Chapter 23: Depending On

Wei Chi Li did not step forward rashly but followed patiently until the sunsets. Only then did Wen Qiong bid farewell to her friends happily, walking towards the east of the city contently.

She had only brought along 2 small pageboys, and both were carrying various items, lagging, and walking with great difficulties.

This made Wei Chi Li’s actions exceptionally smooth.

She surveyed the area and within 2-3 steps, she jumped onto the wall and ran along the roof for a while then jumped down, landing at the entrance of an alleyway beside Wen Qiong.

Then she reached out and wrenched, capturing her. Wen Qiong was caught off guard and was about to shout for someone but her mouth was covered forcefully, so she could not say a word.

Wei Chi Li held her and retreated into the back of the alley quietly without being noticed by anyone.

“Five is gray(!)! Dare WuWuWuWuWu……” Wen Qiong struggled desperately, but Wei Chi Li did not move. With 1 hand covering her mouth tightly, another hand reached into her sleeves and took out the bracelet and placed it closed to her body.

(!)五是灰 Wu shi Hui: Five is gray. I believe she wanted to declare her status or will saying she will shout or something. Because in mandarin ‘Wu Shi Hui’ sounds like ‘Wo Shi Hui’ aka ‘I am hui/ I will’

After some thought, she took out 3taels of silver from her purse and put it back.

Wei Chi Li shook her head. She was originally a young and well-behaved citizen with good career advancement. But ever since she came to the ancient time, she had beaten up people every other day and now, she was actually robbing in the middle of the street.

After thinking about it, it seems to be mostly for Liu Luo Yi.

Wei Chi Li had resigned herself to her destiny and gave another tael of silver to ease her mind. She then let go of her hand and in the next second, she leapt onto the roof and disappeared.

Wen Qiong who was suddenly released from the restraint, quickly gasped a few times then held her head as she screamed: “Someone come! There is a burglar! Someone come!”

Wei Chi Li has done this agilely and neatly, so when she had returned to the main street, she was once again an upright heroine, leaving no crime evidence.

After she had wandered around and fumbled back to the inn, the moon was already hanging above the willow trees, sprinkling limpid and lonely water-like rays. Wei Chi Li held up the bracelet against the moon and look, sighing deeply.

What was wrong with her, why was she so concerned about Liu Luo Yi?

Under the moonlight, the silver-white bracelet no longer has its usual archaic appearance and seemed to have a newly coated layer of silver, enveloping in a hazy light and shadow. Wei Chi Li wiped it and put it back into her sleeves.

Liu Luo Yi should be asleep at this time; she would give it to her tomorrow.

Wei Chi Li strode in and was thinking about lying on the comfortable bed, sleeping till dawn. However, when she went up the stairs, she heard a faint sobbing sound.

Wei Chi Li stopped walking as she breaks out in cold sweat.

Could it be…… Wei Chi Li shook her head. Dismissing the strange thoughts in her mind. She sucked in a deep breath as she walked slowly towards the sobbing sound.

This inn was built beside the river and at the back was a bubbling SangLiu River which was a branch off from GuJiang River that flows from the North of the Northern Territory down to the South of NanXiang. Following it and surveying from a high place, one could see far away, over the various mountains until the horizon covered in stars.

For the purpose of viewing, there was a terrace built in this inn.

Wei Chi Li stood in the slightly strong evening breeze as the hem of her clothes were swaying from the wind blow. She stepped onto the terrace carefully and saw a frail figure, that has shrunk into a ball, trembling slightly.

Wei Chi Li was relieved but only for a short moment, because her heart felt uncomfortable as though it has been strung up by someone.

She tiptoed forward and coughed lightly. Liu Luo Yi heard movement and was frightened as she quickly lowered her head and wiped it with her sleeves.

“That bracelet, is important right?” Wei Chi Li asked.

Liu Luo Yi nodded and remained silent.

“It is yours?”

“It is the only thing my mother had left for me.” She said, but probably because she had cried for a long time, her voice seems a lot softer than usual.

“Do you want to go back to sleep?” Wei Chi Li stood in front of her, half-squatting down and asked.  

Liu Luo Yi shook her head.

“Then close your eyes.” Wei Chi Li used the softest tone in her life to say it.

Liu Luo Yi’s eyelashes trembled; the tremor causes a tear to drop then she closed her eyes obediently.

Wei Chi Li took her cold hand and gently slipped on the bracelet. Liu Luo Yi felt something strange and opened her eyes as she stared at her wrist.

After some time, she suddenly buried her head into her knees and started wailing.

For the first time, all the sufferings, the habitual suppression, the lowly treatment carved into the bones has been let out of from the inhibition, like the river channel flooding after raining for many days.

Wei Chi Li reached out her hand to wipe her tears, but she did not expect that as Liu Luo Yi cries, she tilted towards her, shrinking into a ball and leaned into her arms.

This was the first time that Liu Luo Yi had taken the initiative to decrease the distance between the 2 of them.

Wei Chi Li only felt that her mind has suddenly blanked out at that moment. As she was still half-squatting, her legs quickly lost any feelings, but she did not move.

Her shoulders were hot and wet, and Wei Chi Li reached out her hand wanting to pat her back but stopped in the mid-air.

After a long while, the cry has gradually subsided and after another moment, there was no more movement. Only then did she pat her back gently: “Are you okay?”

No one answered. Wei Chi Li said it was not good in her heart as she quickly grabbed her shoulders with both hands and held her up. Liu Luo Yi’s eyes were closed tightly with tears marks on her face. Not knowing if she had fallen asleep or fainted after a moment of great grief and joy.

“Ai, holding onto a female lead’s script yet led such a miserable life.” Wei Chi Li murmured to herself, but her movements were still gentle.

She first supported Liu Luo Yi against the railing before standing up. But because her legs were still numb, she had nearly fallen off from the railing and into the river.


Early next morning, Liu Luo Yi opened her eyes and was absentminded.

She got up from the bed slowly and reached out for the teacup beside the bed. But her arm accidentally hit the long table and a ‘dong’ sound could be heard.

Liu Luo Yi was stunned as she retracted her hand. The archaic bracelet hung on her wrist. Comparing beside with her snow-white skin, it was unusually harmonious.

Turns out that yesterday was not a dream? Wei Chi Li had indeed helped her take back her item.

The memories from last night flooded into her mind like tides. Liu Luo Yi placed her hand on chest abruptly, and her face was extremely hot.

She had……leaned on Wei Chi Li and cried till she had fallen asleep?

At that moment, Liu Luo Yi does not know what to do as she felt her heart beating faster and faster as if she was about to vomit it out from her throat.

“Liu Luo Yi, are you crazy!” She warned herself softly and wanted to remove the bracelet but discovered that it was stuck on it and could not pull it out no matter what.

She tossed and turned for a long time until her hands were red but could not remove the bracelet. In the end, she could only give up as she furrowed her brows and lie back on the bed, covering her face.

She suddenly reached out her hand and slap it hard on the bed, ‘bang’.  Liu Wen Chang who had just pushed the door open was shocked.

“Ah Jie, what’s the matter with you?” Liu Wen Chang let out a long sigh of relief as he placed the meal box on the long table beside the bed.

Liu Luo Yi did not say anything as she continued covering her face.

“Ah Jie?” Seeing this, Liu Wen Chang started panicking as he hurried forward, wanting to lift the bedding, but realized that he could not, no matter what. “Ah Jie, are you okay? I’ll get the doctor!”

“Hold on!” Liu Luo Yi said hastily. She suddenly sat up, lowering her head to take the teacup and took a sip which calms her down.

Liu Wen Chang does not understand as he looked at her before breathing a sigh of relief: “I thought Ah Jie is sick again, your face is so red.”

“What?” Liu Luo Yi raised her eyes.

“I met Wei Chi Princess at the corridor. She gave these foods, saying that it is for you to replenish your energy and spirit and even said that you have fallen ill last night. Asking me to take good care of you.” Liu Wen Chang said as he reached out his hand and opened the meal box carefully.

The food aroma mixed with the medicinal herbs filled the entire room and Liu Luo Yi felt that her calm heart has started getting restless again.

She pinched her waist harshly as she said in her heart: “Liu Luo Yi, Liu Luo Yi, what are you thinking about!”

“By the way, Wei Chi princess said that we are moving to the house today. And want us to pack up and join her.” Liu Wen Chang said excitedly.

“Ah Jie, in my entire life, besides father, Wei Chi princess is the only other person that has treated us very well. I will plead with her to accept me as her disciple. I want to join the army and become a general so I can protect Ah Jie in the future!” Liu Wen Chang smiled shyly as he scratched his head embarrassedly.

Liu Luo Yi lowered her eyes and nodded.

When a person had often helped oneself, one would always develop some form of dependence and was not because of those messy reasons. In the future, would thank her again. Liu Luo Yi thought.

Before Wei Chi Li stepped into the house, she had never thought it could be so big.

There were 3 large characters ‘Wei Chi Mansion’ hanging at the entrance. And as soon as one enters through the door, there were 2 long corridors on the left and right. The corridor looks a bit old and the red on it was motley, but it adds a unique feel. The corridors were surrounded by man-made gardens, with miniature mountains and rivers, a few birds stood on the rockery, cocking their tails happily.

While walking inside, Wei Chi Li’s mouth was gaping. The long corridors connect the entire mansion and there were many fork roads in the middle which led to the back of the house. There was also a limpid lake, and 2 small red wooden boats floating on it. Everything looks like a painting. 

Wei Chi Li smacked the railing excitedly and said: “I have never expected that I, Wei Chi Li could one day become a rich 2nd generation! And have such a big house, so proud and happy!”

Seeing this, Xin Ran stepped forward in a panic as she pries open Wei Chi Li’s hand: “This railing has just been repaired by someone. Princess, please don’t break it.”

Liu Luo Yi listened quietly and curled the corners of her lips gently.

“Have you seen the small wooden boat; Shall I take you up to have a look?” Wei Chi Li suddenly turned her head and said to Liu Luo Yi with a smile.

“Princess, go ahead, I’ll stay here….”

Saying it halfway, she was already floating in the air. Because Wei Chi Li does not care about the consequences as she wrapped her arms around her waist, lifting her heels and the 2 jumped across the railing and headed towards the lake. Liu Luo Yi had never experienced such strong weightlessness as she closed her mouth in fear and subconsciously grasped Wei Chi Li’s arm and was so afraid that she closed her eyes too.

Wei Chi Li teased her intentionally and loosened her hands slightly. Liu Luo Yi screamed and hugged Wei Chi Li. Her entire person sticking onto her body.

The soft touch made Wei Chi Li’s mind roared as she said in her heart: not good.

Damn it, gone overboard……

A large splash appeared on the originally calm lake. At the very last moment, Wei Chi Li had thrown Liu Luo Yi onto the small boat while she plunged into the water.

On the shore, Xin Ran and Liu Wen Chang were stunned, looking at each other after a while.

“It can’t be, my princess’s QingGong was top notch.” Xin Ran said in a daze.

[T/L Note]: Heya! Someone had asked in the previous chapter on how the pockets works in the ancient time. I will explain how the clothes looks like/works. (P.s There are great details and different ancient Chinese clothing. But I will go with the most prominent style. The later fashions are still based on these styles. Hanfu is the term used for the historical styles of clothing worn in China by the Han Chinese. From my understanding, the characters are still dressed in Han’s Clothing. There are 2 kinds of fashion, Hanfu and Manchu Robe.

(HanFu) These are the most outer layer:

 This form is known as the zhiju (直裾) and worn primarily by men
Two traditional forms of ruqun (襦裙), a type of Han Chinese clothing worn primarily by women.

The Chinese wore many layers, but what you should focused on are the outer layer, coat and inner clothing. These are the middle/inner clothing and also what they wear to bed.

So how pocket works in the sleeves? These kinds of sleeves look wide open, but actually only have a small opening at the top, and the rest room is a big sack. Note that the sleeves were usually only used to store light items like paper or jewelries. Important items/ silver/Money are usually kept around the waist or chest/lapels. If you would like to have a clearer understand of how it works, watch Video

Below are the examples of Hanfu and Manchu Robes. The most distinct difference is the sleeves and their collars/lapels. *cough cough* Han clothing looks the best!!! There is elegance to it and I am biased too!!!

Hanfu/ Han Dynasty style of dressing that lasted all the way to Ming Dynasty
Manchu style of dressing.

I will not go too in-depth, for majority of the people are here for the story, not history lesson so… GO STUDY YOURSELF!! Website

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