Chapter 40: I’m Here

Wei Chi Li lifted the hem of her robe and chased after her. In the end, she was pressed back by Wei Chi Die, slamming onto the door. Separated by the door panel, she sneered at her: “Wei Chi Li, sometimes, I really don’t understand your mind. Could it be that because you have stayed in the barracks since young and practise martial arts till you have become silly? But I saw how you were infatuated with that guy at the beginning and though was a little idiotic but at least you have been enlightened in certain aspect. So how could this aspect been blocked again now?”

Wei Chi Li was rendered speechless by her. Although, she does not want to take the blame for the original owner, now, her hands were bound when it comes to Liu Luo Yi.

“I ask you, this lady is not related to you at all, so, why do you keep on helping her?”

Wei Chi Li was silent as she had thought about this question more than once.

In the beginning, she had subconsciously treated Liu Luo Yi as a character in the plot and her role was like a chess piece. The movement was completely relied on the person holding the chess piece. But slowly, she realized that Liu Luo Yi was not like how she was written in the book but had come out alive independently. She was sincere, bold and was not pure, yet trusted her without any qualms.

She has stopped treating her as a role long ago and this place has gradually showed its real side. Even sometimes, she has forgotten that she has step over time, space, and galaxy and into another world.

It may be due to that distressing unconditional trust that makes it difficult to treat her badly.

Besides, some things were unclear. She, Wei Chi Li has always been rational, but when it comes to facing Liu Luo Yi. she acts all by feelings.

Wei Chi Die was not expecting for her to response. She chuckles, bending her index finger and tapped on the wooden door: “I do not want to interfere in this matter, think about it yourself.”

There was no sound from the other side of the door. Wei Chi Li let out a long sigh and slumped onto the stone chair, resting her face on both hands.

“Xin Ran, what is your opinion on this matter?” She looked at Xin Ran with a lot of hope.

“I think that the way Miss Liu’s relies on you seems a bit strange. And just now that look on her face was obviously because you said that you want to seek marriage for her.”

Wei Chi Li nodded. Although she has no relationship experience, she was not a fool after all.

Not allowed, not allowed. She suddenly shook her head desperately, trying to control her messy thoughts. Liu Luo Yi had suffered innumerable times, so it was normal for her to be more sensitive.

“Well, in 2 days, it will be Flower City Festival and will try to coax her more and apologise too. You can help me to think and at the same time find out more from Liu Wen Chang on how to make her happy.” With this, Wei Chi Li has concluded.

At the same time, Wei Chi Die was eating a plate of delicate pastries while sauntering towards her own room. Just when she walked around the rockery, she saw an eye-catching corner of a white clothing.

She approached Liu Luo Yi in a few steps and handed her a nut, saying: “Still angry?”

Liu Luo Yi did not take it but took a step back and bowed respectfully: “This slave greets princess.”

“Don’t, Wei Chi Li does not treat you as a slave, so I do not even dare to. Say, towards my sister, are you…”

In an instant, Liu Luo Yi’s expression changed and with a rushing tone: “Eldest princess has joked. Just now, this slave should not get angry anyhow. It is this slave….”

“Conceited because you were favoured?” Wei Chi Die raised her eyebrows.

Liu Luo Yi only felt very anxious and could not explain it clearly, so she bowed again and turned to leave.

Wei Chi Die lifted her heels and flew over the rockery, blocking Liu Luo Yi inside again. She threw the nut into her mouth and smiles: “Why are you panicking, you don’t like Wei Chi Li? If that is the case, I also knew many men of marriageable age. Although your slave status is lowly, your good looks overtook that flaw. So, finding a handsome and slightly talented man is considered qualified.”

Hearing this, Liu Luo Yi raised her head, and her eyes were cold, making Wei Chi Die a little uncomfortable.

Wei Chi Die looked away and said: “Are you willing?”

“This slave is not willing. This slave will always follow princess in this life.” She tried to calm herself down as she lowered her head.

Looking like she has understood it, Wei Chi Die nodded: “Then, it means you like her.”

Liu Luo Yi was choked by her words. She bit her lips but did not say anything as she clenched her fists. She did not dare to touch what she has hidden in the deepest part. Yet, after a phrase by Wei Chi Die, it has become truly clear.

In the past, she has only thought that it was just dependence. Like seeing a beam of light that has suddenly appeared when a person was dying in a desolated place filled with evil spirits.

Moreover, their status was far too different, and they were both women, so she does not dare to think.

“Eldest princess, Liu Luo Yi beg you, don’t say it.” Liu Luo Yi suddenly said. She raised her eyes to look at Wei Chi Die, as if she did not realize that her face was full of tears.

“This slave begs you, don’t let her know. This slave is just, confused momentary……”

She raised her hand to wipe her tears and suddenly bowed to Wei Chi Die then turned and leave.

Wei Chi Die shouted for her, but she did not stop and so, she could only look at Liu Luo Yi’s back helplessly. She reached out and picked up a pastry and threw it into her mouth, looking very sympathetic.

These 2 people, 1 has inferior complexity and another does not understand feelings. This sure would cause sufferings.

Forget it, why does she have to care so much. But she was happy to watch Wei Chi Li distressed and would lose love bitterly. She smiled happily and then her expression suddenly changed. She retched as she supported herself on the rockery.

“Who made this disgusting thing, why is the Osmanthus cake, salty?”

2days passed by quickly and Wei Chi Die actually lived up to her entrustment and has successfully found out all the past of the officials with surname, Zhou and threw them to Wei Chi Li.

However, there were more than the simple things like official position and their characters. It could be said that it contains a wide range, even which official has had a mistress in which year, was all written clearly.

Wei Chi Li looked at it for a long while but was led away by the gossip inside. Then she and Xin Ran criticised one of the official wantonly. Because the wife does not allow him to take concubines, so whenever the wife was pregnant, the man has a mistress outside.

His wife has given birth to 6 babies and he has 8 mistresses outside.

“Scumbag.” Wei Chi Li said.

“Heartless man.” Xin Ran was infuriated.

But this has also delayed the progress as Wei Chi Li has only strike out 5 people who were too useless, 5 people whose position was too low, 5 who were too stupid and some who were relegated back then. Anyway, there were only 3 remaining.

Putting this aside, Flower City Festival would arrive soon and within these 2 days, Liu Luo Yi has not spoken to her.

She has even avoided her, wanting to see her but could not. This made Wei Chi Li anxious and helpless.

Fortunately, Liu Luo Yi did not forget about the Flower City Festival agreement. She stood alone outside the door early in the morning, waiting for Wei Chi Li.

Wei Chi Li dressed in a very low-key outfit, unlike her previous swanky look. She worn full turquoise clothes, and for the convenience of vaulting over the wall and walking along the rooftop, she has tied her sleeves.

It was just that with her looks, no matter what she wears, it was very eye-catching. This was what Liu Luo Yi said in her heart as she stood in front of the door quietly, watching Wei Chi Li’s back faces the rising sun and walking towards her, feeling refreshed.

She exerted force to close her eyes and when she raised her eyes again, she was feeling calm.

“Princess, during Flower City Festival, the women wear patterned clothes. Your clothes are, too plain.” She said lightly.

Wei Chi Li walked to her side and smile: “This princess is as beautiful as flower. Besides, are you not in full white too. I promise that since you are coming with me, I will make you happy.”

Liu Luo Yi could not stand her smile and quickly turned her head then walked towards the street. Wei Chi Li hurried and caught up as Xin Ran followed far behind, taking on the task of carrying things.

However, as soon as they turned around the corner, Wei Chi Li knew that she has underestimated the ancient times excitement over a festival. Sea of people after sea of people was not enough to describe this as half the road was occupied by the flowers. Both sides of the streets were filled with flower and plants, it was a feast for the eyes. Enchanting and gorgeous people, noble yet simple people all huddled together, contending in bizarre and beauty, each with its own lasting appeal.

Wei Chi Li watches in amazement and then a man squeezed through against the flow of crowd from far away and was holding a large bouquet of unknown flowers and passes it towards Liu Luo Yi.

Liu Luo Yi reached out her hand, wanting to take it but Wei Chi Li suddenly backhanded and pinched the person’s hand, then went around his shoulders and with a sudden force, the man screamed.

“You all, what are you all doing this!” The man said with a bitter expression.

“What are you doing?” Wei Chi Li’s eyes were fierce, and, in that instant, the man does not dare to speak.

Liu Luo Yi quickly reached out to pull Wei Chi Li and said helplessly: “Let go of the other person, this is the tradition of the Flower City Festival. Upon seeing the woman, you like, will gift a bouquet of flowers and if the girl does not reciprocal, that will be ruthless. If she gives flowers too, it means they like one another.”

Wei Chi Li was taken aback and quickly let go.

That person looked at Wei Chi Li and does not dare to say anything. He could only hold onto the bouquet of flowers and walked away angrily.

“You still have this kind of tradition, isn’t this the ancient times blind dating gathering? Wei Chi Li thought that it was extremely funny. No wonder the men and women were all wearing a flower hairpin and holding bouquet of flowers in their hand. So they were all waiting for their love at first sight.

“You asked me out but does not even know what Flower City Festival is. Besides, were you not anxious to find a reliable man for me the other day? Why not let me choose just now?” Liu Luo Yi’s tone was rather unkind.

Wei Chi Li knew that she was still angry, so does not want to provoke her anymore but suddenly took her hand and smile: “I’ll will make it up to you, just listen to me and I promise it will make you happy.”

Liu Luo Yi wanted to struggle out of her hand but felt nostalgia for that warmth, hence, she moved a little then let her do it as she deems fit.

Wei Chi Li held Liu Luo Yi’s hand all the way into a garment shop. The man in the shop bowed respectfully the moment he saw her then took out a box and said: “Princess, this is the dress prepared by you. These are all the best material and best pattern in our shop.”

“Princess, I do not need….” Liu Luo quickly rejected while backing away.

Who knew, Wei Chi Li moved sideways and blocked the entrance with her body then lowered her head: “Don’t worry and be carefree a little. The benefits I give you were not because of other things, but simply wants to make you smile.”

“You just have to trust me like the usual. Be bold and do anything, go run and smile, be wilful and commit all kind outrages things. You can be unruly too, conceited too. As long as I am here, I will do it all in accordance with you.”

“I will make it up little by little for everything that you have lost in the past, don’t be angry anymore, okay?”

Wei Chi Li said the apology smoothly that she and Xin Ran has researched for the past 2 days nights.

It was just that the previous sentence was created in advance while the latter was blurted out.

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