Chapter 42: Revenge

Liu Luo Yi, who was on one side, reacted quickly. She grabbed Wei Chi Li’s hand and pour a pot of cold tea on it.

Only then did Wei Chi Li felt better. Just now that the bowl of soup was piping hot and the soup inside spilt out and happened to pour onto her hand.

Now both her hands become redder.

“Princess, you have scalded, let’s go to the clinic.” Liu Luo Yi squeezed her wrist carefully, getting anxious and wanting to drag her away.

Wei Chi Li pulled her back helplessly then turned towards the servant who was too scared to stand firmly: “With such a stupid master, it is not unusual to have a stupid slave like you.”

“Miss Wen, you have to say a word or 2 about this matter.” She raised her eyes to looked at Wen Qiong, “Although this princess didn’t look at you, I still know who she belongs to.”

Wen Qiong bit her chopsticks and said stubbornly: “I simply want to teach her a lesson. Besides, I have said to soil her skirt, who knew that what was brought out was hot water.”

“Oh, does that means that this servant has deliberately harmed others? Xin Ran.” Wei Chi Li shouted. Xin Ran slammed the door and ran in. With a ferocious look, she drew out her sword.

That servant was already very terrified and now she was even more appalled. She knelt down with a ‘plop’: “Replying to princess, Miss has really only asked this slave to pretend to serve soup to poke fun at Miss Liu. This slave was a newcomer in the mansion and has never done any of these things before and was afraid. So, I secretly brought out a bowl from the back kitchen and did not know that it just came out from the pot. What’s more, I only wanted to pour it onto Miss Liu’s skirt, but just now I was careless, and I was tugged by you too, only then did it go towards her body. This slave deserves to die, Princess, please forgive me.”

Over there, she was really crying hard and over here, Wei Chi Li was also really in pain. She waved her hand impatiently to let the servant go further away.

“This princess does not care what was your reason and even though it is a prank, it is not allowed. You knew that Liu Luo Yi is my people, and you dare to act in an arbitrary and reckless manner. That means you deliberately hit my face.” Wei Chi Li’s hand hurts, so her tone was atrocious, making the entire lobby quiet and everyone was looking over here.

Being stared at, Wen Qiong was panicking too. She remembered the day when Wei Chi Li crushed her jade pendant with one hand. She was feeling even more furious and even more afraid.

“Then what do you want to do!” She choked and yelled, despite Qiu Wu Jin on 1 side, pulling her sleeves desperately.

Wei Chi Li shook her head. With 1 glance, she knew that she was a young lady that has been spoiled at home and even dares to cause trouble everywhere without thinking.

Who knew, before she has the chance to say anything, she saw a white figure floating past her side. Liu Luo Yi was holding a soup that was no longer piping hot as she walked straight towards Wen Qiong.

Then poured over her head.

In that instant, everyone around was stunned, including Wei Chi Li.

But still, she reacted quickly. Before Wen Qiong was flustered and exasperated wanting to rush towards and tear at Liu Luo Yi, she got in between the 2.

On the other side, Chen Chu and the Crown Prince, Chen Sheng looked at each other in astonishment. Although Chen Sheng has never been to school, he often heard about Liu Luo Yi’s name from Chen Chu and knew that she was quiet, delicate, and cold.

So, was this being quiet and delicate?

Liu Luo Yi took 2 steps back and looked at Wen Qiong calmly who was yelling. Indeed quiet.

On this side, Wei Chi Li was quite miserable as her hand was still hurting and could not move. She could only use 1 hand to hold back Wen Qiong and currently Wen Qiong was thoroughly wet due to the soup and so, she does not want to touch her, making it difficult to hold her back.

“Okay, stop it!” Qiu Wu Jin could not stand it anymore as she came forward and pulled Wen Qiong away, “Princess, I will apologise on behalf of her. Now, she was already like this, hope you can show kindness and let her go.”

“In addition, I will bandage your hand as compensation.” Her voice was inexplicably low.

Wei Chi Li was also relieved as she dusted her clothes in disgust.

“There is no need.” Liu Luo Yi suddenly said then reached out to grabbed Wei Chi Li’s uninjured arm and with a cold face, she pulled her towards the back of the hall.

“Prepare a room for me and get some cold water. Xin Ran, go to the clinic and get medicine for burns.”

The waiter who was on the side was also stunned as he hurried forward to lead the way. Wei Chi Li was amused as she looked at her obviously angry face and let her drag her along.

It was until the 2 were no longer visible, the lobby became lively again and was even livelier than before. Almost everyone was discussing about this enthusiastically.

While Wen Qiong cried as she ran away, and her servant hurried to catch up. But the few women who shared the same table did not move and was in silence, exchanging gaze.

This farce came and go extremely fast. Wei Chi Li sat on the chair with her hands laid flat, watching as Liu Luo Yi applied the medicine seriously.

Liu Luo Yi’s strand of hair cascade on her cheek which brings out the outline of her features, making it even more finesse, and delicate lips were pressed together, without a word spoken.

“I’m not that angry, so why are you so angry? And just now, that soup was still hot, and you poured it onto Wen Qiong’s head, are you not afraid that she will be hurt and will seek trouble?”

Liu Luo Yi was silent for a while then said lightly: “With you here, I am not afraid to go looking for trouble.”

Listening to this makes her feel pleased, then Wei Chi Li chuckled.

“Besides, I have poured half of the cold tea into the soup before. It was to scare her only.” Liu Luo Yi said again.

Wei Chi Li titter and laughed out loud. She knew that even if Liu Luo Yi were angry, she would still have kept in line.

She was so kind, so how could she be cruel towards people.

Wei Chi Li remembered the previous ending and that dream again. Liu Luo Yi’s eyes were filled with hatred and with a knife, she stabbed into her chest.

Just how much torments did she went through before she became like that. Wei Chi Li felt a little heartache. She suddenly reached out her hand and tucked the strand of hair behind her ear.

Because of practising martial arts, her slightly rough fingertip ran across Liu Luo Yi’s face, caused her to shudder.

Seeing that Liu Luo Yi’s bandaging movement has suddenly stopped, Wei Chi Li felt a little flustered too as she retracted her hand uncomfortably then scratched her head: “Your hair is messy.”

The 2 sinks into a strange silence again.

Finally, she was done bandaging and Wei Chi Li stood up and stretches: “That Wen Qiong was acting childishly and mostly because she was frustrated that Chen Chu was trying to please you and was exasperated too. Since nothing major happened, let’s go back and continue. We have yet to eat and there are important things to do at night. We must have sufficient food and water.”

Liu Luo Yi nodded.

Returning to the lobby, the atmosphere did not change, but many people does not dared to walked towards Wei Chi Li’s side. At most, they dared to glance at them, then lowered their head to eat.

After a long time, all the dishes were served up and there were 2 more pots of good wines on the table. Wei Chi Li glanced around and saw that Chen Chu was looking over cheerfully.

After they sat down, Chen Chu was thick-skinned as he came up and pour wine for Liu Luo Yi, and even assuming a posture of wanting to sit down.

Wei Chi Li reached out to tugged him and pressed him to a chair on the other side, then she, herself sat down next to Liu Luo Yi.

“No, Wei Chi Princess, why do you always guard against me like guarding against a thief?” Chen Chu was far away from Liu Luo Yi, feeling grieved.

“That’s right, you can share the table, but stay away from her.” Wei Chi Li said while picking vegetables for Liu Luo Yi.

“Wei Chi Princess.” Chen Sheng said politely as he has also walked over.

Wei Chi Li has a good impression of this crown prince. At least he looks more like a normal person as compared to the current Emperor, so she greeted: “Greetings to his highness, the crown prince.”

Chen Sheng smiled and said: “Can I sit down?”

“Naturally.” Wei Chi Li pulled out the chair thoughtfully for him.

“Wei Chi Princess, we are all princes, why am I the only one being treated so badly. Don’t forget that back in Lu Mansion, it was me….”

“Cough cough.” Wei Chi Li coughed only then did Chen Chu stopped talking.

Wei Chi Li does not want to be bothered with him. If he were not the 2nd male lead following behind Liu Luo Yi’s buttock all day, she would be too lazy to bother about it.

Chen Sheng looked very calm. He rarely speaks as he only lowered his head to drink, listening quietly. But his bright and observing gaze makes one unable to ignore it.

Wei Chi Li suddenly remembered that at the end of the original story seemed to have described about this Crown prince. Saying that he was sympathetic to the people and was a benevolent monarch of this generation. If this was the case, then even more, should not offend him.

The stage in the centre of the lobby was originally empty, but at this time, suddenly it became lively. A middle-aged man walked up while hitting a small drum as he smiles heartily: “Today to celebrate Flower City Festival, Qin Chun restaurant has specially arranged a competition. All the young masters and ladies can participate. If you gotten the top spot, you will be able rewarded with a treasure. These treasures are searched from all around JiangHu, hence, they are extremely valuable!”

“The competition is divided into Qin, chess, dance, painting. If any young masters and ladies present, wins it, can give it to the one they love. It will bless the two never be separated.” He smiled again.

Out of the sudden, the enthusiasm of the audience was aroused below the stage. Because to many people, today was a rare opportunity to go out and so, it disregards the distinguish between men and women. Now that there was such an opportunity, everyone naturally wants to try it. If they could win the first prize, they could use it to express their love.

A group of young men and women began to move busily.

While Wei Chi Li shook her head. It was okay if it was martial art contest, but when it comes to Qin, Chess, Dance, painting, she was utterly ignorant of all 4.

“If you want, I will ask people to search for some treasures to let you choose.” Wei Chi Li said to Liu Luo Yi while eating.

Liu Luo Yi lowered her eyes: “It is already been said that it was to be given to the one you love, blessing them to never be separated. What sort of reasoning is this if you send it to me?”

Wei Chi Li wanted to reply when Chen Chu bounced up and slapped the table: “Miss Liu, just wait. I’m a master of chess and will definitely get it for you!”

Liu Luo Yi ignored him. Instead, she stood up and walked up to the stage and took up the brush on one side. Within a few ‘swishes’, she wrote her name down.

“Isn’t that Miss Liu? She used to be the best dancing lady in the capital. Now that she has went up, it must be to dance, right?” Someone below, whispered.

“She isn’t a lady anymore. She is already a slave now.” Someone answered.

“No matter her status, I have yet to see her dance before. If I could see it today, it will be a joy of surprise.”

Wei Chi Li did not expect that Liu Luo Yi would dare to go up first. And she looks gentle like the cloud and light as the wind as if it were imperative.

Moreover, the position where she stood was not for dancing, but for, painting?

The others below were equally surprised.

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    I feel like she'll paint Wei Chi Li lol. Such a talented female lead indeed. Can't wait to eat more dog food.

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