Chapter 4: She is Soft

“Bastard!” Wei Chi Li swiftly turned around and came out, she could not stand it anymore. How did this ridiculous scumbag get the male lead’s position?

It was a pity that Lu Yun Kui was too engrossed and did not realize that there was another person behind him.

Wei Chi Li turned around from her original location and picked up the latch that has fell off from the door, she raised her hand and flicked it towards the back of Lu Yun Kui’s head.

With a muffled sound, Lu Yun Kui went limp and collapsed onto Liu Luo Yi’s body.

The whole process was very dexterous, not messy at all.

Liu Luo Yi was frightened again, she desperately tried to push Lu Yun Kui away. Under the intense emotions, the broken porcelain in her hand made a few cuts on Lu Yun Kui’s arm.

Wei Chi Li quickly stepped forward, forcefully dragged Lu Yun Kui down from the bed and threw him onto the ground fiercely. Muttering as she drags him: “heavy, heavy like a pig.”

 A page boy outside the door heard the movement and shouted anxiously: “Master! This one is coming in!”

Wei Chi Li roared: “Shut up, this princess has something important to discuss with your master, guard the door properly!”

The original owner’s tricky and unreasonable temperament was powerful indeed, as the row of page boys looked at one another, not daring to say anything.

Liu Luo Yi slowly got up, panting as she looks at Wei Chi Li helplessly. Half of her clothes were ripped off, there were blood on her red lips, that white tender and delicate shoulders together with the watery eyes, made her looked attractive.

Wei Chi Li felt her heartbeat inexplicably sped up; she quickly closed her eyes. As she bent down to removed Lu Yun Kui’s outer clothing roughly and then covered Liu Luo Yi’s body completely.

Only then did she open her eyes. But proceeded to laughed at herself in her heart, they were all women, so what was the point of being nervous?

The expression in Liu Luo Yi’s eyes was disorganised. She raised her hand to pull the clothes off, got up from the bed and she slowly walked out as though she has been possessed.

Wei Chi Li did not care about anything else and rushed forward to stopped her. If she was allowed to go out looking like this, it would be disastrous.

“Hey, wake up!” Wei Chi Li shouted beside her ear.

The page boys outside the door heard that there was another commotion. They looked at each other trying to guess what was happening in the room. But because of this headless speculation, they do not even dare to enter the room.

Liu Luo Yi then shook violently, her eyes focused. She did not wait to see who was in front of her then rushed forward to hugged Wei Chi Li, refusing to let go.

The sudden jade-like figure with soft fragrance embrace made Wei Chi Li feels lost. She did not have many friends in the past and had never acted so intimately with anyone.

“Mother, save me, save me, I’m scared……” Liu Luo Yi choked. Her whole body shrunk into the arms of the person in front of her as much as possible, as if she could find a trace of security.

Wei Chi Li felt helpless and was afraid that Lu Yun Kui would wake up anytime soon. She could only gently pat Liu Luo Yi’s back and said softly: “Be good, I am here, so you are safe now.”

Liu Luo Yi seems to have eased somewhat. She rubbed her head on Wei Chi Li’s shoulder and muttered softly: “Mother, don’t go.”

Wei Chi Li did not dare to look down at all. Liu Luo Yi’s figure was amazing, although she looks thin and weak, but there was not a single part lacking. And though both were women, she felt weird.

As a North-eastern girl that grew up in a public bathhouse, how could she be afraid of this?

She could not understand.

Lu Yun Kui slightly moved. Wei Chi Li knew that if they continued to waste time here, neither of them would be able to run away. Hence, she decided to hit the back of Liu Luo Yi’s neck.

Liu Luo Yi stopped moving.

Wei Chi Li muttered ‘I have sin, I have sin’ in her heart, then took off her large coat and then wrapped around Liu Luo Yi. After that, she exerted a great deal of strength to drag Lu Yun Kui back to the bed and arranged him properly.

why not kill him now? Wei Chi Li thought of something evil as she looked at the unguarded Lu Yun Kui.

Suddenly, a sharp pain rushed to her heart. She groaned and nearly gave Lu Yun Kui a kowtow.

“I don’t kill, don’t kill anymore!” she immediately frowned. After a few minutes she returned to normal.

Sure, enough she could not. Wei Chi Li exhaled and gave Lu Yun Kui a rough kick. Then turned around to helped Liu Luo Yi up onto her shoulder as she was completely knocked out so she could not drag her away.

Wei Chi Li thought about it for a moment and then bent down to carry Liu Luo Yi.

The young girl’s body was soft and light, making it effortless.

She strode out of the room and was immediately surrounded by a group of page boys. Wei Chi Li was calm and firm: “your master is asleep, if there is nothing important, do not wake him up.”

The pageboys nodded and bowed.

Wei Chi Li stepped out of their sight naturally and then started running. She ran all the way back to her courtyard and burst through the door, almost running into Xin Ran who was pacing near the door.

As if Wei Chi Li saw her saviour, she threw the person in her hand into Xin Ran’s arm, then turned around to close the door and locked it. Finally, she sat down against the door, panting.

Xin Ran looked at Wei Chi Li with a blank expression, then looked down. She screamed and almost threw Liu Luo Yi out.

If you throw her out, I will throw you out.” Wei Chi Li wiped the sweat off her forehead.

She was a law-abiding citizen in her previous life. She had killed a lot of birds, but this was the first time she had beaten someone. So even though she looked calm on the surface, she was panicking on the inside.

“Princess, what did you do just now? Why did you bring her back too? even dressed like this……” Xin Ran looked at Liu Luo Yi’s messy clothes with a weird expression.

“Don’t think too much, find a room to settle her down first then change her clothes, I am going to take a break.” Wei Chi Li clutched her chest as she hobbled through the luxurious inner courtyard and the corridor full of bonsai, then back to her room.

She collapsed onto the bed and slept all the way till sunset.

Wei Chi Li opened her eyes and looked out from the window at the azure blue sky mixed with fiery red, and the blurred silhouette of the trees. Suddenly, a huge sense of loss immediately surrounds her.

She came to an unfamiliar era all alone.

But with Wei Chi Li’s character, she would never be sad for too long. She took a deep breath and sat up properly. For now, there were a lot of things that has yet to be resolved, she has to survived, then she could be sad about it.

Wei Chi Li stretches and strolled into the wing room. Liu Luo Yi was still fast asleep.

Wei Chi Li sat down, drinking tea while watching quietly at the brilliant molten gold-like sunset that was gradually concealed by the mountains. In the end, there was only dim skylight shining through the window. Everything else seems to be covered by a layer of grey veil.

Liu Luo Yi woke up. Dazedly, she looked at the blurred plum blossom paper. The faint sandalwood fragrance from the incense burner made her a little absent-minded.

“You are finally awake.” Wei Chi Li yawned.

Suddenly hearing a voice, Liu Luo Yi moved back abruptly and watches Wei Chi Li vigilantly.

Wei Chi Li’s diametrically opposite attitude towards made her feel a little depressed. She walked over, picked up a fire fold(!) and blew it then lit the candles 1 by 1. The room became brighter.

(!)火折子 Hu Zhe Zi/ fire fold: scroll all the way down for the image.

“I’ve saved you once, this is how you repay me?”

Liu Luo Yi’s eyes flashed then looked down at her body.

“Don’t worry, he didn’t succeed and was knocked out by me.” Wei Chi Li smiled.

Liu Luo Yi still looked at Wei Chi Li with eyes full of vilgiant. After a while she bowed and thanked her.

“That’s it?” Wei Chi Li was a little disappointed, she thought that she could win over the female lead. Who knew this girl was full of thorns.

The road is long and far.

“What else do you want, I have nothing else that is useful, and he doesn’t really like me. I only have 1 lousy life, if you want, come and get it.” Liu Luo Yi said it flatly as she curled the corner of her lips, but her expression was full of satire.

It seemed like Liu Luo Yi was not a silly white sweet, but a little hedgehog covered in spikes. No wonder, she would kill the female supporting lead in the end. Wei Chi Li thinks quietly.

It was just that, with such encouragement, why not killed the male lead!

She did not know what else did the original owner had done to her, that made her so defensive.

“I will not do anything to you, I will help you, will you trust me?” Wei Chi Li decided to struggle one more time.

Liu Luo Yi hugged her knees, without replying. Only her eyelashes fluttered slightly, as it was printed on the wall by the candlelight. Like a black fluffy wing.

Wei Chi Li sighed. Since she does not trust her, forget it. After all she was the one who killed Wei Chi Li, so keeping a distance was a good thing.

“I will not force you; I will have Xin Ran send you back.”

Liu Luo Yi nodded and got down the bed slowly, but the process was a bit difficult.

The clothes she was wearing belongs to Wei Chi Li which was a bit long. In addition to that…. It was extremely complicated.  On the waistband and cuffs, there was circle of tassel made with multicoloured feathers. There were also jade beads embedded in the tassel.

Liu Luo Yi bent over to find her shoes. As a result, the tassels around the waist and cuffs got entangled, and she nearly rolled off from the bed.

Wei Chi Li quickly stepped forward to give her a hand. She scolded Xin Ran several times in her heart, it must be that girl who deliberately bullied Liu Luo Yi. Otherwise, of all the dresses, she must choose such an expensive one.

Obviously, Liu Luo Yi could see that this was intentional. However, this blame was all on Wei Chi Li.

She gave Wei Chi Li a look and said nothing.

It was over, the misunderstanding has gotten larger, Wei Chi Li cried without tears.

“Thank you for taking me in.” Liu Luo Yi saluted.

The courtyard was already brightly lit by the lanterns hung by the servants. Wei Chi Li strode ahead while Liu Luo Yi followed behind with small steps. Based on the etiquette, there was no fault, but Wei Chi Li felt an inexplicably upset.

Perhaps, it was Liu Luo Yi’s cold and distance attitude that made her quite unhappy.

This was the first time Wei Chi Li shared empathy with the male lead.

At this moment, Xin Ran suddenly rushed up: “Princess, the young master is here.”

Soon after, a hand with distinct joints reached out from behind Xin Ran, pushing her aside forcefully. Lu Yun Kui’s face appeared under the lantern. At one glace, he looks three parts like a person and seven parts like a ghost.

Wei Chi Li did not react, but Liu Luo Yi who was behind was so frightened that she sucked in a breath of cold air and stopped walking.

“Who hurt me in broad daylight?” Lu Yun Kui growled.

[T/L Note]: So, Fire fold or 火折子 was used in the ancient time to light up lanterns/candle etc. Basically, all you have to do, is blow on it and there will be fire.

P.S this chapter was rushed out. so editing was a bit rough.

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  1. Thank you for being soft-hearted and for saving us from the cliff. Your kindness will never be forgotten.

    Lolol. How will Wei Chi Li wash herself clean from her “sin”? Mwahahaha. I’m curious to see how shameless she can go.

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  3. “they were all women, so what was the point of being nervous?”

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    So I this just a story set in the old times ? Thiyght it was wuxia or xuanhuan or something lol.

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