Chapter 54: Treasure

Sooner or later, she would think of a way to teach a lesson to Wei Chi Li that scoundrel so as to rid the anger in her heart.

On the other side of the wall, Wei Chi Li left the hole cautiously and told Liu Luo Yi: “Seems like it has just started over there. Let us not be anxious, sit down and wait.”

Liu Luo Yi nodded and sat at the table casually then poured a cup of tea for Wei Chi Li and handed it to her: “Princess, have tea.”

Wei Chi Li was on tiptoe, listening to the movement. Hearing it, she chuckled and ran towards Liu Luo Yi, sat down then took the cup of tea and drank it.

“Slow down, be careful you might get scalded.” Liu Luo Yi glanced at her with a sense of rebuke.

Wei Chi Li placed the cup down and smiled fawningly: “Must drink the water that Little Liu’er poured no matter how hot it is.”

Liu Luo Yi completely ignored her, only mumbled ‘gib-tongue’ then stood up and looked around this room.

The decoration here appears the same as outside. The bed was covered with a curtain of light tulle, and the walls were simple and elegant. If one does not know, it was impossible to tell that it was a place of pleasure.

A painting on the opposite wall attracted Liu Luo Yi’s gaze. She walked forward and examined it closely.

The door beside this room creaked open as if someone has walked in and then an unusual sound occurred.

Liu Luo Yi was a little puzzled, deliberately moved forward but immediately reacted and quickly backed away. Who knows, she just happened to bump into Wei Chi Li.

Originally, Wei Chi Li saw that she was looking at the painting seriously and wanted to come over and take a look at it together. However, she has a good hearing, so she heard it clearly before Liu Luo Yi. She blushes and coughed lightly.

Then she supported Liu Luo Yi up who had bumped into her and stammered: “Let us go and sit on the bed. I will ask someone to bring some snacks in. My sister may take some time, we shall eat while chatting.”

After saying that, she hurried away and opened the door to instruct then walked back. And Liu Luo Yi had already sat down awkwardly with her head lowered, not knowing what she was thinking about.

The sound beside became louder making Wei Chi Li blushes till her ears were red. She held her breath and sat beside Liu Luo Yi, reaching out her hand to cover her ears.

Liu Luo Yi felt the temperature on her skin and her heartbeat slowed down, but luckily, she could not hear it clearly anymore. Only then did she said: “Princess, what shall we talk about?”

Wei Chi Li wailed in her heart. How does she know what to chat about, the next door was simply too much, this daytime, still want to let people live?

Although Wei Chi Li has never eaten pork, she still has seen pigs run(!). If she could chat normally in this kind of environment, she must be a pure-hearted god. Not to mention, Liu Luo Yi was sitting beside her.

(!)没吃过猪肉 也见过猪跑, never eaten pork, but have seen pig run: Means that never experienced it personally before but have heard/seen it.

She was really afraid that she would ruin this snow-like pure lady, if so, what should she do?

After a long time, the next door has finally stopped and only then did Wei Chi Li was relieved. She put down her sore hands and picked up a piece of pastry and stuffed it into Liu Luo Yi’s mouth.

“Is it delicious?” Wei Chi Li tilted her head to look at her but was startled by her blushing face.

“You are….”

Hearing this, Liu Luo Yi quickly stood up and uses her sleeves to cover her cheeks, not letting Wei Chi Li sees it. She suddenly has an idea and said: “Since we are going to wait for a long time, how about, I dance for princess?”

When Wei Chi Li heard it, she clapped her hand excitedly and laughed loudly, saying: “That’s great! I have not seen Little Liu’er dance, since it is rare to see it today, I have to remember it.”

“That day at Lu Mansion, Princess dare to say have not seen it?” Liu Luo Yi looked at her indifferently.

“I have seen it, but that day you were not happy, so I did not want to remember it.” Wei Chi Li blurted it out.

In that instant, Liu Luo Yi became speechless as she looked at Wei Chi Li calmly. Unable to stop the turbulent waves in her heart that was caused by this ordinary sentence.

“Stand up.” Liu Luo Yi suddenly said.

Wei Chi Li was stunned and asked: “Why?” But she still stood up consciously and was even standing up straight.

“For this dance, you have to stand to watch.” After saying that, she opened the door and said a few words.

A woman holding pipa came into the room. She bent, mincing steps, and walked behind the folding screen. The strings of pipa were strum and the melody sounded.

Liu Luo Yi began to dance right away. Her posture was gentle and beautiful yet does not lose its tenacity. Twisting as the tune changes, sometimes spreading out, sometimes moving like a wave and the white sleeves were flung around at the exact timing, making it even more stunning.

At this moment, Wei Chi Li could not think of anything else. Only Liu Luo Yi’s swaying figure was left in her eyes and her gaze that fell on her from time to time.

Brilliant look and attractive posture, her eyes holding tenderness.

Maybe because of this dance’s requirement. Wei Chi Li thought. But could not help palpitating due to the expression in her eyes.

The light in the room was dim, and the windows were covered with a layer of veil. The skylight was shining lazily, making Liu Luo Yi looked like the Xuan Nu of Nine heavens(!), lonely swan in the cloud. Every move, every twinkles and smiles were intoxicating.

(!)九天玄女 Xuan Nu of Nine Heavens: in Chinese mythology, Jiutian Xuannü is the goddess of war, sex, and longevity.

Where to find such a beautiful woman. Wei Chi Li sighed.

As Liu Luo Yi continued dancing, she got closer and closer towards Wei Chi Li. No one knew how nervous she was at this moment.

She twisted her waist gently and leaned towards Wei Chi Li’s body. A pair of soft hands caress Wei Chi Li’s ears then point at her throat.

Wei Chi Li suddenly felt that her head was congested, her top was heavy, legs were light. She stood there stiffly, not daring to move.

There was only a thought in her heart, what kind of fucking dance was this, which vicious person taught her this dance, it was not decent!

Liu Luo Yi was already so shy that she was at loss. But now that she has already done it, she no longer hesitated and continues boldly.

She gently placed her hands on Wei Chi Li’s shoulder then slowly slid down, and then moved closer abruptly. Wei Chi Li suddenly shook and took 2 steps back abruptly, bumping onto the bed and sat down.

Liu Luo Yi did not stop and turned a full circle on the spot, the hem of her skirt flew up, flinging her sleeves again and the white veil swept past Wei Chi Li’s face and the flower fragrance wafting past.

Wei Chi Li closed her eyes abruptly, just missing a Amitabha chant in her heart.

When she closed her eyes, she could feel the violent heartbeat even more. She secretly warned herself that should not think of something that does not exist. The person was just dancing, that was art! How could she be so disrespectful!

But in another corner of her heart began to doubt her own reaction. Why, only when she was looking at Liu Luo Yi, her heart would pound, and this was definitely not due to nervousness.

She seemed to have been avoiding this question before.

If it was just a heartbeat, it was fine. What was more serious was that she would have other thoughts and even if she desperately suppressed it, it would still show a tiny sharp corner.

The pricking made the heart itchy.

Seeing her evading like this, Liu Luo Yi thought that she was fed up of her being so close and she felt even more ashamed and disappointed. She stopped abruptly and sat on the side with her eyes down.

She does not know how many times she had encouraged herself to have the audacity to dance this self-choreographed dance in front of Wei Chi Li. But she has gotten such result now, she was feeling extremely depressed.

 That woman who was playing pipa had also noticed that the atmosphere was not right. She stopped immediately then bent a little towards Wei Chi Li, turning and slipped away.

Little did Wei Chi Li knows that a storm was coming. She was relieved and opened her eyes: “This dance is beautiful, but where did you learn this dance?”

“If princess does not like it, I will not dance it in the future.” Liu Luo Yi said coldly.

Wei Chi Li was dumbfounded by her. She knew that Liu Luo Yi has misunderstood. She shook her head, stood up and walked towards Liu Luo Yi and bent over, saying seriously: “I naturally like it, just worried….”

“What are you worried about?” Liu Luo Yi raised her eyes to look at her. Her gaze was cold. Then she reached out to push Wei Chi Li away and walked towards the wall with her back facing her.

“Don’t be angry first, just listen to me. I am just worried about who had taught you this kind of dance?” Wei Chi Li frowned and stepped forward to grab her wrist.

Liu Luo Yi saw that her tone was not kind and thought that she was angry. There were even more mixed feelings in her heart, so she shook off her hand and said word for word clearly: “Naturally, I created this by myself and have only danced this for princess to see. If princess really does not like it, I will never dance this again.”

Her tone was cold, but a layer of mist gradually appeared in her eyes.

Only then did Wei Chi Li realized that her tone was too harsh. She quickly patted her forehead and relaxed her voice: “No, it’s not that I do not like it, it is just that…”

Yeah, why was she angry?

Where did that inexplicable fire come from? Could it be that she was angry, angry that Liu Luo Yi had danced this for someone else before?

Wei Chi Li immediately blamed herself terribly. She has never thought that she would be so unreasonable and was inexplicably angry. Like at that very moment, she was not herself.

“I’m sorry, Little Liu’er.” She sighed softly and uses her hand to caress Liu Luo Yi’s head.

But was smacked down by Liu Luo Yi.

Wei Chi Li grabbed Liu Luo Yi who wanted to walk away. She grabbed her with both hands then gently pushed her against the wall.

“Let go.” Liu Luo Yi puffed her cheeks and glared at Wei Chi Li.

Wei Chi Li smiled helplessly: “I did not even use any force.”

Using both hands to gently take Liu Luo Yi’s hand and used her body to block her path. If Liu Luo Yi wants to evade, she must touch her body, so she could only be forced into the corner like this.

“I have never been willing to use force on you.” Wei Chi Li said again then gave a bitter laugh, “You have to promise me that in the future, you can only dance this for me.”

“It was originally for you.” Liu Luo Yi murmured.

Liu Luo Yi blushed again. She suddenly seemed to understand what Wei Chi Li meant. It turned out that it was not because she did not like it, but because she does not like it when she dances it in front of others.

That was great. She was incredibly happy.

“You have never used force on me?” Liu Luo Yi suddenly thought of joking as she raised her eyes to look at Wei Chi Li. She, herself did not even realize that the expression in her eyes was no longer cold and indifferent but seemed to be acting pettishly.

This was a spirit that has never appeared in her long and slow life before.

“En.” Wei Chi Li nodded and gave a long exhale, looking at Liu Luo Yi’s slender body.

Yeah, like a treasure. Touching a few more times would make her heart hurts.

Since when did it start? This kind of strange mentality makes people unable to figure it out. Wei Chi Li reached out her hand to rub her temples, feeling that there was a pain.

“It is finally over!” The door was suddenly pushed opened. Wei Chi Die walked in angrily and just happened to run into the 2 in a face-to-face posture and their obviously red face.

She was taken aback for a moment then looked at them up and down suspiciously. Then showed an elusive smile.

Even the anger because she was fighting alone just now and the 2 of them listening to the music has all disappeared.

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  1. NOOO. Wei Chi Die you should have waited a few more minutes!!! Something was bound to happen between them.

    At the very last, Wei Chi Li is a bit more aware about what she’s feelings, a little win for us.

    PS: not gonna lie that imagining Liu Luo Yi dancing like that got me /blush

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  2. Such a cute misunderstanding! Feels like I’m eating top quality dog food right now
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    The way the author wrote the dance scene and how you translated is really sensual.

    Thank you so much for the chapters! This is really one of the better places for yuri!
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  3. It’s 3am and my ungodly shrieks are leaking. Rip thy neighbors.



    Wei Chi Li’s possessiveness and true feelings are showing~ Liu Lou Yi’s insecurities and unnecessary thoughts are leaving~ Such a good day to be alive~ Only waiting for the wedding invitation.

    Lol, Wei Chi Die’s timing is impeccable tho, but I still love her.

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  4. Bro …. Was WCD the one getting dicked down ? I sure hope not …. I mean I think it wasn’t her but …….

    Welp either way it seems I was right lol WCL indeed has known about what those feelings mean but has been pushing them back, I wonder why? You’d think Luo Yi being the one from ancient times would be the one to have a harder time coming to terms with being a lesbian not WCL, either way now that Luo Yi is being so aggressive these feelings are surging up more and more, I do wonder who’ll be the one to confess, I feel like it’ll be WCL cuz Luo Yi really seems to want WCL to be the one to confess, mostly cuz it seems that she wants to be sure that WCL can love her in a romantic way and cuz she’s scared of initiating things with her being a slave and all.

    Damn some sexy dancing eh how nice for you WCL.

    “what kind of fucking dance was this, which vicious person taught her this dance, it was not decent!”

    One to push you over, herself, it’s not supposed to be lol, now just drag her to the bed.

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  5. Wei Chi Li suddenly felt that her head was congested, her top was heavy, legs were light, knees were weak, mom’s spaghetti.


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