Chapter 70: Drunk

Liu Luo Yi has also stopped. She looked at Wei Chi Li and for a while, she thought that she was dreaming. Behind there were splashes of water again, He Ran suddenly surfaced and flops while wiping the water off his face and shouted: “Miss Liu, what are you doing?”

With a quick of an eye and deft of hand, Wei Chi Li pulled Liu Luo Yi behind her and looked at the man coldly, saying: “Who are you?”

That man did not reply. He made a few bubbles and then sank. Wei Chi Li could not help but to take a few steps forward, reached out to grab his collar, and drag him out, leaving a string of sparkling water on the grass.

At this time, there were many people gathered around to watch the excitement.

He Ran vomited a few mouthfuls of water then raised his head and saw many people had gathered and were watching. He Immediately concealed his face in shame and stood up. He reached out his wet hand, pointing at Liu Luo Yi and said: “You, lord Liu’s eldest daughter, were born so unruly.”

As he said that, he walked towards Liu Luo Yi, seemingly trying to pull her. Liu Luo Yi did not move; she simply stares at him coldly.

Who knows that before his hand touches Liu Luo Yi, he was blocked by Wei Chi Li’s arm. Wei Chi Li looked around and then reached out behind her and a sword was handed to her. Wei Chi Li patted He Ran’s chest with the sword and then slightly raised her chin.

He Ran immediately did not dare to touch and took a step back.

“Don’t you know that there is a difference between men and women? If you want to talk just talk, don’t touch.” Wei Chi Li said lazily, but her tone was extremely harsh.

“She was the one who pushed me into the lake!” He Ran was too angry and pointed at Liu Luo Yi.

“Put your hands down.” Wei Chi Li raised her eyebrows. He Ran was stunned, then wiped off the water from his eyes and placed them behind him obediently.

“Who told you to anyhow put your hands.” Liu Luo Yi snorted; her almond eyes glared slightly.

“Oh?” Wei Chi Li frowned and when she turned to look at He Ran again, he shuddered inexplicably.

“Which hand touched her?” Wei Chi Li said and slowly grasped the hilt of the sword. That was a good sword and as soon as it left the sheath, cold light flashes making people’s eyes hurt.

He Ran was a scholar. Although he has thoughts that could not be shown, he still has not seen any major scenes. He was immediately frightened by the sword that he almost sat on the ground. He quickly avoided the tip of the sword and the expression on his face was either crying or laughing.

“Too, too much! Who will like such a woman?” He let out a cruel sentence, then lifted his robe and slipped away. The speed was so fast that he looked like a pheasant that has fallen into the water.

When Wei Chi Li heard his words, she was angry and raised her legs to chase him. Liu Luo Yi quickly grabbed her and shook her head.

“Disperse, disperse.” Wei Chi Li scolded the people who were watching the excitement then turned to look at Liu Luo Yi, “What’s going on? Weren’t you in the mansion with Lord Liu? Why are you here with this person?”

“He insisted on pulling me here, so I came here with him so that he will give up this idea. But I asked him just now and he said that he knows how to swim, so I pushed him into the lake. Who knows that it was a lie?” Liu Luo Yi said with her head lowered.

Looking at Liu Luo Yi, Wei Chi Li felt a little uncomfortable. Thinking that Little Liu’er was really popular. In only a few hours they have not met one another, she has come across such a rotten peach blossom that does have a sense of propriety.

Just as she wanted to talk to her, she saw Liu Luo Yi who looked like an iceberg just now has started shedding tears. Wei Chi Li suddenly forgot what she wanted to say and quickly reached out to help her wipe off the tears.

“Little Liu’er, did that person do something to you just now? You wait, I will capture him and have him apologise to you, okay?” Wei Chi Li softened her tone.

Unexpectedly, Liu Luo Yi suddenly pushed her away. With a pair of teary eyes, she looks at Wei Chi Li while backing away.

Her lips were slightly pursed. It was pinkish, but her face was very pale making her look extremely fragile and when she cried, it was shockingly beautiful. Wei Chi Li was bewildered by her action. She does not know what happened and wanted to step forward to hug her, but was afraid that she was impetuous, so she was at loss for a while.

“Princess, go back to the Northern Territory.” Liu Luo Yi suddenly said, and her voice was very calm.

“Yes, I will go back, but you have to be with me.”  Wei Chi Li said.

“I do not know what to do, don’t let me drag you down. Moreover, even if I go to the Northern Territory, what is my status? Slave or something else?” Liu Luo Yi suppressed her choking forcibly.

“What dragging me down…”

“Princess, I’m leaving.” Liu Luo Yi slowly finished speaking then suddenly turned and ran towards the city.

Wei Chi Li hurried forward to chase but was stopped by Wei Chi Die who had been hiding behind and dragged her back.

“Sister, what are you stopping me for?” Wei Chi Li said anxiously.

Wei Chi Die glared at her, then turned to An Ge and said: “Quickly follow, just follow behind and don’t be exposed. Watch her return to the mansion then come back.”

An Ge nodded and disappeared in a blink of an eye. Wei Chi Die turned around, smacked Wei Chi Li’s forehead and scolded: “You fool!”

Wei Chi Li was so aggrieved. She rubbed her forehead and said gloomily: “I do not know what happened. Since he said things like that, it must have something to do with her father. I have to find that old man to reason with.”

“Come back!” Wei Chi Die rolled her eyes then pulled Wei Chi Li back again: “What can you reason about?”

Wei Chi Li sighed and feeling irritated, she stomped on a blade of grass on the ground: “That Lord Liu, I already felt that he would be difficult to deal with. Just because he can keep Little Liu’er at home and did not let her out much for more than 10years. One can see how dictatorial and extremely obstinate he is, how else could he have cultivated Little Liu’er’s temperament?”

“It was because Zhou Qing caused Little Liu’er’s mother’s death and Zhou Qing is from the Northern Territory. So, he is hostile towards the Northern Territory. He was also afraid that there will be a dispute between the 2 countries, so was even more, disagreeable with Little Liu’er leaving with me. He was also afraid that the emperor has some improper thoughts towards Little Liu’er, so I guess he was the one that found that man just now, to find a good husband for Little Liu’er.” Wei Chi said as she trampled the blade of grass on the ground to pieces.

 After listening to it, Wei Chi Die reached out to wipe her sweat and said: “Why is it so complicated?”

“So, I do not know what to do. But Little Liu’er said those words just now, did she give up on leaving with me?” Wei Chi Li said, looking desolated and lowered her head to look at the dirt.

Wei Chi Die saw that she was really sad, so instead of scolding her, she sighed lightly and said: “No, you don’t know how much she likes you. I’m afraid that letting her leave you is like killing her.”

Wei Chi Li still has her head lowered, her nose felt sour and almost burst into tears. She quickly held back her tears. Secretly wondering that a girl does not shed tears easily and she has lived for quite a few years, never really shed tears. So how could she cry just because of this sentence? It was too shameful.

Wei Chi Die furrowed her brows and bent down to look at Wei Chi Li’s face: “Don’t tell me, you are going to cry?”

Wei Chi Li was agitated by her words, suddenly hug her, then wailed and pats Wei Chi Die’s back forcibly.

Wei Chi Die almost vomited blood after being patted by her and was not able break free of her. She shook her head with anger and scolded: “Wei Chi Li, scram, so pretentious! I knew that you this scoundrel will never shed a tear even if you died!”

Wei Chi Li raised her hand to secretly wiped away the tears that had flowed out, then pretended as if nothing has happened and with her usual expression, she let go of Wei Chi Die, covering up her emotions very well too.

Naturally, Wei Chi Die did not know. She pushed Wei Chi Li in disgust and could not help but asked: “I ask you; do you really like Liu Luo Yi?”

“Of course.” Wei Chi Li did not hesitate.

“Then make her feel it. When it comes to feelings, Liu Luo Yi is much braver than you. Think about it properly then go look for her.” Wei Chi Die shook her head and said nothing more.

Wei Chi Li lowered her head in thought, but subconscious told her that Wei Chi Die’s words were very reasonable.

She thinks too much, worry too much and sometimes she really does not dare to express it, and did not dare to say a lot of things, which naturally made Little Liu’er who has a delicate mind, sad.

It was correct, Liu Luo Yi was much braver than her.

Wei Chi Li sighed, turned around and said: “Let’s go to Liu Mansion tonight.”

“We? Wei Chi Li, I will not go with you. Besides, we have to bid farewell to the emperor early tomorrow.” Wei Chi Die rolled her eyes.

An hour and half later, the melting gold stepping into the afterglow of the setting sun. With a look of resentment, Wei Chi Die stood at the Liu Mansion gate and knocked the door knocker.

“Good sister, I am fond of a set of head ornament.” Wei Chi Die leaned towards Wei Chi Li’s ear.

“Settled.” Wei Chi Li gritted her teeth.

The door opened, and they were greeted respectfully by a servant. As soon as they entered the door, they heard loud noises, someone shouting, someone was crying, and the sound of tables, chairs, and benches falling onto the ground.

Wei Chi Li’s heart jumped abruptly and hurriedly ran across the courtyard and into the house, only to see a mess inside. When she entered the room, there was a wave of alcohol smell and it was so strong that Wei Chi Li almost sneezed.

Many people were gathered in the house and they should be Liu Ru’s old friends and some family members. Currently, they were so scared that they did not dare to go forward and was hiding in the corner, probing their heads to look inside. Wei Chi Li quickly looked inside but saw no one.

Her heart sank, and then looked at the group of people closely. Good fellow, the one who was hugging the pillar and not letting go was Liu Luo Yi.

She saw that her hair was a little messy, cheeks were pinkish and her lips were red as if it was stained with blood, eyes were misty and her whole body was sprawling on that pillar, making her look very weak yet very attractive.

And a little funny.

“Don’t touch me.” Liu Luo Yi suddenly yelled, kicking away Liu Ru who came forward to help her.

Liu Ru was too anxious and did not know what to do. He rubbed his hand while saying with a bitter face: “Luo Yi, it’s father. Father is not a bad person, come down! This child, why learn to drink and even drank a jar of wine. What to do if your health deteriorates because of this!”

Liu Luo Yi totally ignored him and instead, she hugs the pillar, swaying and lean her head on it with satisfaction.

Chen Chu was also there. He wanted to take 2 steps forward but was glared back by Liu Luo Yi. Also looking bitter, he said to Liu Ru: “Lord Liu, this will not work. How about, finding 2 girls to force her down?”

Seeing this, Wei Chi Li quickly squeezed through the crowd. Without even looking at Liu Ru, she shouted in a low voice: “Little Liu’er.”

Liu Luo Yi raised and tried to open her sleepy eyes wide, then suddenly smiled sweetly and let go of the pillar.

She staggered a few steps and fell into Wei Chi Li’s arms, hugging her waist.

Wei Chi Li was stunned and suddenly felt that her heart had turned into a puddle of water. Liu Luo Yi drank wine, so her body was softer than usual and when she moved around in Wei Chi Li’s arms, it makes her feel extremely itchy.

Liu Ru and Chen Chu on one side open their mouth wide. They had used the strength of 9 bulls and 2 tigers but could not get her to come down. Yet, with just a word, Wei Chi Li deceived her to come down, and was so docile. It was unbelievable.

“Eiyo, good.” Liu Ru said, reaching out to help Liu Luo Yi over. Liu Luo Yi suddenly shrank into a ball and avoid Liu Ru.

“You all, don’t, don’t touch me.” She muttered, then raised her head, stick out her pink tongue and lick her lips unintentionally, then said to Wei Chi Li: “Princess, you came.”

The tip of the small tongue flashed past, Wei Chi Li immediately looked away, her heart was pounding.

“I’m deeply sorry, Princess Wei Chi, excuse for this poor behaviour. I wonder if princess can help send her back to the room?” Liu Ru was so anxious that he sweated and said while wiping it.

“I don’t want. I want to go out, I want to watch the river lantern.” Liu Luo Yi stomped her feet. She fumbled for Wei Chi Li’s hand then fumbled and found her sleeves and only then she sways it.

Like pleading, but also like acting coquettishly.

“Princess, take me out, okay?” Liu Luo Yi cried.

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    Man Wei Chi Die really is the best finally telling Chi Li to man up and stop fucking around.


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