Chapter 71: Taking Advantage

“Okay.” Wei Chi Li said. As soon as she finished speaking, Liu Luo Yi broke free from her arms, swaying as she runs away. Wei Chi Li hurried forward. With one hand around her wrist and another holding her slender waist, only then did she stop her.

Usually looks so quiet, so why when she drank, she becomes a different person, could it be that this was her true nature? Wei Chi Li smiled helplessly. The expression in her eyes she has when she looks at Liu Luo Yi held a sense of pampering that she did not even notice.

Liu Ru watches Wei Chi Li from the side, then stroke his beard.

“Princess, don’t blame her, give her to me.” He strode forward. When Liu Luo Yi saw him, she sends another kick. If Wei Chi Li did not stop her during mid-air, this kick would have almost landed on Liu Ru’s face.

Wei Chi Li almost laughed out loud, she tried her best to purse her lips and said calmly: “Lord Liu, since she wants to go out to play, I will take her out.”


Before Liu Ru finished speaking, he was interrupted by Wei Chi Li: “Lord Liu, she has never asked you for anything right?”

Liu Ru was taken aback for a moment, then shook his head.

“But she, will ask me.” Wei Chi Li said indifferently, there was no expression on her face. But made Liu Ru’s lips moved and everything that he wanted to say, stuck in his throat.

Liu Luo Yi was very drunk and everything in front of her was very blurry like there was a mass of paste in her mind. She looked up and happened to see Wei Chi Li’s face. In that fuzzy moment, she suddenly feels that it was delicious.

Hence, she suddenly stood on her toes and placed her 2 slender arms on Wei Chi Li’s shoulders, then leaned over and licked it gently.

The wet and soft touch made Wei Chi Li’s body cramped up on the spot as if it had been electrocuted. She turned her head in surprise to look at Liu Luo Yi. Who knows that Liu Luo Yi leaned over again, seemingly to want to have a bite. Wei Chi Li quickly pressed her head down.

To calm herself down. Liu Luo Yi was too sultry after being drunk.

Liu Ru’s expression was very weird. He looks at Wei Chi Li then at Liu Luo Yi, feeling that something was wrong. The gesture of these 2 people when getting along was not ordinary.

Especially the expression in Wei Chi Li’s eyes when she looks at Liu Luo Yi.

“Lord Liu, she, I will take away first. When I come back, I have important matters to talk to you.” When Wei Chi Li finished speaking, she did not care whether Liu Ru opposed or not. She suddenly bent down and princess-carry Liu Luo Yi. As soon as she moved, she flew out of the courtyard walls and the red figure disappeared under the evening night sky.

Everyone in the house looked up. Someone was surprise, saying that those 2 were like immortals.

“Hey, dragging me here and then threw me aside again?” Wei Chi Die ran 2 steps. She was angry

Currently, Wei Chi Li has no intention to care about others. Her entire heart was on Liu Luo Yi. The woman in her arms was restless, reaching out her hands to touch her. Wei Chi Li shuddered and could not help but to land on the ground.

If this continues, sooner or later, she will fall from the sky and 2 lives will be lost.

“Let me down!” Liu Luo Yi slapped her shoulder and Wei Chi Li suffered from the pain. She could only carefully put her down on the ground.

“Why did you hit people too?” Wei Chi Li said helplessly.

Liu Luo Yi pouted and leaned towards Wei Chi Li for a closer look. Suddenly her eyes were red, and tears flow out. Wei Chi Li started to panic and quickly stepped forward to wipe her tears: “No, why are you crying again? I did not stop you from hitting me.”

Liu Luo Yi bit her red lips, pushed Wei Chi Li hard, then cried: “It is all you. You don’t like me; you don’t want me and always want to leave me behind….”

Wei Chi Li was completely bewildered. She opened her arms while staying on alert in case she falls as she slowly approach her. She smiled bitterly: “When did I leave you behind?”

“Why tell it to others, and not to me? You just don’t want, don’t want me.” Liu Luo Yi cried and cried, did not take a breath and even hiccup.

Her hair was completely messed up, but it did not make her look sloppy at all. Instead has a feeling of being bullied, weak, and delicate. The evening breeze blew the hair on her temples, tickling Wei Chi Li, making her almost wanting to bully her even more.

Thinking about her shivering like this and shrinking into her arms.

Thinking it like this, Wei Chi Li suddenly reached out and slapped herself and cursed, saying that she was a beast. The pain travelled and she felt better.

Liu Luo Yi sways and turned around as if she does not want to care about Wei Chi Li. She walked along the already empty streets, Wei Chi Li hurried forward, held her hand to forced her to turn around again.

Wei Chi Li reached out to take down the wooden hairpin from her hair and the jet-black hair cascade, like silk cloth formed by the darkest night and it undulates slightly in the wind.

If the goddess of 9 heavens was drunk, she would probably be like this. Wei Chi Li could not help sighing.

“You, what are going to do?” Liu Luo Yi sways, reaching out to touch her hair.

Wei Chi Li reached out her hand, placed it behind her neck and gently rubbed it, forcing Liu Luo Yi to raise her head. Liu Luo Yi wanted to struggle backwards but could not move whether it was because of the wine or something else.

Liu Luo Yi was a little afraid. She shook her head tremblingly and make a quiet whimper.

Anyone who listens to this would feel itchier.

Wei Chi Li praised herself for having a strong endurance, but still could not endure it anymore. She slowly lowered her head, approaching Liu Luo Yi. Liu Luo Yi wants to avoid but could not. Her body softened and almost fell. It was because Wei Chi Li held her waist with another hand, only then was she held in place.

“If you avoid again, I will throw you into the river.” Wei Chi Li secretly threatened while Liu Luo Yi was not sober.

Liu Luo Yi pursed her lips, not daring to move. A pair of hazy almond eyes look at Wei Chi Li, it was pure yet timid.

Wei Chi Li slowly moved closer to her. The exquisite eyebrows, rosy nose tip and bright red lips were getting closer and closer.

The moment when the 2 lips were about to touch each other, Liu Luo Yi suddenly murmured in a husky, soft voice: “Princess….”

Wei Chi Li stopped. She let out a long breath, lowered her head and buried her face in the crook of Liu Luo Yi’s shoulders and whispered: “Forget it. You are too drunk, so it will seem like I am taking advantage of you. I shall wait for you to be sober.”

She raised her head again, pinched Liu Luo Yi’s soft face and said word for word clearly: “I will never leave you behind, not in this life.”

Wei Chi Li suddenly put her hand into Liu Luo Yi’s placket, Liu Luo Yi groaned, saying “no” and shaking her head like a rattle drum. Flattening her lips, wanting to cry again. At this moment, Wei Chi Li does not know whether to laugh or cry as she gritted her teeth and said: “What are you afraid of? What can I do to you on the street?”

She took out Liu Luo Yi’s jade pendant and placed it on her palm with her own and held it in front of Liu Luo Yi’s eyes. She whispered: “As long as these 2 jade pendants are not shattered, I will always like you, protect you and never leave you.”

“Then, then if, it is shattered?” Liu Luo Yi seemed to be a little soberer. She took the jade pendant back like a treasure and protected it on her chest like an animal protecting its food as if she was afraid that others will steal it.

Wei Chi Li smile: “Then I will go to whatever Tianshan Mountain to find the stone, make 2 more and then continue to like you.”

Hearing this, Liu Luo Yi finally opens her eyes wider. She looked at Wei Chi Li and suddenly threw herself on Wei Chi Li. Wei Chi Li took 2 steps back, barely able to standstill.

She nuzzles Wei Chi Li’s face with her nose and whispered in her ears: “Little Liu’er really likes princess. If princess leaves me behind, I will sit on the tallest city wall, year after year, waiting for you.”

Hearing this, Wei Chi Li suddenly felt sour in her heart and smiles with difficulty: “Why?” 

“Because, princess will come find me one day.”

Wei Chi Li reached out and caressed her head. Her eyes gradually became hazy, like there was a layer of mist. She whispered: “I will not let you wait that long. You do not need to wait year after year. If I left, at most 3 days and I will return to you.”

Liu Luo Yi hummed and murmured something inaudible, and then suddenly punched Wei Chi Li, saying unhappily: “I want to see the river lanterns!”

Wei Chi Li was still immersed in the touching and sad feeling when she was awakened by her punch. She rubbed her shoulders and repeatedly said: “okay okay okay, river lantern river lantern, I will do it for you now.”

There was also market operating at night in Yan Country, but it was only near one street. Except for this street, almost all other shops are closed. Wei Chi Li strolled around for a while but does not know if it was due to bad luck or something, the materials needed to make river lanterns were all sold out.

She found another operating shop again and inside was an old man with white beard. When he heard that she was looking for river lanterns, he immediately waved his hand: “Miss, it is too late, the item has already been sold out. Since the last Flower city festival, someone released a river full of river lanterns, after which, men and women are obsessed with this stuff. When proposing, they released a river full of it, when marrying, they released a river full of it. Every time the goods arrive, they will all be sold out. This old man has no other means. Miss, go have a look at other shops?”

Wei Chi Li looked at Liu Luo Yi who was sprawling on her and not willing to let go. She sighed and said that she has dug a hole for herself.

She said to the old man again: “I don’t want a lot, just 1 or 2, or even just the materials. This river lantern is particularly important to me, please think of a way. Money is not a problem.”

The old man strokes his beard, thought for a while, and then took out a large package from the cabinet. Appearing to be embarrassed, he said: “I still have some, but this is what the 4th prince wants.”

Chen Chu? What does he want this thing for? Wei Chi Li asked again:” Did the 4th prince confirm that he wants these river lanterns?”

“Well, no. It is just that the 4th prince was going to pay the highest price. If someone offer a higher price than the 4th prince, they can also buy it. But, it will cost a lot of money.”

“How much?” Wei Chi Li has an ominous premonition.

“Two, hundred taels.” That old man said.

Wei Chi Li almost spewed out a mouthful of blood. She gritted her teeth and said viciously: “Two hundred taels for a few river lanterns? Is this a black shop?”

“Ei! This lady must not wrong the old man. This is the price given by the 4th prince. The 4th prince mentions this price for fear that others would buy it in advance, do not blame this old man. But, this miss can think about it. Except for this old man’s shop, there are no stocks in other shops.” The old man looked aggrieved.

Wei Chi Li cursed Chen Chu in her heart but there was no other way. She stopped struggling and waved her hand: “I will give you 210 taels. Sell these to me.”

“Settle. Miss is straightforward!” That old man was so happy that he seemed to be a few years younger and handed that package to Wei Chi Li at once.

“I will send a note and you go to Wei Chi Mansion to collect the money.” Wei Chi Li said, then turned around and left without looking at the old man’s expression. She held Liu Luo Yi with one hand and hold onto a pack of river lanterns in another hand, her teeth tickled with anger.

But when she looked back at the Liu Luo Yi, who was swaying obediently by her side, she also felt that it was worth it.

“Little Liu’er. I will accompany you to release the river lanterns.” She said with a smile.

Liu Luo Yi looked at her in a daze and then slightly curled her lips. Her eyes were no longer as hazy as they had before. It was just that when she walks, she still stumbles around and bump into Wei Chi Li’s arms within a few steps.

“Princess…hug.” She raised her head and smiled sweetly.

Then caught off guard, she vomited.

[T/L Note]: Wassup ya’ll!!! I am doing bulk update per week instead of 1 chapter per day! Because it is easier for me to translate and edit….for some weird reason…. Σ(っ゚Д゚;)っ number of chapters per week is not fixed, but will probably update by Sunday night/morning depending on your time zone!

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  1. Thank you! I’m fine with whatever is easier for you!

    Back on the chapter, I was like “awww they are so cute and sweet together” and then “she vomited” makes me laugh so much haha.


  2. You better not leave her WCL, please take her away … The dad only restrains her and wants to sell her off, boy am I glad we saved him and that LLY has so much parental love for him cuz he’s a dad and he’s entitled to her love and respect even if he’s a piece of shit.

    Like wtf? Take her away . . If you really leave her there WCL …..


  3. You see Luo Yi is just really scared and sad about MCs bullshit of dancing around the subject, she just wants confirmation and for mc to take her away.


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