Chapter 37: Professional Killer

It was not that she could not use the main entrance, but ever since Wei Chi Li could use QingGong, she felt that leaping onto the roofs and flipping over the walls were much more cooler as compared to walking prim and properly through the door.

But as soon as she flipped over a wall, she saw Wei Chi Die standing under a tree and was raising her hand to send a bird away.

Borrowing the moonlight to see, Wei Chi Li could clearly see the bird’s colourful feathers and felt that it was awfully familiar.

She was shocked and wanted to hide, but even though Wei Chi Die’s martial arts were not as good as her, it was still rather good. So naturally, she would notice the movement over here. She tilted her head and glanced then snorted lightly: “It was almost midnight and where are you going, wearing full black clothes?”

Wei Chi Li gave up struggling and coughed lightly then walked over openly as she said casually: “The moonlight today was quite pretty, so I decided to stroll around.”

Wei Chi Die patted off the dust on her palm gently then twisting her waist as she walked over to Wei Chi Li and narrowed her eyes: “Tell me honestly. Otherwise, do not think about walking out of this door today. The old man told me to watch over you and bring you back to the Northern Territory. If something bad happens to you, I will be nagged to death by him.”

Wei Chi Li rolled her eyes. How could she have met such a sister? 

“I really have an urgent matter; I will explain it to you tomorrow when I come back.” Wei Chi Li dodged to one side, but Wei Chi Die took a sidestep and stopped her again.

After that, she suddenly blew a whistle towards the sky and the colourful bird that was not far away, heard the command then turned around and landed firmly on her shoulder.

“If you do not tell me, I will send a word back. Do you believe that in the next few days, the old man will put aside all the political affairs and come here personally, then tied you up and bring you back?” She said that while stroking the bird’s feathers.

“This bird can send message?” Wei Chi Li questioned, and the bird immediately flapped its wings and bounced onto her shoulder and puffed out.

“This bird is called snow pigeon and is more precious than you and not only can it send message it can also learn to speak. Otherwise, why do think the old man would be so anxious to send me over.” Wei Chi Die was contemptuous.

Wei Chi Li finally remembered why she felt that it was so familiar. When she had just transmigrated, she had seen it in Lu Mansion’s garden.

At that time, she was still quite emotional and seemed to have mentioned that she misses home. That being said, the current home was not her own home.

“Could it be that the Northern Territory King, no, royal father has been keeping watch on me secretly?” Wei Chi Li was shocked.

“Not only did he released snow pigeons, but had also sent various spies to inquire about you all the time. And when he had the time, he cursed that guy for angering you but have been holding back from seeking you out and said that it was to let you suffer. When you have admitted your mistake, he will come and castrate that guy.”

As soon as she said that, Wei Chi Die was filled with remorse. At first, she does not want to tell Wei Chi Li about it and want these 2, father and daughter to have more animosity towards one another. But who knew that her mouth could not keep it close and said it all.

Wei Chi Li suddenly felt a little sour in her heart.

Such a good royal father, but in the original book, not only did not find his daughter but the country has collapsed, and his life and death were uncertain.

But even so, currently it was not possible to drag her back to the Northern Territory. Leaving aside the question of whether she would be exposed or not, Liu Luo Yi’s matter has not concluded, so she could not simply just leave.

Hence, with a sudden idea flashes across her mind, Wei Chi Li catches the bird and threw it out then rushed towards Wei Chi Die directly.

Wei Chi Die was startled and subconsciously wanted to avoid but was nowhere near Wei Chi Li’s speed. Both her hands was caught by her and could not move.

“Sister, believe me. I really have an urgent matter and it cannot be delayed!” Wei Chi Li wailed.

Wei Chi Die: ……

“What are you going crazy about, get away!” Wei Chi Die attempted to struggle but it was futile. She wanted to reach out to summon the Snow pigeon, but her hands was grasped tightly by Wei Chi Li and could not blow the whistle.

“Just treat it as doing me a favour and don’t tell royal father. Whatever you want, I will thank you properly!”

“Who wants your thanks!” Wei Chi Die stomped her feet anxiously, but Wei Chi Li refused to let go until the snow pigeon become a small dot then she let out a long sigh of relief.

Wei Chi Die felt annoyed and backhanded using internal force, struggling out of Wei Chi Li’s grasp. Wei Chi Li did not resist and let go.

“Sister, just believe me this one time, okay, I’m really not going to do bad things, this is to save people.” Wei Chi Li was suddenly serious. She lowered her head and looked into Wei Chi Die’s eyes.

“If I really cause any trouble, you can tell royal father and I will not stop it.” Wei Chi Li said word for word clearly.

Wei Chi Die looked at Wei Chi Li’s eyes and felt that the pair of eyes were different from before. It was like deep water that could not be seen clearly, making people want to believe it.

She blinked and was about to say something, then she saw Wei Chi Li raised her head to looked at the sky, furrowing her brows and quickly said: “It is too late, I will be back soon.”

After that, she does not want to be bothered with Wei Chi Die anymore. Then turned around, using her QingGong, and sprang out quietly.

Wei Chi Die could not shout for her and was so angry that she smacked the tree trunk beside her. Then lifted her heels off the ground and in a blink of an eye, she leapt across the courtyard wall and chased after Wei Chi Li.

She still does not believe her but had to follow her to be assured.

Wei Chi Li knew that she had caught up and did not say much as she slowed down until the 2 were side by side then quickened their pace.

Soon, the 2 leapt across several long streets and came to the gate of an old house. Wei Chi Die looked up and saw the Inscribed board written with 2 words, Lu Mansion.

In that instant, her expression became extremely disgusted, turning her head and said: “Could it be that you are still thinking about this guy?”

Wei Chi Li did not talk to her and grasped her clothes, pulling her into the alley on one side. She bent over and walked then whispered: “If you want to follow, be quiet, and don’t make any noise.”


“Shh, shut up.” Wei Chi Li suddenly turned her head and Wei Chi Die immediately kept quiet.

But was so angry in her heart as there comes a day where she actually listens to Wei Chi Li!

With one hand holding onto the wall, Wei Chi Li probed her head out. When she notices that that there was nothing unusual, she leapt over lightly and walked slowly towards Lu Yun Kui’s room.

There was no light in the house, so, it looks strange and eerie. Wei Chi Die felt a little afraid in her heart and could only hasten her pace as she followed closely behind Wei Chi Li.

Suddenly there was a strange movement sound travelled from the front and a scream that was stifled in the throat. Wei Chi Li’s expression suddenly became grave as she flashed over and then squat at the corner of the wall and looked inside.

She pressed Wei Chi Die who was following, onto the ground, preventing her head from showing.

A strong smell of blood rushed over, and a group of black shadows surrounding a person, saying something. Wei Chi Li could only hear broken sentences that included “master”, “Lord” and so on.

But she could perceived that the people inside were all highly-skilled masters that were not easy to deal with. In order not to act rashly and startled them, she did not make any sound but waited patiently.

The voices of 2 people were very familiar and, in that instant, Wei Chi Li remembered that they were the people who kidnapped Liu Luo Yi.

She took a risk and moved inwards a little.

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11 thoughts on “Chapter 37: Professional Killer

  1. So it was the scum??? But why tho? I mean, what’s the purpose of kidnapping them prematurely?

    Scum aside, two ninja sisters hand in hand in sneaking seems a bit comical to me ngl. I can’t wait for their relationship to be amiable (ehem perhap the possibility of a siscon?). Who knows, maybe Wei Chi Die will turn out to be a tsun-tsun.

    Thanks for the chapter!

    Been a hectic week. My laptop got an ant infestation so I’m cramming every work given this week today. Pray for my poor soul. (༎ຶ⌑༎ຶ)

    Am just here taking a peek and voila! New chappie!! Thanks for lightening up my mood. Back to work I go…

    Liked by 2 people

  2. They are going on an adventure!
    But better be careful wifey doesn’t find out. It won’t end pretty.
    Thanks for the chappy. You’re the best ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m here rereading with your quality translations after reading the entire story from a source, (source had
    really scuffed translation) I must say, chapters 50+ and above had some really spicy content.


  4. Ohhhh those assholes, they seemed like such low level scum that i just forgot about them lol.

    The sister acting together is nice, u hope they can mend their relationship, the author really likes tsundere acts eh lol, WCD acting all tsundere like lol, understandable, it feels like she always wanted her families approval and with the dad and sister being so close she felt left out, dad doting on sister, sister beating her at everything, figuratively and literally lol.


  5. While very coincidental I do like how MCs casual chat with the bird has changed up the story and the sister was sent over to look after her.

    The sister really is a knife mouth tofu heart practicioner just a couple sweet words from mc and she’s already falling apart haha, I get her though she seems to always have wanted familial love and was jelly of her sister and how much dad loves the sister and she feels like she’s a disappointment in some ways? With her love for “love and lust”, and now sister acting so nicely to her gives her the family love shes been desiring.


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