Chapter 24: Save Her

Liu Luo Yi fell onto the boat, sucked in a breath of cold air and got up. Seeing that Wei Chi Li had fallen into the water, her heart tensed up and quickly rushed to the side of the boat and shouted: “Wei Chi Li!”

With a ‘splash’ Wei Chi Li came up from the bottom of the water. She wiped the water off her face and suddenly ducked her head down and within 2-3 seconds, she got up the boat.

She was soaked from head to toe, like a drowned rat, extremely embarrassing.

Only then did Liu Luo Yi breathed a sigh of relief, frowning as she reprimanded: “What are you doing!”

Wei Chi Li stroke her head. Wrung her clothes as she said embarrassedly: “I, I am just, teasing you….”

“Who would tease someone like this, you have scared me to death!” Liu Luo Yi was so angry that she was almost speaking incoherently, so she simply turned around and ignored Wei Chi Li.

Wei Chi Li only thought that she was frightened from jump and quickly apologised: “I have seen that you were gloomy the whole day and did not say anything, so I wanted to tease you. I did not mean to scare you.”

Liu Luo Yi bit her lip and turn back to glance at her, wanting to say something but did not. Instead, she snorted and strode to the other side of the boat.

Wei Chi Li chuckled and rushed up: “But you see, this is the first time you have said so much. Although it was to reprimand, it is better than not saying a word all day.”

“Princess has taken great pains.” Liu Luo Yi said coldly.

Wei Chi Li sighed and took 2 steps forward as she patted her shoulder gently: “I did not mean to bully you, believe me.”

“I was not only angry about this. When I saw that you have fallen in just now, I thought……” Liu Luo Yi suddenly turned around. But did not expect that Wei Chi Li was standing behind, bending forward slightly. The 2 almost bumped into each other. Wei Chi Li’s upright nose and rosy lips swept past in front of her.

The fragrance belonging to Wei Chi Li rushed over and Liu Luo Yi subconsciously took a step back but because she did not stand firmly, she leaned backwards.

Wei Chi Li stood on the spot as she sighed and reached out with ease to embrace her waist and pulled her back.

Liu Luo Yi did not let out her temper anymore, she only kept her head down and did not say anything.

Wei Chi Li’s clothes were already wet and do not have the desire to admire the house. Hence, the group have a brief understanding of the layout and went back to their rooms separately.

Xin Ran has hired a lot of servants and pageboys to clean up the house. Wei Chi Li changed into a clean set of clothes and let out a long sigh of relief and threw herself onto the bed.

Living in your own house was indeed better than living under another’s roof by thousand times!

In a daze, Wei Chi Li felt that someone was removing her outer clothes. She groaned and twisted her body.

The next second, she felt a little chill on her body. The vigilance she has cultivated over the years has come in handy as she opened her eyes abruptly, turned over and sat up, her eyes were clear.

Sure enough, there was only inner clothing left. She was not in the hurry to pull her clothes up, instead, she raised her eyes to look.

And saw a woman standing in front of her. Upon seeing that Wei Chi Li has woken up, her knees softened and fell to her knees: “This… This slave greets the princess.”

The woman’s figure was gentle and beautiful, slender shoulders and slim waist. Her messy hair cascading from her forehead, blocking her face.

“Who are you?” Wei Chi Li raised her eyebrows and asked.

“Princess, don’t you remember this slave?” The woman raised her head. A pair of eyes that was clear like autumn water, her gaze was radiant with a tear-like mole on her fair face. She was indeed an extraordinarily beautiful woman in the world.

Wei Chi Li’s heart was surprised. People in ancient times looked so beautiful. But in the next second, her lips were smacking, feeling quite depressed.

It was just that with Liu Luo Yi by her side, it must have heightened her appreciation for beauty. The woman in front was beautiful but could not be compared to her.

“I do not remember.” Wei Chi Li answered truthfully.

Hearing this, that woman lowered her eyes, feeling depressed.

“Did Xin Ran find you?” Wei Chi Li looked at her suspiciously.

“I came down to the south to find princess, but I was deceived and sold to the human trafficker’s middleman. Luckily, Sister Xin Ran bumped into me by accident, so she bought me and sent me to princess.” The woman started tearing up as she spoke.

Could it be an old friend of the original owner? She had travelled a thousand miles, risking death to find her, showing that this relationship was good. However, if she were to find out that she was not the original princess of the Northern Territory, it would be difficult to explain.

Wei Chi Li’s mind went through innumerable twist and turns as she nodded lightly and said: “Thanks for your hard work. Go and have a rest. I do not need anyone to attend to me, having Xin Ran is enough.”

Hearing this, the woman walked 2 steps forward on knees and said: “Princess, ever since Wan Ji has been saved by you, I have vowed to follow you forever. I beg the princess to let me stay by your side to serve you.”

Wei Chi Li felt a headache as she waved her hand: “I am just not used to have someone around me. Don’t worry, just stay here with ease.”


“Be good.” Wei Chi Li increased the seriousness in her tone.

Wan Ji wanted to say something but hesitated. She smiled sadly and stood up, saluted, turned around and left.

Why was this person so strange, must ask Xin Ran about this another day. Wei Chi Li thought. She stretches and fall back onto the bed and enter the dream world.

Early next morning, she had forgotten what had happened last night.

Xin Ran had already prepared breakfast while Wei Chi Li freshened up. She sat at the table, drinking the congee lazily. She suddenly remembered something and asked Xin Ran who was standing at the side: “Have they, Liu Luo Yi eaten yet?”

“Miss Liu has disappeared early this morning. I have asked people to search around but could not find her.” Xin Ran said with a frowned.

“She has disappeared. Why didn’t you tell me!” Wei Chi Li put down the bowl and stood up, “Have you searched outside of the Mansion?”

“No. Miss Liu is not a child; she is familiar with the capital so nothing will happen. Princess please don’t worry.” Xin Ran persuaded.

Wei Chi Li nodded and sat down. She stirred the spoon in the bowl for a long time, but did not send it into her mouth, feeling restless.

“Forget it, I will look for her. Anyway, there is nothing to do now.” Wei Chi Li set the bowl aside and strode out.

“Princess, finish your meal first.” Xin Ran held the bowl as she shouted from behind.

As soon as Wei Chi Li left the mansion, she looked at the crowded streets and was lost in thought. The capital was huge. So, where can she find Liu Luo Yi?

“Is the princess looking for someone?” A soft voice sounded from behind and Wei Chi Li was taken aback. She quickly turned around and saw that it was the woman from last night named, Wan Ji.

Wei Chi Li nodded.

“When this slave is cleaning the courtyard, I have heard that Miss Liu said she wants to go see her father. I believe, she had gone and done this. Princess should not worry about it.”

“See her father?” Wei Chi Li smacked her thigh, “This is bad, as a young lady, how could she enter such a place!”

Wan Ji wanted to say something, but Wei Chi Li had already disappeared. Her hands reached out as she stood there with a lonely expression.

“Princess, did you really, not remember me anymore.”

Naturally, Wei Chi Li did not hear her words. Within a few seconds, she had already run and made 2 turns.

Yan Country’s Imperial prison was under the jurisdiction of the Court of Judicature and Revision. Located in the gentle topography of the western side of the city, both the garrison and training camps were here. The military defence was tight, and few people dared to wander around such places.

Places like the Imperial Prison has an entry but no exit. Although Wei Chi Li had said that she wanted to help Liu Luo Yi but at this moment, she does not know where to start from. Who knew that Liu Luo Yi would actually come here by herself without saying anything to her? 

Wei Chi Li ran with agility, jumping on the eaves and over the walls while sulking all the way.

When she was in the vicinity, there were officers and soldiers coming and going. Seeing Wei Chi Li, they could not help but to have a couple more look. Wei Chi Li was not polite as she grabbed one casually and asked: “Excuse me, have you seen a woman in white around here?”

“Who are you? This is the Court of Judicature and Revision; unauthorised persons stay away! That man frowned as he shouted with imposing manner.

Wei Chi Li took out the waist token bestowed by the emperor from her sleeves.

“Princess want to look for someone. I will take you there!” The man smiled like a flower has bloomed on his black face.

“This little one did not see any woman, but I can bring you in to have a look.”

“Where is the Imperial Prison?” Wei Chi Li asked.

That person scratched his head and in quandary: “Outsiders must have emperor’s order to enter the imperial prison. I’m afraid……”

“It’s okay, I will not go in.” Wei Chi Li said as she took out silver and threw it to him.

The man suddenly beams with joy: “Princess, Please!”

Walking along the main road was the Court of Judicature and Revision. After walking passed the Court of Judicature and Revision, there were more guards. Wei Chi Li furrowed her brows tighter. How could Liu Luo Yi come in alone?

She does not look like a reckless person either.

Making another turn, they could hear hustle and bustle in front. She saw a man standing in front of the door, yelling with several guards. And beside the man stood a woman in white. Looking at the back, it was indeed Liu Luo Yi.

When Wei Chi Li saw that Chen Chu was here too, she flies into a rage. But she suppressed her anger and stood still, not wanting to go forward immediately. She wanted to see what they were going to do.

“This prince wants you to move aside, don’t you understand!” Chen Chu raised the command token in his hand and said with a stern voice.

“4th Prince, please calm down. It is just that the prisoners here are major criminals. Ordinary tokens do not work. You will need the document stamped by the emperor himself to enter. This small one is only acting according to the rules.” The guard at the door held the Podao as he said earnestly.

“Be accommodating for a short while. When I go back, I will tell my Emperor father personally.” Chen Chu said as he walks in, but that guard pushed his chest.

“4th prince, please go back.” The guard was firm.

“Why are you all so not flexible!”

“Forget it, Let’s go back!” Liu Luo Yi said.

“Miss Liu, wait.” Chen Chu was anxious. He took 2 steps forward, but who knew that the guard was fearless too as he reached out to pushed. The Podao in his hand fell to the ground with a ‘clang’.

The Imperial prison was an important place, so the defence has always been tight. Now that there was a sudden movement, the guards gathered from all sides and quickly surrounded them.

“How bold, dare to attack this prince!” Chen Chu said sternly. Naturally, the group of guards did not dare to touch him, so they reached out their hands towards Liu Luo Yi who lacks the strength to even truss a chicken.

Liu Luo Yi was taken aback and wanted to take a step back to escape. But she was surrounded by people and there was no way of hiding. It was at this moment, the people behind were dispersed and she staggered into someone’s arm.

A familiar voice sounded above her head: “A group of grown men bullying a young lady! Get out!”

[T/L Note]: PoDao

Waist Token 腰牌: Usually acts as an identity token but could be the same as command token/令牌. What MC is holding can allow her to go most places.

Command Token 令牌: There are many types of Tokens with various uses. one example is that the general of the army has its own token to command all the army.

Waist Token and command Token are generally the similar. Though each token is unique and has different purposes. Like what MC and The 4th prince is holding are different.

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