Chapter 87: In Her Arms

Wei Chi Li bit her lips tightly as if she were about to taste blood. The smell of blood and fear encroached in her chest together, but she did not care. She just wanted to hurry up, hurried even more.

She would never forgive herself if something happened to Liu Luo Yi.

After walking for an unknown period, she saw a small group of people fighting from far away. There were already a lot of corpses, and blood spreading out on the ground. Wei Chi Li immediately landed on the ground, stepped forward and with a palm, she struck out a path and pulled An Ge who was fighting the bloody battle.

“Where is Little Liu’er?” Wei Chi Li said in a hoarse voice. She did not even notice that her eyes were already red but it made An Ge stunned.

“There were too many soldiers. I stayed here to hold them back, and Xin Ran took her and escape.” An Ge shouted while slashing at the officer who rushed over.

“Sister, stay here.” Before she finishes speaking, she disappeared in mid-air, as if riding in the wind. Wei Chi Die ran for a few steps but did not catch up. She could only stomp her feet and turned to help An Ge.

While running using Qing Gong, Wei Chi Li searched the surroundings with her eyes wide open, afraid that she might have missed something.

What if Liu Luo Yi and Xin Ran ran into the grassland? The land was vast, where should she search? There was no certainty in Wei Chi Li’s heart, she could only speed up as much as possible. After a long-distance, she finally saw a figure, but when she got closer to that person, her heart instantly fell to the bottom.

It was Xin Ran. She was lying motionless on the ground with some grass scattered on her body. Wei Chi Li ran forward in a few steps, squat down and hurriedly felt for her pulse.

Fortunately, her heart was still beating and there were no injuries on her body. Seems like she had just fainted.

“Xin Ran, Xin Ran!” Wei Chi Li shook her vigorously. Seeing that she was still not waking up, she simply took a water bottle from her waist, poured it into her mouth and spit it on her face.

This method was very effective, as Xin Ran’s limbs twitched abruptly, and her eyes opened instantly.

Before Wei Chi Li waited for her to wake up completely, she picked her up, trying to say it clearly: “Where is Little Liu’er?”

“Liu, Miss Liu, princess…” Xin Ran shook her head vigorously, her eyes were still in a daze, “Those people caught up, scattered something at us, and I fell unconscious. Where is Miss Liu, I, I, don’t know….”

When Wei Chi Li heard this, she became very agitated in that instant and almost fainted. She supported herself against the ground with her hands to stabilise her body.

“I’m going to go and find her.” Wei Chi Li stood up; her voice was hoarse. She picked up a sword from the ground and clutched the sword handle tightly as she walks forward.

Xin Ran also staggered to stand up. She looked around and realised that she had caused a catastrophe. She ran anxiously to Wei Chi Li and cried: “Princess, I’m sorry. I did not protect Miss Liu; I will search for her with you.”

“It has nothing to do with you.” Wei Chi Li said in a low voice. Her eyelashes trembling, with her hair cascading from her forehead, covering half of her face, making one unable to see her expression.

The continuous green in front makes people dizzy, the sturdy grasses were still swaying indifferently with the wind and occasionally there were flowers embellish with it. The scenery was beautiful, but for the first time, Wei Chi Li has the urge to explode this piece of land.

She looked around aimlessly, circled all around the nearby areas, and even broke into a battlefield filled with corpses, looking for a trace of pure white that might have been stained with dirt.

No, nowhere. Wei Chi Li does not know whether to feel lucky or to cry. She only felt that she had gradually lost any feeling, but she kept looking for her and calling Liu Luo Yi’s name repeatedly. 

At the end of all the shouting, she could no longer produce any sound. It was Wei Chi Die who pressed her to the ground forcibly poured some water into her mouth.

Wei Chi Li lie on the ground, feeling the coldness of the soil and the refreshing smell of grass. Her mind turns first. If Liu Luo Yi falls into the hands of those beasts, then she, she would rather choke herself to death now.

It was she who brought her out and yet she was the one who lose her.

Wei Chi Li suddenly put her tightly clenched fist to her mouth, bite hard until her hand were full of blood. Only then did Wei Chi Die desperately pries it away.

“Wei Chi Li! Are you crazy!” Wei Chi Die yelled out. Her voice was very sharp, hurting Wei Chi Li’s eardrum a little.

“We haven’t found her yet; it proves that she is fine. Besides, Liu Luo Yi is very smart, and those people did not hurt Xin Ran, which shows that Liu Luo Yi was the one who led those people away. She is so brave, what are you afraid of?” Seeing that Wei Chi Li finally stopped struggling, Wei Chi Die simply pressed her whole body onto her to prevent her from doing stupid things.

Xin Ran on the side was already sobbing. Now that she has heard this, she lay directly on An Ge’s back and started crying out.

“I’m sorry….” Xin Ran cries as she wiped her tears.

“Furthermore, we just returned to the village where the army is stationed. We have searched it thoroughly, but we did not see Liu Luo Yi’s figure. If they have caught Liu Luo Yi, they would definitely take her back.” Wei Chi Die said loudly in Wei Chi Li’s ear and pat hard on her shoulder, “Get up!”

Wei Chi Li closed her eyes and then nodded. When Wei Chi Die saw this, only then did she jump off from her.

Wei Chi Li slowly got up and silently wiped the blood from her hands on her clothes and then slowly wiped off the makeup with her sleeves then had been messed up by the sweat on her face.

Throughout this whole process, she kept her head down and said nothing.

There seemed to be a mixture of sadness and anger aura emitting out, making one unbearable to watch. Wei Chi Die wanted to reach out and pat her shoulder but stopped in mid-air. A trace of heartache flashed in her eyes.

“Dense forest.” Wei Chi Li suddenly said.

“What dense forest?” Wei Chi Die glanced at An Ge, then suddenly reacted and frowned, “You mean, Liu Luo Yi ran into the dense forest? How do you know she did not run into the grassland?”

“She’s not that stupid.” Wei Chi Li’s voice was incredibly soft and weak. She drops the sword that she had been holding in her hand and drew out the dagger from her waist.

Liu Luo Yi could not run fast, so she could not be stupid enough to run into the flat grassland, moreover this place was awfully close to the dense forest. Only by running into the dense forest, was it possible to get rid of those soldiers who were after her.

“But the dense forest is huge, and it is all fork roads inside. If one does not recognise their way around, they will lose their way upon entering. Moreover, the entire dense forest is surrounded by Yan Country’s army, Liu Luo Yi……” Wei Chi Die said, as there were more worries in her eyes.

“When she ran in, the reinforcements had not arrived yet and there were few people surrounding it and because they only cared about not allowing the people to run out. They might not be able to completely stop people from running in. And I think that Little Liu’er will have a way.” Wei Chi Li said.

“Then are you going in now?” Wei Chi Die’s brows almost furrowed into a rope.

“En.” Wei Chi Li replied very simply.

At the same time, in the dense forest.

The sky was getting darker, and the trees in the forest were dense, covering the sky and obscuring the sun, making it even darker.

A dead tree lay across 2 hills, like a bridge. Several people in black uniform standing motionlessly on it with a whistle, and there were a few people standing around, surrounding a man who was the most magnificently dressed. That man was tall and large, with accessories made of jades and gemstones on his neck and hands. He was standing there without saying anything, yet his every move was very dignified.

And there was a woman in white who was thrown randomly at his feet. Someone bent over to tell him: “Your Majesty, this woman just broke in from nowhere.”

The Northern Territory King glanced at the motionless girl: “Leave her there.”

As time passed slowly, people came back from all directions from time to time. Some were covered in blood, some even carried back their companion’s corpse.

The Northern Territory King also became more silent. He stood up tiredly and paced around. He has been trapped here for a long time and it seems that he has no chance of returning after coming here. Yan Country was actually so familiar with this place that they are able to send people in advance to hide and set up traps around, chasing him from the Northern Territory up to this point.

It was originally just a king leading the troops personally but became the king leading to his death. The Northern Territory King sighed and looked at the sky coldly. He did not expect to be betrayed by his most trusted friend and was even betrayed so thoroughly.

He can only blame himself for not being vigilant and that person was able to restrain himself and too cold-blooded to even care about the safety of his family. If only he could get out from here, he would definitely kill the traitorous official himself!

“Your Majesty, that woman is awake.” A soldier said.

Listening to the noise around her, Liu Luo Yi slowly opened her eyes. What caught her eyes first was the greenery and then the men standing beside her.

Liu Luo Yi trembled and clambered up, took a few steps back, pressed her back against the tree and looked at them in horror.

The Northern Territory King glanced at her but was too lazy to deal with her. He turned his head back and continued to look at the sky with sorrow.

Liu Luo Yi waited for a while and realized that no one was going to touched her, only then did she turned to look at the surrounding environment and observed those people’s clothes again. They were dressed strangely, and do not seem to be from Yan Country.

Liu Luo Yi takes a few steps back, then ran away. But after running for a short while, she stopped again. No one chased after her, and with all the tall and indistinguishable trees in front of her, she was unable see a road, so she does not know where to go.

And in that dark dense forest, she does not know if there were any dangers.

She hesitated for a moment, then finally turned around and walked back cautiously. The middle-aged man dressed in exaggerated clothing was still sitting at the same spot and looking at the sky. While those surrounding soldiers would occasionally glance at her, but without that man’s order, no one talked to her.

She also sat down, hugged her knees, and faced them vigilantly.

“Your Majesty, what does that woman mean?” The soldier who had just spoken, lowered his head towards The Northern Territory King.

The Northern Territory King snorted: “Don’t worry about her. The sky is getting dark, go and start a fire.”


Soon, a bunch of ragging flames ignited. The night in the Northern Territory was very cold, but with fire, it was much more comfortable. The Northern Territory king sat near the fire and rubbed his stomach while warming himself by the fire.

“Your Majesty, we have searched for a long time, but there was nothing to eat, and we only caught 2 rabbits.” The soldier tremblingly raised a rabbit that was still alive and kicking.

The Northern Territory King frowned then nodded, and a group of people gathered around the rabbits to study how to remove its hair. The Northern Territory king looked on as his brows furrowed tighter. All his mighty subordinated died when they tried to break out of the encirclement and at this time, all these people were newcomers. Although they were loyal, he was not familiar with them.

He recalled those loyal officials who had died in battle or had to flee somewhere and could not help but to wrapped tightly in the gorgeous coat made of animal fur.

It was so cold.

Liu Luo Yi was only wearing a thin dress and was shivering due to the cold.  She hugged her knees tightly, trying to warm herself, but it was of little use. The cold night here was extremely chilly and difficult to endure.

The Northern Territory King glanced at Liu Luo Yi from the corner of his eyes, then looked at the fire then glanced back at her again. And in the end, he took off the gorgeous fur and with a cold face, he handed it to the soldier on one side, motioning him to hand it to Liu Luo Yi.

“But Your Majesty, we do not know the identity of this woman…” The little soldier scratched his head, but his eyes suddenly lit up: “This little one understands now. This woman does look pretty and is an extraordinarily beautiful woman!”

“Understand your head.” The Northern Territory King scolded. He only glanced at him with a frowned, and the little soldier does not dare to say anymore.

“She looks about the same age as my daughter.” When the Northern Territory King spoke about his daughter, he softened his tone, and a trace of worry flashed in his eyes, then sighed heavily and stopped looking.

The soldier threw the magnificent coat to Liu Luo Yi’s side in confusion, then went back. Liu Luo Yi was caught guard and taken aback, hugging the coat, not knowing what to do with it.

She looked at that leader again, but he did not look at her and does not seem to have any malice towards her. Liu Luo Yi gritted her teeth and raised her hands to drape the coat over herself.

She must not freeze to death here.

The rabbit’s neck was broken and after a group of people stripped the rabbit’s skin, they do not know what to do with it.

As Liu Luo Yi looked on, she plucked up the courage to say: “Clean the internal organs before roasting it.”

Her voice was incredibly soft but noticeably clear. Those men turned their heads and looked at her up and down, then looked at each other. This group has neither been on the battlefield, nor has been stationed in the wild and although they have been exceptionally good at killing cattle and sheep since they were young, they do not know what to do with such a small rabbit.

Moreover, this was for the king to eat. If it was not done well, they might be beheaded, and so, they started pushing the responsibility, which in the end leads to a situation where a group of people refused to do anything.

The Northern Territory King had already seen through their thoughts and glanced at them contemptuously, then said: “Do you know how to do it?”

Liu Luo Yi was stunned for a moment, only to realised that he was talking to herself then nodded.

“Then you do it.” The Northern Territory king said. His voice was very rough and full of might, seemingly allowing no rebuttal.

Liu Luo Yi looked into the depths of the woods that had completely darkened and knew that she could not leave these people and they did not seem malicious, so she stood up boldly and took over the poor rabbit in silence.

Her hand touched the rabbit meat and trembled a little, but she quickly restrained it, pretending to have often roasted rabbits in the wild. She tried to take out the internal organs of the rabbit as calmly as possible, passed it through a branch and set it on the fire for roasting.

Although there was no seasoning, and as the surface of the meat becomes more and more yellow, the aromatic smell quickly defuses out, making these people who have been hungry for a day, drooling.

With only these 2 rabbits, it can only belong to the Northern Territory king, and although those soldiers could only look at them, they were very satisfied.

After the meat was roasted, Liu Luo Yi handed the 2 branches to the Northern Territory King. The Northern Territory King took it, place it near the tip of his nose to smell it, and nodded, his eyes full of approval.

“When I was young, I used to roast rabbits in the wild. It was this kind of taste.” The Northern Territory King sighed, took a bite, masticating aromatically in his mouth, feeling satisfied.

He handed the remaining one to Liu Luo Yi and raised his chin.

Only then did Liu Luo Yi noticed that although the man has a lot of wrinkles and a beard on his face, his eyes were very beautiful. She could clearly see his tall nose bridge and gave her a feeling of acquaintance.

Without hesitation, she took the rabbit meat and ate it.

Seeing that she was neither humble nor overbearing and courteous, the Northern Territory King suddenly laughed out loud, and patted Liu Luo Yi’s tender shoulder hard, almost patting her into the fire.

“Good, good youngling.” He smiled and took a huge bite of the rabbit meat.

The 2 did not say anything else as they ate everything peacefully. When the Northern Territory King lied down to sleep, Liu Luo Yi was still a little vigilant. At first, she does not dare to close her eyes, until late at night, when she looked at the increasingly dim bonfire, she held the jade pendant in her hand, and slowly fell asleep.

Early next morning, Liu Luo Yi was awakened by shouts. Someone lifted her up and threw her to the ground. Liu Luo Yi suffered from the pain and woke up completely. There was a mess in front of her as many figures were fighting each other and the blood quickly dyed the originally silent forest, red.

Her eyes widened in horror but did not let out any sound as she clambered to stand up, wanting to run to one side, but was picked up by her back collar and pulled to the other side. Just as she was about to struggle, she heard a male voice saying gruffly: “Youngling, where are you going?”

Then she was carried upside down and ran. The man was so strong that it was like carrying a chick. The scene in front swayed back and forth, making Liu Luo Yi a little sick.

After running for a long time, she was thrown on the grass and then she saw the Northern Territory king standing in front of her, waved his broad sword. Blood splattered and a soldier in Yan country’s armour fell in front of her.

 Liu Luo Yi was startled and took a few steps back, her heart beating wildly.

“Dare to chase this king, die!” The Northern Territory King’s sword-wielding was awe-inspiring and swift. It was almost invisible to the naked eye, and after a while, there were corpses all over the ground. He lifted his sword and laughed out loud as his murderous aura was threatening. People surround him but do not dare to approach any nearer.

Liu Luo Yi was almost hit by someone. She ran a few steps hurriedly and hid behind the Northern Territory King, only sticking her head out.

The reinforcement at the back increased. Upon seeing this, the Northern Territory King raised the sword in his hand. The excitement from fighting made his eyes shine. If he were to die here today, he must kill more!

It was just that there will be no more successors in the Northern Territory. He thought of his 2 daughters who he does not know whether were alive or dead and sorrow welled up in his clear eyes.

In the next instant, someone descended from the sky and in front of the Northern Territory king. The majestic burst of air directly lifted the people surrounding the person and send them flying. People bumped into one another then falling onto the ground, the leaves swirl and rustling.

She was expressionless, but her eyes were full of a murderous intent. She only held a dagger in her hand, but it was imposing seemingly holding a long sword. Her scattered black hair covers one of her eyes, revealing a tall nose and rosy lips.

In the eyes of people, she was amazing.

“Li, Li’er!” The Northern Territory King had not recognised her at first. But after taking a closer look, he threw the sword in his hand, not knowing whether to cry to smile. He pounced forward, wanting to hold his daughter whom he longed for, into his arms.

Unexpectedly, Wei Chi Li did not even look at him at all. She dodged his embrace, and even kicked him violently, then rushed towards Liu Luo Yi and embraced her into her arms.

“Little Liu’er, Little Liu’er….” She calls out repeatedly, holding her tightly as if to merged Liu Luo Yi’s slender waist with her. As she kept calling out her name, it became crying.

“Little Liu’er, I found you. I was scared, I….” Wei Chi Li could not speak in a complete sentence. She could only hug Liu Luo Yi tightly, her eyes were red as tears poured out. Since she came to this world, it was her first-time shedding tears.

She had never cried in front of others, but now in front of Liu Luo Yi, she cried so much that her face was wet with tears.

The author has something to say: 

The Northern Territory King: -cries- my baby girl does not love me anymore, and even kick me……

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