Chapter 55: Being Framed

Wei Chi Li quickly jumped far away and sat on the chair, drinking tea to ease her embarrassment.

“Look at you 2, threw me there to deal with that old man alone. While you happily enjoy your romantic endeavour. Wei Chi Li, I have given so much to help you, what are you going to use to compensate me?” Wei Chi Die walked over with a smile and sat opposite of Wei Chi Li, reaching out to stroke her face.

Wei Chi Li leaned back to avoid her unsettled hand and chuckled: “Sister, don’t hesitate and say what you want.

“There is a new batch of treasure from the LinLang Pavilion. There is all sort of items and I have seen it before, they all looked good.” Wei Chi Die said.

Wei Chi Li accepted her fate and nodded: “It is done.”

Wei Chi Die was very satisfied that she has extorted such a grand sum. Only then did she become serious as she turned her head to look at the closed door and lowered her voice: “I have been here for a few days. That surnamed Wang was still on guard when sober, but when he was drunk, it was easy to get him to talk, moreover there is me. These few days, I have gotten quite a bit of information from him. And together with the bits and pieces that our people have found out, the matter about that year is basically clear now.”

Wei Chi Li was listening to it calmly and in the meantime, waved her hand to get Liu Luo Yi to come over.

Wei Chi Die continued saying: “Not many people knew about the Prime Minister Liu’s matter, but that surnamed Wang oversaw this case and could be said that he knew the whole thing. According to him, there were numerous rebellious parties causing trouble in the Yan Country many times. The emperor has ordered a thorough investigation and who knows that they actually found a spy in the palace. That spy is also an official and was even a 4th-tier official, which was not low. The emperor was furious at once but endured it and did not seize that person, instead allowed him to continue to communicate with others. Then in the process, found out about Prime Minister Liu.”

Liu Luo Yi on one side moved a little. Wei Chi Li looked at her vigilantly then reached out to hold her hand.

Liu Luo Yi’s hands were tightly clenched, and her palm was already wet with sweat.

She glanced at Wei Chi Li and forced a smile, continuing to listen as if nothing has happened.

“At the same time, someone claimed that Prime Minister Liu was collaborating with the enemy and reported to the emperor. He also took out the so-called letter that was not completely burn in the Liu Mansion, a letter from the spy. It happened that the emperor has arrested the spy that night and ordered a search. And had also found the Prime Minister’s personally signed letters in his house.”

“Who was it?” Wei Chi Li frowned, but already has an answer in his heart.

“Lu Yun Kui.” Wei Chi Die said.

Liu Luo Yi’s body trembled slightly and suddenly recalled the various things that had happened that year. There was a chill, and she clenched her fists tighter, her nails have nearly dug into the flesh.

Wei Chi Li looked at her worriedly then pry her hand forcefully and hold it in her hand.

Sure enough, Lu Yun Kui was only acting as a pawn in this matter. He was resentful after the argument with Liu Ru, and probably at that moment, someone uses the terms of promotion to use him.

That time he had just passed the imperial examination and has a clean family background and had indeed been to the Liu Mansion, so he simply was the best candidate.

Wei Chi Li sighed and reached out to pull Liu Luo Yi towards herself. Liu Luo Yi raised her head to looked at her and smiled weakly.

When Lu Yun Kui died, Wei Chi Li has revealed to her before. But now that she has heard the her father’s entire matter, the hatred in her heart became stronger.

“It is all over now, and he has received the punishment he deserved. What we have to do now is to save Lord Liu and find the mastermind who committed evil.” Wei Chi Li said in a low voice.

Wei Chi Die coughed at the side and looked at them up and down.

Liu Luo Yi quickly breaks away from Wei Chi Li and with her head lowered, she said: “Sorry, I’m fine, eldest princess, please continue.”

“That is how it happened. Originally, when the emperor had only sent someone to follow that spy and found out that the spy was communicating with Prime Minister Liu, the emperor became suspicious. After that, as soon as the evidence came up, the emperor was naturally furious and immediately imprison Prime Minister Liu in the Imperial prison. You all should know what happened next.” After saying this, Wei Chi Die took a sip of the tea.

Wei Chi Li and Liu Luo Yi glanced at each other, then Liu Luo Yi suddenly asked: “Eldest princess, then currently my father is….”

“Don’t worry, I have specifically asked about Lord Liu’s situation. According to him, although Lord Liu was imprisoned in the imperial Prison and was interrogated a little at first, he did not receive any physical sufferings. But that spy was worse. He was imprisoned in another prison, was interrogated and tortured but revealed nothing and I do not know if he is still alive.” Wei Chi Die shook her head.

Wei Chi Li obviously felt Liu Luo Yi relaxing her tension and she felt the same. These days, they have been worried about Lord Liu in the Imperial prison. Liu Luo Yi was even more worried but has never mentioned it to her before.

“How is your preparation?” Wei Chi Die asked.

“Sister, can you help me to investigate the details of that spy and who he is?” Wei Chi Li asked.

“As of now, I only know that his name is Yang Zheng and is imprisoned at the foot of GuoLong Mountain. The guards there are not as strict as the ones in Imperial Prison, but it is all interrogation and tortures, and so the people there are on their last legs, a filthy place. As for the rest, I will try again.”

Wei Chi Li pondered for a while. It seems, to redress for Lord Liu, that 2 letters and this spy were the most crucial. And this spy must be related to this Zhou Qing.

As an emperor, he must always worry about the throne under his buttock. Therefore, after discovering the person who has collaborated with the enemy, it was normal to imprison Liu Ru in the Imperial Prison without hesitation. Moreover, there was that kind of relationship between the emperor and Liu Ru.

Now she could only make a reckless move and try again.

Liu Luo Yi on one side suddenly reached out to grabbed Wei Chi Li. Wei Chi Li understood her meaning and smiled to comfort her: “Don’t worry, I am just going to take a look at the situation, I have propriety,”

Liu Luo Yi wanted to say something, but Wei Chi Die on one side suddenly pulled Liu Luo Yi towards her, smiling, and winked at her: “I say, Little Liu’er, don’t worry about her. She has a good life, don’t say a mere prison, she could even budge into the palace.”

With a stern face, Wei Chi Li coughed.

Wei Chi Die twist her body and rolled her eyes at Wei Chi Li, pulling Liu Luo Yi and walked out: “Okay okay, I will call you Miss Liu and not Little Liu’er, or else someone might show me an attitude.”

Wei Chi Li knew that Wei Chi Die has seen through her heart, hence she could only stroke her forehead helplessly.

When Liu Luo Yi passed by the next door, she suddenly stopped, and pushed open a gap to look in. And saw that Lord Liu was holding a flask wine, swaying, and muttering something.

She turned her head and whispered: “Eldest princess, how did you make him speak without reserve?”

Wei Chi Die scratched her head uncomfortably then took out a small medicine bottle from her clothes and whispered: “I will tell you but don’t tell Wei Chi Li. I stole this from Royal father and there are only 2 bottles in the whole of Northern Territory. All these old gingers would only get drunk, so how can they say so much?”

Liu Luo Yi nodded then suddenly turned around and looked at Wei Chi Li.

Wei Chi Li glanced at her then immediately with sharp-eyes, she saw the medicine bottle in Wei Chi Die’s hands. Hence, she rushed over enthusiastically and squeezed to Wei Chi Die’s side, smiling: “What is this?”

Wei Chi Die was sandwiched between the 2 and her face turned black. She simply gave up struggling and stuffed the medicine bottle into Wei Chi Li’s hands: “The size of your nail is enough. Save up and don’t use too much.”

Wei Chi Li took over the medicine bottle and went downstairs happily. Saying in her heart that the Northern Territory has a lot of good stuff and at least now she has some assurance.

Wei Chi Die talked to Liu Luo Yi behind her back: “I knew it, you will definitely tell her intentionally.”

Liu Luo Yi smiled and said: “If Eldest Princess does not want to let Princess know, you would not have told me.”

As if not hearing her words, Wei Chi Die continued walking forward.

This time Wei Chi Li did not delay. After she returned to the mansion, she asked Wei Chi Die to quickly find out Yang Zheng’s portrait. That night, she secretly took Xin Ran and was prepared to head towards the GuoLong Mountain. Who knew that the moment she went out of the door, she was blocked by someone.

Borrowing the moonlight, she could see that it was Liu Luo Yi. Hence, she smiled and said: “It is so late now, why didn’t you go back to bed? Don’t worry, there are people protecting in the mansion and there is sister around too, so it is very safe.”

Liu Luo Yi stepped forward and pulled her sleeves, looking into her eyes: “I am worried about you.”

Straightforward, unconcealed worries.

Wei Chi Li was taken aback and then immediately smiled again.

Then, suddenly a warm and soft body was thrown into her arms. Liu Luo Yi stepped forward to hug her, wrapping both her arms around her waist.

Then she raised her head to look at Wei Chi Li, blushing as she said: “I will wait for you to come back.”

That pair of almond eyes which were often misty was now illuminated brightly by the moonlight. When Wei Chi Li looked at her, her face suddenly turned red. She thought dazedly, if the moon was not too hot today, then it must be her heart that was too hot.

The warmth in her arms did not last long as Liu Luo Yi quickly backed away with her hands behind her back. Using that pair of hands that had just embraced Wei Chi Li, she desperately rubbed her sleeves.

Every time she got closer; she would be terribly nervous.

Upon seeing this scene, Xin Ran quickly moved out of the courtyard quietly. 1 step, 2, 3 steps and when she was far away from the 2 only then did, she heaved a sigh of relief and ran away.

Why does she often felt that when her princess and Miss Liu were standing together, the surrounding atmosphere was always weird. Like boiled sugar syrup, steaming hot and pleasantly sweet.

Wei Chi Li’s arms suddenly cooled down and felt that it was empty. She looked at Liu Luo Yi lowering her head and backed away. Not knowing where the courage came from, she suddenly took a few quick steps forward, using her right hand to wrap around Liu Luo Yi’s slender shoulders and pressed her directly into her arms.

Liu Luo Yi did not react, and her body could not help but lean towards Wei Chi Li. By the time she came to her sense, Wei Chi Li’s shoulders was in front of her and Wei Chi Li’s body warmth surrounds her whole body.

She was astounded as she pinched the clothes around Wei Chi Li’s waist with haste.

“Always like this.” Wei Chi Li said with a soft laugh as she moved her right hand up and caressed Liu Luo Yi’s head.

Liu Luo Yi did not react nor moved.

It was late and Wei Chi Li raised her eyes to looked at the sky. She let go of Liu Luo Yi reluctantly and said in her ears: “Go back, have a sleep and I will be back already. Wait for me.”

She glanced at Liu Luo Yi one last time as she suppressed the impulse in her heart. Must deal with the immediate troubles first before saying some things.

After letting go of Liu Luo Yi, she uses QingGong, tapping her toes in the air and jumped across the wall silently and soon even the afterimage could not be seen.

Liu Luo Yi looked at the night sky quietly and reached out her hand to touch her hair like how Wei Chi Li often did. At this moment, she began to hate as to why she does not know martial arts like the others, so she could face those dangers with her.

“Be strong, Liu Luo Yi.” She murmured. Only by becoming stronger, could she be worthy of liking her.

On the other side, Wei Chi Li was running in the dark and someone suddenly caught up behind her. Wei Chi Li subconsciously said: “Xin Ran, didn’t you leave first, so how come did you just catch up to me?”

“Xin Ran your head, open your eyes to see.” A familiar voice sounded behind her.

[T/L Note]: We are half-way there!!!! I highly recommend preparing a bucket or insulin or tissues for the rest of the chapters. Maybe punching bag too? (⌍་д་⌌)

I need more motivation!! MOTIVATE MEEEEEE to Translate!! I am being way too lazy! GAAHHH!!!

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