Chapter 6

After drinking 2 bowls of congee, Zhong Shu Jin did not ask Gu Qing Yin to fill another bowl for her.

After cleaning up everything, Gu Qing Yin immediately went to boil water.

Just now, when feeding congee to Zhong Shu Jin, she seemed to vaguely smell an unpleasant odour.

En, even if she were a beauty, she would smell a little if she does not bathe for many days….

After preparing, Gu Qing Yin went back to the room that was specially used for patients. She patted Zhong Shu Jin who had laid down and was ready to sleep.

“Get up first, I have already boiled water for you. Wash up first then sleep.”

Zhong Shu Jin did not even want to open her eyes as she wrinkled her face and buried herself in the quilt unhappily, with no intention of getting up.

Really! Have slept for so many days and still want to sleep!

Gu Qing Yin picked up the person impolitely and pinched Zhong Shu Jin’s cheek to forced her to open her eyes then said: “Do you want to wash by yourself or do you need me to help you?”

It was no wonder that Gu Qing Yin was so eager to forced Zhong Shu Jin to wash up before sleeping. After all, a person like Gu Qing Yin who likes cleanliness has never experienced going to sleep while having a bad smell.

Even during the first few years of wandering through JiangHu with her master, she still cleaned herself up.

However, Gu Qing Yin was demanding towards herself and generally does not care about others. In fact, when it comes to Zhong Shu Jin, she could be indifferent and not be nosy towards her like how she was towards those villagers who came to seek medical treatment. Hence, she could ignore that weird smell on this silly girl.

But, when she thought of that half white jade on the silly girl and the possible relationship between this silly girl and herself, she could not treat her like how she treated those ordinary patients.

Because she was unable to treat her like an ordinary patient, there was no way she could watch her fall asleep while still being dirty.

Zhong Shu Jin did not reply as she opened her eyes and closed them again. She placed her head onto Gu Qing Yin’s shoulder unhappily and nudged a little. She then found a comfortable position and stopped moving.

The whole person just laid on Gu Qing Yin…

It seemed like she wanted to lean directly onto Gu Qing Yin to sleep, right?

Silly girl was indeed a silly girl and without a sense of defensiveness.

Gu Qing Yin sighed helplessly and did not ask a useless question like whether she wanted to bathe by herself. She exerts some force to carry the sleepy silly girl and walked into the bathroom.

A few days ago, the wound on Zhong Shu Jin was not healed so naturally there was no way it could touch the water. Fortunately, today, that injury was almost healed and was no longer oozing out blood. Hence, Gu Qing Yin could rest assured as she brought her to bathe.

The temperature was exactly right and was supposed to make people feel comfortable. But it startles Zhong Shu Jin who had already entered the world of dreams.

The moment Zhong Shu Jin touches the hot water, she immediately woke up.

Gu Qing Yin stepped back before Zhong Shu Jin waved her hand and flopped about. She quickly raised her sleeves to block the splashing water.

After waiting for Zhong Shu Jin to be wide awake and had calmed down, Gu Qing Yin put down her hand. When she saw Zhong Shu Jin’s frightened expression, she laughed out loud.

“Were you startled?”

After Zhong Shu Jin sat firmly in the tub then she exhaled heavily as she dropped her arm and immersed it into the water. She shrank into the water then raised her head to look at Gu Qing Yin embarrassedly.

Maybe she knew that Gu Qing Yin seemed to be making fun of her or maybe because of the heat, Zhong Shu Jin’s face turned a little red.

Gu Qing Yin was not bothered when she did not hear Zhong Shu Jin’s response. Her gaze moved downwards and landed on the surface of the water.

The water level was not high, and the water surface just happened to be below Zhong Shu Jin’s chest and did not covered that alluring scenery.

This was not the first time Gu Qing Yin has seen Zhong Shu Jin’s body. She has seen it many times when she was treating her injury a few days ago. However, even so, Gu Qing Yin could not help but to praise her in her heart. This silly girl’s….

En… It was not bad…

Fortunately, they were both women… Otherwise, if an ordinary man saw such stunning beauty, it must be exceedingly difficult to control.

Gu Qing Yin briefly glanced at it then looked away as she rolled up her sleeves calmly and picked up the white towel and Chinese honey locust that was at the side. She peeled away the Chinese honey locust then applied it on Zhong Shu Jin’s hair and body then sat on the stool behind Zhong Shu Jin. With 1 hand, she winds around’s Zhong Shu Jin’s shoulder and another wet the white towel and began to wipe her body.

After feeling Zhong Shu Jin’s body has gradually relaxed, Gu Qing Yin said slowly: “Fortunately you were rescued by me. If it were some other guy, let us not say if they were able to detoxify the poison in your body, just simply your beauty will make people have improper thoughts towards you. Because looking silly as you are now and even had lost your memory, you probably would be easily deceived and will definitely suffer.”

Hearing this, Zhong Shu Jin suddenly turned her head, and with brilliance in her eyes, she stared at Gu Qing Yin who was behind her.

In those eyes, there seemed to be ocean of stars and it was shockingly beautiful.

Caught off guard by that pair of eyes, Gu Qing Yin was stunned and could not return to her senses for a long time.


With a mild tone, she could not hear the sentiment that Zhong Shu Jin wanted to convey. 

Gu Qing Yin was taken aback and remembered that when Zhong Shu Jin had just woken up, she had said that she was her benefactor. Regardless of whether Zhong Shu Jin understands or not, she joked: “En, I am your benefactor, so you have to listen to me and behave well in the future. After all, I have saved your life and if you do not behave, I will chase you out! See who will save you!”

Originally, Gu Qing Yin was not expecting to hear Zhong Shu Jin’s reply. However, Zhong ShuJin nodded solemnly and replied: “En, I will listen to you.”

Such a serious answer seemed to be an extremely precious promise, making Gu Qing Yin dumbfounded for a moment.

After being quiet for a while. Gu QIngYin continued: “Do you still remembers what you saw before you fainted?”

Originally this was just a casual probing, so, when she saw Zhong Shu Jin frowning in pain, Gu Qing Yin does not plan to ask anymore. She quickly rubbed her glabella and persuaded: “Okay, okay, don’t think about it first.”

Ai, indeed, she could not be too anxious about it. She could only ask about those matters after she recovers her memory.

Zhong Shu Jin really did not think about it anymore.

The surroundings suddenly quiet down, making Gu Qing Yin unable to adapt to it.

She does not know if it was because she was alone for too long and no one really talks to her much, Gu Qing Yin who usually does not say much has a rare urge of wanting to unload tonight.

She sprawled on the edge of the bathtub and played with Zhong Shu Jin’s hair, feeling a little absent-minded.

“You know, I have a master and he may not be a good person, but he is the best person to me. He taught me and raise me to adulthood. I thought that I could wait till he was old and handle his funeral affairs. However, one day he suddenly passed away and that was something I have never thought of. He was not old and has a strong body with an excellent medical skill. So why did he suddenly passed away? Originally, even though I was unwilling to accept this fact, I had to believe it. Until now that I have met you, I dared to believe that he really might still be alive in this world. This should be something to be happy about. But how should I find him in this vast crowd of people?” Seeing that confused look on Zhong Shu Jin, Gu Qing Yin then realized that she has said too much and sighed. She composed herself and turned Zhong Shu Jin’s face back and continued helping her to bathe. “Forget it, you will not understand what I am telling you. Just treat it as I am just talking nonsense, you don’t have to care about me.”

Zhong Shu Jin did not ask anymore but squinted her eyes and enjoyed Gu Qing Yin’s service comfortably.

From this look, it was not difficult to guess that this person was a master that live off the fat of the land.

The slender fingers passed through the soft hair and with a gentle hold, leaving tresses of hairs in her palm.

Looking at the hair in her hand, Gu Qing Yin sigh with sorrow

In the past, she had always asked her master why he did not accept another disciple.

1 person was too lonely. She had always wanted a junior or some sort. She felt that if there were more people, maybe she would not be so lonely.

But now that she was given someone who might be an older or younger sister, she was really not to use to it, at this very moment.

After washing Zhong Shu Jin thoroughly, Gu Qing Yin fished her out of the tub and dry her body.

When her gaze fell on the scar on Zhong Shu Jin’s chest, Gu Qing Yin could not help but to brushed over it.

There was already a pink tender flesh grown over the wound. It seems like after a few more days, and along with the ointment she has prepared, this person’s injury should be completely healed.

“Your physique is really good. Ordinary people who were injured as badly as you, will usually take at least 10days to half a month to recover up to your current condition.”

After detecting Zhong Shu Jin has slightly shrank back, only then did Gu Qing Yin reacted and felt that keeping her hand at this position was a little rude.

Gu Qing Yin thought about it for a while. If someone dared to treat her like this, even if they were not talking about anything else, the least that would happened was to have their hands severed.

Fortunately, currently, Zhong Shu Jin was not very sensible so she does not have any impulsive action.

Seeing Zhong Shu Jin’s slightly doubtful expression, Gu Qing Yin retracted her hand embarrassedly and helped Zhong Shu Jin to put on her clothes with haste then led her back.

The clothes were Gu Qing Yin’s old clothes and when it was worn by Zhong ShuJin who was half a head shorter than her, it was not too small.

Compared to when she first met the black-robe beauty who fell onto the ground, Gu Qing Yin felt that the current Zhong Shu Jin who was wearing plain, and elegant clothes were much gentler.

At least the current Zhong Shu Jin does not look like a cautious stranger. Now she looks a lot more pleasing to the eyes than when she first saw her.

Looking at the well-behaved and quiet person under her hand with satisfaction, Gu Qing Yin stopped wiping her hair and rubbed her moist hair and smiled: “Okay, I have dry it, you can go sleep now.”

After covering Zhong Shu Jin with the quilt and was about to leave, her sleeves were suddenly pulled by her.

The silly girl who was originally very sleepy and does not want to get off the bed before the bath was now fully awake with her eyes wide open and was looking at Gu Qing Yin without blinking.

There seemed to be a bit of dependence and reluctance in her eyes.

Such expression in her eyes makes Gu Qing Yin’s heart softened.

“What’s the matter, can’t bear to part with me?”

Zhong Shu Jin only pulled onto Gu Qing Yin’s sleeves reluctantly without replying.

Gu Qing Yin was able to understand such silent indication, but at this moment, for some reason, Gu Qing Yin was trying to be mischievous.

“Okay, be good and sleep. I will go back first. I live on the other side of the house. If anything happens at night, just pull the string next to the bed. I will rush over when I heard it.”

There was a string beside the bed and there was a bell tied to the other end of the string that was connected to Gu Qing Yin’s room. Therefore, if the string here was pulled, Gu Qing Yin would be able to hear it.

In the past, this room was used for the patients. There were some patients who were seriously injured and would be placed here. Gu Qing yin could not always stay by the patient’s side all the time, so she installed this small mechanism in the room. So that if something happens, she will have some perceptions over there.

As soon as she said that, her sleeves were grasped tighter.

“Don’t go.” Zhong Shu Jin finally opened her mouth and seems to imply a little pleading, “Scared.” 

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