Chapter 41: Scalded

Liu Luo Yi was surprised to hear her words. Her heart trembled abruptly, her blood seemed to surge up into her head and her legs were sluggish.

She looked at Wei Chi Li, feeling that her eyes made one’s heart palpitate.

“Are you okay?” Wei Chi Li felt that her mood was not right and quickly reached out to pull her wrist.

Liu Luo Yi shook her head and took a deep breath as she warned herself in her heart, not to lose her attitude. But could only think of this phrase and the rest was blank.

She allowed Wei Chi Li to pull her and walked into the room. Once the door behind her was closed, only then did she calm down a little.

Wei Chi Li ah Wei Chi Li, do you know that your few words have easily disrupted everything that I have planned. She closed her eyes and said it in her mind.

These few days she rarely sleeps, as the moment she laid on the bed, Wei Chi Die’s words began to echo in her ears.

You like her.

Does she like her? She does not know but could not help but think about it.

In the short life she has lived, she has never met anyone other than Wei Chi Li who could give her these kinds of feelings: makes one’s heart palpitate, feel heartache, and be moved.

She slowly walks towards the bedside and reached out to touch the dress. It was indeed the best material, soft like water. It was still white but not plain, the skirt was embroidered with large flowers, the blouse was lithe, making one thought of the butterfly wings under the sunlight.

She curled the corner of lips slightly.

Wei Chi Li was about to fall asleep while sitting on the chair as her upper and lower eyelids were fighting from time to time. Only then did the door in front, opened and the breeze blew past and she woke up.

Liu Luo Yi stood in front of her feeling rather uncomfortable as she lowered her head to looked at herself, her expression was a little shy.

She has never worn such a gorgeous dress, not even when she was by her father’s side.

“Only you, with such appearance is worthy of this dress.” Wei Chi Li’s eyes were full of appreciation. Disregarding if this were ancient times, even if she thought about the beauties she has seen on the television network, no one could be compared to Liu Luo Yi.

Of course, this because beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

“Presumably, will receive a lot of flowers later.”

Liu Luo Yi glanced at her then turned and walked to the door, smiling: “They can give, but I do not want it.”

Wei Chi Li was taken aback for a moment and quickly catch up as she looked at her from the sideways: “You smiled? Did you smile just now?”

Liu Luo Yi was too lazy to talk to her as she only cared about walking forward on her own.

The 2 strolled around aimlessly and from time to time, someone holding a bouquet of flowers walked towards them. Most of those who walked towards Wei Chi Li were frightened away by her eyes. While those who walked towards Liu Luo Yi were mostly frightened away by Wei Chi Li’s eyes too.

Soon, it was noon and Wei Chi Li took Liu Luo Yi to the Qin Chun Restaurant from last time. As soon as they entered through the door, they saw several familiar faces.

There were several women sitting on the first floor, on the right-hand side of the lobby. Among them were Wen Qiong and Qiu Wu Jin. Wen Qiong was gorgeously dressed and there were many bouquets of flowers beside her feet.

Qiu Wu Jin was wearing a vigorous outfit. As if she has just fought a battle, there was even a hole in her sleeves, making it looked tragic.

She saw Wei Chi Li, then subconsciously covered up the hole on her sleeves.

Wei Chi Li’s paused her footsteps a little, as if she did not see them and led Liu Luo Yi inside. Immediately, a waiter rushed over, lowering his head, and bowed, saying: “Wei Chi Princess, the place you have reserved is here.”

Wei Chi Li nodded towards him then quickly walked over and pulled out the chair, signalling Liu Luo Yi to sit down and Liu Luo Yi did not refuse.

While the waiter on the side touched his head and secretly looked at Liu Luo Yi up and down, thinking that what kind of person was this, that the dignified princess would pull out the chair for her?

“What are you in a daze for?” Wei Chi Li raise her eyes to look at him.

That waiter bends a little then turned and run away.

Wei Chi Li part her skirt and sat opposite of Liu Luo Yi then leaned forward and asked: “How is it, still angry?”

Liu Luo Yi looked at her, finding that her expression was quite interesting as if she were looking forward to an answer yet seemed to have a card up in her sleeves.

“Half.” Liu Luo Yi said.

“Only half?” Wei Chi Li curled her lip in displeasure and placed her face on the table.

Liu Luo Yi held back her smile and deliberately said with a stern face: “Didn’t you just said that you will allow me to be wilful and unruly, now does it not stand?”

“Of course, it stands.” Wei Chi Li quickly sat up, “This is just a small compensation. There will be another thing at night.”

On this side, they were chatting happily, while on the side the atmosphere was low-spirited.

Wen Qiong poke the dishes in front of her every few moments with a resentful expression: “Why do I have to see that Liu Luo Yi again; she is like a haunting spirit refusing to leave.”

“Who told you to come to Qin Chun restaurant, this is the capital’s largest restaurant. Naturally, those young masters and ladies would come here. You don’t have look at them.” As Qiu Wu Jin says, she picked up a dish.

But her eyes could not help but glance at Wei Chi Li.

“Why did 4th prince and the rest not here yet? Already said to meet at noon, but don’t know where are they.” Wen Qiong continued poking.

The woman on 1 side could not stand it and took away the chopsticks in her hand and said: “From what I see, the 4th prince’s heart is not on you at all. Although, that year, your father, and the emperor has discussed about betrothing you to the 4th prince. But these 2 years, when did the 4th prince has shown you any good attitude? I think you are the only one who is infatuated and refused to change.”

“Of course, I knew that he is not interested in me, but what can I do? Obviously, we are well-matched, but he only knew about caring Liu Luo Yi.” Wen Qiong threw away the chopsticks.

“Since no one remembers about this, you should forget about it. Moreover, 4th prince is good-looking and is a good person but has no intention of dealing with the political affair, so it was difficult to entrust your life to him.” That woman said again.

“I did not enamour him just because he is a prince, it happens to be exactly right that he does not want to deal with political affairs. He is the crown prince’s younger brother and will be a carefree maquis. We will appreciate the flowers and tease the birds in the future, that is the life of the immortals.” Wen Qiong said, feeling pleased with herself.

“Okay, you guys, don’t discuss nonsense anymore.” Qiu Wu Jin voiced out to stop the conversation.

“You still dare to say this. Just now, you started fighting in the public and has scared us to death. If you continue being like this, you really will not be able to marry in the future.” That woman turns around and blamed Qiu Wu Jin.

Qiu Wu Jin nodded perfunctorily but was a little unconvinced in her heart. As the daughter of the dignified Guan Nan Maquis, she must act bravely and fight against injustice.

Hence, she explained: “That 2 lechers took advantage of the Flower City Festival to disrespect women. It was really hateful and if I don’t make a move to seize and send them to the government office, I do not know how many innocent women would suffer.”

“I know that you, Miss Qiu abhors evil as though they are enemies. But you are still a woman and have reach a marriageable age. You should learn to be gentle and virtuous, otherwise, it will be hard talk about marriage in the future.”

“Who said that women have to be gentle and virtuous. I can be like my father and lead army to fight battles.” Qiu Wu Jin said as she glanced at Wei Chi Li.  But at this moment, Wei Chi Li was laughing, swinging back and forth not even looking at her.

“Just you as a young lady with your meagre abilities. Just now you were already panting from fighting 2 thieves and still want to go to the battlefield?” The woman covered her mouth and laughed.

Qiu Wu Jin could not be bothered to talk to her as she immersed herself in eating.

“Eh, eh, eh, 4th prince is here.” That woman suddenly reached out to push Wen Qiong. Hearing that, Wen Qiong quickly stood up and looked towards the door.

Chen Chu was holding a bouquet full of flowers in his hand, revealing only 2 eyes as he staggered in. While there was a tall and sturdy man behind him. Dashing eyebrows, black eyes, and tall nose bridge, looking majestic.

Wei Chi Li also turned her head and asked Liu Luo Yi: “Who is that?”

Liu Luo Yi glanced quickly and whispered: “I have not seen him before, but judging from his appearance, should be his highness, the crown prince.”

Crown prince. Wei Chi Li observed a little more.

The 2 walked to the table at the side and Wen Qiong immediately went forward to greet him, smiling like a flower as she talks to Chen Chu.

Chen Chu replied a couple of times perfunctorily then got up and walked over to Liu Luo Yi. Before the bouquet of flowers were handed to Liu Luo Yi, they were stopped by Wei Chi Li.

“4th prince’s hand has slipped.” Wei Chi Li smiled slightly.

“I did not, I want to send a bouquet of flowers to Miss Liu.” Chen Chu did not react in time and replied in a daze.

“Then 4th prince must have gotten the wrong person.” Wei Chi Li put away the smile on her face and pushed his hand away.

Chen Chu still wanted to say something, but because Wei Chi Li glared at him, he does not dare to say anything. He stood on the spot for a while before leaving embarrassedly. For some reason, he was always a little afraid of Wei Chi Li.

The atmosphere became a little delicate. Chen Chu and the crown prince sat at one table, one was so angry that he was gobbling up food, another looked at Wei Chi Li with interest then looked at Chen Chu, then suppressed the emotion in his eyes.

Wen Qiong was left alone on the spot as she stomped her feet. She was feeling very unwillingly and sat back next to Qiu Wu Jin, lowering her voice, and said angrily: “Sure enough, that Liu Luo Yi has ruin my good things. That HuMeiZi, HuMeiZi, HuMeiZi!”

Wen Qiong could not tolerate this and secretly called her own servant and instructed her to do something.

Once the servant left, only then was she elated and proud, taking a sip of tea as she smiled.

“What is the matter with you.” Qiu Wu Jin was a little puzzled

With a well-thought plan, Wen Qiong winked at her.

After a while, that servant came out from the back of the kitchen as she held a tray with a bowl of soup on it. She walked over carefully then glanced at Wen Qiong timidly.

Only then did she slowly walked to Liu Luo Yi’s side, acting as if she wanted to serve food.

Wei Chi Li glanced and did not care, but when she lowered her head to continue eating then she suddenly remembered. When did she order soup?

No sooner said that done, Wei Chi Li instantly stood up and tugged the servant backwards. But her action was a little late and the tray in her hand tipped towards Liu Luo Yi.

Liu Luo Yi opened her eyes wide and quickly turned her head, wanting to avoid it. Almost flashing in front of her at the fastest speed in her life, Wei Chi Li caught the bowl.

The tray fell to the ground with a ‘clank’ and Wei Chi Li sucked in a breath of cold air and immediately raised her eyes to look at the servant. Her eyes were swift and fierce making the servant suddenly broke out in cold sweat as she quickly lowered her head and bowed: “Sorry, I’m sorry, guest, It was not intentional, but was careless when serving food.”

“Serving food? Since when does this restaurant needs a servant to serve food?” Wei Chi Li gritted her teeth as she places the bowl down.

[T/L Note]: Did y’all notice? Guys likes Liu Luo Yi, girls likes Wei Chi Li (ʘᗩʘ’)

I like both though! I want both to be my waifus (●♡∀♡)

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  1. Wahh! A potential love rival for Liu Lou Yi has arrived!! Alas, poor young man. He doesn’t even stand a chance.

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