Chapter 25: Contradiction (Part 1)

“Who are you, dare to intrude the Court of Judicature and Revision! Someone come, take them down!” The leader touched his painful buttock that was kicked by Wei Chi Li as he raised his PoDao and said furiously.

“Ai, what are you all, Ai, let them go!” Chen Chu does his best to shout. Unfortunately, no one listened to him and only a few people nodded as they bowed and invited him aside respectfully.

“4th Prince, it is not that we do not allow you to enter, but the emperor had specially given orders and we do not dare to defy it.”

“No, that lady is with me, tell them to let her go!” Chen Chu flushed with anxiousness as he pushed away the people in front of him, wanting to rush up. Unfortunately, his martial arts were not good enough as there were masters gathered, so, he could not break into the crowd at all.

Liu Luo Yi did not have the time to look up as a Podao waved in front of her eyes. She opened her eyes wide, but suddenly her waist was caught by someone, pulling her back to avoid it.

Wei Chi Li does not have any weapons on her, so, she could only dodge on the spot and because she had to take Liu Luo Yi into consideration, her movements were a little slow too. Fortunately, her martial arts were amazing, so she did not have to suffer.

She saw an opening and whispered: “Stand firmly.” Immediately, with both hands, she supported Liu Luo Yi’s shoulder and jumped up into the air, swinging her leg back and kicked the person behind, causing him to turned a full circle on the spot and fell face-down.

Being pressed like this, Liu Luo Yi nearly fell. Luckily, when Wei Chi Li landed on the ground, she pulled her back again with one hand. Liu Luo Yi turned around and felt that her heart was about to jump out.

She wanted to ask why Wei Chi Li had come but was afraid of affecting her, so she bit her lips tightly, saying nothing.

Only feeling a little, relieved in her heart.

Wei Chi Li did not have the time to think. She reached out her hand and the sword that was dropped by that person earlier, flew in the air and landed on her palm firmly. 

With a sword in her hand, she could move more freely. With 1 hand, she held Liu Luo Yi in her arms and another hand protected the 2 of them, not letting air passed through. A group of people surrounded and they were locked in combat. Even after a long time, no one was able to injure them.

Wei Chi Li drilled a gap among the group and immediately took Liu Luo Yi back. With the tip of the sword, she draws a spark on the ground and then raised her hands and legs, kicking the leader onto the ground and pointing the sword to his throat.

“All stop moving for this princess!” She said sternly.

“Quick, stop!” That leader hugged his head quickly and yelped: “We have something to talk, we will talk about it nicely!”

Chen Chu took this opportunity to run forward and kicked 2 people away, standing in front of them: “You all have the audacity to attack Wei Chi Princess!”

“4th prince? Wei Chi Princess?” The group of people looked at each other and within the next second, they fell to their knees.

“It’s, it’s the small ones who failed to recognise people of great importance. We thought it was because someone trespassed the Imperial Prison. These small ones know their mistakes, pleading the 4th prince to not mete out punishment.”

Wei Chi Li threw the sword to the ground then release Liu Luo Yi and Liu luo Yi quickly took 2 steps back. She raised her eyes to look at Wei Chi Li and was about to say something but was dragged out of the crowd by Wei Chi Li.

“Wei Chi Princess, don’t blame……”

“You shut up! As a dignified prince, can you use your brain when doing somethings? Bringing Liu Luo Yi to such a place. If something were to happen, what can Liu Luo Yi do about it?” Before Chen Chu could finish speaking, Wei Chi Li pointed at his nose and reprimanded.

Chen Chu opened his mouth weakly: “I, I will not……”

“You will not? If I did not coincidentally rush here on time, something might have happened to Liu Luo Yi! I am warning you, if you bring her out alone in the future, I will not forgive you!” Wei Chi Li frowned as she pulled Liu Luo Yi behind her forcefully, causing her to stagger.

Liu Luo Yi lowered her head, feeling a little panic. She could feel that the current Wei Chi Li was different from the usual. Her body emits a trace of strength and a piercing coldness that was not easy to detect.

A little scary.

Chen Chu did not even dare to speak anymore as he stood there feeling aggrieved. Seeing this, the guards at the side who was overbearing earlier on quickly pulled away one by one, supporting each other and disappeared. Leaving the original 2 who were guarding here, and still holding onto their swords, trembling.

Dared to even scold the 4th prince. It was better not to mess with this Princess of the Northern Territory……

“Miss Liu.” Wei Chi Li took a deep breath as she turned to face Liu Luo Yi. “After all this time, what can’t you tell me, you have to go plead with this unreliable 2nd guy.”

Chen Chu interrupted weakly: “I am not unreliable; I have deliberately stolen the token…… Also, what is 2nd guy…”

“You shut up.” Wei Chi Li glared at him and he stopped speaking immediately.

Liu Luo Yi lowered her head and said nothing.

“Tell me when I have not helped you. You have really, let!” Wei Chi Li could not say the last 2 words because Liu Luo Yi suddenly raised her head and stared at her coldly.

“Me down….” Wei Chi Li murmured.

“Yes, I have let you down. But princess does not have the obligation to help me again and again. I am really useless but does not want to be treated as a good-for-nothing.” 

Liu Luo Yi said word for word, turned around and left. Wei Chi Li wanted to step forward to catch her but could not.

Liu Luo Yi walked without turning back her head. Looking cold with a trace of loneliness.

Wei Chi Li patted herself as she did not know what to do. She turned around to look at Chen Chu and noticed that he was smiling, taking pleasure in other’s misfortune. Hence, she strode forward and snatched a sword from the guard.

Seeing this, Chen Chu quickly stepped back as he furrowed his brows and said: “Wei Chi princess has really misunderstood. I had stolen the token first, thinking that I could take her to see Lord Liu, she did not even know about it. Today, it was also because I have secretly flipped over the wall to find her, saying that I can bring her to see her father only then did she reluctantly believed it.”

“Furthermore, she said that she wanted to tell you, but I was afraid that it will take too long, and emperor father will find out, so I pulled her out forcefully……”

Before he could finish speaking, Wei Chi Li had already run out without a trace.

Wei Chi Li was really depressed. She did not know where the anger had come from. But when she saw Liu Luo Yi had looked for Chen Chu and not her, she lost her temper.

This was over. Based on Liu Luo Yi’s temperament, she does not know how angry she would be.

Wei Chi Li had chased after her for a long time but did not see Liu Luo Yi’s figure. She felt a ‘bang’ in her heart. It could not be that Liu Luo Yi did not think it through and was unable to see Liu Ru, so she had done something silly?

Sweating profusely as she rushed back to the mansion, almost knocking down Liu Wen Chang who was standing in the middle of the corridor

Liu Wen Chang hugged the pillar and clutched his chest: “Princess, what are you doing?”

“Where is Liu Luo Yi? Is she back?” Wei Chi Li asked in a panic.

Liu Wen Change touched his head and said: “Ah Jie had just returned and should have gone back to her room. But it seems like she is in a bad mood.”

Only then did Wei Chi Li breathed a sigh of relief as she patted her chest. It was okay that she had come back.

But she fears that to calm her down, it would be a little troublesome.

Wei Chi Li did not dare to look for her for the time being and decided to go back to her room. Pacing back and forth, feeling depressed.

Xin Ran’s eyes were in pain from all the swaying. If she continued walking like this, she would grind a hole on the floor. She stepped forward cautiously: “Princess, what is the matter?”

“Xin Ran, tell me, if you were to make a lady angry, how would you coax her?”

Xin Ran in a quandary as she thinks about it: “I have been busy practising martial arts with my father since young, and do not have many friends. But I have seen that among the sisters, they would send each other flowers, plants, clothes and so on. Princess, did you make Miss Liu unhappy again?”

“En.” Wei Chi Li stomped dejectedly and clomped towards the bed, sprawling on it: “But Liu Luo Yi and I does not have a sister-like relationship. Will it work?”

“How about you try it, you and Miss Liu are indeed not like sisters. I have not seen her smiling at you. Always cold and indifferent.” Xin Ran muttered.

Wei Chi Li shook her head: “Indeed. But, Ai, this is not clear.”

Although in the beginning, to her, Liu Luo Yi was simply a character in the book. After getting along so many times, she had completely given up this kind of thinking. Liu Luo Yi was frail yet determined, indifferent yet gentle and was indeed real and could not be reproduced.

She was too lazy to think more about it, as she waved her hand and said: “You shall help me think about how to coax her. After all, this time, it was indeed my fault. She is ambitious and has a bad temper. She must be feeling uncomfortable after being yelled at, in front of so many people.”

“Princess, you are too kind to her.” Xin Ran said very softly.

“What did you say?”

“No, no. But Miss Liu is cold by nature and does not seems to like anything. However, it is said that in the past, her dance was top in the capital. How about you start from this?” Xin Ran stroke her chin.

Wei Chi Li nodded as it made sense. However, looking at her previous attitude, a talent like dancing does not seems to be a good thing in ancient times. Besides, she could not give her a pair of dancing shoes, right?

Wei Chi Li was facing yet another difficulty.

At night, the cicadas outside chirped. Wei Chi Li has always had a big heart, and although there were a lot of worries, when it comes to sleep, she would not delay.

A slender figure stepped into the courtyard full of mottled shadows of the trees, water clear-like moonlight scattered coolly on her shoulders, making her look otherworldly.

Liu Luo Yi’s heart was full of worries and could not sleep no matter what. Draping a coat over herself, as she heads out to have a walk and end up walking here.

There seemed to be a person standing outside Wei Chi Li’s door. Liu Luo Yi’s heart tightened and took 2 steps forward. The person heard the footsteps sound and quickly fled to the side in a panic.

Liu Luo Yi did not see her face clearly, and when she caught up, she could no longer see her figure. She stood on the spot for a while, tilting her head to look towards Wei Chi Li’s room.

Was she, too wilful?

Sometimes, when facing Wei Chi Li, she could not even figure out her emotions. She was incredibly happy that in this world, besides her father and Chang’er, there were still people worried about her.

But when Wei Chi Li blamed her indiscriminately, she was truly angry. However, ever since her father’s incident, she does not know how many people had kicked her when she was down, and was simply used to it.

And yet, with a few words from Wei Chi Li, she felt misunderstood, especially wronged.

“What should I do.” Liu Luo Yi lowered her head, revealing a lonely expression.

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  1. Damn. This novel is just too good. The characters are not 2d at all! They act so damn real, following their own characters.

    Man, can’t wait for the misunderstandings to get sorted out. I don’t wanna cry. *sob* (ಥ_ಥ)

    Thank you for the chapters.

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  2. While I realise that was probably ‘girl-who-will-cause-my-heart-to-hurt’, why was she there? She doing a creep? That aside, they’re both such cuties.

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      1. I’m guessing it’s that new girl Wan Ji and that one girl from the party, the doted on daughter.

        Idk about Luo Yi, well every man that sees her wants to have her but I doubt a woman will come unto her, Wei Chi’s heroic and valiant beauty attracts women I guess lol.


  3. uwaaa I’m excited ,but feel a little heartbroken since LYY reminded me of my crush and I just got dumped not in the direct kind of way but she avoided me and I was reading some novel to escape reality and when I realize LYY is so much like her , I remembered her again 😭, Anyways thanksies translator-nim

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  4. Imma blame this one completely on Luo Yi, like indeed Wei Chi must feel kind of betrayed right now, without a word or anything she just leaves with the 4th prince and into a dangerous situation ……

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