Chapter 83: Taking Initiative to Kiss

After the doctor came, he prescribed some ointments and blood-enriching decoctions for An Ge. Fortunately, it was nothing serious as it was just a surface injury. But as soon as An Ge entered the room, she lay on the bed, refusing to get up. Wei Chi Die has no other choice but accompanies her angrily.

After Wei Chi Li instructed the innkeeper to deliver the food up to the room, she and Liu Luo Yi sat in the lobby for breakfast. The food here was tasteless, but it was fresh, even the eggs just came out from the chicken coop.

After suffering for a whole night, Liu Luo Yi was too tired to talk. She sat upright on the chair, drank congee while slowly closing her eyes, and then woke up abruptly.

Wei Chi Li looked at her amusedly but did not bother her. The people around them gradually increased. Although there were few rooms in this inn, there were many people who came to have meals. They all sat at the table in groups of 3s and 5s, chatting while eating. Saliva sputtering around, it was noisy and chaotic.

Because there were few outsiders here, not to mention beauties like Wei Chi Li and Liu Luo Yi, was even more eye-catching. Hence, people would look at them and whisper to one another from time to time .

A few young people sitting in the corner, who seemed to be indecent people, and even one of them has tattooed words on his head look towards Liu Luo Yi with rather bad intentions. They finally got up slowly and walked towards Liu Luo Yi.

Wei Chi Li already saw them with the corner of her eyes. She did not speak, as she silently took a few bright red fruits from the side and weighed them in her hands.

The group of young people quickly walked to Liu Luo Yi’s side, pulled out chairs, and sat down. They first raised an eyebrow at Wei Chi Li and said: “Where did you 2 ladies come from? Where are you all going?”

As he said that, he reached his hand towards Liu Luo Yi. Because Liu Luo Yi had just woken up, her eyes were still misty, making her look delicate and weak, causing their saliva to almost leaked out.

There was even a bold one who tried to touch Wei Chi Li.

With a crisp cracking sound, Wei Chi Li broke the fruit in half with both hands. She furrowed her brows, seemingly to be unsatisfied. Hence, she cracked again and broke the fruit easily into 4 pieces and gave 1 to Liu Luo Yi.

Liu Luo Yi has finally figured out the current situation but did not panic at all as she reached out indifferently to take it. She took a bite of the fruit and masticate.

The hands of a few young people stayed in the mid-air, staring at Wei Chi Li in astonishment, not daring to do anything to her.

Seeing that this group of people fail to know what was good for them, Wei Chi Li picked up 2 chopsticks and squeezed them with one hand, breaking them into 4 pieces. The incision was neat and tidy, which was absolutely impossible for people without internal strength.

Those young people looked at each other in horror, then stood up again, put back the chairs properly, and walked back to their original spot tremblingly, not daring to look back here again.

Wei Chi Li was very satisfied. It would be the best if she could scare them away as she does not want to fight in a place like this. Since she was on the run, it was best to be on low-key. Liu Luo Yi finishes that piece of fruit and said to Wei Chi Li: “Princess, let’s go up and rest, then set off when we wake up.”

Wei Chi Li nodded. Although they took a short cut, this place was still not too far from the capital, hence, they could not delay anymore. Suddenly, she remembered something, and leaned towards Liu Luo Y, smiling: “Little Liu’er wants to live with me so desperately?”

Liu Luo Yi glanced at her, and in her gaze seemed to hold a sense of reprimand. She did not say a word as she stood up and went straight upstairs. Seeing the door closed, Wei Chi Li shut her mouth embarrassedly.

 Although Liu Luo Yi’s cold temperament was much better now, it was still very difficult to deal with. Wei Chi Li shook her head and followed up the rickety wooden stairs. This place was worn down, the floor was protruding, doors were in tattered shape and there were traces of moth-bite mark that could be vaguely seen on it.

When she entered the room, Liu Luo Yi was already lying on the bed with her clothes on. The hem of the white skirt was a little dirty, but she did not seem to care at all. Seems like she was really exhausted. Wei Chi Li tiptoed forward and leaned down to look at Liu Luo Yi. Her heart began to palpitate.

It should be okay to kiss her…. Wei Chi Li hesitated, then slowly move towards her. With her eyes closed, Liu Luo Yi was like a sleeping fairy. Her hands were folded and placed on her lower abdomen as it undulates. Her skin was delicate like a touch or a wind will break it. But there was some dirt on it, so Wei Chi Li reached out to wiped it off for her.

Wei Chi Li’s gaze slid down from Liu Luo Yi’s face and stopped on her lips. A whole night of travelling did not affect her beauty, especially her lips that were not applied with lipsticks. It was still ruddy as it pressed tightly together, making Wei Chi Li inexplicably think of the fruit that she has just eaten. It was moist and tender.

The faint fragrance made Wei Chi Li desire even more in her heart. She felt her face reddened as it flowed down to the base of her neck. It was hot.

She does not know when it has started, but Liu Luo Yi’s body seemed to be a deadly medicine to her. Good medicine was bitter. She wants it but does not dare to touch it and the key point about this medicine was that it was sometimes hot and sometimes cold.

Should she taste it to test the temperature? Wei Chi Li was in dilemma.

Liu Luo Yi was already asleep. She murmured and smacked her lips. The small, tender pink tongue flashed past, and the sound came from the slender throat, making Wei Chi Li feel strange.

Then kiss her. She thought. And then slowly leaned down and when her lips touched Liu Luo Yi, there was a buzz in her mind. The soft touch almost destroyed her sanity.

Wei Chi Li hurriedly raised her head. It turns out that taking the initiative to kiss someone was such a different feeling. It was different from the heartbeat caused when the other party took the initiative and also different from the unexpected surprise. Taking the initiative to cover the lips of the woman she likes was much more of a satisfaction in her heart.

She could not help licking her lips. The faint aroma of the fruit remained on it.

 Liu Luo Yi murmured again. The small voice that travelled from the nose, makes one think of a cat sleeping sweetly and could not help wanting to lean her face forward to nuzzle. She twists her body and her hair scattered around; her snow-white neck moved a few times.

Wei Chi Li watched quietly, unwilling to leave or lie down to sleep. She recalled the feeling she had just now and lowered her head. Her lips swept across Liu Luo Yi’s forehead, the tip of her small nose and finally stayed on her lips.

By coincidence, Liu Luo Yi woke up a little at this moment and hummed in a daze. When Wei Chi Li heard this, it almost made her legs softened and fell on Liu Luo Yi. But fortunately, Wei Chi Li held back with extremely strong concentration.

“Princess…” She opened her eyes slightly. When she saw Wei Chi Li’s face, she exhaled, muttered something inaudible then turned over and fell asleep again.

Wei Chi Li lowered her head and smiled. She pushed her hair away from her face, feeling tender affection in her heart. She really likes it when Liu Luo Yi was a little daze. Although she likes every aspect of her, this kind of Liu Luo Yi was a little more fervent.

She looked at Liu Luo Yi, but her brain began to wonder. In her fantasy, Liu Luo Yi was as drunk as she was that day, clinging onto her and would shrink in her arm, acting coquettishly. It was so cute that would make one’s heart melt into a pool of water.

The fantasy scene continued to spread. Liu Luo Yi reached out her arms, wrapped them around her neck and untied her clothes little by little. The snow-white and soft arms lay gently on her shoulder, bringing a sense of coolness as it slides across her palm as if touching a top-grade, cool satin.

She called out princess over and over again and in the end, turn into a hoarse voice, with some exciting….

“Princess, why are you not resting yet?” A clear tone interrupted the fantasy in Wei Chi Li’s mind. It was as if Wei Chi Li was suddenly poured with cold water, and her mind was clear now.

Then, the hot feeling reappeared. Wei Chi Li rubbed her flushed face and smiled embarrassingly.

Liu Luo Yi looked at her calmly, then looked at her neck with a puzzled gaze.

“It’s okay. I, just ate too much.” Wei Chi Li chuckled and rubbed her stomach.

Liu Luo Yi looked at her up and down, then nodded. She shuffled towards the inner side of the bed, leaving a large space for her. Wei Chi Li lay down and turned her head to look at Liu Luo Yi.

Liu Luo Yi did not look at her. Thinking about something.

Wei Chi Li retracted her gaze. Before the temperature on her face dropped, the sleepiness hit like a flood and soon she fell into a deep slumber and did not move at all. She has been a little weak since she lost too much blood, and because now she has not slept all night, she was exhausted.

She was not well-behaved in her sleep like Liu Luo Yi. Her legs reached out and her hands were on Liu Luo Yi. This time, it was Liu Luo Yi who was unable to fall asleep. She turned over, got up and then quietly placed Wei Chi Li’s limbs on the bed properly.

She turned her head to look at Wei Chi Li’s side profile. Her heart palpitates a little, then moved closer and touched her own lips with her fingertips.

“Princess?” She probed. And seeing that there was no response, only then did she dared to place her head on Wei Chi Li’s pillow. Staring at her up close. Ever since Wei Chi Li said that she was going to marry her, she has been thinking about it all the time.

There is also the matter with Wei Chi Li’s identity, it was complicated and confusing. Although she read a lot, she has not heard of such similar matters. She thought about it repeatedly but could not figure it out. If Wei Chi Li were to go back one day, she will not be able to keep up with her no matter what.

But if she becomes her wife, will she be able to take her with her when she was leaving. Because she has heard from the elderly that 2 people who have kowtow to heaven and earth wholeheartedly will have the destiny to be together in the next life.

But even if she does not leave, she was also a crown princess. How could a crown princess marry to a woman? When the times comes, where will the offspring come from? As a royal person, she absolutely cannot be wilful.

She simply do not want to leave Wei Chi Li. She wants to be by her side for several lifetimes. But Wei Chi Li was a person who plays a pivotal role. This was her responsibility and will definitely not resist it. So, what should do when the time comes?

There was a trace of sorrow in Liu Luo Yi’s eyes. She got closer to Wei Chi Li, leaned her head on her shoulder and placed her hand into Wei Chi Li’s palm. She does not want to talk to Wei Chi Li about these things as she was afraid that Wei Chi Li would be annoyed by it.

She wants to give her everything but does not want to hinder her path.

“Wei Chi Li.” She whispered. She did not call her princess again.

“Can you marry me for real? But if you cannot, it’s okay.” She said softly. As long as she loves her, she can do anything.

Wei Chi Li in her sleep turned over and embrace Liu Luo Yi directly into her arms, like an octopus, with arms around a big soft doll. She hummed ‘Little Liu’er’, followed by a round of giggling.

Liu Luo Yi curled her lips slightly, allowing her to hug her and closed her eyes to sleep.

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  1. It was a bittersweet chapter. But I’m still optimistic that they will still find a way. Don’t worry too much Luo Yi, your wife has already promised to marry you!

    Thanks as always!


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  4. Sweet.

    I do wonder what will happen, chapters are running out so I don’t think the drama will be too big lol, maybe northern king rejects but Wei Chi Li will convince him again easily acting like a cute spoiled daughter? He already gave in once and humans are animals that always fall into the same hole twice.

    Well I sure admire Luo Yi, quite brave, decisive and adventurous, time and time again authors fail to capture characters like her cuz they much them up for cheap drama and make them stupid and go back on their words but Luo Yi has always done what she says and acts in what she wants.


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