Chapter 53: Rouse Awake

Wei Chi Li has really fallen into a deep slumber and soon gone into the world of dream. In the dream, it was filled with tragic fog with boundless oppression and there were a few people lying on the ground, seemingly had a horrible death.

In the next second, she was awakened by a sudden palpitation and sat up abruptly, sweating profusely.

The room was very dark, with only a bit of skylight shining through the window, making the room a little less lonely.

Wei Chi Li exhaled and wiped the sweat off her face. She had not had a nightmare for a long time and now that she suddenly had one, she felt extremely uncomfortable. It must because of the matter that happened during the daytime.

It was her first time being that way, fulfilling that kind of killing intent, although she knew that it was unavoidable.

Something moved beside her. Liu Luo Yi has also sat up with her hands wrapping around her knees, looking at Wei Chi Li. Under the faint light, her eyes were even more brilliant.

“Princess, what’s the matter?” She asked softly then reached out her hand to wipe off the remaining sweat on Wei Chi Li’s face.

Her voice was very gentle, like a stream that gathered from the rain after a drought that could heal the wounds on the ground.

Wei Chi Li suddenly felt that the loneliness just now has disappeared and a place in her heart was slowly being filled.

She has already experienced many familiar and unfamiliar scenes. The scenes may change, but the loneliness of being alone when she woke up has never changed.

She could not help holding Liu Luo Yi’s hand and sighed softly: “I have almost forgotten that you are still here.”

Liu Luo Yi curled her lips and said: “You told me to sleep here, you sure forget it so quickly.”

Wei Chi Li was speechless. She suddenly placed her chin on Liu Luo Yi’s shoulder, leaning over as she closed her eyes, feeling this sense of fulfilment.

“Little Liu’er, what should I do, I realized that I can’t leave you anymore.” Wei Chi Li said softly.

When her heart was fragile, and when her heart was not fragile. When she was happy and when she was unhappy, she became accustomed to having Liu Luo Yi’s existence everywhere.

Especially tonight.

When Liu Luo Yi heard this, somewhere in her heart was pricked. A little joy, and some sweetness. Although she knew that what Wei Chi Li had said and what she thought were not the same.

“Princess is not quite right today.” Liu Luo Yi said as she kept the sitting posture, carefully letting Wei Chi Li leaned on her.

Wei Chi Li gave an ‘en’ response and the vibration when she talks, made Liu Luo Yi shrink her neck slightly.

“Didn’t you promised me that you will never hide anything from me?” Liu Luo Yi raised her eyebrows slightly, turning her head to look at Wei Chi Li.

Wei Chi Li gave an ‘en’ response again, her voice was like a lazy cat.

Liu Luo Yi suddenly felt that this description was mystical: Wei Chi Li, like a cat. This kind of animal that never seems to be on par with her.

“Today, my sister and I were ambushed and fled into the mountain and discovered some things that should not appear around the capital city.” Wei Chi Li said, “Someone has hidden weapons here.”

Liu Luo Yi furrowed her brows slightly. She turned her head, wanting to say something but stopped.

She had wanted to say that this matter should be reported. But suddenly remembered that Wei Chi Li was not from the Yan Country and this may implicate her.

She has always been astute. Thinking about this way, she knows Wei Chi Li’s distress and did not say much, only concerned: “Is princess, injured?”

Although Yan Country was her home and her father has told her that as a citizen of the Yan Country, she must be loyal to it. However, since that incident, being wronged, and being schemed against, she was indifferent about it.

Wei Chi Li shook her head and opened her eyes with melancholy expression in her eyes: “Little Liu’er, if I kill people, will you be afraid of me?”

Liu Luo Yi was a little surprised. She blinked and looked at Wei Chi Li, thinking for a while: “No, I believe princess.”

She was really surprised because she thought that Wei Ci Li was not someone who would think about these. But then she thought about it, although she acted straightforwardly and does things fiercely, based on her nature, she was exceedingly kind.

Otherwise, why did she save her, an irrelevant person several times? Thinking of it like this, she felt even more pity in her heart.

Wei Chi Li calmed down a little and laid down. In fact, she knew that living in this era, it was impossible for her to not change.

It was just that, it was hard for her to accept it in that moment.

Liu Luo Yi also laid down, but Wei Chi Li suddenly reached out her hand and placed it on her waist, then nudged towards her side pettishly.

“Little Liu’er, I don’t want to find you a husband anymore. I want to keep you by my side forever, so as to not give others a chance to succeed.” Wei Chi Li said with a smile and a relaxed tone. Making it hard to tell whether she was serious or joking.

Liu Luo Yi put on an act and snorted coldly but turn her head and curled the corner of her lips, smiling sweetly.

Occasionally when Wei Chi Li appeared fragile was quite cute.

The summer breeze outside was warm, the rain has stopped.

A few more days passed, and everything was calm. There was no noise from the emperor side. Wei Chi Li was not ambushed anymore, everything seemed to have been hidden under a normal life, the undercurrent was surging.

Not knowing what kind of agitation, the 4th prince has had, he did not do his jobs properly and always ran towards nearby the house and squat there like a thief but did not get to see Liu Luo Yi. But still, sometimes Wei Chi Li could not stand it and would invite him to sit on the doorstep to have a drink.

Of course, she has never let him in.

But after going back and forth like this, the 2 occasionally has an agreeable conversation and even hooked their shoulders together.

However, whenever this happened, Liu Luo Yi would show up and find all kinds of excuses to pull Wei Chi Li back.

As usual, Liu Wen Chang would stay in the courtyard and practice martial arts diligently accordingly to Wei Chi Li’s guidance. With rapid progress, his originally thin and weak body have gradually shown some youthful vigour.

Wei Chi Li had also secretly sent people to search that mountain. Beside the cave she had seen before, they have also discovered several places of various sizes where the weapons were stored.

Due to this matter, she had asked Wei Chi Die to send someone close to inquire the Northern Territory King. But the trip there would take more than 10days and so, there was no news for now.

Today was a bright and sunny day. Wei Chi Li changed into a man’s outfit and tied all her hair to the top of her head and had drew her brow thicker.

Because she herself has a heroic spirit and with such outfit, she does look like a young playboy with a bit of handsomeness.

Liu Luo Yi naturally followed her and as usual, wearing plainly and covered her face with a veil and like this, the 2 went out.

Liu Luo Yi was feeling very puzzled all the way and would poke Wei Chi Li from time to time to ask: “Young master, where are we going?”

“Shh, don’t ask. We are going to find sister and later you will get to see a good show.” Wei Chi Li winked at her mysteriously and then swaggered ahead.

Liu Luo Yi shook her head helplessly, saying in her heart that she has a child-like character, but caught up and followed her closely.

Not long after the 2 left, they turned into a narrower long street. But who knew the more they walk, the more flourishing it was and there were more and more beautiful women in colourful clothes.

The store on the roadsides were mostly 2 or 3 floors with messy decoration. Some complicated yet colourful stores have hung many light tulle festoons. Some were very elegant, but without exception, it was very lively.

Wei Chi Li was dumbfounded and could not help saying: “Indeed it is a famous street in the capital. Dares to be so lively during the daytime.”

Only then did Liu Luo Yi understood where this place was. She felt a little unhappy but could not help sticking closer to Wei Chi Li. From time to time, some women with inappropriate attire came to pull Wei Chi Li but was glared back coldly by Liu Luo Yi.

Wei Chi Li suddenly felt that she has brought along a human-shaped freezer on this trip and could not help but trembled.

“Little Liu’er, don’t be angry. I’m not here to play today, it is for business.” She suddenly leaned towards Liu Luo Yi’s ear, “I’m here to see sister.”

Liu Luo Yi gave a cold ‘oh’ response and reached out to pull Wei Chi Li, not letting her to lean close to those women: “Why did the eldest princess come to such place?”

“It is to find out Lord Liu’s matter. They are all private and the documents are stored in the palace, guarded by the imperial army, so we could not get it. My sister thought of all these wicked ideas. Lord Wang of the Court of Judicature and Revision oversaw Lord Liu’s case and likes to come to the brothel. Today is a resting day and will definitely come again. Sister has been laying ambush here for a long time, just waiting for him to take the bait.”

Only then did Liu Luo Yi calmed down as she looked at Wei Chi Li worriedly: “Is it dangerous?”

“Don’t worry, sister is born to visit the brothel and is familiar with the inside. Moreover, this is our own store and is not afraid that no one will not take care of her. Besides, I am worried so decided to come here.” Wei Chi Li smiled, “Ah, here it is.”

On the side of the long street stood a 3-storey-high building which looked much more elegant than the ones they have passed by. There was no one at the door soliciting customers, only a beautiful girl stood there.

Wei Chi Li stepped forward. When that girl saw Wei Chi Li, she greeted and bends a little to invite Wei Chi Li to go in.

Liu Luo Yi subconsciously grabbed Wei Chi Li’s sleeve.

The 2 walked in all the way and there were many guests sitting in the lobby. There was no ludicrous action, only just a woman sitting beside while drinking. Upon seeing them, they all raised their eyes to looked over.

After all, not everyone who visits the brothel would bring their own wife, it was really rare.

Wei Chi Li stroke her non-existent beard, swaggering through the lobby and went up to 2nd floor then entered the private room that has long been prepared. After closing the door, only then did she heaved a sigh of relief and supported herself against the wall and coughed.

“Can’t all these girls use less perfume?” Wei Chi Li wrinkled her nose.

Liu Luo Yi looked around for a moment then asked Wei Chi Li: “Are we going to wait for eldest princess here?’

“Of course not.” Wei Chi Li said as she moved away a landscape painting on the wall with both hands. Seeing a 3-fingers wide hole, she moved her eyes towards it and nodded with satisfaction.

Just in time, Wei Chi Die was lying on the chaise longue in the room and holding a small wine glass, chatting leisurely with the man on the opposite.

She was indeed Wei Chi Li’s sister. Sitting there without moving and emitting thousands of amorous feelings. Wei Chi Die raised her head to drink the wine in the glass then walked down and sat beside the man. If looked closely, could see that her feet were a little uncomfortable.

The sprain from that day was not healed.

That man with glowing eyes approached but was kicked back by Wei Chi Die.

“Lord, don’t be anxious, let’s chat a bit more.”

“Okay, okay, whatever beauty wants to talk, I will accompany, will accompany.” When the man smile, his wrinkles creased together. Caressing the wine glass in his hand and looked at Wei Chi Die up and down from time to time.

Although Wei Chi Die appeared to keep smiling, in fact, she wanted to vomit. Looking at the old man in front makes people wants to vomit.

She actually does not want to come at all, but when she thought about Wei Chi Li risking life to protect her that day. She became hot-headed and took the initiative to help her causing her to still be angry.

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