Chapter 49: Entering the Palace Again

But only for that moment, then Wei Chi Die suppressed the grievance that had suddenly surged in her heart. Her complexion has returned to normal and Wei Chi Li thought that she has seen it wrongly and was relieved.

She held her breath in deep concentration and felt it again, only then was she sure that those people were no longer around. Hence, she stood up and reached out to pull Wei Chi Die: “Sister, it is still dangerous here, let’s get out of the mountain quickly.”

Wei Chi Die avoided her hand and then supported herself up slowly using the rock. But frowned and let out a soft cry.

“What’s the matter?” Wei Chi Li asked.

Wei Chi Die’s expression was still unnatural as she looked at her leg and pretended to be calm: “Nothing, I don’t know when I have twisted my ankle. Maybe because I was too nervous during the fight and did not pay attention.”

Now that she has relaxed, those pain in the body rushed out.

She endured the pain and walked forward, saying nonchalantly: “Don’t have to be concern about it. Let us go.”

Wei Chi Li looked at her in doubts. Usually, when walking, she could twist out a flower. But now, she was careful and steady, walking slowly with occasional staggering.

Wei Chi Li sighed, not knowing what to say for a while. This kind of ‘keeping up appearance to cover her predicament’ character was somewhat similar to Liu Luo Yi.

She strode forward and grabbed Wei Chi Die.

Wei Chi Die felt a sharp pain and almost screamed. Immediately, she was angry and was about swear then she saw Wei Chi Li suddenly squat down in front of her, lifting the hem of her skirt and reached out to touch her ankle gently.

Wei Chi Die did not react in time and so, did not avoid it.

“It is swollen. Must be sprained but can still walk, this proves that the bones were not injured.”

“Oh….” Wei Chi Die does not know what to say at that moment and could only nod obediently.

Then suddenly, there was an unknown fire bursting in her heart. Why should she listen to Wei Chi Li? Thus, the moment she thought of a sarcasm, Wei Chi Li stood up and pulled her arm around her neck naturally.

With Wei Chi Li’s support, her ankle does not hurt that much anymore.

“Let us go back quickly. The wound is not serious, just need to find a doctor to apply some medicine and will be okay. Next time, when you go out, remember to bring along some hidden guards, do not underestimate them and overestimate yourself. But do not have to worry too much, this time we have hit them hard, they will still need some time to regain their strength.”

“Sister, if it hurts, tell me.” Wei Chi Li said. Her tone was gentle as usual like the spring breeze in March, blowing into the ears, making people want to cry.

 Wei Chi Die turned her head and wiped away the little bit of wetness in her eyes then gave an ‘en’ response.

As the 2 continued to walk, they were a little lost. This mountainous forest was already dense, road was rough. Just now, to avoid the group of people in black, they barely looked at the road and only went deeper, so, the more they walk, the more remote it was.

“How long more? My foot is killing me.” Wei Chi Die said bitterly.

Wei Chi Li supported her to sit on the rock to rest. Using QingGong to probe around then flew back down and landed lithely: “We have indeed gone in the wrong direction. Just now, we used QingGong and did not realize how far we had gone. This place is untraversed, and I reckon we have entered the depth and I fear it is dangerous and must walk towards the east to return.”

“I don’t recognise, you can just lead the way.” Wei Chi Die looked at her feet with heartache.

When Wei Chi Li thought about the memory fragments, she felt a little guilty. Although that person was not her, after all, she has the same face.

She sighed and squat down, saying: “I will carry sister on my back as we go out.”

“Are you joking, you are willing to carry me?” Wei Chi Die was incredibly surprised.

Wei Chi Li was too lazy to talk nonsense as she tugged her arm and pulled her up onto her back then strode towards the direction of the sun.

Wei Chi Die behind kept calling out: “Aiya, be gentle, it has hurt me!”

“No, with QingGong yet you are unable to walk steadily, you are too useless.”

“Left, left, left!”

Wei Chi Li only felt that she was too troublesome and was having a terrible headache. She suddenly felt that the guilt just now was all bullshit. She really wanted to find a pothole and throw Wei Chi Die in it and bury.

Endure. Endure. She talked to herself.

“Wait. Did you see what that is, was it left by the hunters?” Wei Chi Die suddenly pulls Wei Chi Li’s neck forcefully, like riding a horse and pulling it to stop.

Wei Chi Li took a deep breath and gritted her teeth as she looked towards the direction she pointed. But her expression suddenly becomes serious. She quickly let go of Wei Chi Die and moved towards the pile burnt firewood.

A large area was opened here, obviously man-made and some animal skeletons were scattered on the ground.

Caught off guard and thrown onto the ground, Wei Chi Die grunted in pain and hopped over angrily.

“This is not left by the hunters. Look, the marks on the surrounding ground here are obvious that someone wanted to start a fire but was afraid of burning the mountain. Therefore, a machete was used as a tool to remove the grass and drawn a marking.”

Hearing this, Wei Chi Die said with a serious face: “It can also be hunters.”

“yes.” Wei Chi Li nodded, “But these marks are not left by one person and each has internal strength. I reckon to save effort and clear it, they used internal force, as it can also blow away the grass and leaves directly.”

“Are you saying, they are nearby?” Wei Chi Die asked.

“Still remembered the last time we chased after the people in black? We chased them into this mountain but did not dare to go in deeper. I suspect that they are stationed here.” Wei Chi Li’s expression was very calm, but her hands were already full of sweat.

“But we just got rid of them. What if we were careless and were found out by them, what should we do?” Wei Chi Die was worried. But the next second, she waved her hand with her fighting spirit raised high, “Forget it, then we shall go take a look. They have already taken the initiative to send themselves up to the doorsteps, there is no reason for us to be afraid!”

Seeing her like this, Wei Chi Li smiled helplessly, but the 2 has thought of going together.

Besides, once they left, it would be hard to find this place again.

The 2 of them searched around in the shape of a circle. They searched for a long time but found nothing. The sun rose higher and higher, making people sweat excessively.

Wei Chi Li wiped off her sweat and was about to give up. Who knew, Wei Chi Die accidentally put some weight on the injured foot, she covered her mouth and yelped quietly. Tilting her body and fell into the grass.

Wei Chi Li rolled her eyes and took a few steps forward, pulling her out of it.

The person came out, but the grass sank into the cavity. Seeing this, Wei Chi Li’s eyes lit up, feeling ecstatic. She immediately squats down and looked inside. It was dark and could not see anything, but it was indeed a passage.

The dense layer of grass grew outside and if it would not for Wei Chi Die’s fall, it would be difficult to find it.

“Seems like falling often has some merits.” Wei Chi Die came over and nodded.

“Wait outside, if anything happens, just call out my name.” Wei Chi Li said quickly then threw a stone inside. She did not find anything unusual, so she jumped in.

The hole was not deep and soon landed on the ground. It was a narrow circular passage, and one must bend over to pass through.

Wei Chi Li took out a fire fold. After the flame burn, only then did she walk forward carefully. As she continued walking, the road widened and the things she had imagined did not happen. However, after turning around a corner, suddenly it broadened up.

Wei Chi Li was so surprised, she opens her mouth wide. Saw a large space dug out in front of her and there were various weapons piled up in it. There were many swords, spears, halberds, and many boxes filled with arrows.

She took one out randomly. The symbol on the corner was familiar. Exactly the same as the one that has shot and injured her last time.

She frowned and her gaze swept past all. With so many weapons, what were they doing? She did not think that this was just a simple assassin organisation.

There was no one guarding here and seems like no one has come in here for a long time. It was possible that these weapons were not important, maybe even rare, and precious.

In other words, there were other places whereby weapons were also stored in it. The place was dry, and so these weapons could be stored here for a long time.

She rubbed her eyes then went back the same way and silently restored the hole to its original state.

“How is it, what’s in it?” Wei Chi Die quickly came up and asked.

“Weapon, a lot of weapons. There may be more nearby.” Wei Chi Li replied concisely. She carried Wei Chi Die on her back and walked down the mountain, trying her best to remember the way here.

Wei Chi Die was also silent, realising the seriousness of this matter.

“How about……” Wei Chi Die said.

“No, this matter cannot be made public, I’m afraid we will be implicated.” Wei Chi Li said.

This was Yan Country’s affairs, so how could outsiders intervene, causing trouble for themselves. Furthermore, she vaguely remembered the reason described in the original novel. The collapsed of Northern Territory was because of the war with Yan Country. It was just that the timeline was pushed far behind.

She was afraid that this matter has to do with the Northern Territory.

Wei Chi Die did not say anything anymore. Not knowing what she was thinking, but Wei Chi Li knew that she has the same concerns as her.

The 2 were still rushing on their way and at the same time, Liu Luo Yi in the mansion has also encountered an accident.

Standing at the Mansion gate, listening to the Eunuch Li speaking in high-pitch voice slowly: “Miss Liu, the emperor wants to see you and has personally sent a carriage. You can’t go against the decree and be disrespectful, understand?”

Hearing this, Liu Luo Yi was very flustered. But Wei Chi Li had not returned yet, so she does not know what to do at that very moment.

“Don’t be nervous. The emperor has never been so concerned about a woman from outside the palace. You ah, have picked up a blessing. Although, you look good. When the time comes, be more obedient, talk sweetly and in the future, you will have no worries. By then, don’t forget about me.” Eunuch Li said as he uses his pale hand to slapped the back of Liu Luo Yi’s hand.

Liu Luo Yi felt a chill on her back and took a few steps back. She looks towards Xin Ran for help, but Xin Ran was even more lost.

“Liu Luo Yi, today the princess is not here, and no one can protect you. You can’t always ask her to protect you and you still said you want to protect her, have you forgotten?” Liu Luo Yi talks endlessly in her heart.

She gritted her teeth and calm herself down. Steadying herself forcefully as she took a silver ingot from her pocket. Learning from Wei Chi Li, she placed it into Eunuch Li’s hand, “I hope Eunuch Li will reveal a little. Why has the emperor called me into the palace so I can be prepared.”

Eunuch Li smiled happily and accepted the silver: “Miss Liu, I will not hide this from you. The emperor has seen the painting you have painted on the day of the Flower City Festival. No. The emperor took it as it was a treasure. You ah, have this blessing, thank heaven.” 

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  1. What bad luck for him to come when WCL is out, well not bad luck. I hope the emperor is a good dude at least. And the WCL/WCD is really shaping up to be an adorable relationship. Especially in the last chapter. I hope it continues to get better.

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  2. Gotta love that sister bonding ❤

    The emperor and the eunuch just scream *creepy old men* to me, to be honest. The sooner LLY can shake them off, the better.

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  3. I want Eunuch Li to get castrated but then I remember that he’s a eunuch.


    Sheesh I hope that the Yan emperor is kind and is not a pervert who would want to marry the daughter of his departed crush. *fingers crossed*

    Welp, I think he’s gonna divulge some secrets (hopefully) about wth is going on. Things are getting deeper, so excited. >.<

    On a side note, I really hope that Wei Chi Die will forgive Wei Chi Li so that things would turn out fine. Tsun-sister is so moe.

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  4. Coup? From that one dude that falsely incriminated Luo Yis dad? And is the military commander or whatever.

    Uh oh I hope the emperor isn’t trying to bonk Luo Yi …….

    Some nice sister binding moments haha how nice.

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  5. I freaking love Wei Chi Die hahaha she’s such a tsundere, with a lot of good reasons though, and I do love how sweet she is while acting like she doesnt care, and how she’s such an emotional and soft girl behind her uncaring and sultry persona.

    Sure she’s very spicy and the whole ‘living for love and lust” is a little suspect, but welp we all live however we want I guess.


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