Chapter 67: Princess Hug

Liu Luo Yi and Liu Wen Chang on one side were stunned when they saw this scene. One hurried over to help Liu Ru, while the other quickly reached out to help Wei Chi Li.

“Princess, what are you doing?” Liu Luo Yi asked near Wei Chi Li’s ears.

Liu Ru was an honest person. He opened his eyes wide to look at Wei Chi Li and suddenly sigh, bending down as if he were about to kowtow. Upon seeing this, Wei Chi Li did not have the time to reply to Liu Luo Yi as she quickly reached out to support him and said repeatedly: “Must not!”

The two were deadlocked for a while.

“Father, get up first. Princess is timid and cannot accept your kowtow.” Liu Luo Yi quickly said.

“Yes yes yes yes….” Wei Chi Li nodded.

Liu Ru looked at Liu Luo Yi then at Wei Chi Li who has a frightened look on her face and finally stood up then stepped forward to help her: “I really do not know how to thank princess. Princess has such great benevolence to my Liu family, it is really….”

“Lord Liu does not need to be like this. I have a good relationship with Little, Liu Luo Yi. Her business is mine, so don’t need to say thanks.” Seeing that he was getting up, only then did Wei Chi Li dared to stand up and wipe the sweat from her forehead.

When Wei Chi Li heard Liu Luo Yi’s chuckle behind her, she could not help but turn around and furrowed her brows at her. Only then did Liu Luo Yi become serious and walked to Liu Ru, gently supported him, and said softly: “Father, while in the imperial prison, where it was damp and dark, you must have suffered a lot. let us go into the house and talk.”

The expression on Liu Ru has when he looks at Liu Luo Yi was full of affection and a hint of worry. He slowly wiped the dampness from the corner of his eyes with his sleeves and smiled: “Okay. I have not seen you for a long time. Father’s Luo Yi has become a big girl, but father has gotten old.”

Liu Luo Yi started shedding tears when he said that. She lowered her head and wiped, not saying anything.

“Father, you did not see how strong Wen Chang is now.” Liu Wen Chang jumped out at an appropriate timing and rolled up his sleeves to reveal his tanned arms, bending it excitedly.

“Good, good boy!” Liu Ru smiled and patted him on the shoulder.

“Wei Chi Princess, please.” Liu Ru stretched out his hand, Wei Chi Li nodded at him and followed him into the house and took a seat.

A servant came to serve the tea, Wei Chi Li picked up, took a sip then smiled and watched Liu Wen Chang babble to Liu Ru. Then she turned her gaze to Liu Luo Yi and saw that she was sitting upright, looking at Liu Ru.

Wei Chi Li suddenly remembered that although Liu Ru loves Liu Luo Yi, his discipline was quite strict. Hence, she was only allowed to go out a few times in so many years. Looking at Liu Luo Yi cramping up in front of Liu Ru now has just confirmed her thoughts.

It may be because Liu Luo Yi was too sensible. She does not fight for favours, do not act pettishly, and does not snatch or fight for anything.

“These days, many thanks to princess for the hospitality by allowing my son and daughter to live with princess. They must have caused a lot of trouble for princess. Wen Chang, Luo Yi, thank princess for her care all these days.” Liu Ru suddenly said.

Wei Chi Li quickly reached out: “There is no need to thank.”

She understands in her heart that Liu Ru’s words meant to return his children. Although his words were perfectly normal, when Wei Chi Li heard it, it still made her a little depressed.

If Little Liu’er returns to the Liu Mansion, it would be difficult to meet, let alone taking her back to the Northern Territory.

Wei Chi Li looked at Liu Luo Yi, hesitated for a moment and wanted to explain the matter to Liu Ru clearly. But could not say anything when the words came up to her mouth. In the end, she gave up temporarily.

And Liu Luo Yi was also looking at Wei Chi Li, her hands were hidden in her sleeves, pinching her skin till it was red. After a while, when she saw that Wei Chi Li does not want to speak, the light in her eyes gradually dimmed.

She releases her hands too.

For some reason, the atmosphere in the room became chilly. Liu Ru also noticed something was wrong. He looked at Liu Luo Yi and suddenly said: “Luo Yi, go with Wen Chang to fetch the good wine that father has kept in the backyard. I want to toast to Princess Wei Chi.”

“Okay.” Liu Luo Yi responded docilely and then walked out with Liu Wen Chang. Before going out, she secretly turned her head to glanced at Wei Chi Li, then lowered her eyes.

Why does she always feel that no matter how hard she tries, she could not reach her.

Of course, Wei Chi Li does not know what Liu Luo Yi was thinking about. She looked at Liu Ru and knew that he had Liu Luo Yi and Liu Wen Chang leaves, must be because he has something to say.

Sure enough, Liu Ru suddenly sighed, opened his mouth and closed it again as if he wanted to talk but stopped.

“Lord Liu has something to say, please say it. It is okay.” Wei Chi Li said.

“Princess, how much do you know about that year?” Liu Ru asked, his expression was profoundly serious. 

Wei Chi Li looked into his eyes and replied: “I discovered something under Lord Liu’s bed with Little Liu’er, so we have a basic understanding about it. But we do not understand why Lord Liu was implicated and as well as the relationship between Lord Liu and Lord Zhou.”

Liu Ru nodded understandably, sighed and then said solemnly: “Zhou Qing and I is an old story. When we were young, we were in the same school and when I was young, my family was in straitened circumstances and I was able to go to school thanks to the help of my parent’s friends. At the time, we were classmates, Zhou Qing helped me a lot, hence we became good friends, and close like brothers. But later, Qi Qi told me that she had discovered Zhou Qing’s secrets, which were what I wrote in my letters. But because I believed in this friendship too much that I always refused, or do not dare to believe it.”

When Liu Ru spoke of this, tears flow from the corner of his eyes, his eyes were red, and his tone has changed.

“Later, Qi Qi gave birth to Wen Chang. On the day of delivery, something went wrong, she bled due to dystocia. No matter how many doctors, it was all useless, I watched her….” Liu Ru choke. A big man shedding tears several times and even Wei Chi Li was also sad when she listened to it. She quickly took out a handkerchief and handed it to him.

Liu Ru smiled at her, took the handkerchief and continued: “Since then, I have always thought that Qi Qi died due to dystocia. Until one time, I accidentally discovered the truth: That year, the midwife was bribed and caused Qi Qi’s death. Qi Qi was a kind-hearted person and never had any enemies, so I realized that what Qi Qi said was true, Zhou Qing is really the traitor. But the midwife was murdered and died that year and I was unable to find any evidence. So I could only grin and bear it, staying in contact with Zhou Qing. I decided to pretend to be unaware of this and take revenge for Qi Qi after my children have a home to return to.”

“Unfortunately, Zhou Qing is good at forbearing and is cruel. He has long been suspicious of me but did not touch me. It just happened that the emperor was investigating the matter about the spy thoroughly and Zhou Qing could not tolerate the existence of an insider like me, so he directed the spy to frame me. I was unable to give a convincing explanation and was afraid that he will harm Luo Yi and Wen Chang, so before I was captured, I could only plead that no matter what, he cannot harm them.” After Liu Ru finished speaking, it was as if he had lost his strength, he leans on the back of the chair and coughed loudly.

When Wei Chi Li listens to it, her heart was also feeling extremely uncomfortable as she silently offer Liu Ru some tea.

In this way, there was an explanation as to why all the people sent by Zhou Qing targeted her and was determined not to harm Liu Luo Yi.

This person was indeed cruel and scheming, but still cares about old relationships and kept to his promises.

“Sorry, princess excuse my poor behaviour.” Liu Ru took a sip of tea and apologised.

Wei Chi Li shook her head. She thought for a while and probed: “The emperor and madam…”

The expression in Liu Ru’s eyes change and subconsciously looked in the direction where Liu Luo Yi left and then said: “That is all old matters, so do not need to mention about it.”

“Then, do Liu Luo Yi and Madam looks remarkably similar? To tell you the truth, I just happened to run into the emperor outside, so I was thinking, did the emperor say something to you?” Wei Chi Li asked. She was determined to go all the way, forcing through to get what she wants.

Hearing this, Liu Ru clenched his hands and after a while, he nodded slowly.

“I have a suggestion. How about letting Liu Luo Yi return to the Northern Territory with me?” Wei Chi Li hesitated and probed.

Liu Ru suddenly frowned and looked at Wei Chi Li. His eyes suddenly became sharp like a knife but calms down immediately and then shook his head: “Princess has helped us a lot, so I will not trouble princess anymore. Luo Yi has reached an appropriate age and should find a good marriage as soon as possible so that I will not worry anymore.”

“Besides…” Liu Ru said as he looks at Wei Chi Li.

Wei Chi Li’s heart jolted and suddenly sank to the bottom. It seems like Liu Ru knows that the spy was from the Northern Territory, so Zhou Qing should also be from the Northern Territory.

Seeing this, although this Liu Ru, Lord Liu said he was grateful to her, he does not intend to let her daughter hang out with her.

And find a good marriage? Wei Chi Li repeated these words in her heart and even has the desire to hit against the wall. It seems like Chen Hao did say something to Liu Ru. Hence, Liu Ru was so anxious to find a good person for Liu Luo Yi.

If so, what should she do?

Liu Ru suddenly laughed, stood up and said: “This room was just cleaned up and there is still some odour. Wei Chi Princess, we might as well go out for a walk rather than being stifled all the time.”

Wei Chi Li smiled dryly. She was not in the mood but could only follow him out.

When they came to the courtyard, they just happened to meet Liu Luo Yi and Liu Wen Chang who had come back. Liu Wen Chang said loudly: “Father, the backyard is empty. How could there be any good wine, but there are a lot of mice!”

“Oh, that’s probably father must have remembered it wrongly.” Liu Ru smiled.

Liu Luo Yi slowly walked over and looked into Wei Chi Li’s eyes. Wei Chi Li slightly smiled at her, indicating that she was okay.

Liu Luo Yi looked at her quietly for a while, then turned around and sat on the swing on one side and said to Liu Wen Chang: “Wen Chang, push me.”

“Ah Jie, no one has sat on that swing for a long time, what if it breaks?” Liu Wen Chang stepped forward and looked at the rope carefully.

“It is okay, push me. The higher the better” Liu Luo Yi said, her eyes were cold and did not seem so happy.

Liu Wen Chang has also noticed that she was in a bad mood, so he scratched his head and did not defy her as he reached out and pushed.  Liu Luo Yi sat on the swing, floating back and forth. The corner of her clothes flow with the wind and the sleeves flutters like a white butterfly following the wind.

When Liu Ru saw this, his eyes were full of worry, he lowered his voice and said seriously: “Luo Yi, you are old enough yet act like a child. Come down. If you fall, father can’t save you!”

Liu Luo Yi glanced at him, did not say anything, but let go when she flew to the highest point. She closed her eyes, listened to the wind, and held back from screaming.

Liu Wen Chang and Liu Ru on the side were so scared that they almost lost their souls. They screamed but was too late to run forward as they watches Liu Luo Yi flew in the mid-air and came falling.

But actually, Liu Luo Yi was not really afraid.

Sure enough, just as she has expected, she crashed into a warm embrace. Wei Chi Li with a quick of an eye and deft of hand, leaps and caught her, and slowly land on the ground.

She has her hands under her and was princess-carrying her. One red and one white figure was surprisingly well-matched.

Wei Chi Li was so scared that her heart almost jumped out. She did not even have the time to pant and said angrily: “Are you crazy? Are you not afraid that if I did not catch you and you fall. Do you want to die?”

“You are here, I am not afraid.” Liu Luo Yi said as she looked firmly at Wei Chi Li. Her eyes were clear and stubborn.

Wei Chi Li was stunned.

Little Liu’er, Little Liu’er. What should she say about her?  Delicate, bold, or smart?

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  1. So wtf did we need to save this useless old man for? …. Sigh … I knew he was just gonna get in the way.

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    Especially after LLY just do this, she’s practically saying shes okay as long as she’s with you so take her away c’mon.

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