Chapter 7

The first time Gu Qing Yin was stopped by Zhong Shu Jin, she was already planning not to leave and now that she has seen her pitiful look, she could not bear to leave even more.

Before she could say anything to comfort her, she heard her uneasy response again: “There is blood, a lot of blood. I’m scared.”

That slightly trembling voice made Gu Qing Yin feel heartache as she does not know if this silly girl had dreamed of something when she was asleep earlier on, hence, she said this kind of things.

The poison in her body, the sword wound on her chest and the alarmingly danger of falling off the cliff. Which ones were not fatal at all? 

If she were not lucky enough to have met her, she could be dead by now!

She really does not know how much hatred the person who hurt her has that they could attack her so viciously.

Gu Qing Yin covered the back of Zhong Shu Jin’s hand, holding it firmly and said gently: “Don’t be afraid, it is all over, there will be no more blood. I will not leave and will stay with you.”

Zhong Shu Jin was in a daze, but in that instant, the fearful emotions were swept away and she smile radiantly at Gu Qing Yin.

“En!” Zhong Shu Jin paused then called out seriously: “Benefactor!”

Gu QingYin felt helpless: “Okayokay. That was just joking with you. In the future, do not call me benefactor anymore, just call me by my name. My surname is Gu and name is Qing Yin.”

“Qing Qing?”

“It’s Qing Yin.”

“Qing Qing!”

Gu Qing Yin: “……”

“Forget it.” Gu Qing Yin rubbed her glabella and said helplessly: “Qing Qing then Qing Qing, as long as you are happy. You can call me whatever you like, as long as you don’t always call me benefactor.”

Zhong Shu Jin looked at Gu Qing Yin seriously and said cheerfully: “En, you are Qing Qing!”

That ‘Qing Qing’ seemed to be a name hidden deep in Zhong Shu Jin’s heart. To an amnestic Zhong Shu Jin, it was a sense of inexplicable familiarity.

Before Gu Qing Yin could figure out why Zhong Shu Jin has suddenly became happy, she then heard her asking immediately after: “You are Qing Qing, then who am I?”

Unlike that radiant smile when Zhong Shu Jin asked who she was, there was only a dazed expression remained on her face now.

Gu Qing Yin sighed. The feeling of forgetting oneself must be extremely uncomfortable. It was a pity that she does not know Zhong Shu Jin’s identity and even though she has the heart to help her, she was powerless. So, she was unable to answer Zhong Shu Jin’s doubts.

Suddenly, she remembered that the character ‘Jin’ was engraved on Zhong Shu Jin’s jade pendant and with an idea flashes through her mind, she said: “Ah Jin, you are called Ah Jin.”

Ah Jin.

Hearing her own name, Zhong Shu Jin suddenly have a headache again.

For some reason, there were some fragments appearing suddenly in her mind.

Some fragments that she did not even remember from before she had lost her memory.

“Wu Wu Wu. Master, master, Qing Qing is so bad. She poisoned me again.”

In that fragments of memory, that young girl cried and ran towards 2 men, while another girl who has a similar figure behind her said with a face full of disgust: “huh, your capability was not good, don’t come out and disgraced yourself.”

One of the men squat down and caressed the head of the crying child: “Ha, Ah Jin be good, don’t cry anymore, Ha. Uncle Ling will punish her for you, okay? En, how about I punish her by not allowing her to eat for 3 days!”

“Master, you are biased. Who is your disciple!” 

“Ah Jin is the younger sister, who asked you to keep bullying her!”

“She wanted to trouble me first!”

Another man smiled helplessly and said: “Ah Jin, if you let Uncle Ling punish Qing Qing, she will starve! Can you bear it?”

After hearing this, that child wiped away her tears quietly and sobbed: “Wu… Uncle Ling, then don’t punish Qing Qing… It was because I am not capable so was bullied by her…”

Originally a blank mind was now filled with such memories.

Zhong Shu JIn has a splitting headache and could only hold her head in pain.

She forgot her usual memories but the past that was hidden in the deepest part of her heart has emerged.

Noticing Zhong Shu Jin’s expression, Gu Qing Yin quickly pulled down Zhong Shu Jin’s hand and pinched her temples a few times to relieve her pain. After seeing that Zhong Shu Jin does not have any painful expression anymore, she asked: “Why do you suddenly have a headache, did you remember something?”

Zhong Shu Jin nodded aggrievedly as there were still some tears in her eyes when looking at Gu Qing Yin.

“Qing Qing is so bad.”


What was this about?

Gu Qing Yin: “….”

Fearing that Zhong Shu Jin would say these unintelligible words again, Gu QingYin could only say helplessly: “…. forget it, don’t think about it anymore.”

In fact, this kind of things was something Zhong Shu Jin could not control. As these fragments that have emerged for no reason was something Zhong Shu Jin, herself could not understand.

After applying some medication on Zhong Shu Jin’s chest, only then did Gu Qing Yin support her to lie down and said: “I’ve just applied the medicine, don’t mess around, I will go and clean up first then I will come and accompany you soon.”

When women said they would come back soon, it would not be that fast under normal circumstances.

By the time Gu Qing Yin has cleaned up, washed up and come back, Zhong Shu Jin could hardly resist her sleepiness anymore.

Sensing Gu Qing Yin’s return, Zhong Shu Jin force herself to open her eyes and said in a daze: “Qing Qing, you’re back.”

Zhong Shu Jin had already laid down in the inner side of the bed and left the outer side for Gu Qing yin.

After Gu Qing Yin lie down, she smiled and covered Zhong Shu Jin’s eyes: “Go to sleep, are you not silly, since you’re already so sleepy, why wait for me?”

The gentle voice made Zhong Shu Jin feel relieved.

She closed her eyes obediently and nudged against Gu Qing Yin’s palm and then seeking her warmth, she got closer to Gu Qing Yin, hugging her arms and fell asleep.

The medicine fragrance lingered around the nose seemed to have coincided with the images in the dream.

Making the dream sweeter.

“Doctor Gu! Doctor Gu! Quickly open the door!”

Early in the morning, and while in a daze, Gu Qing Yin heard a voice travelling from outside.

Accompanying by the violent knocks on the door, Gu Qing Yin opened her eyes feeling displeased.

The moment she opened her eyes, she saw the lovable beauty that has shrunk into her arms.

En, such beauty was really pleasing to the eyes.

With this, the initial dissatisfaction was all swept away.

“Doctor Gu! Doctor Gu, are you at home!”

The knocking was getting heavier, and Gu Qing Yin was afraid that they would wake Zhong Shu Jin if they continued knocking. So, she could only put away her sleepiness and got up carefully.

Unexpectedly, she still has scared Zhong Shu Jin awake.

Gu Qing Yin looked at the silly girl who was suddenly roused awake and has immediately hugged her arm tightly, refusing to let go. She smiled helplessly: “Why are you awake? Sleep a bit more. There is someone knocking on the door outside, I will go and have a look and will be back soon.”

Her current appearance was like a child who was reluctant to let her mother leave. No wonder Gu Qing Yin would laugh.

Zhong Shu Jin frowned but finally let go of her hand reluctantly.

Gu Qing Yin covered her with the quilt and dressed in haste then went to open the door.

“Doctor Gu! You have finally come out! I beg you to help take a look at my father!”

The one who was talking was Zhang Zhu Zi, the son of the of Zhang Lie Hu of next door, a 12-year-old child.

Although this child was young, he was a real-life devil incarnate. Every day, he would bring along a group of children to helter-skelter, causing many adults to have headaches. It was rare to see him so flustered and scared that Gu Qing Yin was surprised.

Turning her head to look behind Zhu Zi, Gu Qing Yin realized that there were 3 people wearing uniform and have the same kind of swords on their waist, supporting Zhang Lie Hu from next door.

These people were not from the village.

Dressing so uniformly, they must be from the same Sect.

Moreover, Gu Qing Yin have seen these clothes many years ago.

That was the uniform clothes worn by the top disciples of the Qing Yang Sect which has been in Jiang Hu for a long time.

What were the top disciples from Qing Yang here for?

Gu Qing Yin suppressed the suspicion in her heart and moved her gaze towards Zhang Lie Hu’s body calmly.

Only then did she discovered that his left foot was stained with blood.

Before she could open her mouth to ask, she heard Zhang Lie Hu’s wife, surnamed Zhang, explained anxiously: “Doctor Gu, I’m really sorry for disturbing you so early. It was just that my husband was caught by the animal trap yesterday when he went hunting behind the mountain. And this injury was so severe that we do no dare to deal with it anyhow and so we could only trouble you.”

Zhang Lie Hu continued embarrassedly: “I’m sorry Doctor Gu. Somehow yesterday the animal trap that was originally placed in the pitfall had actually ran by itself onto the mid road, so I accidentally stepped on it…. It was thanks to these young heroes who had passed by and so, I was able to smoothly return…Today decided to be brazen-face and bother you. I’m really embarrassed about it.”

Gu Qing Yin was the only doctor in the village. So, if they do not find her, who could they find?

Hearing Zhang Lie Hu said that the animal trap has somehow ran onto the mid road by itself, Geng Hao Si who was supporting him blushed and the 2 behind has a trace of embarrassment flashing across their faces.

Seeing this scene, Gu Qing Yin seemed to understand something but did not expose it. She simply smiled and said: “Brother Zhang is too serious. Usually, you have given some prey to me and this was simply treating a minor injury only, you do not have to be a stranger. Come in first.”

After Gu Qing Yin moved aside to let them in, the few people from Qing Yang Sect were still eager to support Zhang Lie Hu in but were stopped by Gu Qing Yin.

Several people looked at Gu Qing Yin with doubts, but Gu Qing Yin said coldly: “Young heroes, does not need to come in. My place is small and can’t accommodate so many people.”

That group of people felt a little embarrassed and after looking at each other and although they do not know why Gu Qing Yin does not welcome them, they still handed Zhang Lie Hu to Zhu Zi and Madam Zhang tactfully.

Geng Hao Si said politely: “Then we shall leave first.”

Gu Qing Yin nodded lightly.

Before leaving, Qi Yuan Qing of the same Sect suddenly asked: “By the way, Doctor Gu. I wonder if these few days have you met a beautiful young woman? En… she was quite seriously injured. Wearing black clothes and holding onto a sword!”

Gu Qing Yin’s heart sank slightly. It seems like these people came here to find Zhong Shu Jin.

“A young and beautiful woman? Is there a woman as young and beautiful as our Doctor Gu in our village!”

Such frivolous words spoken by a child were a bit more interesting. 

These words have amused many people currently present and this have dispelled the faint sense of tension.

Gu Qing Yin could not help but smiled and said: “En, these few days, I really have not seen a young and beautiful woman other than myself and have never seen the person in black holding onto a sword, you have mentioned.”

Qi Yuan Qing did not ask anymore but does a fist and palm salute, saying: “If that is the case, we shall not bother you anymore. By the way, the person I have mentioned earlier is a murderous she-demon. If Miss has met her, hope Miss will tell us. We will be staying at the back of the mountain for a few days.”

A murderous she-demon?

So what? Anyway, seeing the amnesiac silly girl, Gu Qing Yin felt that she was extremely pleasing to the eye and naturally would not be fooled by these people.

Gu Qing Yin pretends to answer then suddenly there was a door opening sound behind her.

Apart from Gu Qing Yin living here, the other person was Zhong Shu Jin.

Undoubtedly, the one who opened the door was the she-demon, Zhong Shu Jin they were looking for.

If Zhong Shu Jin come out at this time, she would be seen by these people! And if she were to be recognised by these people on the spot, Zhong Shu Jin would suffer!

Gu Qing Yin secretly pinched herself in cold sweat.

Not to mention whether she was able to handle these top disciples of Qing Yang Sect by herself in this sudden situation. If she would to start killing in front of Zhang Lie Hu’s family, she would definitely cause unnecessary trouble for herself.

More importantly, these Qing Yang sect people came here to find people, so they must be instructed by the elders from their sect. And if these people do not report back, then those people from the Sect would figure out that something must have happened to them.

By then, they would attract many Qing Yang Sect people, and it would be much more troublesome.

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