Chapter 6: Soft and Fragrant

Wei Chi Li frowned and snorted when her back slammed against the rock. Not only did it hurt a lot, that person was also pressing on her, making her unable to get up. The pain made her extremely uncomfortable.

That person should be a woman. The body was soft with an indescribable floral fragrance.

“Hey, you still don’t want to get up quickly, do you want to crush me to death?” Wei Chi Li hummed.

The warm body in front stumbled and quickly stood up, feeling a little lost and muttered: “Sorry.”

Wei Chi Li was feeling very depressed. What kind of evil had she committed that she would be smashed by someone while watching excitement at the side? Could it be that this was the kind of life a female supporting lead should have?

The female supporting lead has no human rights!

A pair of slender hands gently held onto her arm and tried to pull her up. However, Wei Chi Li was in so much pain that she could not use any strength. After trying again for a long time, she was still lying on the same area.

“Sorry, I will go get medicine for you.”

The voice was soft and kind, pleasant to listen, she must be a gentle girl.

Wei Chi Li had always had a good impression for gentle people. Her mind rippled for a while before she waved her hand: “No need, I’ll get it myself.”

She laid on the grass for a while more. Once she felt better, she sat up slowly.

Only after she focused her eyes and looked around, she realized that there was no one in front of her, leaving only messy leaves and branches with a faint floral fragrance lingering in the air.

“Run for what, I’m not a princess and won’t eat you.” Wei Chi Li muttered, feeling regretful.

Such a soft and tender girl must be a servant from the residence. Although she crushed her, Wei Chi Li was not angry but instead find it a little funny.

It was much better than the cold female lead who was unable to differentiate good from the bad.

“Greetings to Madam.” a crisp voice sounded; Wei Chi Li then realized that just now there were 2 people. And it was because of a sudden shout from this person that had gotten her crushed.

Immediately, she was unhappy. She turned around to look and saw a woman with an insincere smile standing gracefully in front of her.

It was true that the ancient backyard was full of beautiful women, Wei Chi Li thought.

The woman’s pupil eyes were pitch black yet bright, her eyebrows were curved, and she looks no older than 28years old. Overall, she looks pure and pleasant. But the smile on her mouth does not looked as harmless as her appearance.

Lou Yue. This name appeared in Wei Chi Li’s mind. She was the person she saw during the family banquet. 

In the book, she was second only to the vicious female supporting lead when it comes to being malicious. Born in the brothel, good at scheming and was very much loved by Lu Yun Kui, however, she did not have a good ending.

After all, the ones that went against the female lead has no good ending.

Although the 2 of them suffered the same fate, Wei Chi Li, for some reason do not like her. Perhaps it was her malice that was too obvious.

“Do not have to be so courteous, just call me princess.” Wei Chi Li said with a smile.

The expression in Lou Yue’s eyes changes slightly, but still smiled brightly and said: “Yes, Princess.”

“Just now, was that a servant? Why let her climb so high? What if she fell and died? Wei Chi Li frowned as she asked.

 “Replying to princess, it was Lu’lang who ordered me to watch her. She had committed some mistakes and angered Lu’lang, and if she really fell, she deserved the punishment.”

Wei Chi Li looked her up and down. Sure enough, although she was credited for scheming, the set-up was still smaller.

Shouting Lu’lang, Lu’lang in front of the main wife, was it not to make her angry? It was the usual routine for her.

“Oh, I see, you can go.” Wei Chi Li said lightly with a seemingly indifferent expression.

She did not care about it. If Lu Yun Kui died earlier, she would feel at ease earlier. So why would she care about the ladies at the backyard with their schemes and tricks.

This time, Lou Yue had landed her fist on a cotton. She was frustrated but showed nothing on her face. After saluting, she walked away angrily.

Wei Chi Li shook her head and finally remember that she has an important thing to attend. She fumbled around, finding Lu Yun Kui’s study room, she opened the door and walked in.

Once she came in and seeing Liu Luo Yi knelt on the grown with messy hair. Wei Chi Li’s heart thumped and looked at her intently.

Fortunately, only her hair was a bit messy, and there were some cuts on her face as though it was accidentally scratched by something. Wei Chi Li relaxed and turned her head to look at Lu Yun Kui.

“Why are you looking for me?” Wei Chi Li asked.

Lu Yun Kui put on the gentlest smile and approached Wei Chi Li: “I’m your husband, I looked for you because I missed you.”

Lying to a ghost? Wei Chi Li said in her heart.

“These few days, the emperor has ordered to sort out the archives and was really busy with official duties and have no free time to see Li’er. Coupled with 3years of hard work and have been in the current position for 3 years now, I need to be more cautious.” As Lu Yun Kui said that, he reached out to remove the leaves from Wei Chi Li’s head.

Wei Chi Li stepped back subconsciously.

Lu Yun Kui seemed to have not seen it and continued: “Li’er, after getting promoted and with higher salary, I will take you out of this small house and searched for a better place. Then I shall pick up the 2 elders from hometown to live a good life together.”

Wei Chi Li gave a casual ‘oh’, wondering what Lu Yun Kui was planning now.

She turned to looked at Liu Luo Yi. She had her head lowered as if she were isolated from the world and could not hear the movement here.

“Li’er.” Lu Yun Kui increased his tone slightly, with a threatening means.

Wei Chi Li turned around and looked at him and smiled at him: “That’s good, continue to work hard. Ao Li Gei奥利给(!).”

(!)奥利给Ao Li Gei: This phrase was created by a Chinese anchor during live broadcast. The reversed way of reading it is “Galileo’, it means work hard, good luck. ‘gei/给’ means gives, hence, lu yun kui asked that question.

“What gives?” Lu Yun Kui frowned.

“Nothing.” Wei Chi Li said casually.

Lu Yun Kui seemed to be a little annoyed. He reached out and grabbed Wei Chi Li’s arm and pulled her forcefully into his arm and said with his voice, lowered: “I’m talking to you, so better listen to it.”

“These few days, you will go to the palace a few more times, and help me by borrowing the Northern Territory King’s name. Do you understand?”

Finally, unable to pretend anymore, Wei Chi Li snorted and shook off Lu Yun Kui’s hands forcefully. Feeling annoyed as she tidied up the wrinkled sleeves.

“I don’t have that much idling time. Besides, when I married you, I have severed my relationship with my imperial father. Now you want me to borrow his name to help you, how is it possible?”

“Or did you marry me just for promotion?” Wei Chi Li changed the conversation and raised her eyes slightly and stared right into Lu Yun Kui’s eyes.

Lu Yun Kui was startled, and his eyes flickered. He had never thought that Wei Chi Li would be so difficult to control. If it were before, she would not refused as long as he said a word.

Moreover, looking at Wei Chi Li’s eyes, he felt chills up his back. Those originally pure and simple pupils was now like the abyss and one could not see anything at all.

Lu Yun Kui lowered his eyes and smiled softly: “How could it be, naturally when I married you, my plan was to grow old with you.”

Fuck you, Wei Chi LI said in her heart.

“I don’t have the ability. Aren’t you the capital’s rare young talent? The emperor is wise, impartial, and omniscient. If you really have the talent, why should I help?”

Lu Yun Kui’s expression changed.

Wei Chi Li suddenly turned around and her tone has become lighter: “So, Lu’lang has full of ideas for states policy, and had pursued hard for your studies, you do not have to worry about being promoted. I love you so much, so would naturally believe in your capabilities.”

“Don’t you agree?” Wei Chi Li asked with a smile.

Lu Yun Kui clenched his fist and curled the corner of his lips reluctantly.

“Since this is so, so why worry.” Wei Chi Li reached out her hand to her ear and fanned herself as she finds a place to sit down and picked up a snack to taste.

On the other side, Lu Yun Kui still clenched his fists and his eyes was filled with anger.

His self-esteem was strong. Normally he would clashed with the people that had looked down on him, and would seek revenge for the smallest grievances. This thread can be seen from how he treated Liu Luo Yi’s father.

A typical villain model

Lu Yun Kui looked at Wei Chi Li with eyes full of murderous intent. However, Wei Chi Li was a princess of a country, and it was still useful to keep her around, so he could not touch her for the time being.  After she is of no use, it was not too late to get rid of her.

Naturally, Wei Chi Li was aware of his murderous intent, but she knew she was still safe at the present and do not care about it.

To be able to make this disgusting male lead so angry, she felt a sense of accomplishment.

“You. go and pour tea for the princess.” Lu Yun Kui growled, trying to hide his hostility.

Liu Luo Yi’s body trembled and then slowly stood up. She picked up the teapot at the side to pour a cup of tea and brought it over to Wei Chi Li.

Hearing this, Wei Chi Li raised her head and noticed that Liu Luo Yi’s right leg was limping.

The girl just now, was it not her? She was wearing servant’s clothes, so she could not tell.

“Princess, please.” Liu Luo Yi said with a cold tone with no emotion.

Wei Chi Li reached out to received it, but Liu Luo Yi moved passed her hands and placed the cup on the table and spilt some tea.

Wei Chi Li immediately dismissed the idea as she pursed her lips. Just now that girl was soft and pleasant, unlike Liu Luo Yi who was cold and unreasonable.

“This is how you served the princess?” Lu Yun Kui raised his eyebrows.

“Pour me another cup.” he said.

Liu Luo Yi did not look at him as she poured another cup of tea and brought it to Lu Yun Kui. Lu Yun Kui suddenly snatched over the cup and splashed the tea onto Liu Luo Yi’s face.

Wei Chi Li was taken aback. She frowned and looked at Lu Yun Kui.

What kind of garbage man is this? He did not dare to fight her, so he bullied Liu Luo Yi who was not able fight back.

Liu Luo Yi subconsciously tilted her head slightly. The water splashed onto her hair and placket. The water hung onto her eyelashes like a glittering chiffon.

Liu Luo Yi closed her eyes bitterly, and when she turned back, her expression was as calm as before.

Fortunately, the tea was left for a while and was not as hot as it was when it was soaked. Otherwise, this floral-like jade face would have been disfigured. Wei Chi Li sighed.

“You are no longer a young miss, you are now my servant, Whatever I say is the final say, you are not allowed to defy!” Wei Chi Li said word for word with hostility.

He was tall and full of coercion as he stood in front of Liu Luo Yi.

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