Chapter 38: Hug

“The master had warned that this was just a 1-time deal. Once the transaction is over, you cannot talk about it anyone. And now that you have gotten what you want and yet you are still insatiable greedy. Don’t blame the master for not being polite.”

That person moved a little, as if wanted to say something. The man who was talking just now, drew out a sword and cut down, blood splattered everywhere.

That man seemed to have his mouth covered, not making any sound and fell to the ground, twitching.

Wei Chi Li’s body trembled abruptly. After all, she was not the original Wei Chi Li, so it was her first time seeing a murder scene and would inevitably be stimulated.

Even more, Wei Chi Die has never seen it before. She was so scared that she covered her mouth, fearing that she would make any sound.

That group of people in black raised their head and looked around. Fortunately, Wei Chi Li has hidden her breathing, so was not discovered by them, after which, the man who had collapsed onto the ground was dragged into the room.

That situation was terrifying, as the man’s body dragged against the floor, leaving a long thread of traces and the bloodstain smell was much stronger.

After another stick of incense time, Wei Chi Li confirmed that there was no more movement inside, she then stood up slowly. Wei Chi Die, who was behind her, grabbed her and her voice were soft like silk: “Be careful.”

“Don’t be afraid, they have already left. You will wait here. I will go in and have a look.” Wei Chi Li comforted her then went into the courtyard quietly.

Wei Chi Die squat at the very same spot then turning her head to look at the dark surroundings, feeling even more bloodcurdling. She rubbed the goosebumps on her arm and simply gave up, following Wei Chi Li and ran in.

It was safer to be with Wei Chi Li as compared to being outside.

She ran a little fast and stepped on a soft object. Thanks to her martial art foundation, she was able to stand firmly.

She cursed quietly and lowered her head to look. She was so scared that her hair almost stood up.

That was a corpse whose throat was cut with a sword and eyes were still wide open, reflecting the moonlight in the sky.

Wei Chi Die held back her scream and when she raised her head to look again, Wei Chi Li was already gone. She was so frightened that she almost cried out and quickly leave that corpse further away, tiptoed into the room and got closer to Wei Chi Li.

Wei Chi Li’s condition was much better than her. Although she had never seen dead people, she was always quite bold.

Currently, she was standing in front of the bed and furrowing her brows deeply.

Lu Yun Kui, dead.

Sure enough, just now that person was Lu Yun Kui. He was currently lying flatly on the bed with his eyes wide open and the bloodstains spread from the door to under the bed. The whole room was filled with a smell that makes one wants to vomit.

He did not have an easy death. Besides the wound that was just cut down by the sword, there were many scratches and sword wounds on his body. Probably have gone through a lot of struggles before.

There was still a trace of madness and horror in his eyes.

“He, why did he die?” Wei Chi Die’s voice trembled a little.

Wei Chi Li did not reply. She was controlling her ankle that was about to tremble. she tried to walk over calmly as much as possible and flipped over his hand to look at his palm and all the places on his body that was able to hide things.

It was a pity that it was exceptionally clean. Even if there was anything, it would be destroyed by those people just now.

Unable to give up, Wei Chi Li looked around the room. There were very few things in his room, mostly were all bottles and jars and there was no trace of it being touched.

Suddenly thought of something, Wei Chi Li quickly walked towards a direction. Her pace was fast and soon, she came to the study room, passing through the bamboo forest and rushed in.

Outside the room window, there was a small garden dedicated to a detached courtyard. Flipping over the courtyard and they would be out of the Lu Mansion and currently the window was open. Those people probably slipped out from here after taking all the things.

The room was messy and there were countless of written papers on the table, probably belonging to Lu Yun Kui’s official work.

Every location has been searched before and the scrolls and papers were scattered all over the place. Wei Chi Li sighed and knew that she could not find anything. She wanted to vault over the window directly and chased after those people. Maybe she could find out their hiding location secretly.

Who knew that when Wei Chi Die came over, she picked up a calligraphy scroll and used it to wipe off the blood that had stained her leg just now then rolled the calligraphy scroll into a ball and threw it into a wastebasket in the corner.

From the sound of it falling it in, it was very empty.

Wei Chi Li suddenly stopped walking and strode towards the wastebasket and took out that calligraphy scroll. Then reached out again to search, only then did she pull out a strip of paper from the bamboo basket gap.

The words on it seems to be torn from a letter. There were sparse words that was vaguely recognisable. It was ‘Private and confidential for Lord Zhou’

Judging from the torn edges, the person who tore the paper was panicking at that time and only tore a corner.

Wei Chi Li kept this piece of paper carefully then whispered to Wei Chi Die: “Don’t follow me anymore, go back by yourself first and be careful on your way back.”

After that, without waiting for Wei Chi Die’s response, she leapt out of the window.

Before she could run more than 2 steps, Wei Chi Die has caught up and rolled her eyes at her and said: “I’ve said that I will be watching you.”

Wei Chi Li felt helpless but thought that it was good that she has another helper and was quite contented with it, so she allows her to follow, letting her do as she deems fit.

Wei Chi Li uses her internal strength to find those people’s breath and followed all the way, trying to catch up. She had thought they would go into the city but did not expect to chase them all the way to the outskirts.

And it was the southern outskirt. She leapt over the city wall and dived into a dense forest.

In her heart, Wei Chi Li said it was not good as the surrounding was all rustling sound of the trees and the birds that were startled began chirping. In that instant, she lost her sense of direction.

She has completely lost them.

Feeling the setback, Wei Chi Li look towards the depth of the woods. It was dark inside, and a faint white began to emerge on the horizon, the whole world gradually became foggy.

“Let us go back. If we were to be ambushed in this kind of forest, it will be difficult to escape.” Wei Chi Die suddenly said.

Wei Chi Li nodded. Fortunately, it was not fruitless day, today. At least she knew that there were people hidden in this mountain and has that strip of paper.

She knows the surname now, so it would not be too long before she knows the name too.

When the 2 of them returned to the capital, the sky was already bright. Wei Chi Li randomly found a place to change her black clothes and walked back to the mansion with Wei Chi Die.

On the way back, she saw several groups of government officials looking profoundly serious and was rushing about.

As soon as she entered the mansion, a figure rushed and collided into Wei Chi Li. Wei Chi Li could not react on time and nearly fell out of the door. Fortunately, she grabbed the door frame at the last minute to hold herself steady.

“What’s the matter with you?” Wei Chi Li was surprised when she saw Liu Luo Yi who threw herself onto her.

Her eyes were red, and she knew that she had just cried. Liu Luo Yi did not say anything and tugged on Wei Chi Li’s sleeves, dragging her towards the corridor.

A face full of confusion, Wei Chi Li caught up to her pace and turned back to make an expression towards Xin Ran who was also confused.

Seeing this, Xin Ran was anxious to follow but Wei Chi Die chuckled and reached out to grabbed her by the collar.

“She is a weak girl, and could not do anything to Wei Chi Li. Do not worry about it and quickly get something for this princess to eat. Starving to death.”

Xin Ran nodded and walked to the kitchen but was very worried in her heart. Although, Liu Luo Yi does look weak, she often felt that when she was with her princess, it was like princess was the one who was being bullied.

After Wei Chi Die sent Xin Ran away, she smirked towards the direction where Wei Chi Li had left and her smile was subtle.

Speaking of Wei Chi Li, she was being dragged by Liu Luo Yi to a faraway place till there was no one around. Only then was she pushed abruptly and her back slammed against the pillar.

She frowned and rubbed a little, feeling very puzzled: “What’s the matter? Did Xin Ran bully you when I was away?”

“Where have you been?” Liu Luo Yi’s tone was very fierce as her almond eyes were wide open, staring at Wei Chi Li. Wei Chi Li shrank her neck.

“I, did not go anywhere. I have not seen my sister for a long time, so went out for a stroll and drank some alcohol….”

“You do not have a good relationship with her.” Liu Luo Yi said flatly, and her eyes were very cold.

Wei Chi Li knew that she could not hide it and gave up struggling: “I, since we have met Lu Yun Kui in the palace, my heart was often not at ease. So, I took advantage of the night-time to visit Lu Mansion. Thinking whether I can find some clues unknowingly and investigate your father’s matter.”

“I did not intend to hide it from you. It was just 1 night….”

“Entire night, I went to your room to look for you and realized that you were not there. So, I waited outside the door for you to come back. Who knew, you did not return and at midnight I heard that there was chaos outside. Saying that all the people in Lu Mansion has been killed and no one survived.”

Liu Luo Yi could not continue and stopped talking. Her eyes gradually moistened and large teardrops flow down her face and dripped onto the ground.

Wei Chi Li scratched her head. In that instant, she was flustered and quickly reached out, wanting to wipe her tears but felt that it was inappropriate. So, she took out a handkerchief and handed it to her.

Liu Luo Yi did not take it.

Wei Chi Li was helpless and could only do it herself. She carefully wipes away her tears.

“No, don’t cry. I’m fine and did not expect that the news will spread so quickly, I did not expect…”

You would be so worried about me. She did not say it out and could only sigh in her heart.

“Go back to the Northern Territory.” Liu Luo Yi suddenly said and turned around, her back facing Wei Chi Li as she reached out to wipe away the tears.

“No, believe me. I already have a clue and will soon know who that person is. Once I figure out his identity, it will all come to light.” Wei Chi Li quickly said.

“I’m scared. I do not know if they were killed by you or by those people. But no matter what the situation was, I was so scared that I was about to go crazy.” Her voice trembled a little. Hearing it, Wei Chi Li felt pain in her heart and held her arm to turned her around.

“They are so powerful. What should I do if they notice you?”

Wei Chi Li bent over to look at her expression then uses her handkerchief to gently touch her eyes and said softly: “Don’t worry, I will be fine. And no matter what happens, Xin Ran will arrange a place for you to go, so don’t worry.”

She really wanted to be nice towards her hence, she said that, wanting to comfort her.

Who knew that Liu Luo Yi became angry again and began to struggle, wanting to cast off Wei Chi Li’s hand and Wei Chi Li does not know what was wrong with her and gradually became irritated. She simply backhanded and changed direction, holding both her wrist. Forcing it behind her back and so, she was unable to move.

“Stop causing trouble, okay?” Wei Chi Li was feeling headache but does not dare to be harsh with her and was feeling quite tired.

Naturally, Liu Luo Yi could not struggle out of it and the 2 was caught in entanglement for a while. In the end, Liu Luo Yi pants and stop, her body suddenly softened.

Wei Chi Li subconsciously thought that she was about to fall and so, she let go of her hand to catch her. But did not expect that her waist was encircled by 2 soft arms.

Liu Luo Yi suddenly wrapped her around her waist and buried her head into her shoulder’s grooves.

The sudden softness made Wei Chi Li stunned and does not dare to move. She suddenly felt that the world has gone still. Only their heartbeats were resonating wildly.

Perhaps it was pounding so violently that she felt dizzy.

“Did you not say that I am your, en, friend.” Liu Luo Yi said in a low voice. The breath she exhaled onto Wei Chi Li’s shoulder was extremely warm.

“Yes.” Wei Chi Li answered honestly.

“Then whatever you do in the future and even if you feel that I am burdensome and will not take me along, you still have to tell me.” She said. Maybe she has cried too much, so her voice was no longer cold but was like earlier on, it has softened.

“Okay.” Wei Chi Li stammered. Her hands were spread open and her feet seems to be nailed to the ground.

Dare to move? No.

In the past, she had always felt that Liu Luo Yi was an unapproachable cold immortal and an untouchable lone goose in the sky.

So, every time Liu Luo Yi back down and softened, she could not say a single word and felt that whatever she said was possible, like now.

This softness soon disappeared. Liu Luo Yi blushes as she bounced out, then turned and ran. The snow-white skirt and robes fluttered behind her. It inexplicably makes people remember the first time they saw the sea; the waves crash against one another causing flower-like bloom.

Wei Chi Li touched her face, shaking her head and sighed. Sure enough, she was too reclusive and did not socialise with people in the past so she would blush easily after a hug.

In the future, must practise more, otherwise, it would be terrible and shameful.

She nodded contemplatively, turning, and walked towards her room. Her left foot stumbled right foot and right foot stumbled her left foot as she staggered her way back.

She did not care about what was on the mountain first but planned to start on the strip of note first.

If she did not guess it wrongly, this strip of note was torn off in a hurry and was hidden when Lu Yun Kui realized that someone had broken into the mansion and had a premonition that he was going to die.

Fortunately, it was not found by those people because this was a form of clue.

To be honest, Wei Chi Li never really thought of killing Lu Yun Kui. After all, she had never killed anyone. As of now.

But now that she has seen that he had died, she does not feel any pity towards him and could only say that, he has reaped what he had sown. 

[T/L Note]: Surprised????? Upset??? Happy???? Whatever you guys are feeling, the most important thing is Wei Chi Li X Liu Luo Yi ໒( ♥ ◡ ♥ )७

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    Man, that was just so wholesome that I almost forgot about the scum’s violent death. If Wei Chi Li didn’t mention it, I would’ve forgotten about it. Thanks for the chapter >.<

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  3. This is a longshot but I’m guessing Lu Yun Kui probably made a deal with this Zou person or paid them, something like this, and the deal probably involved framing Liu Luo Yi’s father or getting him arrested and thus getting his hands on Liu Lou Yi. And now this Zou person is not happy with Lu Yun Kui because he got greedy but he’s also useless now so this Zou person got rid of him. I could be wrong, but this is my guess so far 🙂

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  4. I 💯% agree with Nemesis, who cares about the scum when we have sweet sweet fluff between MC and FL.
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