Chapter 88: Deep Kiss

After Liu Luo Yi was hugged abruptly, she did not react for a moment but felt that her shoulders were gradually becoming damp. Wei Chi Li’s arms squeezed her so tightly that she even felt a little breathless.

Wei Chi Li’s body was stuck close to her and she could feel that she was trembling as if she were shaking all over.

An Ge and Wei Chi Die descended one after another, protecting them and fighting the surrounding enemies. Only their area maintained a kind of peace and tranquillity.

“Princess, I’m fine.” Liu Luo Yi said softly. She also hugged Wei Chi Li and pat her back gently again and again.

Yet, Wei Chi Li was still unwilling to let go. She was too scared. The entire night, she tried to find a way to enter the dense forest, and then search every direction and every corner like a headless fly.

She saw a lot of bloodstains but does not know who it belongs to. She followed all the way and was terrified all the way until she saw Liu Luo Yi who was unscathed, only then it was like a stone falling onto the ground, and the rest was endless of lingering fear.

When Liu Luo Yi saw Wei Chi Li being like this, there was a warm current mixed with sorrow surged in her heart. She must be so frightened. Wei Chi Li who was always firm would cry till like this for her. She does not know what to do, so she could only use all her strength to respond with a hug.

After an unknown period, only then did Wei Chi Li let go. She wiped the tears from her face with her sleeves, a little wanting to laugh at herself.

“Take my hand, I will bring you out.” Wei Chi Li said with a thick nasal voice, then held Liu Luo Yi’s hand tightly.

Wei Chi Die on 1 side kicked a person in front of the ignorant Northern Territory King and then turned around to say: “Wei Chi Li, would you consider coming over to help?”

Wei Chi Li gave an ‘oh response, wipe her tears, turned around and looked at the man whom she just kicked. She felt that he looked a little familiar, because she was too anxious just now, she treated him as an enemy as he should be and now looking at him, he does not look like he was from the Yan Country at all.

Now, that man was looked at her with teary eyes, and with heartache.

“Royal father, be careful!” Wei Chi Die shouted and with a wave of the long sword, a person suddenly fell in front of the Northern Territory King.

Royal father? Could it be that this was the Northern Territory King? Wei Chi Li shook her head and amidst the memory fragments, she only saw a young Northern Territory King and at that time, he does not have a beard and looked very handsome.

Did she kick him just now?

Great. Wei Chi Li covered her face and silently smacked a soldier who sneaking over, then immediately turn around and began to kill the enemies, determined to ignore her cheap royal father for the time being.

She does not know how to explain it, so she might as well pretend that she did not know, to not let the cat out of the bag.

The Northern Territory King shook his head silently when he saw Wei Chi Li suddenly turned her back and wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes with his thumb and sighed. It seems that Li’er was still angry with him and he feels sad. He still remembers vividly what Wei Chi Li said when she left home that day. She said that she was fed up with life in the Northern Territory and does not want to be his daughter anymore.

The Northern Territory now seems to be a few years older, and his originally upright back was a little hunching. He raised the broad sword in his hand and a group of people fell to the ground in that instant. And now, the forest was filled with flashes of the cold blades and from time to time, branches and leaves fell one after another, staining with blood and mud and was soon stomped into powder.

“Sister, go north!” Wei Chi Li shouted, then took the lead to flee north. Upon hearing this, Wei Chi Die quickly protected the Northern Territory King and followed. The group stayed close as they hurried in the dense forest with the soldiers chasing closely behind and occasionally those who took shortcuts to the front to intercept them were all dealt by Wei Chi Li.

After an unknown period, they finally saw a large piece of light, swaying in front like a dream. Regardless of whether there was an enemy’s interception outside, Wei Chi Li suddenly hugged Liu Luo Yi’s waist, tapped her toes and borrowing the strength of the branches halfway, the 2 flew up into the air and fell straight into the light.

There was a group of people in front of her and was so scared by her sudden appearance that they raised their swords. Wei Chi Li frowned and raised and gathered internal strength to her palm, ready to fight. Seeing that a fierce battle was about to begin, a familiar voice suddenly rang out from the crowd.

That person was pleasantly surprised: “Princess!” Then ran over happily. Wei Chi Li took a closer look. It was Xin Ran and only then was she heaved a sigh of relief.

She had asked Xin Ran to sneak out of the dense forest in advance under the guidance of Wei Chi Die and go find reinforcements in the Northern Territory. It seems that the reinforcement was not far away, so they were able rush over and happen to run into them.

When the group saw Wei Chi Li, they were all surprised. They immediately knelt and gave a deafening shout “Greeting to 2nd princess!”

Wei Chi Li was a little uncomfortable by their shouts. She waved her hand and said: “Royal father is at the back; you all should quickly go and assist him.” After speaking, she pulled Liu Luo Yi and ran to the side. The ground was full of dead Yan Country’s people. The corpses were everywhere, blood flowed into a river, it must have been a terrible battle just now.

Liu Luo Yi was not afraid at all. She looked at Wei Chi Li’s hand which was holding hers and the corners of her lips curled slightly.

The 2 went far away from the crowd, then Wei Chi Li suddenly turned around, hugged Liu Luo Yi’s waist and gently pressed her to the tree trunk.

Because they had been running just now, the 2 of them were breathing extremely fast, especially Liu Luo Yi. Her chest was constantly rising and falling, her almond eyes raised slightly to look at Wei Chi Li and she reached out to touch her face.

Wei Chi Li grabbed her hands and held it tightly. She suddenly lowered her head and said: “I’m sorry.”

“Princess….” Liu Luo Yi comforted her with heartache: “I’m fine.”

“It’s my fault. I should not have left you. I have put you in danger again. When I was searching for you, I was thinking, if something really, really happened to you, I will cut out the hearts of those people one by one. I……” As Wei Chi Li spoke, she began to choke. She suddenly leaned her forehead on Liu Luo Yi’s shoulders, tears continued to gush out and her shoulders trembled.

Such a fragile her made Liu Luo Yi tear up. She could only console her over and over again.

“I was willing. If I were not so weak, you would not have to worry about me all day.” Liu Luo Yi said as she reached out the other hand to gently embraced Wei Chi Li and let her lean on her shoulder and gently pats her, like coaxing a child.

“You are not weak. Little Liu’er, you are the one who saved Xin Ran right? You used yourself to lead those people away.” Wei Chi Li muffled, she sniffed and sobbed.

Liu Luo Yi did not say anything, as she simply pats her back again and again. There were mixed feelings in her heart because she had never thought that she was so important in Wei Chi Li’s heart. She suddenly felt that all her previous worries, those fears and the nightmares that woke her up, again and again, were all very ridiculous.

She was probably the only one who can see her being so fragile. Thinking about it this way, she felt even more affectionate for Wei Chi Li.

Wei Chi Li suddenly raised her head, there were still crystal tears on her face, her nose was flushed, eyes were bloodshot, with her black hair cascading on one side. Seeing her like this, Liu Luo Yi’s heart skips a beat.

A woman taller than her and has a face that makes her heart palpitate. It was aggressive and beautiful.

Wei Chi Li slowly leaned closer, and Liu Luo Yi could not retreat. She does not know why she was feeling a little scared in her heart. Her breathing was erratic as she quickly held Wei Chi Li’s shoulders and turn her head to one side, she stammered: “Prin, Princess……”

She does not know what she was afraid of, or what Wei Chi Li was planning to do, but she vaguely felt in her heart that she seemed to be unable to bear it.

She could not bear that crazy beating heart and the grass fragrance emitting more and more intense from Wei Chi Li.

She murmured softly, resisting Wei Chi Li’s approach. Hearing this, made Wei Chi Li felt itchy all over.

“Little Liu’er, kiss me.” Wei Chi Li whispered, her voice lowered with a hoarse-like feeling, like the grass growing rampantly on the ground, scratching Liu Luo Yi’s ankles. Liu Luo Yi no longer knew where she was. She could not see the greenery or the devastation everywhere. Her eyes were filled with Wei Chi Li’s slightly moving lips. It was plump and attractive.

She does not dare to but was held tightly by Wei Chi Li. She wanted to break free, only to realise that at some point, her hands were held by Wei Chi Li and pressed against the tree behind her, making her unable to move.

“You….” Her tone held a little indigent.

“I can’t wait anymore. Hurry up.” Wei Chi Li said, leaning forward with a certain smile in her eyes. Sure enough, she had guessed that Liu Luo Yi would look like this. What the mouth says was completely different from what the body does.

She was afraid of not seeing Liu Luo Yi again. This strange possessiveness that had unknowingly occupy her desire has never been so strong.

“Then, then close your eyes.” Liu Luo Yi whispered. She was feeling very embarrassed. Such a serious kiss made her look forward to, and afraid too.

Wei Chi Li smiled helplessly. She closed her eyes obediently. After a while, 2 pieces of cool softness were printed on her lips, but before she could really enjoy it, this softness disappeared.

“Kiss, I have kissed.” Liu Luo Yi lowered her head, not wanting Wei Chi Li to see her red and hot face.

“Kissed? That’s it?” Wei Chi Li opened her eyes and asked in surprise. She lowered her head to look at Liu Luo Yi’s already red neck.

“Then how?” Liu Luo Yi whispered. She wanted to move, but Wei Chi Li used more strength to tie her hands behind her back and used her arms to hug her to prevent her from running due to shyness.

For a moment, Wei Chi Li does not know whether to cry or laugh. She always thought that Liu Luo Yi was just unwilling. It turns out that she really did not know.

Thinking about it, it was understandable. She was a young lady from a major family and even if she had read a few books, it might not be clear.

“Raise your head.” Wei Chi Li whispered. Her voice was gentle with natural seduction, Liu Luo Yi could not help but listen to her and raised her head. When she saw Wei Chi Li’s faint smiling eyes, some awkwardness surged in her heart. Why was she so obedient?

Thinking of this, she was about to break free from Wei Chi Li, but unconsciously held a little coquettish attitude and said coldly: “Let go.”

“Don’t move.” Wei Chi Li said again, completely ignoring her. Liu Luo Yi could not help but stop moving and stiffened her body.

In the next second, Wei Chi Li suddenly leaned close, and her lips with the salty taste of tears lightly pressed against her lips. Liu Luo Yi opened her eyes wide, a stream of heat rushed through her body, and her body instantly softened, slowly sliding down.

Wei Chi Li did not leave her lips, but supported her with her arms, gently raising the corners of her mouth and opened her eyes to look at her.

Liu Luo Yi was too embarrassed and did not dare to look at Wei Chi Li, so she closed her eyes. It was just that the thing that made her limp was not over yet. Wei Chi Li has never been so domineering, she forbids her from escaping and gently occupy all of her.

Liu Luo Yi stopped struggling or rather, did not have the strength to struggle anymore. She let Wei Chi Li stroke her hands, making her tremble slightly from hand to legs. A burst after burst of palpitations, the surrounding winds blowing across the mountains and rivers seemed to have a bewitching aurora, making her jump across the cloud and sink again.

Unconsciously, tears welled up from her eyes and flowed down her cheeks. Wei Chi Li felt her tears and deepened the kiss again.

Liu Luo Yi let out an unbearable moan from time to time. She did not realise it but it made Wei Chi Li almost crazy. Wei Chi Li loosened her hands and slowly interlocked her fingers. Their palms stuck close together, rubbing them carefully.

Liu Luo Yi felt that she was going to be drowned in deep water soon. One moment, rising and the next moment, sinking. In the wetness, she could only feel Wei Chi Li’s warmth. Finally, when she was about to suffocate, Wei Chi Li let go of her.

Wei Chi Li smiled and looked at Liu Luo Yi. Her face was a little red too, but when she looked at Liu Luo Yi who was panting in her arms, she was even more satisfied.

She was a bit evil but likes to see her being like this because only she can see her being like this.

Liu Luo Yi’s hair was a little messy. She opened her eyes to looked at Wei Chi Li, tears were still flowing out and she was still sobbing but has no time to reach out to wipe. Her body was still too soft to move, but Wei Chi Li has already let go of her hands.

“Princess…” She pleaded softly. Pleading Wei Chi Li to hug her.

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