Chapter 26: Liu Apologise (Part 2)

Early next morning, Wei Chi Li stretches and opened the door, but almost fell forward, nearly gave the earth a passionate kiss.

Wei Chi Li secretly cursed as she held her painful foot and leapt back to her original spot. She lowered her head to look at the culprit that had almost caused her to fall. It was a delicate meal box.

Was Xin Ran so considerate now? Afraid of waking her up, so she placed the meal at the door?

Wei Chi Li have no choice but to pick up the meal box and bring it into the room, thinking that she must tell Xin Ran later that next time, she should place it somewhere else. Because early in the morning, one would be in a daze and this would be easy to get someone killed.

She yawned and opened the box, taking a pastry and threw it into her mouth. Her expression instantly became terrifying.

Then came an earth-shattering cough. Wei Chi Li held the table as her face was flushed from the suppression. She felt around for a teacup with haste and gulped down the water, making her feel better.

“Xin Ran! Who made breakfast today? Do you put salt into Osmanthus cake!?”

Hearing the shout, Xin Ran rushed in, screech to a halt as she said in surprise: “No, no, isn’t Osmanthus cake, sweet?”

Wei Chi Li does not want to speak anymore as she picked up a piece of the Osmanthus cake and stuffed it into Xin Ran’s mouth.

Xin Ran was puzzled and chewed twice. Her body shook. She covered her mouth and turned around twice on the same spot and could not find a place, hence, she rushed out of the room.

The sound of vomiting came from outside the room. Wei Chi Li patted her stomach, feeling much more comfortable.

After a while, Xin Ran walked in while supporting on the wall as she said said weakly: “Princess, the kitchen girl on duty today has a stomach-ache and is resting in the room, so, she did not prepare the meal.”

Hearing this, Wei Chi Li frowned and picked up the meal box: “Then, who made this?”

“I do not know.” Xin Ran shook her head.

Wei Chi Li brought Xin Ran out of the house and went to the Cao’s meat pie to have breakfast. Before leaving, she bought a few more, thinking about giving Liu Luo Yi and the others to eat.

Liu Luo Yi’s courtyard was in the most remote part of the house. It was not because Wei Chi Li treated her shabbily, but because there was a small grove of pear trees. Although, currently, there were neither pears nor flowers on the trees.

The stone path was originally overgrown with weeds but was handled by Liu Luo Yi personally. She had also planted small unknown wildflowers by the side of the road. There were white and blue flowers, looking refreshing.

Under the largest pear tree, there were some hemp robes and wooden planks scattered around, for unknown reasons.

Wei Chi Li suddenly felt that it was remarkably interesting. Like there was a feeling of peeping into other’s lives secretly. But she wonders, back then when Liu Luo Yi was at home, was she as nimble-fingered.

Or was an obedient young lady from a noble family, playing Qin, painting, practising calligraphy and play chess.   

But the current Wei Chi Li still did not know that her misunderstanding towards Liu Luo Yi was rather huge.

Liu Luo Yi was not in the room, so she must have gone out. Wei Chi Li reached out her hand nervously and patted the wall. After angering Liu Luo Yi yesterday, she has yet to think of how to apologise to her.

Moreover, when it comes to apologising, she had only done it a few times since young in her previous life. Thinking about it, since she came to ancient time, she seems to have tried things which she had never done it before.

Sometimes she had almost forgotten which Wei Chi Li she was.

There were footsteps sound travelling from outside the door, Liu Luo Yi had came back. Seized by an impulse, she raised her head and looked around, then using QingGong, and within 2-3steps she leapt onto the roof. She squats down and hides behind the tiles.

She suddenly wanted to see what the usual uptight Liu Luo Yi would be like in the private.

There was a basket hanging on Liu Luo Yi arms, but inside were some unknown tools. She put the basket down and took out the items one by one.

A dagger, a piece of wood and a whetstone and a dried cake wrapped in a handkerchief.

Wei Chi Li felt a sudden pain in her heart. Before she was still grinning, now she could not smile anymore.

Could it be that she had only eaten these kinds of stuff these days? She had obviously given her silvers and ordered Liu Wen Chang to go get food from the kitchen every day. She had even sent some servants to her but was chased out.

Liu Luo Yi sat down. With 1 hand holding a dagger and the wood in the other hand, she started to pare. Her movements were laborious and clumsy and would scratch her hand from time to time.

She did not cry out in pain nor stop as if she did not feel anything. She lowered her head and dealt with the piece of wood seriously.

She did not cut the wood properly in the middle and so she threw her dagger away angrily. After a while, she got up again and picked it up gloomily.

Wei Chi Li curled the corner of her lips.

After a long time, Liu Luo Yi seemed to be tired. She put down the wood, stood up and yawned, after which, she jumped a few times on the spot and then hug the pear tree beside her.

Time seemed to have a stood still. Liu Luo Yi’s head began moving little by little and after a while, she fell asleep while hugging the tree and slowly fell to the ground.

Suddenly, Wei Chi Li rejoiced. Rejoicing that she had hidden herself so that she could see that Liu Luo Yi in private was totally different from her usual coldness.

Following along the wall, Wei Chi Li jumped back onto the ground quietly and tiptoed towards Liu Luo Yi. She reached out to pick up the wood. That was a good piece of rosewood with a faint fragrance which smells good.

There were some form on the wood as if it were going to be made into a wooden rod. Wei Chi Li was very curious as to why would Liu Luo Yi used so much effort to carved it into a wooden rod.

Liu Luo Yi at the side was sleeping sweetly. The shade of the trees shrouded her. The greenery contrasted with the woman in white, was breathtakingly beautiful.

Wei Chi Li sighed and squatted down, fanning away the mosquitoes, after which, she reached out her hand to carry her up. Feeling that she was thinner than she thought.

This lady was really, too stubborn.

After carrying Liu Luo Yi into the room, she sauntered back to her own room. Xin Ran came up to her: “Princess, how is it, have you apologised?”

Wei Chi Li shook her head in defeat and pondered for a while: “Go and help me inquired on how to enter Yan Country’s Imperial prison where they held the important criminals.”

Xin Ran nodded, turned around and took a step and immediately turned her head back and exclaimed: “What? Why does Princess want to go to the Imperial Prison? That is not a good place. Have you forgotten that when you were young, you had secretly run into the Northern Territory’s prison cell and cried for days after getting frightened? The Northern Territory King was so worried. And after that, the king has issued an order, prohibiting the usage of torture on the prisoners.”

Wei Chi Li chuckled, feeling a sense of peculiarity in her heart.

“Go, don’t worry.” She said lightly.

Was this really the world in the novel? In the wake of her life, the plots and characters that were originally piled up indifferently with words had become real day after day.   

In an instant, she could not differentiate if it was originally like this or everything started from her and had changed because of her.

She could not figure it out so she decided not to think about it. Wei Chi Li sat on the chair as she waits for Xin Ran to come back while she picked up a book and looked through it, feeling bored.

En, she could not understand all these punctilious about minutiae of ancient Chinese writings.

Time flies and soon it was evening. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Making it stands out even more in a quiet room.

Wei Chi Li suddenly woke up. As she got up from the table, she wiped off the drool off her face and wobbled to open the door. There was no one outside, only a small box that was placed at the doorstep.

 She looked around suspiciously, her ears moved and understood in her heart, after which, she pretended not to know anything and went forward to pick up the box and opened it at the doorstep.

A small rod-like item rolled onto her palm. It was crooked and there seem to be characters carved on it, but the strokes were messy.

“What is this thing, it is so ugly.” She said loudly on purpose.

There was rustling sound coming from the grass.

“Eiya! It is really ugly; I shall give it to Xin Ran later to help me throw it away.” Wei Chi Li coughed twice and raised her voice louder.

There was a movement from the grass, a person rushed out and blades of grass still stuck on the snow-white dress. She walked over angrily and snatched back the small wooden rod from Wei Chi Li’s hand, turned around and left.

Wei Chi Li quickly stepped forward to pull, but never thought that when Liu Luo Yi got angry, she would have such huge strength. She pushed her abruptly and because Wei Chi Li was unprepared, she took 2 steps back and tripped over the small box and fall backwards with her hands and legs in the air.

Wei Chi Li looked at the sky that had turned dark blue and gave a long sigh. She was being too difficult; it seems like this fall was destined to happened.

Liu Luo Yi stopped and quickly turned around and reached out to pull Wei Chi Li. But she never thought that she was unable to pull Wei Chi Li up, but instead Wei Chi Li backhanded and pulled her instead and she fell on her knees on Wei Chi Li.

Her body tilted towards her uncontrollably. Liu Luo Yi quickly sat up and flung off Wei Chi Li’s hand.

“I’m teasing you, don’t be angry. What is this, it is a little ugly, but it is quite unique.” Wei Chi Li took back the small wooden rod from her hand and held it in front of her eyes, then placed her hand behind her head and cross-legged.

Not to mention, it was quite comfortable to lie down like this.

“Wooden hairpin.” Liu Luo Yi said gloomily.

“What is this? This is a hairpin?” Wei Chi Li could not hold back and laugh out loud.

Liu Luo Yi was angry again as she reached out, wanting to snatch it back.

Wei Chi Li stretched her hand to one side, avoiding her. Then sat up smoothly and reached out to caressed Liu Luo Yi’s head: “Thank you, I like it very much.”

After all, she, herself took a small dagger to carve it for the entire day.

Liu Luo Yi was taken by surprised by her action and her initial anger had reduced in an instant. She lowered her head, blushed, and sulk: “I’m sorry.”

Wei Chi Li raised her eyes to look at her.

Liu Luo Yi furrowed her brows and stood up, turning her back towards Wei Chi Li and said fiercely: “I’m sorry! I have made a unilateral decision with regards to the matters yesterday.”

Wei Chi Li felt that she must have hallucination. Liu Luo Yi actually took the initiative to apologise to her. Although the attitude when apologising was no different from scolding others.

In her impression, she had lost her temper on her, so she should have chopped herself off.

This world had become magical!

“I just do not dare. You had obviously helped me so much, so I am afraid that if I often find you, you would be annoyed by it.” Liu Luo Yi’s voice gradually became softer.

“I have never coaxed anyone before, so I do not know what to do. I listened to Chang’er and made Osmanthus cake for you. I have made a bamboo steamer full of it but only 3 looks presentable.”

Hearing this, Wei Chi Li could not laugh nor cry. It turns out that the fatal Osmanthus cake was made by her.

That was really, no wonder……

Taste so bad.

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  1. Awww. The FL is just too sweet and thoughtful. They both wanted to say sorry. Wahahaha. Such a cute couple.

    Honestly, these two…. Should just get married already!! ಠ益ಠ

    Thank you for the chapter!!

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  2. oH my my my ,this chapter made me smile like an idiot ,if there is ever a ghost in my room , they might have thought I’m crazy smiling by myself 🤣, thanksiees translator-san

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  3. God this is so cute, I like Luo Yi’s clumsiness lol, and well, it’s always hard to admit you made a mistake, I’ll give her that, and well I understand that she’d feel troubled about how much she can ask from Wei Chi, are they friends? Comrades? Master and servant? Or what ? At this point even if they’re both feeling some “accelerated heartbeats” I’m sure they’ve not yet realized they just might be into tribadism.

    I do hope that Wei Chi being a princess isn’t an obstacle in them being together …. Like I feel it’s foina take a long time of Luo Yi going “but how could someone as lowly as myself be with you a princess?” And that’s not even taking into account the gay acceptance.

    The way Luo Yi has turned into a maiden and Wei Chi into a teasing devil is nice lol.


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