Chapter 50: Grievance

Eunuch Li looked at the sun then patted his thigh, “Eiya, don’t talk to you anymore, hurry into the palace. If you are late or go against the decree and disrespect it, be careful of your head.”

As soon as he said that he ‘tap-tap’ and left.

Liu Luo Yi took a deep breath and raised her eyes to look at the carriage parked at the entrance. That painting, what could a painting have? She thought of the day when she and Wei Chi Li found those letters and portrait and was even more worried.

“Miss Liu, I will go with you.” Xin Ran said quickly.

“Okay, I trouble Miss Xin Ran to tell Wen Chang. Have him stand by the door, so when princess is back, tell her that I was called into the palace by the emperor.” Liu Luo Yi’s face was calm.

Xin Ran nodded and ran off quickly.

Liu Luo Yi placed her hand on her chest and held the jade pendant only to feel that the originally cold jade pendent seemed to have suddenly become hot.

Probably because she was too nervous, Liu Luo Yi thought. When she walked forward, her gaze was firm and resolute.

The speed of carriage was fast, or it may be that Liu Luo Yi was feeling nervous, so she felt that it was just a blink of an eye and has arrived at the palace gate. The driver took out the token, shaking it then drove directly into the palace.

Liu Luo Yi lifted the curtain and looked out. The red palace wall stands tall and upright, and only a small square of the sky could be seen. Occasionally, a few birds pass by with haste.

Solemn and oppressive.

When the last time she came in, she had never felt this way. Maybe because Wei Chi Li was beside her.

“Miss Liu, don’t be afraid. Before princess left, she has told me to protect you, so if they dare to do anything to you, even if I risk my life, I will send you out.” Xin Ran said from the side.

Liu Luo Yi smiled gratefully at her and the last bit of fear in her heart as disappeared.

The carriage swayed to a stop and Liu Luo Yi got off the carriage. In front was an arched courtyard gate, and further inside would be the emperor’s study.

She took a deep breath and strode in. The few little eunuchs at the door shouted Liu Luo Yi’s name to announce her arrival and she lowered her head, walking in and knelt in front of the table.

“This slave greets emperor.” She said each word clearly.

Chen Hao sat in front of her and propped his chin with 1 hand as he looked at her up and down then said solemnly: “Raise your head.”

Liu Luo Yi does as she was told but her eyes were still looking down.

In that instant, the expression in Chen Hao’s eyes changes innumerable times. First was surprise then jubilant and then atrociously calm which was even more bottomless.

Suddenly, he stood up, bending over slightly and looked at Liu Luo Yi’s face closely. Liu Luo Yi was uncomfortable but dare not response.

After an unknown period, Chen Hao said: “You are Liu Luo Yi, daughter of Liu Ru?”

“Yes.” Liu Luo Yi replied.

“Look at me.” Chen Hao said again. Liu Luo Yi does not dare to defy, so she raised her eyes to meet Chen Hao’s eyes. At that moment, the expression in Chen Hao’s eyes surprised her till she broke out in cold sweat.

Chen Hao suddenly reached out his hand, deliberately reaching towards Liu Luo Yi. As if suddenly shocked, Liu Luo Yi was kneeling and fell backwards, she increased her volume: “Emperor!”

Being yelled by her like this, Chen Hao’s hand froze in the mid-air and suddenly gave a long sigh. He stood upright and took a rolled-up painting. Pinching a corner as he shook and open it.

“Who did you learn from?” he asked.

Liu Luo Yi calms down and tried to be neither humble nor arrogant: “Replying emperor. The teacher at the school taught a little and this slave learned some by herself.”

In that painting was a hazy landscape. The sea of clouds and streaming water connected into a vast expanse of whiteness. A light canoe rippling in the mist and 2 people stood on the canoe. 1 was slightly taller, another slightly shorter, standing opposite one another.

The 2 were painted in few strokes and was so vague that only could see the outline of it but was extremely vivid that it could be seen that both are women. The hint was different too, the scenery was simple, yet the artistic conception was distant.

“Painting was profound and endless. You are a talented woman. If I let you stay in the palace, are you willing?” Chen Hao suddenly said this without thinking.

“This slave is not willing.” Liu Luo Yi did not even think about it and said with resolute and decisiveness.

There was no surprise in Chen Hao’s eyes. He slowly walked back to the table, sat down and said in a deep tone: “I can give the order to exempt you from slavery. You have to think about it. If you stay by my side, you can enjoy endless glory and wealth. If you go against the decree….”

Not knowing where the courage comes from as Liu Luo Yi suddenly raised her head and looked at Chen Hao directly, fearless: “No matter the consequences, this slave is not willing.”

She thought of her mother, and when she looked at Chen Hao again, a sense of revulsion surged in her heart.

Chen Hao was slightly stunned. The look in Liu Luo Yi’s eyes was resolute and very stubborn. Very much like the deceased.

And that revulsion that could not be concealed.

By the time Liu Luo Yi tightened her heartstrings and adjusted the mentality of dying unwillingly, Chen Hao suddenly waved his hand and said: “You may retreat.”

Liu Luo Yi was a little surprise but did not say much as she quickly stood up, backing out of the door. Only when the sunlight shone on her did she heaved a sigh of relief.

She used her hand to touch her cheek. It was full of sweat.

In the room, after Liu Luo Yi’s back disappeared, Chen Hao numbly sat down as if he has gotten older by 10years in that instant. Just now all that emotions have disappeared without a trace, leaving only a body full of dejection.

He picked up the painting on his table and held it in front of his eyes to looked at it carefully. He only knew that Cheng Qi Qi has 2 children but did not know that Liu Luo Yi’s appearance was almost the same as her.

And that cold and unyielding attitude. He absentmindedly felt that she was standing there, even inheriting 100% of her talent in painting.

He had developed some other ideas but did not expect that Liu Luo Yi also has this fiery and forthright temper. It was even a level higher when compared to Cheng Qi Qi.

Chen Hao stood up and looked at the palace wall in the distance, feeling that this huge palace has become more and more like a cage. Could not keep anyone here and the so-called easy and comfortable was more of an oppression.

He picked up the teacup on the side and suddenly smashed it to the ground and felt that his heart was still held the pent-up frustration. He simply smashed everything on the table to the ground. This movement has attracted everyone outside into the room, and they thumped and knelt to the ground. 

“Who has offended the dragon’s might, causing the emperor to be so angry!” Eunuch Li knelt and moved forward, saying as he kowtows.

Chen Hao threw everything then kick Eunuch Li’s shoulder, kicking him till he was sprawling on his back and said sternly: “Send my command, call Zhou Qing and others to come to see me as soon as possible to discuss something important.”

“Yes, yes yes!” Eunuch Li responded repeatedly and stumbled out.

At the same time, Liu Luo Yi was walking quickly towards the palace gate. When she came in, there was a carriage and everyone was attentive, but when returning, the carriage was nowhere to be seen and could only rely on a pair of feet. She could not even remember the palace road.

Xin Ran has asked a lot of people but the 2 were still lost.

“Lost?” A voice ran above her head, sounding very calm with a hint of hoarseness.

She turned her head and saw a middle-aged man standing in front of her. That person’s bearing was indifferent. Although he was not young, he does not have that ordinary old declining disposition, instead, have a kind of quiet scholarly demeanour.

He pointed to the fork road at the side and said: “Walk along that side all the way and it will be the southern palace gate.”

Liu Luo Yi was taken aback and quickly lowered her head to thank: “Many thanks to this lord.”

“Surname is Zhou, and my name is Zhou Qing. An old friend of Lord Liu. It was nothing, don’t mention it.” That man flipped his wide sleeves, smiled then turned away very politely.

Yet, Liu Luo Yi froze on the spot.

No wonder, she had a sense of familiarity. Turns out to be him.

At that moment, Liu Luo Yi’s mood was extremely complicated. When she thought of this person’s hypocritical appearance and had framed her father, landing him in the jail, bitter resentment surged in her heart. But she felt that this person looked different from what she has imagined. Therefore, making people doubt there was something else hidden.

She clenched her fists and was silent for a while then turned and strode in the direction where Zhou Qing had pointed.

Regardless of the reason for appearing suddenly in front of her, if the enemy did not move, she would not move either and must not panic.

That person pointed in the right direction. After walking for a while, she saw that dark red palace gate. She walked towards the gate but was stopped by the guard with a sword.

The guard looked at Liu Luo Yi, a young lady who was not well-dressed, and his tone was even more ferocious, saying impatiently: “Need a token to leave the palace. Scram if you do not have it, don’t block the palace gate.”

Liu Luo Yi furrowed her brows then took the token from Xin Ran’s hand and hand it in front of the guard, saying coldly: “Open the door.”

Unexpectedly, the guard snorted lightly and raised his hand to open Liu Luo Yi’s hand. He glared and called out: “This is a token for entering the palace and not for leaving the palace. Quickly scram, careful that we brothers are not gentle to you women.

“What the hell, bullying people. When have I heard that we need 2 tokens!” Xin Ran was furious. Standing upright in front of Liu Luo Yi and shouted back at the guard.

“Hei, these 2 little slaves are quite rude and unreasonable. Take a look at what is this place, beware this grandpa cut you!” That person raised the sword in his hand and gesture it on Liu Luo Yi’s face.

Liu Luo Yi gritted her teeth but did not shrink back. Just now in the palace, the anger accumulated upon seeing 2 disgusting people explode at this moment. She pulled out Xin Ran’s sword from her scabbard, pointing it at the guard’s throat and said coldly: “Come on, try it!”

The guard did not expect that this weak woman in front of him could have such courage. He was so frightened that he back away. He originally wanted to just throw his weight around and to scare people, so how could he dare to attack at the palace gate.

Now that he has been threatened wickedly by Liu Luo Yi, he does not know what to do anymore.

At this moment, the palace gate suddenly opened slowly, and a figure appeared on the opposite side of the gate. It was Wei Chi Li, sweating profusely and the hair cascading in front of her forehead was stuck to her face. With a glance, would know that she uses QingGong to fly over eaves and run-on walls all the way.

She walked 2 steps forward with haste and saw Liu Luo Yi.

“Little Liu’er, you are….” She said in a daze. Just now she had finally drag Wei Chi Die who was like a dead dog, back to the mansion then she heard from Liu Wen Chang saying that Liu Luo Yi was called by the emperor.

This was bad news. She quickly turned around and ran off, using the fastest speed to rush over. Who knew that the moment they met; she would see this scene.

Her Little Liu’er was holding a sword fiercely, forcing a tall and strong guard to retreat.

Liu Luo Yi also looked at Wei Chi Li blankly. 1 person was on the outside, and another on the inside with 2 pairs of eyes looking at each other. She knew that she came looking for her and at this time, everything around her was not important.

A huge sense of grievance suddenly overwhelmed her, and Liu Luo Yi threw away the sword, tears surging from her eyes. Almost in the blink of an eye, she was choking with sobs as she stood on the spot, very pitiful.

Seeing this, Wei Chi Li’s initial surprise has long been forgotten. Her anger surged and took a step forward, kicking the guard directly who was still standing there, being silly.

When the guard rolled on the ground, he ignored the pain, and looked at Liu Luo Yi in astonishment. Earlier on, this lady was still cold and terribly fierce. So why did she change in such a short time?

Xin Ran was also very surprised, and her mouth was wide open. 

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  1. Aww, that’s way too cute. She could be scared and vulnerable because WCL is there to protect her now right? Way too cute is what that is.

    Oo creepy emperor man trying to replace his lost love with her daughter huh.

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  2. At first I thought little LYY is not the daughter of the former prime minister but the daughter of the emporer considering how the former kept her hidden and latter was so surprised to see her. I thought her mother was like the sister of the PM…yet this chapter clearly debunks that. Kinda interested what is the actual truth is.
    Thanks for the chappy. They are so adorbs

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  3. Pftt. Such a softie in the presence of her wifey~ Wei Chi Die is right, such a two-faced woman ehehe.

    She would not let herself get bullied by others like a fierce cat, but if Wei Chi Li’s here, she’ll turn to a spoiled cat who lets her master do the bullying! This sort of cute dependancy is very fwuffy to see~

    Man, I have taught myself not to assume the worst in others. But the emperor’s personality is uhm… disappointing. I had hopes. Welp, atleast I was comforted by the sweetness.

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  4. Yeah that’s damn creepy, couldn’t bang the mom so tried to coerce the daughter into banging him? Wow that’s pretty disgusting.

    I was really worried for Luo Yi here I hope the emperor doesn’t cause more trouble.

    A little too bullshit that the guard just decided to make trouble but whatever I guess, it is ancient times and it is just too women that seem to have no status I guess.


  5. Also almost forgot but damn Xin Ran sure is loyal, just an order from her princess to protect Luo Yi and she was ready to put her life at risk to keep that order.

    Truly best maid, hope she gets a happy ending lol.

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  6. Aiya, Mr. Guard, Xin Ran… love can be very complicated for us single dogs to understand yknow? So be good and willingly eat the dog food that dear masters offer, okay? Okay…


  7. You know with Luo Yi’s temperament and attitude I always imagine her very tall so it’s quite surprising she’s smaller then mc, their height is never stated exactly though so I’m still guessing she’s quite tall for a woman, she gives off that vibe.


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