Chapter 47: Tease

Liu Luo Yi’s expression was very innocent as she said softly: “You have worked too hard and I can’t help much.”

“Nononononono….” Wei Chi Li was so scared that she was not able to speak properly. She quickly fished Liu Luo Yi’s hand out of the basin and took the towel beside to dry it.

“Xin Ran does not even do this kind of things, what are you doing?” Wei Chi Li held the basin to one side, then heaved a sigh of relief.

Liu Luo Yi snatched the basin back stubbornly.

Wei Chi Li saw that she could not fight against her, so she stood up and coaxed softly: “You do not have to do anything for me. You are smarter than me and there are some things I still must ask you. Little Liu’er, have you forgotten what I have said that day? You deserved to be treated well by me. As long as I am here, what you wish and want to do, you can do so without restraint.”

“Don’t place yourself in such a low position, okay?” Wei Chi Li sighed.

Liu Luo Yi lowered her head and loosened her hand. Wei Chi Li quickly took over the basin.

“But….” she murmured, however was interrupted by Wei Chi Li.

Wei Chi Li pulled her to sit down and said patiently: “I know, you have a subtle mind and think more than I do. Although sometimes, I do not understand, you can tell me directly.”

Wei Chi Li looked at Liu Luo Yi and her heart suddenly tightened. A decent lady who appeared to be proud and aloof, yet was influenced into such inferior temperament. She felt even more heartache for her.

Forget it. This matter could not be rushed and would treat her well in the future.

Liu Luo Yi glanced at Wei Chi Li then lowered her eyes. Her hands were crossed and almost tearing her sleeves apart.

“This dress today is rather nice. So, it turns out that pink matches you well.” Wei Chi Li changed topic.

“It is good that you like it.” The moment Liu Luo Yi said that, she blushed and quickly looked away, “I can’t tell you everything. What if you are unhappy once I have said it, what to do?”

“If you don’t tell me, how do you know if I will be unhappy?” Wei Chi Li smiled gloomily.

“I will not. You don’t understand anything.” Liu Luo Yi said as she stood up and as if feeling angry, she picked up the towel on the side, soaked in the water then pressed it on Wei Chi Li’s face.

Wei Chi Li wanted to move but saw Liu Luo Yi’s eyes and immediately put down her hands obediently.

“Forget it, if you want to wipe then wipe.” Wei Chi Li compromised, closed her eyes, and began to enjoy it.

Liu Luo Yi held the towel, gently wiping her forehead, glabella then slide across the tall nose bridge and gently touched her lips.

She paused and suddenly felt the air around her stagnated. It was so quiet that she could hear her heartbeat clearly.

One pound after another like thunder.

Wei Chi Li’s face was just in front of her, long eyelashes, distinct eyebrows. With her eyes closed, there was a lesser trace of charm and a little more coldness, her lips were slightly reddish and were pressed together tightly, making her unable to bear it and want to touch it.

It was like a vast sea of fog drifting under a tall mountain. Diverse and untouchable yet makes people want to jump off impulsively.

She really could not help it. And in a trance, she has already placed her hand on it.

Wei Chi Li opened her eyes and they looked at one another. Just as she was about to say something, she realized that her eyes were full of tears.

Wei Chi Li was already panicking, but now she was panicking even more. She reached out to wipe off and asked: “Did someone bully you? If you cannot bully them back, I will help you. Don’t cry.”

But the more she wipes, the more tears there were. Wei Chi Li was really helpless as she turns around on the spot anxiously.

“I don’t want to call you princess anymore.” Liu Luo Yi suddenly said.

“I wanted you to change the way you address me long ago. You can call me however you want, okay? Wei Chi Li said softly.

“I will tell you after I have thought about it.” Liu Luo Yi sniffed.

She suddenly raised her eyes and reached out to hold Wei Chi Li’s sleeve and sway it gently, blurting it out: “Don’t leave me. Even if one day in the future, you realized that I am not such an unselfish person, don’t hate me.”

She really, relied on Wei Chi Li very much and like her so much that she does everything cautiously.

Seems like she was scared, no wonder she behaves so abnormally. Wei Chi Li thought so and nodded, with a hint of involuntary smile, she said: “I will not hate you no matter what you do. As long as you do not want to leave, I will not leave you. Okay, don’t make blind guesses anymore. Save Lord Liu with peace of a mind and once we settle the matters here, I will take you back to Northern Territory. There are vast grasslands and mirror-like shallow water. You will love it. By then, your paintings will not just be mountains and rivers of central plains and JiangNan(!) sceneries.”

(!)江南 JiangNan: a geographic area in China referring to lands immediately to the south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River

Liu Luo Yi nodded forcefully and suddenly leaned into Wei Chi Li’s arms, with her head lowered, trembling nervously.

She was worried that Wei Chi Li does not like it when she takes initiative to get closer to her.

Wei Chi Li was stunned for a moment then hugged her naturally and patted her back lightly, saying helplessly: “How come you have become like a child. Okay, be good, don’t be afraid, I will protect you.”

Liu Luo Yi was even more nervous until Wei Chi Li let go of her and drape clothes on her, then left after sending her back to her room. She sat alone on the bed and got over it and laid on her back.

“Liu Luo Yi, ah, Liu Luo Yi, how can you do such a thing.” She muttered, the turned over and curled into a shrimp.

“Teasing, how is this teasing? This is simply being unreasonable. What should you do if she is fed up with you?” She said again then groan as she flops on the bed.

After a round of flopping, she heard a voice travelled from outside the window: “Indeed.”

She was so scared that she sat up and look towards the window and saw Wei Chi Die sprawling on the window frame, sticking her head in.

Liu Luo Yi heaved a sigh of relief but was even more embarrassed and her face became stern: “Eldest princess, how could you eavesdrop on people?”

“Yo, just now was like a little wife. How come after seeing me, you have frozen into an ice? You really are a two-face person.”  Wei Chi Die puckered her lips and exerted force on her feet and vault in using the window frame.

“Eldest princess.” Liu Luo Yi stood up and backed away with a cold face.

“Why do you always guard against me so much? Do not worry. Don’t you like Wei Chi Li? As a dignified princess, I will not gossip about this.” Wei Chi Die acting as if she has been wronged.

In the next instant, she leaned over, with a nosy parker face she asked excitedly: “I did not see the 2nd half of it, what did Wei Chi Li say?”

Liu Luo Yi knew that the embarrassment just now has been seen by her and suddenly felt a little magnanimous as she lowered her head and said: “She did not have any reaction.”

Hearing this, Wei Chi Die furrowed her brows and began to think: “It shouldn’t be. I think that she could not have no intention towards you, just not aware of it. So how come she does not have any reaction, what did you do?

“I… I just….” Liu Luo Yi could not say.

“Kiss?” Wei Chi Die’s bright eyes glowed.

Liu Luo Yi shook her head.

“Touched?” Wei Chi Die smiled.

Liu Luo Yi shook her head.

Wei Chi Die’s smile collapsed.

“You 2 are worrying. No. Not worried about her. Just felt that your temperament and mine are similar and so, I wanted to help you.” Wei Chi Die sighed and removed the leaves on her hair and said: “The situation between you 2 are a bit complicated. Wei Chi Li has been in the barracks since young, so how could she understand these? What’s more, the two of you are women, so it is normal that she did not think of it immediately.”

“At this time, you should take initiative. There is an advantage of being a woman and you can make use of your own strength to tease others. You 2 have enough feelings but lacking in that indecent thoughts.” Wei Chi Die lowered her voice and said it mysteriously.

“What do you mean, indecent thoughts.” Liu Luo Yi blushed.

“Look, your face is red, it proves that you know. Things like wiping face is useless, what you have to do is to make use of everything and make Wei Chi Li blush and felt restless towards you.”

Liu Luo Yi’s face was red like a cherry. She turned her back and tried to calm herself down: “How can I do this.”

“Do you like her?” Wei Chi Die stuck her hand to her waist.

“Naturally like her.” Liu Luo Yi did not hesitate.

“Then that’s done. Since you like her, go tease her. Remember, make her blush and feel restless.” Wei Chi Die winked and then walked out the door with a smile like an old mother.

“Eldest Princess, you, why do you know these things?” Liu Luo Yi suddenly called out to her and stammered.

The smile on Wei Chi Die’s face stiffened for a moment then recovered again. She turned her head amorously and brushed the hair that was cascading on her shoulders behind her: “You do not have to care about this. I, Wei Chi Die have been lingering around in loves for years. No one can see this kind of thing more clearly than me.”

The door opened and closed again, leaving Liu Luo Yi alone in the room.

She lowered her head to looked at herself and tried to open her placket a little, revealing white and tender skin a little more. But immediately covered it up again in embarrassment.

She closed her eyes tightly.

Wei Chi Die’s words were not serious. In her opinion, it was all perverted reason but was a desperate move.

The next day, Wei Chi Li walked out of the door, yawning. Just happened to see Wei Chi Die twisting her waist as she walked past her door.

“Sister, morning.” She smiled.

“Morning what morning. The meat pie store outside has been out for an hour already.” Wei Chi Die rolled her eyes.

“Sister is going to buy? Just nice, I wanted to go too. Xin Ran, go and guard Little Liu’er and the others.” Wei Chi Li leaned back slightly and said to Xin Ran.

Full of energy, Xin Ran swings the sword in her hand and held her head up as she walked into the deeper end of the mansion. 

Wei Chi Die has already sauntered out far, so Wei Chi Li lifted her legs to catch up.

“I will not help you anymore, don’t follow me.” Wei Chi Die said angrily.

“Sister why is your temper so bad? Don’t worry, I really am just going out to buy meat pie and just happened to be a company.” Wei Chi Li shook her head helplessly.

Wei Chi Die snorted.

After the 2 bought the meat pie, Wei Chi Die does not want to go back to the mansion and head towards the south of the city deliberately. Seeing this, Wei Chi Li followed behind.

“Why are you still following me!” Wei Chi Die gritted her teeth and said, then took a bite of the meat pie.

“No, it is really really not safe recently. We have investigated almost everything but have not had the time to act. Every move is being watched by the person and, I am worried about you walking alone in remotes places.”

“You will be worried about me?” Wei Chi Die snorted.

“Naturally.” Wei Chi Li said calmly.

Wei Chi Die was silent for a while, not saying anything but did not stop walking: “I am going to do something important. Go back first.”

The meat pie shop was already at the corner of the street and the 2 has already gone extremely far and the people around became scarce. Wei Chi Li was about to say something then heard a cutting wind sound. Her ears moved and she leaped. Wei Chi Die has also noticed the movement and leapt like her, avoiding that arrow.

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  1. “I don’t want to call you princess anymore.”

    Me with hungry eyes: CALL HER BABY!! BABY~~ COME ON!!

    “You 2 have enough feelings but lacking in that indecent thoughts.” –words have never been truer.

    Lol. I love the support that Wei Chi Die is doing. This catalyst is a must for our two slow leads ٩(^ᴗ^)۶

    Thanks for the chap! Can’t wait to see more action in the next one.

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  2. WCD why are you helping Luo Yi ? Did she really just see a girl in love and decide to help her? Idk lol shes been described as a snake so much it makes me cautious, amorous girls like her are also always dangerous.

    Still Luo Yi taking her advice to heart and is gonna start teasing WCL even more eh? Hahaha nice, reveal more skin girl sure.

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  3. “The smile on Wei Chi Die’s face stiffened for a moment”?? Aiya… It seems that WCD and WCL are truly sisters by blood. Both play for the same team ah


  4. Wei Chi Die is such a nice girl lol wants to help out her sister even if she isn’t exactly happy about it, what a tsundere lol, but it’s understandable with how their relationship was, now that mc is treating her well though she finally has the familial love she’s always wanted and so helps her out even while complaining and making excuses.

    Knife mouth tofu heart lol.

    Luo Yi really going all out.


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