Chapter 35

When many of the guards saw that someone had actually pry away their emperor’s hand, they immediately drew out their swords and the room was filled with ‘shua’ sound.

Chen Hao knew that he had forgotten himself and quickly said: “Stop it. All retreat.”

The guards looked at each other then ‘shua’ they kept their swords and retreated respectfully.

Seeing this, Wei Chi Li releases her hand and knelt on 1 knee: “Emperor, please forgive me.”

In fact, she was a panicking a little. After all, she was facing the emperor of a country and if he were to mete out punishment, she probably could not escape it.

Chen Hao touched his wrist but kept staring at Liu Luo Yi’s face. She was so alike, so alike, how could there be a person who looks so alike in this world.

As soon as this girl came in, he felt that she was remarkably familiar and when he saw her face clearly, he thought that the person has come back again.

The person has passed away and it not possible to seek her out anymore.

Chen Hao suddenly gave a long sigh and raised his hand: “Get up, I was too anxious, you all may retreat.”

Liu Luo Yi turned her head to look at Wei Chi Li. Wei Chi Li patted her hand then pulled her up and saluted towards Chen Hao. “Wei Chi Li asked to be excused.”

Chen Hao did not say anything anymore as he kept looking at Liu Luo Yi until Wei Chi Li shielded behind her defensively and protected her out of the door before he withdrew his eyes.

Wei Chi Die has finally watched enough of the good show. She put away her mischievous expression on her face and bowed towards Chen Hao. She turned and walked out of the door; her red hem turned like a petal-like arc.

The room has quiet down and lost its human’s touch. Chen Hao stood alone by the window and looked at the unchanging scenery outside, feeling that the world was oppressing him, suffocating him.

In the end, the scenery was still here while people were no longer here.

Wei Chi Li dragged Liu Luo Yi all the way out of the imperial study room till a place where there was no one around. Only then did she stop and frowned: “Have you really never been into the palace before?”

Liu Luo Yi shook her head. Only now did she feel that her heartbeat has calmed a little.

“Acting like this for no reason, it has really scared me to death.” Wei Chi Li also covered her chest, “In the future, I might as well be like your father and locked you up, to prevent being on tenterhooks all the time.”

Liu Luo Yi raised her eyes to look at her.

“Okay, okay, I’m joking. You can go anywhere you want.” Wei Chi Li comfort her by patting her shoulder.

It was just that she could not let go of the doubt in her heart. The emperor’s reaction was too big. Could it be that Liu Luo Yi looked like someone? If this were the case, the person that could make the emperor forgot himself must be an outstanding person.

“Then did your father said before, why did he not let you go out?” Wei Chi Li asked again. She felt that if she does not figure out this matter, she would always be on tenterhooks.

“Father said, I am a woman so I should stay at home.”

“Isn’t this self-contradictory. If your father is really an old antique, he will not let you go to school at all.” Wei Chi Li stroke her chin and thought about it, “What about Liu Wen Chang, does your father allow him to go out? Why do you think the emperor reacted like this?”

Liu Luo Yi thought about it seriously and replied: “Father does not care about Chang’er, he is allowed to do anything outside, and I was very envious about it since young. As for the emperor, I do not know.”

Wei Chi Li nodded thoughtfully. She suddenly thought of that simple folding screen with the woman figure on it. Seeing it would engrave it into people’s mind.

Presumably, there must be a story behind it. Forget it, would talk about this in the future and avoid letting Liu Luo Yi enter the palace so she would not see this weird emperor.

“Why walks so fast. There comes a day where you, Wei Chi Li will be afraid?” A casual voice travelled from behind them. Wei Chi Li turned around to look and saw Wei Chi Die twisting her slender waist as she walked over. A pair of lotus arms partly visible, partly hidden.

At that moment, she does not know how to behave. Since the two does not have a good relationship, she shall be a little colder so as to not be exposed.

“Sister.” She said sternly.

Wei Chi Die expression was still surprised. She chuckles and her eyes that were light and clear like a coloured glaze looked at her up and down: “Lived for more than 10 over years, only then did you finally learn how to call me, sister?”

“What? At that time, did you not vowed something life and death and grow old together. Have yet to die and has already divorce. The old man kept talking about you in the Northern Territory, yet you did not even bother going back to take a look. You really are his most beloved daughter.”

Being said a few words, Wei Chi Li was so angry that she wanted to reprimand her in the public. But she smiled reluctantly as she thought in her heart that Wei Chi Die looks beautiful but when she speaks, it was like eating garlic, choking people.

But thinking about the original owner’s wilful and outrages temperament, this kind of attitude was normal.

“My limbs were tied up by some matters.” Wei Chi Li smiled kindly, “Sister, do you want to stay in my mansion for some time.”

“That was my plan.” Wei Chi Die put on a false smile as she curled the corner of her red lips towards her. She then stopped looking at her and walked forward on her own, “Quickly lead the way.”

Behind her, Liu Luo Yi frowned as she gently tugged Wei Chi Li and there was a little heartache in her eyes.

Wei Chi Li knew that this silly girl might have simulated the scene of her being bullied by her sister at home. She leaned close to her ear and said: “It is okay, she can’t win me and was beaten up by me since young.”

Only then was there a smile in Liu Luo Yi’s eyes.

Too cute. Wei Chi Li screamed in her heart but remained poker face as she took a few steps to catch up to Wei Chi Die.

The 4people left the palace and returned to the busy streets in the carriage.

 Perhaps because there was a Wei Chi Die in the carriage, it was extremely quiet. Wei Chi Li dare not speak as she fears that if she would to say something wrong, she would be exposed. While Liu Luo Yi has always been quiet, and Wei Chi Die could not be bothered to talk to Wei Chi Li.

Only Xin Ran who was riding outside would probe in from time to time, wanting to say something but hesitate and backed away.

“Father, is Royal Father’s health okay?” Wei Chi Li hesitated for a long time and felt that even though she was not filial, she should still ask out of concern.

“Very good. Cannot eat, cannot sleep, and think about her 2nd daughter every day. Saying that her 2nd daughter is homesick and find an excuse to send the eldest daughter over. Saying to experience what it means to be tired from work.” Wei Chi Die mocked.

Wei Chi Li endured and continued: “Have troubled sister.”

“No trouble at all, I was able to see that you have brought trouble upon yourself and so all the tiredness is gone.” Wei Chi Die crossed her leg lazily.

Forget it, it was better for her not to speak. Wei Chi Li rolled her eyes.

At this moment, there was suddenly a commotion outside. The carriage was caught off guard and stopped abruptly. Wei Chi Li barely stabilised herself, but Liu Luo Yi and Wei Chi Die could not control as they slid towards the door.

With one hand on each person, Wei Chi Li quickly pulled them back, raising her voice to ask: “Xin Ran, what happened?”

“Replying to princess, someone is obstructing the carriage, is a woman!” Xin Ran replied.

Hearing this, Wei Chi Li turned to look at Liu Luo Yi and said in a gentle voice: “Stay in the carriage, don’t go out.”

This time, Liu Luo Yi behaved very well as she sat there obediently, then she pulled her sleeves gently and whispered: “Be careful.”

“Don’t worry.” Wei Chi Li winked at her then bent and got out.

With a face full of curiosity, Wei Chi Die looked at Wei Chi Li then looked at Liu Luo Yi. Wondering since when did her overbearing sister has become so considerate and what kind of person was this lady?

Who knew, Wei Chi Li turned her head again and said to her: “You be careful too.”

Before Wei Chi Die could react, Wei Chi Li has disappeared and so she probed her head out of the window and look at Wei Chi Li’s back.

After Wei Chi Li jumped down from the carriage, she realized that many people have surrounded. And there was a woman kneeling strategically in front of the carriage. Her hair was untidy, and clothes were ripped messily but could still see the charming figure.

While she was resisting several men and women from pulling, she shouted: “Robbing this commoner! Begging the lord to save me!”

Beside her was a woman full of wrinkles yet has a thick layer of make-up as she covered her mouth then smiled at Wei Chi Li: “This nobleman, this is my slave and has stolen something, so now I have caught her and is bringing her back. So sorry for disturbing you. Sorry. I will punish her when I go back.”

After saying that, she signalled the brawny men around her to drag the woman away.

Wei Chi Li knew that the matter might not be that simply, she told them to stop then stepped forward and then with one hand, she pushes the woman who was covering the mouth of another, away.

The woman on the ground was no longer bound, she quickly rushed towards Wei Chi Li and kowtow: “I beg the nobleman to save me.”

She raised her head but was stunned. Wei Chi Li could not calm down too as she took a step back and was taken aback. This person was, Lou Yue?

Was she not doing well in Lu Mansion? She and Liu Luo Yi were no longer there so she should have led a good life there.

Even if it was in the original book, she has lived well for a long while before being sold by Lu Yun Kui to the middleman for human trafficking.

“Someone come, quickly pull her away!” The woman who was pushed away said angrily. While smiling, she grasped Lou Yue’s clothes and dragged her back.

The light in Lou Yue’s eyes dimmed in an instant as she lowered her head and stopped struggling.

Who knew, Wei Chi Li voice travelled from above her head: “Let her go.”

“This, even if you are a nobleman, you can’t rob in the middle of the street. This slave is….”

“How much money to redeem her.” Wei Chi Li was too lazy to talk nonsense to her as she took off the purse from her waist and threw it into her hand, “Is it enough.”

The woman opens the purse eagerly and glanced at it. In that instant, her eyes seem to shine as she smiled awkwardly: “enough, naturally it is enough. You can take her, we will leave, will leave!”

After a while, the group of people dispersed. Wei Chi Li reached out to pull Lou Yue up, but Lou Yue lowered her head and step back to avoid her.

“Those are middlemen for human trafficking, Lu Yun Kui has sold you?” Wei Chi Li asked.

Lou Yue shrank her neck and replied in a soft voice: “No, Lu’ lang, chased me out and my purse was stolen so I could only sleep on the street. Then I was taken captive.”

A surge of despair rosed in her heart; Wei Chi Li would definitely not let her go.

Unexpectedly again, Wei Chi Li waved her hand: “You can leave. In the future, rely on your own ability.”

 After she said that, she walked to the side of the carriage and said to Liu Luo Yi through the window: “Do you still have any silver on you?”

Liu Luo Yi did not hesitate as she untied the purse from her waist and said softly: “All of it that were given to me by you is here.”

Wei Chi Li smiled at her then threw the purse to Lou Yue.

She did not say anything as she turned and jumped onto the carriage and leaned towards Liu Luo Yi: “Many thanks, I will give you more when I go back.”

This time, Liu Luo Yi did not reject as she nodded and said: “Give me smaller silvers, it is too big, so I can’t spend it.”

Wei Chi Li was taken aback then smiled happily: “Okay, however much smaller silvers you want, you will have it!”

[T/L Note]: MUAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA!!! 《《o(≧◇≦)o》》 Exciting part is coming up!! I can’t reveal anything about the new characters, they play a very crucial part for the rest of the story *cough cough*

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