Chapter 46: Intense

Liu Luo Yi furrowed her brows: “Eldest Princess? What else did she say?”

Liu Wen Chang thought of something and his expression was a little embarrassed. He strokes his head and said awkwardly: “The eldest princess has also said that I am not allowed to say that she was the one who said it.”

Liu Luo Yi: ….

“You are not allowed to tell others, what Ah Jie had said to you as well as the words of the eldest princess, understand?” Liu Luo Yi suddenly said as she reached out to caressed Liu Wen Chang’s head, “Now, the first thing is to save father as well as handling mother’s matter from when she was alive. We will talk about the rest later.”

“By the way, lastly, the eldest princess had said that if you have someone you like, must seize the opportunity. If you hesitate, that person will be stolen by others.”

Liu Luo Yi’s heart was crazy messy. She shook her head and said good night casually then opened the door and ran out.

She has too many things in her heart. Her father and mother’s matter were of utmost importance. But she could not suppress the boundless fondness and worry in her heart.

Worried that Wei Chi Li would not like her the same way. Wei Chi Li was a person of great talents and influence. She was born to be looked up by thousands of people, so there should be many people who likes her, while she, herself was simply a small slave woman.

Liu Luo Yi was panicking and worrying about the gains and losses.

She suddenly developed a crazy idea, wanting to submit herself into the lower status, making herself lowly just to exchanged it for Wei Chi Li’s like. She was willing to do anything.

Since when did her feelings become so intense. Like the vine spreading vigorously in her heart, blooming on fingertips and eyes.

“Wei Chi Li.” She murmured then squat down and buried her face in her knees.

On the other side, Wei Chi Li was waiting eagerly at the main gate. After a while, the gate opens, and a woman strode in with a face full of excitement carrying a bunch of flowers in her arms.

“Sister is back.” Wei Chi Li quickly stepped forward to greet her but was caught off guard by the flowers that was stuffed into her face, choking her, and she coughed.

“You have nothing to do but to please others, why are you waiting for me instead of accompanying your Miss Liu?” Wei Chi Die looked at Wei Chi Li suspiciously. Then hummed a song and walked to the veranda, “Need anything, talk tomorrow. This princess is extremely sleepy and does not want to talk to you.”

Wei Chi Li put down the flowers then caught up to Wei Chi Die, wiping off the pollen on her face: “I thought that sister went out today was because of business.”

“I am just a messenger, so what business do I have. The envoys oversee commerce. I lived in the palace all day and have leisure time, so I am happy to go out and play. Finally having such a free day, must have fun to my heart’s content.” Wei Chi Li twisting her waist like water snake and lazily pushed Wei Chi Li away.

“Sister, your lipstick has smudged.” Wei Chi Li reminded with good intention.

Wei Chi Die’s body stiffened and quickly wiped her mouth, then stopped and glared at Wei Chi Li: “Why are you following me! Go somewhere else to play!”

Wei Chi Li sighed and said patiently, “I want to ask about the matter with regards to Liu Ru.”

“Oh yes, why didn’t you say it earlier.” Wei Chi Li snorted then took out a paper package and threw it to Wei Chi Li, “Everything that can be found out are all in it. The people that dad has placed here a few years ago have been idling for too long and no one has taken care of them. Each of them seems to have been incited and nearly dug out the entire 18 generations of ancestors.”

“It is just that when somethings were found out, there was some resistance. Like someone behind was deliberately destroying it. It is a little weird, so be careful. It is better if you are not embroiled in it.” Wei Chi Die said.

As soon as she said that she was stunned then said: “Forget it, why do I care what you do.” Then she shook her head and walked forward on her own.

Wei Chi Li caught up again then reached out her hand to stop her as she frowned: “Sister, these few days, don’t always run out, or bring some guards from the Northern Territory. It is better than just being alone.”

Now they have started investigated it wantonly, if the person behind has robust strength, it would be impossible that he would not to have caught wind about it. Since now both were equivalent on the surface, she was worried that the person would fly into a shameful rage.

“Don’t worry about it. Although my martial arts are not as good as you, it is not that bad. I am used to being alone and cannot not stand having someone following me secretly. Go back to sleep and take care of your own business.” Wei Chi Die looked at Wei Chi Li contemptuously, then rolled her eyes and walked away as if she does not recognize her kin.

“Then then then, there is one more thing.” Wei Chi Li caught up again.

“Wei Chi Li, I am your sister, not your slave.” Wei Chi Die stopped abruptly and said loudly.

Wei Chi Li shut her mouth then smiled embarrassedly as she took half a step back, saying softly: “Sister, thank you, for these few days. I will figure out the rest by myself. Just now, I have asked Xin Ran to send you a soup, drink some before going to bed.”

Wei Chi Die felt that she has punch on the cotton. The words she has prepared to used to quarrel with her was useless now.

If it were the usual Wei Chi Li, she would have quarrelled with her and after quarrelling, maybe would beat her up again.

This kind of gentle temperament makes ones hard to adapt.

But she only attributed to the fact that Wei Chi Li has suffered too much here, only then did her temperament changed drastically. So, she did not think much and gave a gloomy ‘oh’ then swagger away.

Wei Chi Die felt that this kind of Wei Chi Li was not too annoying.

Wei Chi Li was indeed incredibly grateful towards Wei Chi Die. She has been a great help these few days and these matters were troublesome, so it was normal to have some bad temper.

She took that paper package and was prepared to go back and study it.

Midnight, the entire mansion fell into silence. But Wei Chi Li lit a bean-like- lamp and immersed herself in studying.

Liu Ru’s life information was incredibly detailed. His family has been officials for many generations. Only in this generation, there was such a prime minister like him who can be outstanding, honest and upright, never stooping to flattery and has made great contributions repeatedly. And at a young age, he rose to Prime Minister position.

But the difference from other official’s information was that in the family members column, there were only parents and relatives and the wife column only contain a few words.

Seems like the resistance that Wei Chi Die has mentioned was this.

Wei Chi Li wrote down the question then flipped open the booklet listing the 3 people that have been investigated. Barely having a concentrated look for a short while then heard someone knocking on the door.

She said a phrase ‘please come in’, and the door opened. A faint pink figure walked in, carrying a flower fragrance.

Wei Chi Li raised her eyes to looked and was surprised, turns out to be Liu Luo Yi.

She was holding a tray in her hand and does not dare to raise her head. Only moving daintily towards Wei Chi Li’s side and placed the tray with some pastries on it.

“Princess, have something to eat.” She said softly, still blushing.

Wei Chi Li was very puzzled as she casually touched her face and said with concern: “What’s wrong with you, are you not feeling well? Go see the doctor?”

Liu Luo Yi quickly held down Wei Chi Li and does not know where to look. She was feeling very regretful as she did not think it through properly, having changed her clothes on purpose.

She blames the eldest princess for saying those words which made her want to do something involuntarily.

But with her temperamental, even if she had changed to a better-looking dress just to make Wei Chi Li think that it was good-looking, she would blushed till her ears have turned red too, so how could she do anything else.

Wei Chi Li looked at her innumerable changes to her expression and was even more puzzled about what has happened.

As soon as Wei Chi Li wanted to let her sit down, Liu Luo Yi dodged her hands then picked a pastry carefully as she sends it to the side of Wei Chi Li’s mouth.

“Try it first.” She said with her head lowered.

Wei Chi Li hesitated for a moment but did not disobey and lowered her head to take a bite of the small piece of pastry.

The light, sweet taste bloomed between her lips and teeth. She nodded with satisfaction: “Your cooking skills have improved; it is so delicious.”

After getting praised, Liu Luo Yi was very happy as she stood there for a while feeling at loss, then reached out to helped Wei Chi Li fiddled with the lights and the firelight in the room flickered suddenly and dim as it makes people dizzy.

Wei Chi Li reached out again to take a piece of pastry and opened her mouth to bite. Liu Luo Yi stared at Wei Chi Li’s mouth and somehow her face has become redder and the moment she was distracted, she has almost burned her hands.

With a deft of hand and quick of an eye, she quickly retrieved her hand and pulled it in front of her eyes, only then did she feel relieved. She reprimanded: “Be careful, let Xin Ran handle these chores, or I can do it by myself. Your hands are for painting and calligraphy, so it needs to be taken care of.”

Liu Luo Yi avoided Wei Chi Li’s eyes and pulled her hands back.

Wei Chi Li was feeling confused as she does not understand why Liu Luo Yi was acting weird today. She scratched her head and changed the topic: “By the way, come take a look at these 3 people and see if there is anyone you mentioned that had played chess and drank wine with Lord Liu.”

Liu Luo Yi took over the portraits and flipped over one by one to looked at it seriously. Putting her uncomfortable feeling aside first. After a while, she pointed at one of them and her tone was hurried: “It’s him.”

“Are you sure?” Wei Chi Li has become serious too. She took that person’s portrait as she furrowed her brows even more.

It would have been better if it were someone else, because this person has the least information, almost nothing. And even if there was, it was all outstanding official’s achievement and some perfect conducts.

He was also in charge of the ministry of war.

This kind of person was the most troublesome if he were the enemy.

Liu Luo Yi took a closer look again and said: “It is him. Although I was young at that time, I still have a noticeably clear memory of him. Though he had only come by a few times, he would play with me and gave me some toys that my father would not let me play. Hence, I have a very deep impression of him.

“Princess, could it be him…” She asked worriedly.

“I’m not sure, but according to the current clues, the possibility is around 80%-90%.” Wei Chi Li shook her head and was lost in thoughts.

“Little Liu’er, these few days, sometimes I may not be around, but you must stay in the mansion with a piece of a mind and do not go out. I will ask Xin Ran to protect you at all times.”

Liu Luo Yi wanted to say something but nodded obediently and agreed.

Wei Chi Li put down the stack of papers then stretches: “Forget it, just these for today. Now things are gradually becoming clear. I often felt that your father’s matters will involve a lot of things.”

Liu Luo Yi nodded again. She believes Wei Chi Li and if she could listen to her with regards to everything, it would be the greatest cooperation.

Seeing that Wei Chi Li was about to lie down on the bed, Liu Luo Yi quickly stopped her then ran to grab a basin, wanting to wipe Wei Chi Li’s face.

Seeing her manner, Wei Chi Li was so frightened that she bounced up and pressed her hand into the basin and quickly said: “What are you doing?”

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