Chapter 36: Worries

Wei Chi Die on 1 side looked at Wei Chi Li, wondering if her head was damaged by the person with surname, Lu and was too happy when giving people, money.

Hence, she was even more curious about Liu Luo Yi. There were not many people who was able to make her sister yield, but apart from this lady’s face, she could not see anything else special about her.

Liu Luo Yi has always been sensitive, so naturally, she could sense Wei Chi Die’s inquiry gaze. She raised her head and looked at her coldly then nodded politely.

Wei Chi Die snorted and looked away. She could not be bothered if she was able to look at her or not.

If it were not for her royal father causing trouble, acting shamelessly and cry so that she would come. Even if she would to die, she would not want to see Wei Chi Li again.

Behind the carriage, Lou Yue stared at the purse in her hands and then looked towards the direction Wei Chi Li had left. The horse hooves raised the dust on the street causing a layer of dust in front of her.

After tidying up her messy hair, she stuffed the purse into her arms and left in the opposite direction.

Soon they have arrived at the Mansion gate. Wei Chi Li jumped down first then reached out to support Liu Luo Yi but never thought that Wei Chi Die would be one step faster to get down from the carriage and inadvertently knocked off Liu Luo Yi who was reaching out her hand towards Wei Chi Li.

Liu Luo Yi screamed. Upon seeing this, Wei Chi Li quickly stepped forward and spread out her arms and caught Liu Luo Yi.

She wrapped around Liu Luo Yi’s waist and both Liu Luo Yi’s hand were placed on her shoulders, her feet off the ground. Suddenly the distance between the 2 was pulled closer and was caught off guard as they look into each other’s eyes.

One could see that Liu Luo Yi’s face was red from ears to the base of her neck but did not immediately break away like how she usually reacted. Instead, she said in a voice so soft that only Wei Chi Li could hear: “Put me down.”

Wei Chi Li was already stunned, so she let go of her hand obediently. As a result, she loosened her hands so fast that Liu Luo Yi was unprepared and fell to the ground. She furrowed her brows slightly and her heel felt painful.

“Are you okay?” Wei Chi Li quickly asked.

“I’m okay.” Liu Luo Yi said as she lowered her head and then enduring the pain, she strode into the Mansion.

Wei Chi Li scratched her head. At that very moment, she does not know how she has provoked Liu Luo Yi.

Wei Chi Die looked at Wei Chi Li liked she was a fool and said: “You have let someone fall and hurt her.”

Then why did she run away? Wei Chi Li was feeling gloomy.

Wei Chi Die rolled her eyes, “Don’t look at me. I did not do it on purpose. She was too weak and could not stand firmly.”

Originally, Wei Chi Li did not blame her but was choked by her from the very start. Hearing this, she was even angrier and could not help as her tone held a hint of hostility: “She could not stand firm, so I hope sister will stay from her in the future.”

Wei Chi Die’s expression darkened, she looked at Wei Chi Li carefully then suddenly drew out a flexible sword from her waist. She raised her hand and poured her internal strength into it and when the sword reaches Wei Chi Li’s eyes, it was extremely sturdy.

The strong wind lifted the hair on Wei Chi Li’s forehead. She was shocked as she immediately stepped back and flashes to avoid it.

How could she simply start a fight, were they sisters or enemies? Wei Chi Li said in her heart and does not want to get caught up with her so, she raised her leg and ran into the mansion.

“What is the matter, weren’t you always enormously powerful. Could it be that you have not practised for a long time, so you do not even know how to fight?” Wei Chi Die’s eyes were swift and fierce as she flew and caught up, landing directly in front of Wei Chi Li.

Wei Chi Li gradually stopped as her heart was tensed up helplessly, thinking that she was her sister anyway and could not strike her so she could only fly up and down to evade.

However, Wei Chi Die did not slow down her offensive as she pressed on with every step as if forcing Wei Chi Li to act.

Although Wei Chi Li saw that her moves were quick, her footsteps were impractical and knew that her martial art skills were far inferior compared to her. All the more, she could not fight back and evades around the rockery.

Xin Ran handed the carriage to the people who came to collect it and as soon as she entered the mansion, she saw the 2 chasing, running and quickly shouted: “Eldest princess, 2nd princess, why are you fighting again! Stop!”

No one listens to her.

Instead, a piece of chipped stone flew towards her like a knife. Xin Ran sucked in a breath of cold air and squat down abruptly, only then did she avoid it. However, the hair bun on top of her head came loose, causing her messed up hair to cascade in front of her face.

“Don’t fight anymore!” She squats on the ground, clutching her head and cried.

When Wei Chi Die fight, she saw nothing but Wei Chi Li and does not care whether she had cut something around her. Wei Chi Li must avoid and protect the rockeries, flowers, and plants around them.

This was what Liu Luo Yi tended to when she was idling. If it was broken and messed up, she might be sad for several days.

“No, I did not provoke you, can’t I compensate you?” Wei Chi Li shouted 

Wei Chi Die withdrew her sword and held it in front of her eyes and said sternly: “No, in the past you have always chase after me to fight and no matter what I say, you will not listen and did you ever consider about sisterhood?”

Before finishing saying that, she raised her sword again. Wei Chi Li pat her thigh then shifted her position gloomily and ran down the corridor.

But never thought that as soon as she turned the corner, she ran into Liu Wen Chang with his head lowered and with sword fingers gestures, he slowly walks over. Wei Chi Li was afraid of bumping into him and exerted force to turn her body to avoid him.

However, Wei Chi Die’s sword has stabbed over and Liu Wen Chang being a youth and was also just a beginner in martial skill, was not able to avoid it. He screamed and reached out both his hand to attempt and block the tip of the sword that was already in front of him.

In that instant, Wei Chi Die’s expression has changed but was difficult to withdraw her sword. Suddenly a hand reached out from the side and gripped her wrist fiercely and twist it to another side.

Wei Chi Li rushed back in during that critical situation and shielded in front of Liu Wen Chang and controlled Wei Chi Die for him.

However, because the situation was too tight, and Wei Chi Die’s flexible sword was longer than the normal sword, it still slashes her neck, leaving a shallow wound.

At that very moment, Wei Chi Die was stunned and speechless.

Wei Chi Li finally breathed a sigh of relief. She uses another hand to grab the sword from her hand and threw it onto the floor and raised her arm.

Wei Chi Die subconsciously closed her eyes and turned her head to dodge.

Who knew, Wei Chi Li simply touched her own neck with heartache and said softly: “Sister, don’t fight anymore.”

Hearing this, Wei Chi Die opened her eyes and looked at Wei Chi Li, feeling that it was unbelievable, but her nose was feeling inexplicable sour(!).

鼻子发酸: Bi Zi Fa Suan: Literally means nose feeling sour. When someone’s nose was sour it means, they are sad or was about to cry. It has the exact meaning as the english idiom aka ‘a lump in your throat’

She suspected that she had heard it wrongly.

Wei Chi Li was afraid that she would go crazy so did not let go of her hand and said helplessly: “Is it okay if I compensate you. Just now, I was just too anxious and did not blame you. Don’t be angry and besides, after fighting for so long, your inexplicable fire should have been extinguished right?”

In more than 10 over years of Wei Chi Die’s life, she has never heard Wei Chi Li spoke to her in this tone before. If she listened to it too much, it seemed to be coaxing her.

“Let go.” Wei Chi Die said.

Wei Chi Li quickly let go of her hand and smile apologetically: “Sister, I will ask Xin Ran to make more delicious dishes to welcome you, okay?”

Wei Chi Die nodded with a stern face, then turned and walked out, but could not tell what her heart was feeling. It was as if she had hit the cotton with her fist.

And when Wei Chi Li held her wrist just now, she could clearly feel that terrifying speed and even though she had practised so hard for so long, her martial art could not catch up to Wei Chi Li.

After all, the moment she was born, she could only think about love and lust.

Seeing that she has finally left, Wei Chi Li could finally breathed a sigh of relief and turned to face Liu Wen Chang who was pale from fright: “Don’t be afraid, she did not mean it, were you hurt?”

Liu Wen Chang smiled lightly, shaking his head, and said softly: “Wen Chang is fine, this must be Wei Chi Princess. She looks really like princess but her temperament is completely different.”

Wei Chi Li smiled awkwardly, thinking that if it were in the past, these 2 princesses’ temperament was carved out from the same mould. Diamond cutting diamond and the Northern Territory King was not angered by them to the point of getting sick, he must be very patient.

Wei Chi Li ordered the kitchen girl to make a large table of dishes and had all the people in the mansion including Xin Ran to come over and sat around the table.

The atmosphere at the table was very strange as everyone was eating sullenly. Only Liu Luo Yi does not know what was going on, but she had always been introverted so she learned from them and lowered her head to eat.

Wei Chi Li stuffed a bag of silvers into her hand under the table, then winked at her.

 When Liu Luo Yi took over the bag, she felt that it was very heavy and looked at Wei Chi Li in surprise. Wei Chi Li motioned to her to open it.

Liu Luo Yi untied the big bag that was several times larger than the original purse and then took out 2 smaller bags. 1 was filled with smaller silvers, another contains gold ingots.

She opened her eyes wide and quickly stuffed the bag back to Wei Chi Li and whispered: “Princess, this, this is too much.”

“What’s too much. Girls should have more money. Spend the smaller silvers and leave the gold ingots in house to save it. Whatever rouge gouache, I do not know much about it so you should buy more. Today, I have seen those palace attendants wearing silk flowers and jewellery. You can’t possibly wear that wooden hairpin all the time, right?”

After Wei Chi Li finishes speaking and before Liu Luo Yi could reject again, she tied the purse to her waist.

Liu Luo Yi felt that her waist was a lot heavier that her nose was feeling a little sour but could not help but curled the corner of her lips and even revealing a few teeth.

“You smiled again.” Wei Chi Li smiled too. She does not know why, but seeing Liu Luo Yi was happy, she was happy too.

Although currently, it was not a lot.

Wei Chi Die suddenly coughed and interrupted their conversation. She looked at Liu Luo Yi then looked at Wei Chi Li, feeling that something was wrong.

Her stupid sister was still normal, but no matter how she looked at this lady, it was strange. Especially the look in her eyes when she looks at Wei Chi Li, was very weird.

Liu Luo Yi put away her smile and returned to her usual cold face and glanced at Wei Chi Die, then lowered her head to continued eating.

Yo, there was some hostility, Wei Chi Die raised her eyebrows.

Hence, the meal ended like this. Wei Chi Li wanted to talk to Liu Luo Yi but saw that Liu Luo Yi avoided her as she pulled Liu Wen Chang and strode back to the room.

Wei Chi Li could not understand what was going on and look towards Xin Ran. But Xin Ran crossed her arms, glaring at Wei Chi Die like a tiger, as if she were afraid the 2 would fight again.

In the end, everyone went back to their own room with their own worries.

But Wei Chi Li does not have the time to think too much as she has important things to considers. Soon it was night-time and she quickly changed into black clothing, strode out of the door and flipped over several walls.

[T/L Note]: 剑诀 Jian Jue aka sword fingers – A lot of martial art practictioner who uses sword will be in this stance before fight. And it is not just this, in wuxia, there are many uses to this finger gesture.

A little tease: Characters that was introduced but did not ‘die’ will appear again! Do you guys still remember all of them? (≧艸≦*)

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  1. Lol. Wei Chi Die is witnessing the blooming of love without her knowing. Sister’s reconciliations are the best!

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