Chapter 48: Sisters

“This is bad, someone has eyed on us.” Wei Chi Li landed lithely, bending over, and looked around vigilantly.

These people were excellent in martial arts, at least they were first-class masters when it comes to hiding their breath. Otherwise, based on their martial arts, it was absolutely impossible to have not noticed after they have been followed quite a while.

“Little Liu’er is still in the mansion. I don’t know if Xin Ran can hold them off, I have to go back.” Wei Chi Li frowned.

Wei Chi Die took a few steps back and stood back to back with her, her expression became grave: “There is no need, these people are here to kill us, and would not be easy to deal with. You do not have to worry about Liu Luo Yi. I have asked the hidden guards who came with me to guard around the surrounding area. They are all highly-skilled masters in Northern Territory and in addition to Xin Ran, she will be fine.”

Only then did Wei Chi Li relax and looked back at Wei Chi Die gratefully.

Could be said that she has finally understood her. Wei Chi Die was a typical example of a tofu-like heart with a knife-like mouth. No matter how harsh her words were, she would still show mercy.

“These crooked and dishonest people could not be dealt with by normal people. They have an organisation, martial arts and training, just like the ones we saw in the Lu mansion last time.” Wei Chi Die looked around vigilantly, “Wei Chi Li, you did not tell me what you are doing, but I can already guess what you are doing. You must think about it properly. Although this is considered a personal grievance, it will inevitably be involved in Yan Country power disputes. You are still the princess of the Northern Territory and carry the name of the Northern Territory and should be far away from their family duties.”

“I know.” Wei Chi Li said as she lowered her eyes slightly, “But…. Forget it. Do not worry. This matter is Yan Country’s affair but has also wronged the innocent people. Even if it was not for Little Liu’er, just treat it as redressing for the people and do something good. I have confidence that everything I do will not implicate the Northern Territory.”

“It is good that you understand your limits.” Wei Chi Die took the flexible sword from her waist and poured internal strength in. And in that instant, the sword straightened.

It was early in the morning and this street was remote, so there was no one passing by. The surrounding was silence, as the two held their breath, with fixed attention, they were prepared. Neither side dared to move first.

Suddenly, someone blew a whistle, and in that instant, dozens of people in black jumped out from the courtyards on both sides of the street. They were holding a great sword, looking ferocious and all attacks were killing moves.

Wei Chi Li was not afraid at all. She meets the enemies with barehand and tilted her body sideways to dodge the cold blade. Then with both hands, she clamped the person’s arms.

“Hi, long time to see.” Wei Chi Li curled the corner of her lips to smile. The person opposite swallowed his saliva and raised his leg to kick but was pre-empted by Wei Chi LI, kicking him with both legs.

However, there were too many people and they used wheel tactic. As soon as 2 people flashes away, another 2 would take over. Although Wei Chi Li’s martial art skill was high, it was difficult to fight against 5-8pairs of hands using fists. In the end, she fell into disadvantage and retreats gradually.

She took time to glanced at Wei Chi Die. She was not doing well either as she was forced to retreat.

At this moment, Wei Chi Die just pierced through the arm of the person in front of her with her sword. She took a step back in disdain as she uses another hand to grab the sword dropped by the person and threw it towards Wei Chi Li.

Wei Chi Li reached out to take the long sword and as if with the help of the god, she immediately turned the situation around. She was originally an expert in swordsmanship using long sword and with the support of internal strength. The sword tugged on the wind blade and disrupted the formation of the group of people in front of her.

“Fuck, only know how to do sneak attack, sneaking around like rats crossing the street, contemptible.” Wei Chi Li gritted her teeth and suddenly injecting qi, her internal force hit the dantian(!) vigorously, the thunder-like rage wind rushed out from the palm, bursting instantaneously. The huge depressing air force knocked the people in black flying out.

(!)丹田 Dantian: centre of qi or life force energy

She did not control her strength too well and the strong wind hit the surrounding walls and some of those that were ageing already has cracks on it. The fallen leaves were swept into the air by the wind and then swaying down again and at that moment, dust was flying all over the sky.

Upon seeing this, a man in black stepped back and whispered: “Boss, she is too strong.”

“Strong my ass. Helping the other’s aspirations, while undermining one’s own power, attack!” That boss kicked him out and the man in black staggered, brandishing his sword and slashed towards Wei Chi Li.

Coming to an understanding, Wei Chi Li raised an eyebrow. Oh, old acquaintances, but this time, there were more people here than last time.

Another cutting wind sound. Wei Chi Li’s heart was strung up and quickly leaned back and the arrow flew past against the tip of her nose and rushed towards middle of Wei Chi Die’s back. Wei Chi Li reacted extremely fast and brandish her sword, cutting the arrow into half and if fell to the ground.

“Sister, be careful, they have hidden weapons!” Wei Chi Li shouted and fanned out the old acquaintance.

The old acquaintance flew straight to his boss and the boss dodged sideway naturally. Hence, he slammed into the wall firmly and fainted.

Wei Chi Li smacked her lips sadly and raised an eyebrow at them.

“Can’t win against her, go and attack the other one.” That boss frowned and whispered then took the lead and rushed towards Wei Chi Die.

Wei Chi Die was already spent and out of the sudden was surrounded by more people, and in that instant, her sense of direction was messed up. Her offensive attacks were out of control and was almost cut by swords several times.

The people in black formed an encirclement and Wei Chi Li was stopped outside. Anger surged in her heart as she kicked a few and send them flying, but more people made up for it. It seems that if they do not kill Wei Chi Die, they would not stop.

Wei Chi Die uses QingGong, but a dozen arrows flew from the opposite. Seeing this, she quickly touched the arrow with the tip of her shoes, backing away and dodge it.

Wei Chi Die was surrounded in the encirclement alone and was already panicking a little. Although she has also practised martial arts since young, she has been living on the fat of the land and has never experienced this kind of real-life scene, and her heart was feeling timid.

When panicking to the extreme, she blurted out: “Ah Li!”

Before she finished saying, she realized that she had called out Wei Chi Li’s nickname. She immediately stopped talking, but it was a pity that the 2 words were yelled out audibly and Wei Chi Li could also hear it clearly.

Wei Chi Li’s heart stirred up abruptly and some fragments flashed in her mind. It was all new memories that have never been seen in the dreams.

The little Wei Chi Li and Wei Chi Die argued till they could not see eye to eye. She pressed Wei Chi Die to the ground, beating her up making Wei Chi Die wailed.

A little older Wei Chi Li fabricated accusation about Wei Chi Die in front of the Northern Territory King. As a result, Wei Chi Die was punished to kneel for a whole day.

Various scenes flash quickly, and Wei Chi Li felt her head started to hurt again. She staggered a few steps and fell to the ground.

At this moment, Wei Chi Die suddenly screamed and her arm was slashed by a sword. A few people in black took the opportunity to rush in, dealing out killing move.

Wei Chi Li’s heart tightened and suddenly a killing intent surged in her heart. She raised her hand abruptly and with a few quick steps, she dodged the swords and arrows attack. Exerting force, the blade pierced into a person’s flesh and then pulled out smoothly.

The hot blood splatted all over her.

Wei Chi Li’s heart thumped, but her hand did not stop moving. With a few overturns, the people in front of her fell to the ground and a gap immediately appeared in the encirclement.

Wei Chi Li flashes in. With a hand, she supported Wei Chi Die, while the other hand holding off dozens of people. Her sword technique was treacherous and was more piercingly cold than before.

What came out was the heart of murder.

Wei Chi Die covered her wound and looked at Wei Chi Li who had suddenly rushed in and was stunned. She has never seen such a terrifying aura coming from Wei Chi Li’s body. That was a kind of ruthless murderous intent.

“Wei Chi Li, you….”

“Shh, don’t say anything, stop your bleeding.” Wei Chi Li said calmly. The previous gentle and random attitude have disappeared as if she has suddenly been replaced by another person.

Wei Chi Die listened to her uncontrollably and hid behind her obediently. She uses the strip of cloth torn from her clothes and wrapped it around her arm.

With Wei Chi Li by the side, it really makes people feel more at ease. Wei Chi Die picked up the sword again and the two cooperated perfectly, bringing down many people.

The sun rose higher and the nearby street market has become livelier. Although this place was remote, gradually some people passed by and they were all frightened away.

Those people in black were anxious too. Those who had originally hidden in the dark releasing arrows has also come out. It seems like if they do not kill one person they would not stop.

“There are too many of them, we can’t fight, run.” Wei Chi Li said quickly then pulled Wei Chi Die, dragging her, and rushed into the air. Her QingGong was extremely good and was so fast that only shadows could be seen with the naked eye.

Even Wei Chi Li lamented the capacity of this body. Once she went all out, it was simply so powerful that it was not like a human.

Wei Chi Die was deliberately instilled with internal strength by her and thus, has saved a lot of effort. She even had the time to turn to look at Wei Chi Li and a place in her heart seems to have suddenly softened.

This kind of Wei Chi Li was completely different from what she has remembered but seemed to coincide.

She suddenly remembered that there were once or twice when she was accidentally injured while exchanging views, Wei Chi Li rushed up alone and beat those little soldiers to the extent they started begging.

Although reckless and wilful, now that she has thought about it, it was still heart-warming.

“Don’t be distracted, someone is chasing behind.” Wei Chi Li said expressionlessly. She pulled Wei Chi Die all the way and flew over the city gate and was so fast that the guards at the gate could not see them clearly. Then plunged into the forest.

The people in black was still chasing after them closely, but due to the cover of the terrain, they were left far behind. Wei Chi Li dragged Wei Chi Die and ran around the mountain. Finally found a secret place, they bend over and hide in it.

The 2 squeezed together in one place, not making any sound. Only their hearts were beating fast because of the tension.

Fortunately, those people passed them and searched deeper into the forest.

 Wei Chi Li heaved a sigh of relief and sat down as she looked around. The vegetation was green, the fragrance belonging to the soil and plants lingers around and it was cooling. This kind of mountainous forest was remarkably familiar to Wei Chi Li. In a trance, it was as if she had returned to her own time and space.

As long as there was no such person in ancient costume beside her.

“Are you okay? Let me take a look at your wound.” Wei Chi Li suddenly remembered and pulled Wei Chi Die’s arm over. She looked at it carefully and was relieved. Fortunately, it was only just surface injury and was not serious, just bleeding.

After Wei Chi Die walked out of the tense atmosphere, the uncomfortable feeling surged in her heart. She has always been used to being enemy with Wei Chi Li, in the end, she had blurted out her name for help. It was really shameful.

Wei Chi Die covered her face.

“What’s the matter?” Wei Chi Li asked again with a gentle tone just like her usual.

Wei Chi Die suddenly yelled angrily: “Shut up and go to one side!”

Then her eyes turned red. Wei Chi Li was taken aback and her eyes widened with her mouth closed.  

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  1. Wooooooooooo! Double update!
    I got double wammied by the awkwardness of the FL’s attempts at seduction and the sweetness of the sister being a tsundere.
    How I love sibling, or more like family, love.
    Thanks so much for the updates!

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  2. “Wei Chi Die was a typical example of a tofu-like heart with a knife-like mouth.” –I have never seen the word “tsundere” be described so eloquently before.

    Aww. They finally made up~ sibling bondings sure are sweet~ Just what did the original Wei Chi Li accused Wei Chi Die of that brought the hatred in the first place? Hope that they can amend it ^^

    On another note, *ehem* WEI CHI LI IS SO KEWWWLLL!! Thank you for coming to my TEDtalk.

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  3. Very nice, I’m glad WCD got such a nice moment, she does seem like a nice person, knife mouth and tofu heart lol indeed.

    I’m all for them getting along better how nice.

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