Chapter 22: Being Snatched

Wei Chi Li took 2 steps back as she looked at it joyfully: “Looks so beautiful.”

Liu Luo Yi quickly turned her back, not wanting Wei Chi Li to see her face.

“Then let us go back together. I have not eaten, and I am starving.” Seeing that she had coaxed Liu Luo Yi, Wei Chi Li yawned relaxedly.

Liu Luo Yi gave an ‘en’ sound and the 2 stood there for a long time. No one moved.

Liu Luo Yi looked at Wei Chi Li, feeling confused. Only then did Wei Chi Li rubbed her face embarrassedly: “Well, I do not know the way back, you are familiar with the capital. What is the name of the inn just now?”

Liu Luo Yi: ……..

The next few days, Wei Chi Li had already sorted out all the chest and counted the gold and jewels till her hands had softened. The land deeds and house deeds had been sorted out too. As some of houses and lands had not been taken care of, it was abandoned. So, she had to hire someone to take care of it, thus, she was exhausted from all the work.

For the time being, she did not consider going back to the Northern Territory.

There was also Liu Luo Yi’s issue. Although Liu Luo Yi had not mentioned it, Wei Chi Li knew that she was worried about her father, Liu Ru’s situation. It was stated in the novel that Lu Yun Kui had worked with someone to framed Liu Ru, landing him in prison, though it was not explained in great details.

But Wei Chi Li felt that even if she had entangled with the original novel again. It was not enough for Lu Yun Kui who had just passed the imperial examination to frame a prime minister alone.

Therefore, there should be some major character hiding behind Lu Yun Kui. Maybe it had to do with some complicated political dispute. If this were the case, she fears that to solved Liu Luo Yi’s matter, she had to stay in the Yan Country for some time.

Even though, with Liu Luo Yi’s temperament, she would not say anything that would make Wei Chi Li helped her. She does not have the heart to simply leave it like this.

But, whatever she plans, she could not continue staying in this small inn forever.

“Xin Ran, I have asked you to choose a suitable house, have you done so?” Wei Chi Li turned her head and shouted after settling the final accounts.

“I have done so; princess wanted a spacious one and the house that the emperor had rewarded you was quite good. It was an old house belonging to the prince and was grand. Within 2 steps is ChangQi street and is the most prosperous place in the capital. There are all kinds of shops especially in the most eastern side, there is a Cao’s meat pie shop, called……”

Wei Chi Li could not bear it anymore as she covered her mouth.

“You can either hire or buy a few servants and pageboys and have them clean up the house. Leave the largest room for me and clean up the remaining ones for Liu Luo Yi and Liu Wen Chang.”

Xin Ran puffed her cheeks and nodded, turning around and was about to leave when she suddenly thought of something and turned back: “Princess, the 4th prince had sent someone over to pass a message just now, saying that he has the time today. And would like to meet at QinChun restaurant at noon.”

Wei Chi Li felt that it was a little sudden, but thinking that she still owed Chen Chu her appreciation, she nodded and agreed.

An hour later, she was dressed neatly and knocked on Liu Luo Yi’s door.

The door was opened, Liu Luo Yi was dressed in her usual white clothes, she raised her eyes to look at Wei Chi Li: “Princess, this is….”

“Today, I must thank the 4th prince, so come along. After the meal, we can go shopping.” Wei Chi Li smiled as she folded her arms and leaned against the door frame.

She wore a red dress today and her cuffs were tied neatly with a black cloth, it was lavishly beautiful, but also valiant and heroic.

Liu Luo Yi looked away and nodded.

Wei Chi Li looked at her up and down and reached out to grab her sleeves as she continued looking at her feeling a little dissatisfied: “Why do you keep wearing this dress. It is old. I have given Liu Wen Chang some money to buy something a few days ago, so why you have not bought a few clothes?”

“I have asked Chang’er to return it to Xin Ran. I am already incredibly grateful to princess for keeping us. As for the rest, I am too ashamed to receive it.” Liu Luo pulled back her sleeves and placed her hands behind her back.

Wei Chi Li sighed. She understood Liu Luo Yi’s temperament but seeing such lady with a celestial appearance, wearing an old dress all the time, makes her feel unhappy.

She suddenly remembered something and turned around and went back to her room. When she came back, she was holding baggage in her hand.

“You don’t allow me to buy new clothes, then it should be fine for you to wear mine. These were sorted out by Xin Ran but the colours were too plain, so, I do not like it. Pick out what you like.”

Liu Luo Yi hesitated for a while then reached out to take the baggage.

“Don’t worry, I have never worn them before.” As Wei Chi Li said that, she stepped into the room and Liu Luo Yi quickly avoided her and retreated into the inner room.

Wei Chi Li backhanded and closed the door, Liu Luo Yi only felt that her heart trembled slightly.

“What does the princess want to do.” As she said that, she tried to hide the panic in her tone.

“Waiting for you to change your clothes. My dress may not be suitable for you but even if they were a little bigger, it will not affect you. After you are done changing, we shall head out.” Wei Chi Li stretched as she sat down on the chair.

Liu Luo Yi stood on the spot and did not open the baggage nor move.

Wei Chi Li looked at her but could not react immediately: “Why, what’s wrong, you don’t like it?”

She stood up as she said that and took over the baggage from Liu Luo Yi’s hand. She helped her untie the knot and took out a white dress. The dress was embroidered with dark flowers using silver thread, which looks exquisite yet simple.

“Just this one, it is suits you.” Wei Chi Li nodded, feeling extremely satisfied then stuffed the clothes into Liu Luo Yi’s hand.

Liu Luo Yi clenched her hands tightly and bit her lower lips lightly, but still did not move. Just as Wei Chi Li wanted to say something, Liu Luo Yi suddenly moved. She tugged Wei Chi Li’s sleeves and pulled her forcefully towards the door and pushed her out.

Before Wei Chi Li could react, she bumped into the wall head-on. And the door behind her was slammed shut.

“Hiss… strange.” Wei Chi Li sucked in a breath of cold air; she could not figure out this situation.

Before Liu Luo Yi walked out of the inn, her face was glowing red.

It was Wei Chi Li’s first time to truly shop on the street, since she has come to the ancient time. Thinking that Yan Country was indeed supreme in power, and a strong nation. Not to mention the crowds on the streets, there were all kinds of shops with everything available, there were quite a lot of folk artists performing too, which was dazzling.

Even someone like Liu Luo Yi with her cold temperament, could not help but look around. In the past, she had always stayed at home as her father was extremely strict with her, not allowing her to go out without permission. After her father’s incident, she was trapped in Lu Mansion every day and do not have the chance to go out at all.

Seeing this lively scene now, her expression has finally relaxed a little.

QinChun restaurant was in the centre of the capital and was the largest in the capital, as the seats were filled from morning till night. Wei Chi Li could hear the melodious Qin sound wafting from inside.    

Upon entering the restaurant, there was a large stage with several beautiful women dancing lightly and gracefully on it, livening up the atmosphere for the guests.

Wei Chi Li was led to a private room on the third floor. The moment Chen Chu saw Liu Luo Yi, he stood up slowly, came forward and said affectionately: “come, Miss Liu, this table was specially reserved for you. You must be tired, sit down, sit down!”

Liu Luo Yi did not bat an eyelid as she avoided his hand, turning and lean towards Wei Chi Li’s side and said coldly: “There is no need. Many thanks to the 4th prince for your favour, it is fine for me to just stand.”

Wei Chi Li flattened her lips. No wonder Chen Chu had taken the initiative to invite her. So, it turns out to be for Liu Luo Yi.

She laughed out loud and sat down swaggeringly, separating Chen Chu and Liu Luo Yi after which, she reached out her hand: “How uncomfortable it is to stand, it is my treat today and there are no rules for this table, sit down.”

Liu Luo Yi hesitated for a moment then passed by Wei Chi Li’s hand and sat down directly.

Chen Chu did not give up and said: “Wei Chi princess, you will be returning to the Northern Territory soon. You and I have only just met and must separate soon, making one sigh. However, Miss Liu had grown up in Yan Country, so she might not be used to the northern side. Why not let Miss Liu follow me?”

Wei Chi Li rolled her eyes. This turn of an event was too stiff.

Suddenly, she felt that there was more weight on her arm. She looked down and it was Liu Luo Yi who had pulled her sleeves at some point and was tugging gently.

Wei Chi Li understood immediately as she put on a sombre expression and sighed: “I miss my hometown day and night, but there were some things in Yan Country that I have not settled yet. So, I am not going back for now. Ai, what a pity.”

“Yes, what a pity.” Chen Chu sighed with a disappointed expression.

After a satisfying meal, Wei Chi Li bid farewell to Chen Chu and left the restaurant. As they walked along the path to the south, they would look at the street performance from time to time which was incomparably satisfying.

When passing by a jewellery shop, Liu Luo Yi suddenly stopped walking. Wei Chi Li noticed something was wrong as she turned around and asked: “What’s the matter?”

Liu Luo Yi walked straight into the shop and Wei Chi Li assumed that she had fancied a certain piece of jewellery and followed her in.

“2 ladies, there were some new items that had arrived today, will you 2 like to take a look?” A kind-looking Da Niang holding a box as she greeted them.

Liu Luo Yi shook her head politely as she walked to the corner and lowered her head to look at an old-looking bracelet.

The bracelet was made of silver with incomprehensible patterns and words. It was not nice, yet it gives a sense of simplicity and tranquillity.

“How much is this bracelet?” Liu Luo Yi suddenly became emotional and her voice had increased a little.

Da Niang glanced at the bracelet and her initial eagerness had faded a little: “This was pledged by someone else and has been here for a long time, but no one had bought it. If you want it, I will give it for 3 taels of silver.”

Liu Luo Yi subconsciously felt her waist but did not felt anything. The excitement in her heart was instantly replaced with despair. Now she does not have a penny to her name, not only does she not have 3 taels, but she could not even take out 1 tael.

Seeing this, Wei Chi Li was about to take out her silver but suddenly a slender hand came up and snatched away the bracelet: “I give you 3 taels of silver, this lady has bought it.”

That voice was somewhat familiar. Wei Chi Li frowned as she looked over, it was Wen Qiong.

“Liu Luo Yi, I am afraid only you will like such an ugly bracelet.” Wen Qiong used 2 fingers to pinch the bracelet as she looked at it again and again with a disdain expression.

“If you do not like it, why buy it!” Liu Luo Yi watches as the bracelet being taken away by her. She was so anxious that she did not know what to do. She reached out, wanting to take back the bracelet but Wen Qiong avoided swiftly.

She smiled as she placed the bracelet into her sleeves and said with an air of complacent: “Last time, because of you, my jade pendant was broken. Now, I have spent money to buy the bracelet, so why can’t I?” 

“Your jade pendant was crushed by this princess. You do not dare to yell at me and so you bullied Liu Luo Yi. Give me the bracelet!” Wei Chi Li could not be bothered to talk to her as she reached out to snatch it back but was stopped by Liu Luo Yi.

“Princess! Don’t, it is just a small object, it is not important.” Liu Luo Yi said. When Wei Chi Li turned her head, she quickly let go of her hand.

“Since she had said so, Wei Chi Princess should stop being nosy. Goodbye.” Wen Qiong had angered Liu Luo Yi and so, she was in a good mood. She hummed a song, bringing a group of people and soon disappeared.

The subsequent road back, Liu Luo Yi was in low spirits. Although she was the same as usual, but today, Wei Chi Li could clearly feel her sorrow.

That bracelet must be especially important to her, but Liu Luo Yi was used to tolerating and was not willing to let her help her. Wei Chi Li sighed in her heart.

“There is a hole ahead.” Wei Chi Li could not help but to reach out to stopped Liu Luo Yi and led her to a safer path.

“Many thanks to princess.” Liu Luo Yi said softly.

“Forget it, go back by yourself first. I have some matters to deal with, I will be back soon.” Wei Chi Li could not bear to see her like this. After saying that, she turned around and squeezed into the crowd.

[T/L Note]: From my understanding of this novel, the silver/money they are using is in this form. When people in the ancient times carried such taels, they will be bundled together with a string. Silver/money were usually kept around their waist. while items are kept in the pocket in their sleeves.

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  1. ¿How are pockets in sleeves supposed to work? Do they just hold papers? Anything bulky or heavy will weigh down the sleeve… How are items secured? Do the pockets have a fabric button to shut them or will things fall out if you lift your arms up ??? I am confusion

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    1. I will try to find image/video for it and see if explain in the next chapter. Generally papers/small trinkets are kept in it and no they do not fall out if u lift them up.


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