first. They do not have a portrait of me, I can go in and rescue princess.”

“What are you thinking?” Wei Chi Li sneered, “My sister is inside. Naturally, I have to go in. Moreover, how can you rescue her alone? Listen well, we will infiltrate now and within 2 hours, we will grab sister out.”

An Ge’s heart moved. The expression in her eyes when she looks at Wei Chi Li has changed and the expression in it flashed slightly.

Wei Chi Li look around and suddenly patted An Ge, her tone sounds excited: “Look, what is that?”

“Dung, dung cart.” An Ge was stunned.

After a stick of incense time, the 2 of them hide in the dung jar on the donkey cart as it sways towards the city gate. The old man pulling the dung cart has put a lot of quilt and other sundries in the cart compartment. It should have been bought from outside, giving the 2 a good hiding place.

The bumpy donkey cart stopped, and Wei Chi Li heard a guard saying: “Old man Liu, pulled dungs out of the city again?” 

“Ai, somehow recently, there are a few pit latrines that needed me to pull out and business is in a slump.” Old man Liu sighed, “What is going on in the city, what is with the strict inspection?”

“We don’t know. It is just that something happened in the palace and many people died. Hurry in with your dung, after a while, you can’t leave even if you want to.” That guard said. The donkey cart moved again and sways into the city.

The road was much smoother, and Wei Chi Li secretly opened a slit, only to see that the street was almost empty, vastly different from the usual hustle and bustle.

She poked An Ge and the 2 of them jumped up and into an alley on the side. The old man Liu sitting on the donkey humming a tune did not notice it at all, only the donkey twisting its hips, instantly felt relaxed.

“Princess, let’s hurry up.” An Ge’s eyes were a little red. Regardless of whether there was a smell on her body or not, she ran towards the palace. The 2 soon arrived near the palace, but it was now heavily guarded, with guards at the gates rotating in rows, making it impossible to approach.

“Can’t infiltrate in here anymore.” Wei Chi Li shook her head. She looked up. The palace wall was towering and even if the 2 of them could take on so many guards after they entered, they will not have the strength to save Wei Chi Die.

“Let’s go in directly.” Wei Chi Li suddenly said.

“Go in directly?” 2nd princess, this…” An Ge was surprise.

“Now, we could only do it like this. Sister’s martial art skill is extremely high. Since she did not escape, most probably because she is injured.” Wei Chi Li said worriedly. She turned and looked at An Ge, “It’s okay, trust me.”

“There is someone still waiting for me outside the city, I will not play around with my life.” Wei Chi Li said.

An Ge looked at Wei Chi Li, her eyes gradually moistened. She nodded and said: “2nd princess, I’m sorry.”

“What is there to be sorry about. She is my sister.” Wei Chi Li said, her expression seems a little absent-minded.

Before she knew it, she had already treated Wei Chi Die as her sister and the Northern Territory as her home.

It was really wonderful.

The 2 of them did not say anything more. Wei Chi Li walked up to the guards very naturally and looked at them calmly. The guards were also a little confused. The group of them stood on the spot and looked at each other.

“She is the Northern Territory princess! Get her!” Someone suddenly shouted and those people immediately panicked. They raised their weapons and carefully surrounds Wei Chi Li

“Stop resisting and quickly surrender!” That person shouted again.

“Arrest me if you want to, stop talking nonsense!” Wei Chi Li rolled her eyes.

Seeing that Wei Chi Li was really not moving, they swarmed up, trussed up Wei Chi Li and An Ge and then search them. Only then did the group escorted them into the palace with joy.

The oppressive squarish sky appeared in front of Wei Chi Li again. Wei Chi Li let out a long sigh. She did not expect to see it again and in this way.

“Kneel down!” The guard holding Wei Chi Li shoved her. Wei Chi Li knelt on 1 knee, her messy hair was flung in front of her eyes. Wei Chi Li opened her mouth to blow the hair to the back of her head and raised her eyes to look.

“Don’t know how to be gentle. Do you know how to be gentle to women!” Wei Chi Li sneered and shouted at the guard who shoved her.

“Wei Chi Li.” A familiar voice rang in front of her. Wei Chi Li raised her head to look and smiled.

“Emperor, why are we tied up like this?” She looked at Chen Hao and asked.

“Then have to ask the Northern Territory king. The past few years, have raised a lot of people in my Yan Country, wanting to cause internal chaos in my country. What a joke!” Chen Hao said as he bent down and looked at Wei Chi Li. His eyes were cold and the coercion belonging to an emperor enveloped the surrounding, making Wei Chi Li’s shoulders feel heavier.

“So, emperor tied me up to threaten my royal father? But do you really think, I will be useful?” Wei Chi Li looked directly at Chen Hao without fear and even have a smile on her face.

“His 2 daughters are in my hands. Wei Chi Li, you are still too naive.” Chen Hao suddenly laughed. He slowly stood up straight, turned around and then suddenly turn his head back and kick Wei Chi Li.

Wei Chi Li felt the pain and almost fell to the ground. She pants lightly, gritting her teeth to stabilise her body.

“Have the audacity to think about my country, my throne and my things. Wei Chi Li, you all have to die!” Chen Hao widened his eyes, saying each phrase clearly. Wei Chi Li gritted her teeth and raised her eyes to look at him, feeling that the expression in his eyes was terrifying.

It was like the kind of sickness that was suddenly released after being suppressed for too long.

“Take them away and take good care of them.” Chen Hao said. His eyes instantly restored to its usual expression and he waved his hand, majestic as usual.

Someone pulled Wei Chi Li up and dragged her all the way. Not knowing how far she was dragged to, and was thrown into an unknown room. Wei Chi Li only felt a pain in her arm and fell to the ground.

“Damn.” She cursed in a low voice and slowly sat up. An Ge was thrown beside her and she did not even let out a sound. Although both her hands were tied, she was able to jump up on the spot.

When Wei Chi Li looked at her, she could not help but sigh. She sure was full of energy.

Borrowing the light shining through the window, Wei Chi Li saw that there was a person lying on the ground. She quickly moved there, but An Ge was faster than her. She ran over and using her own body, she turned the person over.

“Princess, princess!” An Ge’s voice was trembling, her tone held sobs.

Only to see that the person lying on the ground was Wei Chi Die. There was a slit on her face, her body too horrible to look at and there was blood everywhere. Suddenly, Wei Chi Li’s heart seemed to have fallen into the abyss abruptly.

An Ge clenched her fists. Wei Chi Li could feel the hostility and murderous intent emitting from her body so far away. She quickly whispered: “Don’t be so anxious first. Check if that blood is hers.”

An Ge’s hand was tied, unable to move and was anxious too. She could only lean down to test Wei Chi Die’s body temperature with her cheeks.

“It’s warm, it’s warm.” An Ge’s breath was very hurried. She kept muttering and put her face close to Wei Chi Die’s neck. She closed her eyes, and her tears could not stop flowing down.

The look on her that seemingly has lost her soul made Wei Chi Li incredibly sad.

“How is she?” Wei Chi Li quickly asked.

“She is okay.” An Ge forced herself to calm down to say, but her voice was still trembling, “But her situation is not good, we have to rescue her quickly.”

[T/L Note]: hehehehe…. what is going to happen?????

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