Chapter 69 : Tease?

It was a pity that An Ge was a quiet person. She just sits there, with a glass of wine in front of her and would occasionally take a sip without saying a word.

Wei Chi Li does not expect her to speak either as she picked up the wine glass and take a sip then licked her lips and said contentedly: “Good wine.”

“2nd princess, what are you worried about?” An Ge suddenly said.

“Yo, a stuffy gourd(!) can talk.” Wei Chi Li smiled and glanced at An Ge.

(!)[闷葫芦 Men Hu Lu] Stuffy Gourd: Someone who does not like to talk

“2nd princess is very different based on this subordinate’s memories.” An Ge said, looking into Wei Chi Li’s eyes.

The hand, which was holding the wine glass paused, Wei Chi Li then poured it into her mouth calmly. The expression on her face suddenly became incredibly sad and looked like she was about to cry.

“A person that has gone through so much, will eventually grow up.” She took a sip of wine and a tear roll down from the corner of her eye.

An Ge could not say anything even though she has any doubts. She recalled everything that Wei Chi Li had experienced during this period, and she believed a little. She sighed and drank the wine in her glass.

Wei Chi Li said ‘so close’ in her heart. When she returns to the Northern Territory, she must pay more attention to this aspect and must not let others notice it.

“There are many things to worry about, so I don’t know where to start.” Wei Chi Li shook her head, “Forget it, let us not talk about it today. Just talk about you and my sister, what happened? Don’t lie to me and say there is nothing.”

An Ge’s eyes were a little erratic and her fingers that were pinching the wine glass were pale.

“But, princess told this subordinates not to tell others, otherwise she will drive this subordinates away.” An Ge lowered her eyes.

Wei Chi Li reached out her hand and patted her shoulder. She put on a very gentle smile and said: “How am I someone else, that is my sister. I will never say it out. But if you do not tell me, how can I help the both of you?”

“You have also noticed from the past few days, my relationship with my sister is good. I used to make my sister sad because I was young, but now, it is different. I sincerely want to be good to my sister.” Wei Chi Li said honestly and with sincerity.

An Ge looked at Wei Chi Li’s distressed expression and believed a little bit more. She hesitated for a while and finally spoke up.

“I have been a guard secretly protecting princess since I was young. At that time, master told me that I must live for princess for my entire life and be faithful and loyal like her shadow. The princess is a god and everything that I must be loyal to. She is noble and sacred. I can only protect and cannot touch.”

An Ge seldom talks, and when she talks, her voice was a little hoarse but sounds nice.

“But on that night, everything changed. Princess was frustrated and drank a lot of wine. I accompany her back to her room. She…this matter is my fault. At that time, it was a momentary confusion for me and could not bear her teasing. Thinking that anyway princess has been among thousands of flowers, I just take it that I am 1 of the flowers. Even it was just one night, I was willing.”

Speaking of this, An Ge blushed. Her hands exerted force and accidentally shattered the jade cup.

Wei Chi Li could not be bothered about that expensive jade cup. She was enthralled, then widened her eyes and asked: “What then?”

“Then……then…. I found that I was actually the only flower.” An Ge said then slammed her face onto the table.”

Wei Chi Li clapped her hand abruptly: “I said why my sister was so repulsive of you. It turns out that you! Oh my god.”

Wei Chi Li now wants to go to the kitchen to find a melon so that she could chew on it while listening.

“I know that I am ashamed in the face of princess. I actually had developed that kind of improper thoughts towards princess.” An Ge raised her head. Her face was so red that one could not tell whether it was because she slammed against the table or because of guilt.

“You also have improper thoughts now.” Wei Chi Li showed no mercy.

An Ge stopped talking.

“Actually, you are also innocent. You thought that you are just dedicating your body. Who knew it would become like this? But I think that my sister is a proud person. If she really does not like you, why would she do that to you when she was drunk?” Wei Chi Li knocked her head and analysed.

But thinking that It would be great if Liu Luo Yi was here.  She could not even figure out her own feelings, so what qualification does she have to help others?

Hearing this, An Ge’s eyes lit up.

Wei Chi Li felt that she was deceiving a child. She took a sip from an empty wine glass with a guilty conscience, bite the bullet and said: “I think that, you can try and tease her.”

“Tease?” An Ge furrowed her brows.

Wei Chi Li nodded. She recalled Liu Luo Yi’s look that night and her heart suddenly jumped. She coughed and blushed.

“Yes. You being like this, my sister will definitely not feel anything. Stand in front of sister, take off your clothes and try to seduce, maybe there will be a turnaround.” Wei Chi Li poured another glass of wine and spoke confidently.

An Ge’s expression gradually became quandary. She lowered her head to look at herself and said helplessly: “2nd princess is sure that this subordinate can seduce princess?”

Wei Chi Li was also stunned. Yes. What kind of person was Wei Chi Die? She, herself was already beautiful and charming with a curvaceous body. So, what kind of figure would she take a liking to….

She reached out and touched then shook her head regretfully: “It is like touching your back.”

The 2 sighed at the same time.

After it enters autumn, the sun was not so violent. Wei Chi Li and An Ge sat under the tree shade and the cool breeze occasionally blew, bringing a few petals that came from nowhere. It flutters and fell into the jade cup, floating on the good wine.

Wei Chi Li picked up the wine glass and blew the petals and suddenly said: “Last time, sister said that you are always obedient to her and kept quiet, bearing insults. Why don’t you try, if obeying does not work, just do the opposite?”

Feeling uneasy, An Ge scratched her head: “Will it be useful?”

“Try it. Sister’s mouth is just unforgiving. You can coax her while you are rebellious and it’s a 80% sure no problem.” Wei Chi Li said and suddenly remembering something, she walked to the back of the house, took a shovel, then carrying it, she came over.

An Ge looked at her puzzledly.

Wei Chi Li walked to the tree, looked for a location and then started digging with the shovel. After a while, a greased paper bag appeared in the hole. She took the bag and threw it to An Ge.

With a quick of an eye and deft of hand, she caught the bag and pat away the soil, then slowly unfold it and saw a few books in it.

An Ge slowly opens the book and then all of a sudden, blood surged up. She quickly closed the book and because she choked on her own saliva, she started coughing.

“2nd princess, this, what is this?” She stammered and was so embarrassed that she does not know where to place her hands.

“Martial Arts secret scriptures. I also got it by coincidence. I will lend you these books, take them back and have a good look.” Wei Chi Li also coughed and waved her hand.

When An Ge left, her footsteps were messy. She blushed and hurried away, almost knocking into Xin Ran who was holding a meal box at the door. Xin Ran secretly cursed and then pushed the door open.

“Princess, why was she here?” Xin Ran asked as she takes out the food.

Wei Chi Li threw the shovel away and then sat down lazily, raising her eyebrows at Xin Ran: “It is nothing. Just winning people’s heart.”

At the same time, Liu Mansion.

“Marriage proposal?” Liu Luo Yi stood up abruptly and looked at Liu Ru in surprise.

“Yes, you are not young anymore, and father’s body is not as good as before. Must find a good person for you as soon as possible. Once I saw that there is someone protecting you, I will feel at ease.” Liu Ru said earnestly.

“But, father has just returned and busy with court matters. So why so anxious?” Liu Luo Yi quickly said.

“There is no discussion on this matter. Luo Yi, you have to believe that father is doing it for your own good.” Liu Ru sighed and placed his broad palm on Liu Luo Yi’s shoulder, patting it gently.

Liu Luo Yi took a step back, avoiding his hand and her eyes were resolute: “I will not marry.”

Hearing this, Liu Ru’s tone was also mixed with anger: “Luo Yi, why have you become so wilful after these days? Listen to father’s words, father will not harm you. You must settle this matter quickly.”

Liu Luo Yi wanted to say something, but Liu Ru suddenly coughed and sway as he sat on the chair. Liu Luo Yi was taken aback and quickly stepped forward to support him: “Father, how are you? I’m afraid you must have gotten ill in the prison, let us go see the doctor!”

Liu Ru coughed and grabbed Liu Luo Yi’s arm. His hands were skinny, causing Liu Luo Yi’s eyes to dampen when she looked at it, feeling terribly heartache.

“Father…” She pleaded in a low voice.

“Father is fine. Luo Yi, since your mother passed away, you siblings is everything to father. Father has lost your mother and now, no matter what, I cannot watch you all come to any harm.”

“Be good. It just so happened that this morning, He Ran, the eldest son of the He family has sent a greeting note, saying that he was going to come to visit. I believe that he will be here later. He is a good boy, go and have a look.” Liu Ru said.

“No, father. In fact, I, I have someone I like.” Liu Luo Yi was anxious and simply said it out.

Liu Ru frowned. He looked at Liu Luo Yi’s eyes and said solemnly: “Who is it? If involved with the Northern Territory, it is not necessary to mention it anymore.

Liu Luo Yi opened her eyes wide and the light in her eyes flickered. She could not say anything.

When Liu Ru saw her like this, he knew that his guess was correct. He trembles as he stood up: “No need to say anymore. Since ancient times, the marriage of children has been decided by the elders and father will not harm you. Go clean up and meet with that He Ran later.”

Liu Ru left, and Liu Luo Yi sat weakly on the ground, her eyes were a little hollow. Ever since she was a child, she listens to her father. Would not go out if she were not allowed to, but this time, she will not.

She does not dare to say that she likes Wei Chi Li as her father would not accept such an absurd thing. But when she thought about that scene where she obediently married someone else, she would go crazy.

Cannot. Absolutely cannot. She still must wait for her.

Liu Luo Yi held back her tears forcibly that were about to flow out. She stood up and strode towards the door.

That He Ran came at neither an early nor late timing. He first greets Liu Ru and made Liu Ru laugh, but Liu Luo Yi did not say a word. She just stood one side coldly, like a wooden person.

After a while, another official came to visit Liu Ru, leaving only Liu Luo Yi and He Ran in the courtyard. That He Ran was a fair-faced man, look like a scholar, wearing a light blue robe, he walked to Liu Luo Yi with reservation and said: “Miss Liu, I wonder if you would do me a favour and have a walk in the city with me?”

“No need.” Liu Luo Yi said coldly.

“To tell you the truth, this is Lord Liu’s intention. It happens that the weather is good today and it is not hot. There are many people enjoying the autumn scenery. My carriage is ready and hopes that Miss Liu will do me a favour.” He Ran was not angry and even smiles.

“Apologist Mr He, let us be clear, I have no intention towards you, please go back.” Liu Luo Yi finished speaking, turned around and left. But He Ran grabbed her arm and she could not break free of him.

“Miss Liu, to be honest, I have admired you for a long time. Just kindly accept, go out with me and you will not be disappointed!” He Ran looked like a white-face scholar but has great strength. Liu Luo Yi hated his touch but could not break free.

She looked at him coldly, suddenly stopped moving and then looked away, saying: “Okay, I will go with you.”

When He Ran heard this, he was so happy that he became muddled. He pulled Liu Luo Yi and went out, helped her onto the carriage and took her out of the city.

There were indeed many people outside the city. Mostly young men and women playing in groups by the lake as well as flying paper kites, which looks very lively.

Liu Luo Yi’s expression was as usual. She jumped down from the carriage without saying anything and strode towards the lake. He Ran thought she agrees and smiles even more frantically. The 2 came to the lakeside and stood facing the jasper-like lake.

“Miss Liu, I have thought all about it. If you disagree, I will come and find you every day and will entangle until you agree.” He Ran laughed loudly. He peeked at Liu Luo Yi and raised his restless hand, wanting to touch Liu Luo Yi’s shoulder.

Liu Luo Yi glanced at him coldly, avoiding it calmly and said: “Do you know how to swim?”

“Naturally!” He Ran quickly nodded.

Liu Luo Yi nodded. She suddenly reached out her hand to grab the leather belt around He Ran’s waist and then pushes him using all her strength.

With only a ‘plop’ sound, He Ran yelled and fell into the water. In that instant, the water splashed all over and dampening Liu Luo Yi’s whole body.

Her clothes were slightly damp, but there was no expression on her face, yet her eyes were a little erratic. She turned around and happened to meet Wei Chi Li who somehow came here at an unknown timing.

“Little Liu’er? What are you doing…” Wei Chi Li was stunned.

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  1. thanks for the translation! glad to see you back. god i hope this thing with the father trying arrange a marriage for lly doesn’t last. looking forward to developments between an ge and wei chi die.

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  2. Damn. In the end, Wei Chi Die’s plan to hide her treasure fron An Ge has failed. Lol. That was such a good sister-in-law talk.

    *sigh* please forgive me. I can’t bring myself to like Liu Luo Yi’s father. I tried. I just can’t.

    Anywho THAT WAS SAVAGE!! Rawr so fierce. That’s right! No one needs another slag man who forces himself on women!! Disgusting slag.

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  3. Wait a minute I couldn’t really understand what An Ge meant, so

    “Then……then…. I found that I was actually the only flower.”

    ? Does this mean An Ge is the first and only girl WCD has been with? Or that she’s the first person WCD has slept with? I mean after all we’ve heard I kinda doubt that, but that’s the kind of feeling I get from their conversation.

    Are the books lesbian books though? Does WCD really only like women as well? I mean if so then I guess An Ge really is the first woman she’s slept with?

    God I hate the dad, sure let’s keep serving the country that imprisoned me and I’m guessing he also wants to find a husband for LLY cuz he knows that the emperor will try to take her away, great decision to serve them you fucking retard.

    Sure she’s the thing you care about the most but neglect her opinion and force her to marry, god why the fuck did this douche need to be saved and why does LLY need to listen to him …. Filial put my ass, doesn’t forget to act like a feeble piece of shit to incite pity as well.

    Thankfully LLY is determined, thank fucking god, I’d have dropped this if she gave up and decided to follow what he said, I fell in love with how sincere, forthright, and determined she was along with her femininity and cuteness, so it’d have been a shame if she gave up just like that, I couldn’t have kept on liking her character it’d have turned into a lie.

    Now WCL is gonna know she needs to hurry up and snatch her wife and the this trash a lesson, how shameless that dude is, I’ll be a fucking bother until you accept me, smooth dude.

    I do hope An Ge can get sis haha.

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    1. I’m still wondering what exactly An Ge’s words mean, I’m pretty sure it’s that she’s the first woman Wei Chi Die has been with.


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