Chapter 8

The room where Zhong Shu Jin was staying, was located some distance from the outer courtyard.

As soon as the door opened and closed, Zhong Shu Jin was already standing outside.

She only wore a coat casually, her long hair hangs loosely, covering half of her cheek. Those people from Qing Yang Sect raised their head to have a clearer look of her face, but Gu Qing Yin’s voice drew away their attention.

“Why did you wake up so early? Brother Zhang is injured and must be treated quickly. Go get a basin of water here!”

Zhong Shu Jin does not know who Brother Zhang was, but because last night she has promised to listen to Gu Qing Yin. She nodded obediently and did not ask any more. Following her memory from last night, she walked towards the side room where she bathed.

This way, before Qing Yang people could see her face clearly, they could only see her back.

The main reason was that after hearing Gu Qing Yin’s words, they thought that this lady was originally from the village, so they did not think too much about it.

However, they do not know but Zhang Lie Hu and his family does.

“Doctor Gu, this is….”

Before Madam Zhang could asked, she was interrupted by Gu Qing Yin.

“Sister Zhang bring brother Zhang in with haste. I am afraid that if you delay any longer, brother Zhang will have repercussion in the future.”

Hearing this, the family did not have the time to ask anything as they supported Zhang Lie Hu anxiously into the house.

Seeing this, Qing Yang Sect’s people withdrew tactfully.

Only until the courtyard door was close then did Gu Qing Yin breathed a sigh of relief.

Geng Hao Si who was leaving, asked Qi Yuan Qing beside him: “Senior Qi, do you think that the girl who was called to fetch water by the doctor looks like the  she-demon?

Hearing this, Qi Yuan Qing frowned and ponder.

“When you say it like this, I do feel that she looks a little familiar.”

“How about…” Geng Si Hao stopped and discussed: “We go back and have a look?”

Fellow disciple, Yan Zi Bo objected: “Come on, I think that Doctor seems to dislike us, so we shall not go back and court rebuff. Besides, did you not notice the look of the lady when she was ordered around by the doctor just now? With that she-demon’s arrogant attitude, how could she even be willing to be ordered around!”

Geng Hao Si hesitated and said: “What if…that she-demon was pretending?”

At this moment, Qi Yuan Qing felt that Yan Zi Bo does make sense: “That shouldn’t be. Based on that She-demon’s arrogant attitude, if she was willing to pretend, Sect young master and the young lady asked her to begged the sect master to save her life, she would not have failed to appreciate their kindness. Falling off the cliff and was in a seriously injured state was because she was too arrogant and did not know how to adapt. So, that person, shouldn’t be her.”

Geng Hao Si wanted to say something but was dragged away by Yan Zi Bo.

“Okay, don’t think about this nonsense anymore. Go back to the bottom of the cliff and continue looking for the person. If you had not threw the animal trap anyhow, we would not have wasted so much time. Later the 3rd young master’s minions might say we are lazy and complain to the Sect master!”

If alive, need to see the person and if dead, need to see the corpse. This was what Qing Yang Sect’s master; Feng Zheng De had commanded the disciples who came to search for Zhong Shu Jin’s whereabouts.

“Fortunately, did not hurt the bones, but even so, the tendons were damaged. But this is already a blessing in misfortune. As long as you rest for a month or 2, you can move around freely.”

Gu Qing Yin washed her hands after treating Zhang Lie Hu’s wounds.

Only then did the family breathed a sigh of relief.

However, after feeling relieved, Zhang Lie Hu felt a sense of melancholy as he asked: “Then, I can’t hunt for this period of time?”

Gu Qing Yin sat at the table beside and answered: “Definitely can’t hunt during the first month. Also, if you do not want repercussion, it is better to stay at home with a peace of mind and let your wound heal. Don’t move about, only then can you recover faster.”

“But…” Zhang Lie Hu frowned: “Winter is coming in another month if I can’t stock up some prey within this time….”

If he could not stock up prey before winter, how could he let his family go through this winter with ease?

Knowing what Zhang Lie Hu was worried about, Madam Zhang quickly rebuked: “What is the point of thinking of all these if your injuries isn’t healed yet! Listen to Doctor Gu! Let your injury heals first! There is still food at home, and it is only 1 winter, so, will not starve our family!”

There were old and young in Zhang Lie Hu’s family of 5 and everyone counts on him to hunt and support the family. If he rests at this time, then his family would not be able to do so well during this period.

Gu Qing Yin sighed as she continued writing prescription: “Brother Zhang, think about the future and let your injury heal with a peace of mind. If it recovers faster, maybe you will be fully healed in a month. By then, you can hunt before it started snowing. Or else, because you were anxious and resulted in repercussion, there will be more loss in the future.”

Hearing Gu Qing Yin’s words, Zhu Zi quickly said: “Father! You cannot go hunting in the mountains before your injury is completely healed! There is still mother and me in the family! We have hands and legs and can-do odd jobs to save some money, so will not starve grandparents!”

Zhang Lie Hu feeling gratified: “Zhu Zi has grown up and become sensible.”

Gu Qing Yin was a little envious upon seeing this warm image of family gathered.

It was nice that the whole family was alive.

At this time, the sunlight that was shining on the table was suddenly obscured by a shadow.

Gu Qing Yin turned her head to find Zhong Shu Jin at the door with her head lowered.

Madam Zhang saw the person and could not help asking: “By the way, Doctor Gu, who is this girl? Why haven’t I seen her before?”

Gu Qing Yin curled the corner of her lips and replied: “She, is…en…a distant sister who came to live with for a while.”

“So, it turns out to be like this.” Madam Zhang took out a string of coppers and stuffed it into Gu Qing Yin’s hands. As she apologises a little: “During this period, I must trouble Doctor Gu with regards to my husband’s injury. These…if it is not enough, I will send you some more….”

Gu Qing Yin pushed the coppers back and said with a solemn face: “My teacher has instructed me to treat Bai Ning village’s people and are not allowed to take any treatment fees. I hope Sister Zhang don’t make things difficult for me!”

“But being a girl, how can you have a good life when you often do not accept our treatment fees!”

“Sister Zhang don’t have to worry. Didn’t you see that these few years I have lived a good life?” Seeing that Madam Zhang has kept the coppers, Gu Qing Yin smiled: “By the way, I have to trouble Sister Zhang with something. These few days my sister’s health was a little weak and I want to slaughter the old hen in the yard and stew it for her to nourish her body. But she often complains about my poor cooking skills, so I do not dare to make it. Just so happens that you are here today, can you help me cook?”

It was just a trivial matter, so Madam Zhang naturally agreed.

Gu Qing Yin handed the prescription to Zhu Zi: “Do you still remember the last time I taught you to recognise those medicine?”

Zhu Zi was mischievous on usual days and would often bump around, so when he usually sneaked into Gu Qing Yin’s house to play around, Gu Qing Yin could not stand seeing it and would apply medicine for him. In addition, Zhang Lie Hu was also a frequent visitor here, hence there was more interaction between herself and Zhu Zi. Therefore, whenever Gu Qing Yin was feeling bored and has nothing to do, she would teach him to recognised basic medicines and sometimes when she was being lazy, she would let him get the medicine by himself to take it home.

“Doctor Gu, don’t worry, I remember everything!” 

Zhu Zi patted his chest and responded.

“Good, follow this prescription. Go to my pharmacy and get some medicine for your father. I will check it later!”

Zhu Zi responded repeatedly and ran out with the prescription.

When passing by Zhong Shu Jin, he glanced at her curiously.

After Zhu Zi left, Gu Qing Yin instructed a little more, then leaving Zhang Lie Hu and Madam Zhang in this room, turned around and walked towards Zhong Shu Jin who was by the door.

Before she could speak, she heard Zhong Shu Jin with her head lowered, saying: “Sorry, I could not find water.”

Gu Qing Yin was stunned and said helplessly: “It is okay, I just said it casually.”

This room originally has water, that casual remark was only to pretend the habitual action between them in front of the Qing Yang Sect’s disciples. She did not expect Zhong Shu Jin to take it seriously.

Zhong Shu Jin raised her head and glanced at the man who was resting at the bed behind Gu Qing Yin as she furrowed her brows, feeling unhappy.

Seeing this, Gu Qing Yin closed the door to this room and held Zhong Shu Jin as they went towards her own room.

“What’s the matter? You look a little unhappy.” 

Zhong Shu Jin pursed her lips and said: “That is my bed….”

Gu Qing Yin unable to stifled and laughed out loud. It turns out that she was angry about this.

She could not help but joked: “That should be my bed.”

Hearing this, Zhong Shu Jin stopped and looked at Gu Qing Yin feeling grieved.

“Are you chasing me away?”

That room has been occupied by other people, so does that mean she could not live here anymore?

For some reason, Gu Qing Yin always felt like bullying the silly girl in front of her.

“Yes, so where do you think you will go after being chased away by me?”

Zhong Shu Jin’s eyes dimmed and clenched her fists tightly.

If she leaves at this time, where should she go?

She does not even know who she is, so where could she go?

Seeing Zhong Shu Jin’s serious and sad expression, Gu Qing Yin felt guilty at first.

Ai, how could she not able to handle joke.

“Silly. Your injury has not fully healed, so why would I chase you away.” Gu Qing Yin took Zhong Shu Jin’s hand and rubbed her hand gently which has reddened, “Next time, whatever you are thinking or not thinking, just remember to say it out, don’t torture yourself like this.”

That numb feeling from Zhong Shu Jin’s palm surged towards her limbs.

It seems, a little uncomfortable.

Yet, it seems, a little comfortable.

Even if Zhong Shu Jin felt that this feeling was very strange, she did not retract her hand, only raising her head and asked anxiously: “Then when I am better, will you still chase me away?”

Gu Qing Yin and Zhong Shu Jin looked at each other for a while then smiled as she caressed her head and coaxed: “Will not chased you away, as long as you do not want to leave, I will let you stay all you want.”

Gu Qing Yin has always been true to her words. This kind of promise was not a momentary coaxing and lying.

After seeing Zhong Shu Jin’s smile as wished, only then did Gu Qing Yin continued leading her to her room.

“This is my room, brother Zhang has limited mobility, so let him stay here for a few days. These few days, you will sleep with me in my room. This time, don’t be angry that others has stolen your bed!”

Zhong Shu Jin laid on Gu Qing Yin’s bed and stared at her blankly.

“Okay, don’t stare blankly anymore. Your injury is not healed and needs to rest quietly! Go to sleep! I will go decoct medicine. Also, when I am not around, do not leave the room. Otherwise, if you were almost recognised by the enemies, I will not care anymore!”

Seeing Zhong Shu Jin has nodded and closed her eyes, Gu Qing Yin covered her with the quilt and went out.

After Zhong Shu Jin left, Zhong Shu Jin opened her eyes again and looked around the room.

A woman’s boudoir must be more exquisite as compared to the room dedicated to patients.

And would definitely be more comfortable than the original room.

The incense in the room seems to have a concentration effect.

Before Zhong Shu Jin could have a few more glances, she was already feeling sleepy. 

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