Chapter 52: Steal a Kiss

It does not make any sense to continue washing, so Wei Chi Li wiped her whole body again. Then casually wore a coat and tied a belt around her waist, taking it as a bathrobe.

Long hair still wet with water, cascading on her shoulders and there were still some fragrant petals remained on it.

“Xin Ran, where did you die to?” Wei Chi Li shouted but there was no movement.

“This scoundrel was still here, so why suddenly feel unwell.” Wei Chi Li muttered, “With this long hair, there isn’t even a bigger towel to dry it.”

If it were not for the ancient people emphasising that the body and hair were given by the parent, she would really want to cut this hair shorter.

At this time, there were suddenly knocks on the door and Wei Chi Li said, feeling annoyed: “This princess had said, don’t need to serve.”

“Really?” The door squeak open and Liu Luo Yi held a towel in her hand as she stood quietly at the door. The night wind blew, and Wei Chi Li got goosebumps.

She quickly stepped forward and pulled Liu Luo Yi in, then backhanded to close the door, reprimanding: “It is cold outside and should be raining at night. Why did you run here with so little clothes on?”

She looked at the thin clothes on Liu Luo Yi and reached out to close it up for her.

“Just now Xin Ran had asked someone to tell me that you are taking a bath. She does not know why she has a stomach-ache and wants me to send this to you.” Liu Luo Yi said as she handed the cotton towel to Wei Chi Li.

She did not dare to look at Wei Chi Li. Her gaze were drifting.

“She had the same food as me tonight. She must be greedy and stole something to eat.” Wei Chi Li shook her head then took over the towel and wipe her hair strenuously.

Liu Luo Yi hesitated for a moment then pulled the towel from her hand and pointed to the chair at the side: “Sit down.”

Wei Chi Li raised her eyebrows and sat down obediently. Stretching her leg and leaned back on the chair, letting her shiny hair cascade down.

The water flowed down the hair and onto the neck then down the smooth neckline, dripping into places that could not be seen.

 Liu Luo Yi felt that her body was scorching hot again. She forcibly moved her eyes away and like a robot, she dry her hair.

“My body is not dry yet, why not help me?” Wei Chi Li suddenly said as she changed another direction to sit down. She turned sideways then looked at Liu Luo Yi with a smile.

Did not realized that she had only put on a layer of clothes arbitrary. There were still water droplets on her body and were slowly sliding down due to her movements.

Liu Luo Yi suddenly froze in place and she backed away, her hands trembling.

The current Wei Chi Li may have just gotten out of the bath and because her hair was spread out, it was both indolent and full of beauty, each move was valiant and yet when the 2 collide, it was extremely harmonious.

And seductive.

Liu Luo Yi nodded involuntarily.

After that, she blushes but she grumbled in her heart. What did she do just now? Nodded? Wipe her body? 

Evidently, Wei Chi Li was also stunned, she did not expect Liu Luo Yi would agree to it. She curled her lips slightly and stood up, loosening the belt around her waist.

Liu Luo Yi subconsciously turned around abruptly. She placed her hand on her chest and clenched it tightly, her eyes were closed tightly too.

Wei Chi Li glanced at her with doubts then could not help but laugh out loud: “Why are you panicking, I am not going to take off my clothes. “She pulled the coat off her shoulders, revealing her large back then sat back on the chair, leaning back, and closed her eyes slightly.

Today she was feeling really tired and not just physically.

Liu Luo Yi slowly turned her head and scolded Wei Chi Li in her heart. At first, she was thinking about how to tease, but now, Wei Chi Li did everything she had thought of.

And had even done it with righteousness and innocently with confidence.

Wei Chi Li’s legs were slender, long, and white. So, when compared to her, it was evidently healthier. It laid relaxedly on the table, making people think of the crane standing in the shoal.

Her nose bridge was high and even if her eyes were closed, it does not lose its intense coldness. A pair of lips were pressed together, making her sleeping face looks unrelaxed.

With a glance, Liu Luo Yi could see that she was thinking about something.

Liu Luo Yi stepped forward and wiped off the water droplets on Wei Chi Li’s shoulder little by little. Under her hand, the smooth skin gradually become dry, along with her throat.

Liu Luo Yi felt that her heart has already calmed down but was feeling even dizzier and her feet were getting lighter as if she were about to fall off from the horse.

She could not control her eyes, staring closely at Wei Chi Li’s lips. She could not continue looking downwards, otherwise, she would go crazy.

Her sharp eyes could see that crystal-clear jade on Wei Chi Li’s beautiful collarbone. The red heart in the centre was hot like a flame.

Great, she was still wearing it. Liu Luo Yi felt incredibly happy in her heart. She slowly lowers her head.

Just a little closer and a little closer, even if she could not touch it.

This was enough to make her weak.

This little blatant act did not last long because Wei Chi Li suddenly furrowed her brows as if she were shocked and opened her eyes abruptly then sat up straight.

Liu Luo Yi was even more frightened and shrank back but could not keep up with the speed of Wei Chi Li getting up. Something warm swept past her lips, as soft as she thought.

Wei Chi Li was also stunned and did not react for a moment. She stares at Liu Luo Yi in a daze, thinking about what she had done just now.

Liu Luo Yi quickly wanted to move back. Unexpectedly, the floor was wet and she did not stand still, leaning backwards.

Wei Chi Li quickly stepped forward and embrace her waist, pulling her back and the distance between the 2 were pulled closed in that instant. Just now that careless touch on the lips came up into the mind.

Wei Chi Li suddenly exaggeratedly felt that their hearts resonate in that instant. Following their arms that were held together, she can almost feel that it was shattering.

Liu Luo Yi’s legs were already weak, not to mention that at this time, Wei Chi Li’s clothes were not worn properly, revealing a large area of neck and collarbone, which in her eyes, it makes people feel even more weak.

She suddenly fell and could not help clinging onto Wei Chi Li’s neck, saying embarrassingly: “I can’t stand still.”

“Help me to the bed.”

Wei Chi Li has never thought that Liu Luo Yi would take the initiative to hug her. After hearing Liu Luo Yi’s words, she quickly gave an ‘oh’ response and wanted to pull her up.

Liu Luo Yi suddenly remembered Wei Chi Die’s words. She blushed and buried her head onto Wei Chi Li’s arm. The scorching hot temperature and the breath of green grass surrounded her.

She pursed her lips and said softly: “Hold me. I can’t stand up.”

Wei Chi Li suddenly realized she could not use any strength on her hands. She took a deep breath then bent over to carry Liu Luo Yi.

The delicate body curled up in her arms. Soft, frail, and light.

She turned around and placed Liu Luo Yi on the bed. She was surprised at her own pounding crazily heart and the feeling of dizziness.

This kind of feeling was not familiar at all as she has never felt in all those years.

Have never felt the desire to be closer when touching someone. Looking at Liu Luo Yi’s beautiful face, she could actually think of indecent thoughts.

Want to hug her, want to……

Wei Chi Li was shocked by her thought in that instant as she quickly stayed away from Liu Luo Yi and stuttered: “That, you, were frightened right, I, I will clean these up first, you have a rest.”

She walked out hurriedly, then walked back in after feeling the breeze. She lifted the tub boldly then walked left and right all the way.

When she went out, she tripped and almost fell out of the door and the water splashed out a little, wetting the ground. So, she slipped and staggered again, almost flinging the tub.

Liu Luo Yi looked at her from sideways and could not help laughing. Her eyes held a hint of rebuke and a little melancholy.

Wei Chi Li distance from her so quickly, does it mean that she really does not like her?

Despite smiling, this kind of thinking makes her heart filled with sadness.

At this moment, lightning flashes across the sky, splitting the night sky into a white scar, like tearing the surface, exposing the skin inside.

Then thunder crashes, and then again heavy rain pour. The borderless rain curtain fell from the sky, washing away a world of dust and mud.

Liu Luo Yi quickly got up but saw Wei Chi Li held her head as she ran back, leapt over her, and drilled into the quilt.

Liu Luo Yi: ……

“Princess, you are still wet, go change your clothes first.” Liu Luo Yi regained her strength. She got out of the bed, took dry the clothes, and stuffed it under the bed.

Only then did Wei Chi Li showed her head and glanced at the sky outside, feeling depressed as she said: “If it rains, let it rain, why are there thunders, so annoying.”

Liu Luo Yi laughed: “Is the princess scared?”

“How can I be scared of it? Back then, I slept in the wild every day and have encountered rains and thunders.” Wei Chi Li speak plausibly.

Indeed, she had encountered it before, but she had hidden in the tent in the mountain and does not even dare to show her head.

Liu Luo Yi lowered her head and smiled slightly. She unfolds the dry clothes then turned around, waiting for Wei Chi Li to change it but felt a little heartache.

It suddenly occurred to her that Wei Chi Li was just a young woman and in terms of age, she was younger than herself.

And yet, now she must protect her all the time, acting as a protector.

In the past, she had heard of her stories. She grew up in the barracks and practice martial arts since young, so she must have suffered a lot.

She felt gloomy in her heart and wanting to take care of her more in the future. Whether she likes her or not, she must place her in the softest position in her heart, liking her.

After Wei Chi Li changed her clothes, brushed her teeth, she laid on the bed and closed her eyes to rest. Liu Luo Yi covered her with the quilt and wanted to turn to leave, but her hand was suddenly grabbed.

“Little Liu’er, why are you going back when it is raining so heavily. Sleep here.” Wei Chi Li said with her eyes close.

Liu Luo Yi’s body froze.

Before she could speak, Wei Chi Li exerted some force to pull her down to the bed and even protected the back of her head to prevent it from hitting and getting hurt.

So, in this posture, it was as if Liu Luo Yi was resting her head on her arm and has even placed her hand on Wei Chi Li’s chest.

Liu Luo Yi quickly retracted her hand and fling Wei Chi Li’s hand away as she laid her stiffened body on the bed.

Wei Chi Li was really tired and after a while, her breathing became even and fell into a deep sleep.

Liu Luo Yi listened to the thunder crashing from time to time outside the window. Not knowing where the courage has come from, Liu Luo Yi propped her upper body with her hand and got up, lowering her head to look at Wei Chi Li.

Then slightly leaned down and touched her lips amidst the roaring thunder and trembling heartbeat.

There was no taste, but her heart felt extremely sweet. She closed her eyes and said in her heart. Just this one time, she could not bear it anymore, let her be presumptuous this time.

The word ‘love’ means that even though it is by your side, lovesickness was hard to hide.

Author have something to say:

Xin Ran: “Only know how to be in very much in love, did you know I am being trapped in the latrine by the rain?”

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  1. Thank you for the chapter! Weiwei is so dense…but Lili will have to take the initiative and overcome her fear or otherwise, Weiwei will not know what she is feeling.

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  2. The author of Wei Chi Li’s world has really integrated well hasn’t she. It’s like she was Wei Chi Li all along. They’re so cute, I’m loving this semi-aggressive Liu Luo Yi. It’s so weird to think back on what they were like at the start. Sneaky, Liu Luo Yi stealing kisses is sneaky. Wei Chi Li being super dense about everything is pretty funny.

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  3. This is so sweet!!!! Secretly hoping that wei chi li wakes up and realizes that she’s being kissed gdkahfjs I mean how else would she know that they like each other given how dense she is! It’s already frustrating me to no end!

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    BUT STILL, poor Xin Ran. Always getting the short end of the stick. May she find happiness too.

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    1. While Luo Yi has had some thoughts of inferiority before that didn’t happen in this chapter, she was more worried about WCL not liking her in a romantic sense and worried if she’ll ever accept it with both of them being women.

      And this is ancient times after all it’s some very understandable worries, I’m already very surprised that WCD supported them, I’m actually even suspecting if WCD herself has some lesbian thoughts.

      And even then WCL is a powerful user of this world’s martials arts and a rich and beautiful princess, while Luo Yi is a slave, a beauty sure, but still you know again ancient times and all, I’m not saying that indeed shes lower then WCL and she should feel bad or anything but that it’s understandable she feels a little inferior, especially now when WCL is sheltering her and doing so much for her.

      But she’s a talented girl and someone of kind of high birth, so hopefully she does leave those thoughts behind.

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