Chapter 68: Kiss

Only then did Liu Ru and Liu Wen Chang on one side breathed a sigh of relief and strode over. Liu Ru said sternly: “Luo Yi, look. You almost had an accident because you did not listen to father. Come down.”

After all, Liu Luo Yi was still afraid of her father. When she saw Liu Ru getting angry, she felt guilty and unsure, but when she raised her eyes to look at the worried Wei Chi Li, she decided to stay firm and did not move.

Liu Ru looked at Wei Chi Li and raised his eyebrows: “Luo Yi! How can you let Princess Wei Chi catch you? Showing no respect at all, be obedient!”

Liu Luo Yi refuses to move.

This time, Liu Ru does not know what to do. Liu Luo Yi has always been sensible and obedient. When was she ever rebellious and still hug princess, not letting go.

Wei Chi Li looked at Liu Ru’s almost completely dark expression and still holding Liu Luo Yi in her arms helplessly, she swayed from side to side and whispered: “Little Liu’er, I am going to let go.”

“No.” Liu Luo Yi shook her head.

Liu Ru coughed angrily and stepped forward as if to say something. Wei Chi Li quickly took a step back and said with a smile: “Lord Liu, it is okay. She probably have gotten a fright and could not stand firmly for a while. I will carry her into the house and after resting for a while, she will feel better.”

After saying that, she strode into the room with Liu Luo Yi. Liu Ru watches her back and frowned. There was more query in his eyes.

Wei Chi Li carried Liu Luo Yi all the way back into the house. The body in her arms was as light and soft as usual. Wei Chi Li thought of playing a fool and deliberately let go of her hands. Unexpectedly, Liu Luo Yi was not frightened at all, but calmly placed a pair of a lotus-like arm around her neck. The cold touch made Wei Chi Li swallowed saliva.

“Does princess only know how to use such tricks?” Liu Luo Yi said without any expression.

Wei Chi Li smiled embarrassedly. Why does she feel that she was being provoked?

But Liu Ru was staring behind her and so, Wei Chi could not do anything else. She carefully placed Liu Luo Yi on the chair before pulling her body away.

Liu Ru sat down on the side and his eyes stayed on Wei Chi Li, occasionally looking at his daughter, feeling that something was wrong but could not tell what was wrong.

He shook his head and took a sip of the cold tea.

“Luo Yi, father has asked someone to help you tidy up your room. You can stay here tonight so will not bother princess again.” Liu Ru said.

Liu Luo Yi raised her head abruptly and was about to say something when she saw Liu Ru’s expression became serious. She bit her lip and swallowed what she wanted to blurt out.

Then she lowered her eyes.

Wei Chi Li could not see such expression on Liu Luo Yi’s face. She coughs then persuaded: “Lord Liu, she is used to living with me and did not disturb me at all. Not to mention there are many things she must bring along. How about, I send her back tomorrow, is it okay?”

Liu Ru shook his head and said: “Princess Wei Chi, Luo Yi and Wen Chang are the most important people in this world to me. I do not want them to come to any more harm.”

“Princess’s kindness, Liu Ru will never forget it. When I have no more worries, whatever princess needs me to do, I will jump into the water and go through the fire to complete it.” Liu Ru suddenly clasped his fist, looking very resolute.

Wei Chi Li looked at him and frowned slightly. This was already noticeably clear; it means that he hoped that she will stay away from Liu Luo Yi.

Although he loves his daughter, when Wei Chi Li heard it, she still felt extremely uncomfortable.

“Father, daughter will not come to any harm.” Liu Luo Yi suddenly stood up, “Princess will not let me come to harm, nor will I!”

“Liu Luo Yi!” Liu Ru suddenly raised his voice and slowed down at the same time, “Are you not even going to listen to father anymore?”

The sudden tense atmosphere made the confused Liu Wen Chang on one side, dumbfounded. He stood still and dared not move.

“Princess, the mansion is messy today, so I will not keep you here for dinner. I will escort you out.” Liu Ru took a deep breath and his tone calms down. He supported himself using the table to stand up .

Wei Chi Li looked at him for a while then nodded, turned, and walked out of the door.

Although Liu Ru was grateful to her, he was also very hostile and was determined to not let Liu Luo Yi get involved with the Northern Territory. At this time, if she insists on taking Liu Luo Yi away, or explain directly her feelings towards Liu Luo Yi, she was afraid that by then, the contradictory views will become more rigid.

She needs to think of a way that was fool proof.

If it really does not work… She turned her head to look at Liu Luo Yi who shrank alone in her chair.

She will snatch her away, what else can she do?

After watching Wei Chi Li’s back disappeared at the door, Liu Luo Yi retracted her gaze and placed her hand on her lapels, gently kneading it. Her eyes stay on the threshold in front of her.

Liu Wen Chang on the side saw that his sister was sad and slowly leaned closer. He hesitated and asked, “Ah Jie, you, do you like princess?”

Liu Luo Yi’s heart suddenly trembled. She raised her eyes to look at Liu Wen Chang and subconsciously said, “What nonsense.”

“Don’t be stubborn. When at the mansion, I can see it but dared not say it. Princess treats you differently, and you treat princess differently. It is just that father, he, will definitely not agree.”

Liu Luo Yi nodded, then wiped her tears with her sleeves. As if a layer of mist filled her eyes, making it blurry, so she was unable to see the directions clearly.

“Why was father gone for so long?” Time passes slowly. Liu Luo Yi does not want to appear so vulnerable in front of her younger brother, so she changed the subject, stood up and walked to the door.

Who knew that when she has just crossed the threshold, she almost bumped into someone. She hurriedly backed but was tripped by the high threshold and fell backwards.

Just when she thought that she was about fall, she closed her eyes in fear. An arm wrapped around her waist nimbly and pulled her back. She yelped and bumped into that person’s arms completely.

The familiar grass fragrance immediately surrounded her. Maybe because of the increase in heat, this fragrance was much thicker than usual, and the thickness makes her body feels weak at once and her cheeks were flushed.

Wei Chi Li’s soft chuckles came from above her head: “Don’t hold onto the rope while on the swing, and don’t even look at the road when walking?”

Liu Luo Yi was surprised and wanted to raise her head but was pressed back by Wei Chi Li and Wei Chi Li’s strength was so great that she could not break away.

“Shh, don’t move. I used the excuse of not recognising the way to drag your father to send me 2 streets down, then ran back to see you, so I do not have much time.” When Wei Chi Li spoke. She panted lightly, making it more charming for no reason and made Liu Luo Yi’s heart pound.

She gave an ‘oh’ response and said angrily: “Didn’t you leave happily, so why did you come back?”

Wei Chi Li blushed, raised her head, and glared fiercely at Liu Wen Chang who was watching the show. Seeing this, Liu Wen Chang quickly tiptoe and slipped away.

Only then did Wei Chi Li lowered her head again, hesitated and finally whispered: “I’m afraid you are sad, my little Liu’er.”

There were a little sigh and helplessness in her voice and a hint of a smile.

“Spend a few days with your dad and accompany him. Now the situation is a bit complicated. Lord Liu is hostile towards me and the Northern Territory, so I have to find a way to let him dispel these worries, so I can take you away.”

“I do not wish that you have a conflict with your father.” Wei Chi Li said quickly.

Liu Luo Yi gave an ‘oh’ response again. However, where Wei Chi Li could not see, she slightly curled the corner of her lips.

How much she wanted to be held by her all the time to the point of infatuation. She does not want to let go, for her entire life and through the great changes of the world.

“Wait for me.” Wei Chi Li has heard Liu Ru opening the door.

Liu Luo Yi nodded.

Although Wei Chi Li was reluctant, she still let go of Liu Luo Yi, took a few steps back, and then suddenly moved closer, pressed a kiss on her forehead. Then ran and flipped over the wall.

Then there was a crashing noise, followed by Wei Chi Li’s curses. Seems like she has knocked over something that was left out to dry by someone else.

Liu Luo Yi laughed. She laughs happily, so happy that there were tears in the corners of her eyes, and the mist in her eyes has disappeared without a trace.

She reached out her hand to touch her forehead, then put her hand on her chest, like storing treasures. She will always wait for her, no matter how long it will be.

Because she will come.

Liu Ru happened to walk in. He glanced at his daughter with doubts and frowned: “Luo Yi, why is your forehead so red, could it be that you have knocked onto something? Why is your face so red? Come come come, father will bring you to the doctor!”

Luo Yi was taken aback, then covered her face and ran to the backyard.

But said secretly in her heart. Damn Wei Chi Li, never mind for stealing a kiss, she had smeared her lipsticks!

On the other side, Wei Chi Li knocked over other people’s stalls and paid a few taels of silver and only then did she return to her mansion tiredly.

When there were 2 lesser people in a large house, it immediately makes it feels deserted. She sighed, sat on the stone chair in the courtyard and face the sun sadly.

Suddenly, there was a bird song travelled from the sky and Wei Chi Li immediately stood up vigilantly, raising her head to look. Only to see that colourful bird hovering above her head and then fell to the ground.

Following Wei Chi Die’s method, Wei Chi Li took down a piece of letter from its leg. After unfolding, she saw bold and lively words: “Within 12days, don’t be a nosy parker and leave quickly.

She read these words several times. Knowing that it was sent by the Northern Territory King, she then lit the fire-fold and burn the letter cleanly.

The Northern Territory King loves his daughters and would not lie to her. She must leave within 12 days, then that means she has a few days left.

According to the timeline in the original book, it should be after this. There will be a major event that will shake the relationship between the 2 countries and The Northern Territory King will also die on the battlefield at that time. She needs to return to the Northern Territory before the time comes.

Time was running out. Wei Chi Li looked at the ashes on the ground and her eyes became sharp.

At this moment, someone suddenly ran in. Wei Chi Li raised her eyes to looked and saw that it was An Ge who looked serious, with her head raised up, looking for something.

“The bird you are looking for, has flown away.” Wei Chi Li said.

Hearing this, An Ge nodded, then saluted without saying anything.

Seeing that she was leaving, and Wei Chi Li was feeling bored, she suddenly called her: “Wait, I just happened to be in a bad mood. How about, have a drink?”

An Ge furrowed her brows as she looks at her, seemingly to be struggling to think for a long time.

“I think that you are a good person. How about I teach you how to chase my sister?” Wei Chi Li suddenly pretended to smile evilly.

An Ge’s face was visibly red. She turned around and nodded without putting up a fight. 

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  1. Yes! Double the yuri incoming!
    I would not be at all opposed to seeing the MC spiriting the FL away, but I guess we’re gonna have to do this the hard way… Proper communication.

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  2. Wahh. Don’t make this a tragedy ok? Ok? Skskkss. I will cry tears of blood if this becomes a tragedy. (ಥ﹏ಥ)

    *sniff**sniff* a bonding between two sister-in-laws. The heaven has blessed us.

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  3. Well now this is annoying but the dad’s actions are understandable no matter how annoying they are. Oh did I say annoying twice? Yes, because it really is very annoying.
    But MC sold her sister again rofl nice one


  4. No matter what dad the country you’re serving threw you in jail and was ready to leave you to rot while your daughter and son became toys so so what if she’s from the northern country? … When you’re soft upstairs nothing can save you eh? Not even someone saving your dumb life.

    I’m glad at least WCL is determined to get her wife at all costs, as it should be.

    I knew the dad was gonna be a pain in the ass and it wasn’t gonna be worth saving him …. sigh why do you do this author haha …..

    Hehehe im glad WCL will help An Ge get the sister lol, she seems to truly love her and all so she’s a good match.


  5. Luo Yi did so much for that old sack of shit yet he’s not willing to listen to her and is already treating her like his property the moment they reunite …. Not asking what’d make her happy or what she wants, no, she needs to be obedient so he’s okay.

    Complete bullshit bro.

    Thank God Luo Yi seems determined to go with Chi Li, bro I’d be so fucking pissed if she decided to stay cuz her dad needed her and filial piety or bullshit like that, I’d drop this.


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