Chapter 5: Threats

His voice was hoarse yet magnetic, it was filled with malicious intention, making the atmosphere, oppressive.

Just when Wei Chi Li was about to admit it, she saw Lu Yun Kui circled around her and stood in front of Liu Luo Yi. Looking down at her condescendingly, but Liu Luo Yi did not yield and looked at him.

Wei Chi Li raised her eyebrows slightly, feeling a little unhappy. Did he just ignore her?

“You have the nerves! Not only did you carry a weapon, but you also even attacked me? Liu Luo Yi, Ah, Liu Luo Yi. You have a black heart. Do not forget that your father and brother is in my hands. Believe it or not, I will let your brother suffer so much pain that he begs to die.”

Upon hearing this, Liu Luo Yi clenched her fist as she stared at Lu Yun Kui angrily: “What are you going to do to him?”

Seeing that she was getting anxious, Lu Yun Kui relaxed and smiled: “I’m a small official and do not have any means. I will simply let him experience what he had experienced before.”

Liu Luo Yi’s eyes darkened, her blood boils and almost fainted. She glared at Lu Yun Kui with cracked eyes and could not say anything.

Wei Chi Li looked on from behind. She was quite curious as to what kind of insidious tricks Lu Yun Kui had used to irritate Liu Luo Yi to this extent.

“What you want, I will listen to you.’ Liu Luo Yi said, after a moment of silence.

Lu Yun Kui smiled brilliantly: “You will know what I want If you follow me now.”

“Okay.” Liu Luo Yi closed her eyes, feeling anguished. She feared that this was her life because Lu Yun Kui was holding onto her 2 weaknesses, making her unable to seek life or death.

 This was when Wei Chi Li coughed loudly, breaking this strange atmosphere.

 Lu Yun Kui frowned, and his expression showed that he was feeling very impatient. But when he turned around, his expression was gentle like spring breeze: “Li’er, do not be wilful, I’m not ignoring you. But this shrewd servant hurt someone in broad daylight. I will teach her a lesson.”

“Oh, broad daylight ah.” Wei Chi Li unreasonable yet firm, “I was the one.”

“What?” Lu Yun Kui’s expression changed slightly.

“As my man yet you went out to hook-up and womanized. If this were to happen in our Northern Territory, you would have been drag out and beaten to death. I have only taught you a little lesson.” Wei Chi Li said with a smile.

Lu Yun Kui looked at her like he was looking at a lunatic and was not able to say anything for a while.

In the past, when it comes to a similar situation, Wei Chi Li would have been submissive. However, these 2 days, she was a lot harder to deal with as compared to Liu Luo Yi.

The feeling of breaking away from control was frustrating.

“Li’er, could it be that you have been possessed? All of these were done by you?” Lu Yun Kui asked as he opened his clothes, showing the wounds that was cut by Liu Luo Yi.

“Yes.” Wei Chi Li happily admitted.

When Liu Luo Yi who was at the side heard this, she looked at Wei Chi Li with surprise. But Wei Chi Li was simply standing there calmly, tall and was not afraid.

Liu Luo Yi was puzzled. Why would Wei Chi Li help her again and again?

Lu Yun Kui had always been subtle, so when facing Wei Chi Li huge transformation, he quickly recovered his calmness: “Li’er, you have misunderstood, I have enmity towards this shrewd servant and would never do anything improper. Besides, I have a deep affection for you, so how can i have feelings for a servant?”

It really was an amazing acting by an acting king, Wei Chi Li said in her heart.

However, Wei Chi Li was neither afraid of heaven nor earth. Her skin was thicker than anyone else, so how could she admit defeat?

She reached out her slender finger, fiddling casually with her hair and smiled: “I believe you, it’s just that this princess has always been unable to tolerate nails, if one day, this nail has been hammered in, it would be impossible to uproot it.”

She deliberately said ‘this princess” very clearly.

Unexpectedly, in this life, she could use power to suppressed others, she felt comfortable.

Sure enough, Lu Yun Kui’s face has visibly darkened, he nodded slightly, as he swung his arms and strode out.

Liu Luo Yi followed numbly and almost tripped several times. She did not turn to looked at Wei Chi Li and Wei Chi Li never say anything more to rescue her.

She did not trust her; the matter of trust was something that could not be forced.

When the footsteps outside has faded, Xin Ran who was stunned at the side, rushed forward to hugged Wei Chi Li’s waist. She hugged tightly and then howled with tears.

Wei Chi Li: ……….

“What’s the matter with you, let me go first!” Wei Chi Li struggled for a while, yet she could not get away.

Fuck, why was this girl so strong?

Wei Chi Li gave up: “What are you crying for?”

“Princess ah, you are finally back. This is what the princess was like in the past. Straightforward, arrogant, and rude! Ever since you met the young master, you have completely changed. Now, you have changed back, Xin Ran, Xin Ran is happy! Wu Wu Wu……”

Wei Chi Li felt a headache coming, why could she not use idioms……

“But princess, when did our Northern Territory drag womanisers out to beat them to death?” Xin Ran raised her head and asked.

“I lied.” Wei Chi Li said confidently.

“You’ve just said that I’ve changed, where did I changed?” Wei Chi Li asked. She took this opportunity to probed for information and understand this body’s identity and background.

Xin Ran released her hand and said as she wiped her tears: “You have changed everywhere. In the past, princess was ambitious and had often followed the king to the barracks. Riding, shooting, and martial arts were not below men. But now, you are willing to live in this small courtyard for young master. Young master has also forbidden you from practising martial arts, let alone riding and shooting.”

“In Xin Ran’s opinion, princess was not willing to be raised in a pen but was an indomitable Northern Territory princess. It’s a pity now that the king’s cultivation was all wasted away.”

When she said the last sentence, Xin Ran lowered her voice. She had deliberately reminded Wei Chi Li, but according to her princess’ former attitude, she would lose her temper upon hearing such words.

But now, the temporal is different, her princess was holding her cheek and lost in thoughts.

Wei Chi Li was not bothered by Xin Ran speaking with a tongue-in-cheek. She was immersed in shock upon hearing her own identity.

According Xin Ran, she was not just a princess. She was indomitable and after cultivation, it was possible that she had the chance to inherit the country.

Wei Chi Li felt a burst of ecstasy in her heart. Oh my god, female crown prince, could she be the emperor in the television drama, sitting high above the world and looked down and refuted the world.

However, the fire of ecstasy was soon extinguished by cold water. Being this deep in this residence, and was used and controlled by Lu Yun Kui, she was just a tool that could not even keep her own life.

Xin Ran watched her princess’ expression changes from excitement to sadness.

“Then my, imperial father, how is he now?” Wei Chi Li probed.

“Ever since the princess severed the relationship with the king, the king had never inquired about the princess. Only occasionally sending people to bring some money and had never said a single word. Princess, this servant will speak bluntly, the king treats you so well, but for a mere Lu Yun Kui, you had hurt him so badly by being viciously mean towards him.”

Xin Ran was ready to give her all and spewed out to Wei Chi Li quickly. She had held back all these words for too long and never dared to say it.

“What did i say?” Wei Chi Li asked.

“You have said, the king raised you so he can use you, and obstruct your love in every way possible. He just did not want you to have a good life and want to sever the relationship with him” Xin Ran said with a poker face.

Wei Chi Li really wanted to slap herself.

How could she be be so stupid to this extent. She could not tell the difference between the reliable ones and the non-reliable ones and she was a person with talent too!

In the next few days, Wei Chi Li did not see Liu Luo Yi or Lu Yun Kui. She was feeling bored in her own room. Sometimes, she would either drag Xin Ran to chat or find some books to read, before finally figuring out the current situation.

She was now in a country and the dynasty was ‘Yan’. The country located in the central plains was strong and peaceful, while her hometown was in the Northern Territory. As the name suggests, it was located in the north and belongs to the minority. They were brave and skillful in wars and have fought for a world for themselves.

And her body was indeed capable of martial arts. And it seems like her martial art was rather good. Presumably, the Northern Territory king had trained her since young. It was probably not an easy feat.

The Northern Territory king does not have many descendants. The original owner’s mother had died early on and the Northern Territory king did not take any imperial concubine. Leaving only her and her sister; Wei Chi Die. Wei Chi Die does not care about politics let alone riding and shooting.

Therefore, the original owner’s wilfulness and the aftermath had directly affected the defeat of Northern Territory and the destruction of the country and family.

Every time Wei Chi Li heard about these things; her liver would hurt from anger.

On this day, Wei Chi Li pestered Xin Ran to tell her the story of the original owner when she was young. Just when the 2 of them were talking about an interesting part, a servant wandered in, lowered her head, and said: “Princess, the master wishes to see you.”

Wei Chi Li waved her hand to dismissed her. Xin Ran stepped forward and asked: “Princess, do you want to change your clothes?”

“No need.” Wei Chi Li simply tidied up her wrinkled dress and take a step out.

These couple of days, Lu Yun Kui had not come here at all. Thinking about the kind of life the original owner had lived and now that he called her over, it must be a bad thing.

Lu Yun Kui’s study room was in a secluded corner, and one must pass through a garden to see it.

The garden was not big. It was planted with a variety of flowers, separated by some contiguous rockeries, forming a landscape garden.

Wei Chi Li could see someone standing on top of the rockery, reaching out her arm to trim a tree.

That person was trembling and had nearly slipped several times, making it looked extremely dangerous.

Wei Chi Li murmured in her heart. What kind of person would not even use a ladder and dare to climbed up so high? If one would fell onto a rock, that person would lose half a life.

She held her breath and walked closer. Looking up, that person had nearly stepped on air, causing Wei Chi Li to feel frightened for the person.

“Hey, you are just pruning branches, why are you so slow!” the sudden shout came from nowhere, startling Wei Chi Li.

At the same time, the person on top did not stand firm and fell straight down. Wei Chi Li did not have the time to think and reached out subconsciously to catch.

What was more helpless was that when the person fell, the large bits and pieces of branches and leaves fell onto Wei Chi Li’s face, making her unable to see anything.

After that, she only felt a weight on her body as she fell on her back.

[T/L Note]: Chinese garden looks something like this.

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  1. Thank you for the update!! Means a lot to me. Life has been hectic lately and this is like a breather for me ehehe.

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