Chapter 51: Unable to understand Feelings

As soon as Wei Chi Li reached out her hand, the sword that has fallen to the ground earlier on, flew onto her palm and she grasped it firmly. She turned her wrist and point at that guard, saying in a low voice: “What did you do to her?”

The guard was extremely frightened by her action and he quickly moved back, frowning as he explained: “This noble person, this little one really did nothing. If you do not believe, ask them.”

“Princess, they just look at our low status and deliberately make things difficult and not letting us out of the palace.” Xin Ran suddenly leap out and spoke.

Hearing this, Wei Chi L took 2 steps forward and placed the sword directly under the guard’s neck. The guard rolled his eyes and almost fainted.

He guards the palace gate almost every day and he recognised those with a certain status. Some other palace people would stuff him some silver when leaving. So, when he saw these 2 young servants, who were dressed in plain clothes, he thought that they were newcomers and wanted to teach them the rules.

Unexpectedly, this collision would collide onto the tip of the sword.

“I do not know that they are your people, it is this little one who fails to identify a person of great importance. This one has offended; Princess please be merciful!” That guard rolled 2 times and got up as he knelt in front of Wei Chi Li, trembling.

Seeing him being frightened like that, Wei Chi Li did not bother to say any more as she threw the sword to Xin Ran. Then she quickly walked to Liu Luo Yi, feeling a little lost.

“Look, I have beaten him up for you, don’t cry anymore.” Wei Chi Li scratched her head as she said then wiped away her tears for her.

Liu Luo Yi sniffed and felt a little embarrassed. She covered her face and walked out of the palace gate.

In fact, she was not so aggrieved and fragile. When she did not see Wei Chi Li, she felt that her heart was very tough and although she had suffered repeated grievance and was frightened by the emperor’s action, she could handle it and would get past it.

But for some reason, the moment she saw Wei Chi Li’s face, all the fragile side were all exposed as if it could not stand a single blow and no matter what, could not control it.

Really, very embarrassing.

Wei Chi Li followed hurriedly, feeling very anxious. She walked as she leaned over and asked: “What’s the matter? Was it because of the person just now? Or did the emperor tell you something?”

Her expression suddenly changes, and she grabbed Liu Luo Yi, turning her whole body, and asked: “Did he do something to you? I am going into the palace now!”

Liu Luo Yi stopped her quickly: “No, the emperor did not do anything. But he asked me if I wanted to stay in the palace and I refused.”

Only then did Wei Chi Li heaved a sigh of relief. Just now when she heard the news of Liu Luo Yi entering the palace, she was really shocked. Because if the emperor of a lofty position, wanted to do something, no one could control it.

“Because of your mother?”

Liu Luo Yi nodded.

Anger surged in Wei Chi Li’s heart. She thought that the terrible old man was as old as her father, could actually think of such things. Really accustomed to the bevy of his harem till he was shameless.

However, seeing Liu Luo Yi again, her heart softened. She wiped away the tear streaks on Liu Luo Yi’s face using the back of her hand and said softly: “Don’t worry, at most, we will escape from Yan Country. No matter how powerful the Yan Country’s emperor is, after leaving here, we will leave the emperor far away. The sky is vast, the earth is huge, wherever we are, we can live happily.”

“Although he is emperor, if he really does have any indecent thoughts towards you, I, Wei Chi Li will not make him feel any better.” Wei Chi Li suddenly lowered her voice and moved closer to Liu Luo Yi.

The hot air blew behind her ear and Liu Luo Yi trembled, then looked down at Wei Chi Li’s hand, saying softly: “It hurts.”

Wei Chi Li let out a shout and looked down, then quickly let go. Just now she was too anxious, so did not pay attention.

She gently rubbed Liu Luo Yi, her head lowered, and her expression was very serious.

Liu Luo Yi felt that her heart was pounding again. To her, Wei Chi Li seemed to have a kind of magic. It was simply her hand that was placed on her arm and it made heart and eyes trembles.

She felt that there was someone clamouring in her heart. Let her take one step closer, anything she does was fine. Even if it were just sticking to her gently, she would be excited to death.

The longing for her was like the most violent poison, penetrating her intestines burning all her internal organs.

Liu Luo Yi closed her eyes tightly and forcibly suppressed this feeling and walked side by side with Wei Chi Li on the imperial city streets.

This was not the time when the officials would come and go frequently, so there were almost no one on the street and only the 2 of them were walking. From a distance, the 2 figures were very slender, 1 red, 1 white. The flagstone on the ground was sprinkled with water, brilliant enough to reflect people’s image and it reflected the 2 person’s figure. Like the scenery in a painting. Beautiful and peaceful.

Liu Luo Yi suddenly wanted to make this street longer, and longer. It would be better if it never ends.

“After you refused, the emperor did not say anything anymore?” Wei Chi Li asked.

“No, afterwards I was released. But I met that person in the palace, Zhou Qing, Lord Zhou.”

“Zhou Qing?” Wei Chi Li frowned and bit her lower lip, thinking: “He initiated a conversation with you?”

“En, and he does not seem to be able to do that kind of things, but thinking about it, it seems even more terrifying.” Liu Luo Yi said.

“That’s right. If he can act like this, and does not allow any loopholes, this matter will be a bit more difficult.” Wei Chi Li sighed, “Sister had also said that it is completely impossible to find out all the whereabouts of this person. This shows that he was a good and loyal official and was thought highly by the emperor. No bad indulgence and does not even visit the brothel.”

“Princess, I am thinking that since we cannot solve the instigator issue for a while, how about we change a train of thought? We start directly from the incident that had framed father. After father has been rescued, everything will come to light.” Liu Luo Yi suddenly said.

“Indeed, my Little Liu’er, thinking the same things as I did.” Wei Chi Li suddenly reached out and hooked Liu Luo Yi’s shoulder. The body under the arm immediately stiffened and Wei Chi Li gave an embarrassed smile, letting go of her hand.

Liu Luo Yi felt a sudden sense of loss.

“My fault and because of Lu Yun Kui’s murder, it made me preconceived wanting to find the perpetrator. Although there were some gains, that person did not allow any loopholes and now, there is no way of continuing on. However, I have asked someone to investigate the specific circumstances of Lord Liu being framed. I believe, that soon, there will be a sign of positive outcome.” Wei Chi Li looked at Liu Luo Yi, smiling happily.

Liu Luo Yi quickly looked away and gave an ‘en’ response, then said: “But we already knew the truth of this matter and it is already incredibly good. This matter involves too many things and there is resistance everywhere. Princess does not have to blame yourself.”

“What’s more, these negligible matters that has happened maybe a pleasant surprise in the future.”

Wei Chi Li suddenly reached out and pinched her face, laughing out loud and wilfully: “How can Little Liu’er be like an old divine philosopher.”

Although it was a casual mention of life philosophy.

Liu Luo Yi broke free of her hand and asked: “What is a philosopher. You are old.”

The reason why she said this was because she remembered her previous self. It seems that all the pains and tortures she encountered were all just to meet Wei Chi Li.

If it were at that time and asked if she were willing to experience all those pain that makes one wants to die, she would definitely reject without hesitation. However, now, she would hesitate.

Hesitating, what should she do if she never gets to see Wei Chi Li in this life?

Yet, Wei Chi Li was laughing, rocking back and forth.

After returning to the mansion, she sent Liu Luo Yi back to her room and only then did Wei Chi Li return to her room. She takes a hot bath comfortably, washing away that dirt on her body. She did not dare to tell Liu Luo Yi that she was ambushed just now.

Although she knew that this was not right, she was scared that Liu Luo Yi would be worried.

Wei Chi Li submerged her head into the water and stayed inside quietly for a while. Only when she could no longer hold her breath, then suddenly raised her head from the water, causing splashes of water.

Someone walked by and because water gone into Wei Chi Li’s eyes, she could not open it for a while then reached out her hand and said: “Xin Ran, hand me a towel.”

A soft hand fell into her palm. And after putting down the towel, then gently pulled it away.

Seemingly very reluctant to leave. It was not so much as pulling away; it might as well be touching.

Wei Chi Li suddenly got goosebumps, then quickly used her towel to wipe her face. Only then did she open her eyes and saw that Wan Ji who has not appeared for a long time, standing one side properly with her head lowered.

“How come it is you? Where is Xin Ran?” Wei Chi Li quickly drilled into the water and blocked using the towel.

Although she does not care about these, she still feels a little shy after coming to this place for a long time.

“Replying to princess, just now her body was not feeling well and asked this slave to serve.” She said softly, moving closer and reached out her hand to support Wei Chi Li, “Princess, this slave will help you up.”

“Don’t, don’t, don’t, back away and don’t come over!” Wei Chi Li was so scared she stuttered.

Wan Ji raised her eyes to look at Wei Chi Li. That pair of hazy eyes were filled with a sense of loss as she retreats gently.

Wei Chi Li was slightly relieved, but after seeing that there was no one else around, she continued: “Forget it, help me get my clothes then go out.”

Wan Ji handed the clothes to Wei Chi Li but did not let go easily. Instead, she took the opportunity to touch Wei Chi Li’s arm, then following her wet hands downwards, touching little by little.

That gesture and that expression in her eyes. If one was unable to calm their mind easily, one could absolutely not control it.

But how could Wei Chi Li think of this, she raised her hand and pushed Wan Ji out then took the clothes over. She said very naturally: “Okay, there is nothing else that concerns you, go out.”

So natural as if she did not feel anything.

Wan Ji was caught off guard from being pushed out. She was very unwilling as she took 2 steps forward. The clothes on her that were originally not fitting, slid down her body, revealing a pair of white and tender shoulder. She bends down along the bathtub and her eyes were full of undisguised fawning: “Princess, let this slave help you wipe your body.”

Wei Chi Li looked at her firmly for a while then suddenly got out of the tub. She raised her hand and put on her clothes then lifted Wan Ji’s dudou and threw her out directly.

That action was clean, neat, and not sloppy. Wan Ji was caught off guard and was pushed out, almost unable to stand firm.

Wei Chi Li still has a conscience as she picked up the clothes that were as thin as a cicada’s wing and threw it out before returning to the tub.

“How can this princess’s noble body be so easily seen by others?” She rolled her eyes.

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  1. Oof originally I felt bad for Wan Ji but now, after that whole thing, it’s just funny. What the heck was she doing. Well I know what she was doing but why would she think that’d be effective? Wei Chi Li clearly has her affections elsewhere and she doesn’t even know about it. Anyway they’re both so super cute.

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  2. O.o DAMN. I was happy because I thought things were gonna get steamy with Liu Lou Yi, but surprise! It was Di–Wan Ji all along!!

    It’s been a while, I almost forgot about her. Let’s just hope that she will accept this blatant rejection and not bother MC anymore. I don’t want people to suffer ah, but I kinda get the feeling that she’ll blacken (please no).

    Lolol, if that was Liu Lou Yi, I bet that Wei Chi Li would gay crash and malfunction. Chances are, if Liu Lou Yi saw that, it might just happen *fingers crossed*

    Will there be another round of jelly wifey? Fufufufu~ I wish ಥ_ಥ

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  3. Bro what is up with Wan Jo’s character, like I’m worried she’s purposely there to fuck WCL up or something.

    But like I’m more worried that she really is just extremely grateful to her and fell in love with her, if that’s so it’s so sad that she’s there, like I feel real bad for her trying her best when we all know it’s not going to happen ….. Like why?

    I’m guessing that maybe she’ll go bonkers later when she finds out the princess could have been here cuz she fell in love with another women, but it’s not her, and she’ll hurt/try to hurt Luo Yi.

    Either way I don’t like it when characters are introduced just to get fucked over.

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  4. Aiya… WCL’s male lead aura is stronger than the dead supposed-to-be original male lead. Dear madam LLY will really have a hard time watching over WCL ah


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