Chapter 9

With Madam Zhang around, Gu Qing Yin does not even have to prepare lunch.

Zhu Zi was very smart. He had already remembered all those medicinal herbs that Gu Qing Yin had taught him to recognised beforehand. After Gu Qing Yin taught him how to decoct medicine, Madam Zhang has already prepared lunch.

Gu Qing Yin filled a small bowl of chicken soup, got some dishes and rice, and was about to take it to the room to have it with Zhong Shu Jin.

While the big pot of Chicken soup was left for Zhu Zi to feed it to Zhang Lie Hu.

“Doctor Gu, you being like this makes us hard to accept it….”

Madam Zhang was really touched. Doctor Gu not only did not charge them for the treatment fees, nor medicine fees, she had even stewed her old hen for them to nourish their body. Saying that it was to nourish her sister’s body, it seems that she was worried that they would be too embarrassed to accept it hence she said it so.

Ai, in their village, only this Doctor Gu could be so generous.

“Sister Zhang, you do not have to be courteous to me. In the past, you have taken care of me, so this is just a small matter. Being so courteous will be treating me like a stranger! Don’t mention it in the future!”

Madam Zhang was so moved, she nodded, “Then… I will not be courteous towards you.”

“That’s right! I will leave it to you to clean up, I will go accompany my sister!”

Gu Qing Yin smiled then left with the food.

Not knowing if that silly girl would be anxious when she has not seen her for a long time.

Unexpectedly, when Gu Qing Yin has rushed over, she saw Zhong Shu Jin still sleeping on the bed. So, Gu Qing Yin could only shake her head helplessly.

This scoundrel was really lethargic.

When she placed the food on the table, Gu Qing Yin furrowed her brows in hindsight.

Was this not way too lethargic?

Hence, Gu Qing Yin quickly went over to check Zhong Shu Jin’s pulse and unexpectedly realized that Zhong Shu Jin’s pulse was stronger than the previous days.

After thinking about it for a while, Gu Qing Yi immediately undo Zhong Shu Jin’s clothes and stare at the wound on her chest.

Last night, she had just helped Zhong Shu Jin to bathe and naturally remembered how her wound was like. How could this wound healed so quickly in just one night and had even form a scab!

Seeing the abnormality of her lethargies, Gu Qing Yin could not help but guess that when Zhong Shu Jin sleeps, her body would automatically heal this wound, hence it would recover so quickly.

Based on this speed, estimated that she does not have to wait till tomorrow and that this injury would be healed!

This shocking speed of recovery was really rare.

Fortunately, Gu Qing Yin’s master, Ling Ying Zhuo was a person that goes against the natural order; hence Gu Qing Yin would not be frightened by Zhong Shu Jin.

However, her master has an incredibly special physique. Moreover, since young he has taken a lot of rare medicine, coupled with special medicated bath, so has developed that special physique with extremely fast recovery.

Not sure if this silly girl has a fortuitous meeting that she has a similar physique to her master.

Gu Qing Yin put away these curiosities and tided up Zhong Shu Jin’s clothes.

Now Zhong Shu Jin’s face was not as pale as when she was brought back by her. With some blood colour, she looks better than before.

Looking at that face that did not resemble her, Gu Qing Yin was a little absentminded, Gu Qing Yin reached out to caress and murmured: “are you, my sister?”

However, after a moment of absentmindedness, Gu Qing Yin quickly gathered her emotions and pinched Zhong Shu Jin’s cheek.

“Ah Jin, wake up!”


Zhong Shu Jin furrowed her brows but did not open her eyes.

This look was really cute. Gu Qing Yin chuckled lightly but exerted a bit more force in her hand: “Quickly get up!”

Zhong Shu Jin gradually regained some consciousness. En, Qing Qing.

Thinking that she must listen Qing Qing, Zhong Shu Jin could only rub her eyes and forced herself to open her eyes.

“Qing Qing….” Only call out lightly then Zhong Shu Jin wrapped her arms around Gu Qing Yin’s neck directly. Leaning on Gu Qing Yin, closing her eyes slightly: “I don’t have strength, don’t want to move.”

This kind of intimacy made Gu Qing Yin stunned for a long time before she came out of it.

She carries Zhong Shu Jin and looked at her who was hanging on her body then shook her head helplessly.

“You little lazy worm!”

She gently patted Zhong Shu Jin’s buttock then Gu Qing Yin carried her to the side of the table and placed her on the stool.

Smelling the food aroma only then did Zhong Shu Jin slowly woke up.

At this time, Gu Qing Yin has already scooped a spoonful of chicken soup and send it to the side of her mouth.

After drinking it, Zhong Shu Jin then raised her head and smiled at Gu Qing Yin: “It is delicious.”

Seeing such radiant and beautiful smile, Gu Qing Yin was in a trance.

“Then drink more.”

Not knowing what Gu Qing Yin was thinking. It was clear that Zhong Shu Jin has almost recovered fully, yet, she actually acted like an old mother, feeding Zhong Shu Jin again and again for this meal.

Zhong Shu Jin was stuffed after this meal.


After the meal, Zhong Shu Jin leaned against the bamboo couch by the window and hiccups from time to time.

“You ah, can’t eat anymore, yet forced yourself!”

Gu Qing Yin rubbed Gu Qing Yin’s stomach to help her digest and she could not help but rebuke.

“You said to eat more……”

Seeing Zhong Shu Jin’s innocent little eyes, Gu Qing Yin could not help but to laugh out loud.

“Okay, okay, this is all my fault. But next time, you cannot be so silly. Don’t force yourself if you can’t eat anymore!”

The desolate autumn cold wind blow through the window which made Zhong Shu Jin shudder.

Seeing this, Gu Qing Yin quickly put away her smile and ran to get a blanket.

Outside the window, the Chinese Parasol tree leaves has turned yellow and with the wind, the leaves fall and piled up on the ground.

That pile of leaves was swept into the air by the sudden gust of wind.

Zhong Shu Jin sprawled on the windowsill, staring blankly at the leaves that were floating in the air.

Gradually the wind stopped, and the leaves fell, and the fallen leaves scattered all over the courtyard.

Gu Qing Yin placed the blanket onto Zhong Shu Jin’s shoulder, following her gaze, as she looked out and sighed slightly.

Ai, have to sweep the yard again.

She reached out the pinched the parasol leaf on Zhong Shu Jin’s hair. When Zhong Shu Jin turned her head, only then did Gu Qing Yin asked: “Are you bored?’

Zhong Shu Jin did not reply, just stared at Gu Qing Yin’s hand.

Gu Qing Yin was slightly startled and before she could ask what Zhong Shu Jin was looking at, Zhong Shu Jin was already slowly approaching her.

The cold fragrance lingering around the tip of the nose, penetrating deeply into the heart but also made Gu Qing Yin held her breath nervously.

What was this silly girl going to do?

But only in an instant, she saw that silly girl holding her wrist and took that parasol tree leaf that was held between her 2 fingers.

“Leaves has turned yellow.”

The beauty in front lowered her head slightly, furrowing her brows slightly as she looked at the leaf in her palm.

This distance could allow Gu Qing Yin to see Zhong Shu Jin’s face and saw every expression clearly on it.

With the right face, no matter the expression, it was all beautiful.

Following the light that came through the window and was shining on Zhong Shu Jin, Gu Qing Yin only felt that the current Zhong Shu Jin have been covered in a layer of light and seemed to be a bit more beautiful than usual.

Really, incredibly beautiful.

Gu Qing Yin could not help but reach out to stroked Zhong Shu Jin’s glabella.

The corner of her lips curled unconsciously.

En, such a beauty, even if it was the murderous female-devil mentioned by those people, she must be a well-liked female-devil.

The hand that fell on Zhong Shu Jin’s glabella has already moved along the bridge of her nose and landed on her lips, rubbing the shape of her lips.

Such facial features really do not seem to resemble herself!

Zhong Shu Jin raised her head to looked at Gu Qing Yin puzzledly.

The hand on her lip moved to the cheek again, stroking Zhong Shu Jin’s smooth face.

Although Zhong Shu Jin was puzzled, she was still well-behaved and did not move. Even if there was an inexplicable heat surged up on her face, she did not pat off that blatant hand as she simply looked at Gu Qing Yin quietly.

Such feeling almost made Gu Qing Yin unable to let go.

“Zhu Zi, quickly sweep Doctor Gu’s yard!”

Madam Zhang’s shout travelled from outside the window.

Gu Qing Yin’s wit was pulled back by this shout and only then did she retract her hand. She looked at Zhong Shu Jin feeling a little embarrassed.

Aiya, how could she do such a lecherous act.

After a dry cough, Gu Qing Yin put away that absentminded expression and answered Zhong Shu Jin’s question with a serious face to conceal her embarrassment.

“It is normal for the leaves to turn yellow in autumn.”

Zhong Shu Jin nodded whether she understood or not.

Immediately, she furrowed her brows again and held the parasol leaf, sprawling on the windowsill, as she looked at the scene outside the window.

On the other side of the corridor, Zhu Zi who was decocting medicine, heard Madam Zhang’s shout. He put aside the matter and cleaned the yard obediently.

The scattered leaves were gathered quickly in one place and were temporarily pressed by a heavy object, lest it would be swept away by the wind again.

The wind blew again, blowing away those leaves that were not pressed down and blew away the warmth on Zhong Shu Jin’s face.

Zhong Shu Jin reached out her hand towards the window and opened her palm, letting the parasol tree leaf on her palm to be taken away by the autumn wind.

Floating and swaying.

Float into the courtyard then out of the courtyard.

What kind of scene was outside of this courtyard?

Gu Qing Yin sprawl beside Zhong Shu Jin. And when she noticed that slightly bright gaze, she guessed that she was curious.

She caressed Zhong Shu Jin’s head and promised: “Don’t worry, I will take you out to have a look soon.”

To bring Zhong Shu Jin out, then Qing Yang Sect’s disciples who came to find her should not remained in this village.

Like this, they spent an afternoon quietly. After dinner, Gu Qing Yin went to take a look at Zhang Lie Hu’s injury and after confirming that there was no problem, she went back to her room and stay together with Zhong Shu Jin.

The full moon hung high up and the whole courtyard was quiet.

The light in Zhang Lie Hu’s room was snuffed out and occasionally some conversation passed through the door, like someone whispering in the distance, making it hard to hear it.

“Qing Qing.”

The voice suddenly rang beside her ear shocked Gu Qing Yin who was listening attentively.

Gu Qing Yin turned her head abruptly and her lips swept past a soft object.

That kind of softness seems to be lips.

Gu Qing Yin stared blankly at the enlarged face in front of her.

At this moment, she met that pair of eyes which was currently filled with vacant and confusion.

Gu Qing Yin who was first to recover, moved back a little and suppressed her crazily pounding heart, pretending to be calm, as she asks: “What’s the matter?”

Zhong Shu Jin’s expression was a little absentminded. She touched her lips and raised her head to look at Gu Qing Yin’s lip. Then she pursed her lips unconsciously, feeling slightly aggrieved as she said: “I have called you several times, but you did not respond.”

Seeing Zhong Shu Jin’s small movement, Gu Qing Yin could not help but blush. She could only explain: “I was just thinking about somethings.”

Zhong Shu Jin did not ask too much as she buried into Gu Qing Yin’s arms, wrapping her arm around, and said: “I’m a little sleepy.”

Although Gu Qing Yin does not understand how this silly girl could stick to her all the time, she could not reject when a beauty throws herself on her. With a slight smile, she hugged her back tightly and gently patted Zhong Shu Jin’s back, coaxing: “Then go sleep.”

With Gu Qing Yin’s patting and coaxing, Zhong Shu Jin’s breathing gradually calms down.

Hearing the even breathing sound, Gu Qing Yin slowly stopped her patting and coaxing, then looked at the face of the person in her arms and was in trance.

Just now that tactile sensation on her lips was like a feather tickling her heart.

Tickling her heart till it was itchy.

She placed her hand uncontrollably on Zhong Shu Jin’s lips.

With only a slight touch, she gathered her thoughts and gently pulled out the hand that was placed under Zhong Shu Jin’s neck. She got up and dressed.

It was incredibly quiet at night.

After confirming that there was no sound coming from Zhang Lie Hu’s room, only then did Gu Qing Yin took small baggage that was prepared beforehand. Then carefully opened the door and went out.

The autumn night was slightly cool and with cold wind blowing, Gu Qing Yin could not help shivering. She rubbed her arms and was secretly annoyed as to why she came out wearing so little clothes.

However, even if she regretted wearing too little, she did not go back to the room to wear more, for fear of disturbing Zhong Shu Jin.

Without further delay, after Gu Qing Yin closed the door to the room, she strode out of the courtyard, slipping into the darkness.

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